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I have a story from last summer

>be me 18
>watches a lot of bushcraft videos
>wanna try this myself
>I ask some friends to join me sleeping in the forest
>I know that theres a shed in the woods so we stay there, make a fire, eventually even some people join us. Was a cool night
>fast forward 2 months
>Im depressed and asked some friends to go camping in the woods, or maybe even an island
>in my city theres a lot of lakes so why not
>some of them are actually interested
> i had to chose between 3 islands
>one was very little, 20 meter of water seperated it from the land and you could basically walk over there, but its very little, the water around it isnt clean and people could probably see you
>btw the whole thing isnt that legal here and a fire even less
>second island is in some wildlife habitat and youre not even allowed to go near it(fences everywhere, but no actual surveillance) but "only" 70 meters to swim, plus it seemed like theres a big field in the middle of the island surrounded by trees, looked really cool
>third island and kinda the one I wanted to go to is in some less illegal lake, youre not actually allowed to swim there but people do it anyway so who cares, the island is also marked as some wildlife habitat tho. Youd have to swim 170/130 meters depending where you start, its a massive island, basically 200m diameter, no one to bother you. But eh 150 meters to swim, while also having a backpack with your stuff and no boat.
>we compromised to go to the first island because no one really wanted to swim that much/get in trouble
>one hour before were about to do it, everyone suddenly doesnt want to do it
>at this point Im really angry and sad bc It was nearly the end of summer and I kinda wanted to do it since 3 years
>i say fuck it, pack my stuff and drive to the third island
> i have a massive backpack with me and get really scared thinking about staying the night at the island

Part 2 incoming
Your story was lame the first five times you posted it
Part 2
>i wrap 3 bags around it, bc Im an idiot leave my shirt on
>i have tied a stick with a meter long small rope so I can pull the bag better.
>get ready to go in the water, I have a knife and my shirt stuffed into my pants
>the sun is low, for summer its a bit cold, its very windy and blowing in my direction
>some sailboats are also travelling around, not good but who cares, if I die thats fine
>i start to swim, i havent eaten that much nor worked out lately so its very exhausting
>i hold the stick with my teeth and basically swim backwards
> I remember that I basically am frightened by seas, lakes, etc
>im really frightened, I basically have no food with me, its fucking cold, I need to setup some sort of shelter, survive the night and need to swim back on the next day.
>I swam around 100 meters when I came to the conclusion that its a bad idea and Ill probably die, so I turned around
>the fear of drowing or losing my bag with all my stuff in it was really bad
>when I came onshore again i was so fucking happy and a huge burden fell off my chest
>i still want to do it again tho.

Any tips?
Pic related
I never posted it before and its the first time Im on /out/?
Eat a decent meal, work out how you're going to get dry and warm before you get to the island (Ready a fire kit etc) maybe go for a few swims and try again.
Sounds fun anon.
Yeah good Idea, i just had some matches or maybe the string, but that doesnt mean I could have started a fire
Btw on the picture you can see all three islands
Middle one is the one I swam to, in the other lake next to that is the somewhat forbidden island and at the top right where it seems that there are lakes, thats just the small island, theres still water arond it
Stop posting this, kid. Learn to swim, bring food, waterproof your shit
Why would I stop? Do you think I only posted it because i need advise?
No one cares. Stop being a fucking pussy.
>, kid.
You sound fucking autistic.
Im just telling a story? Why do you feel so attacked by it
>I am the arbiter of what should/shouldn't be posted, and who is/isn't a pussy. I contribute lots of high quality content, making /out/ a worthwhile resource on the subject.
This thread is even worser than the last time you posted you downs syndrome wannabe
bring some floaties next time
Thats actually not a bad idea honestly.
The thing is, Im actually a good swimmer and can hold my breath relatively long. Just the bag and that fear of getting tangled up in kelp.. (happened before some guys drowned there)
File: 1531925159846.png (2.09 MB, 1512x1512)
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2.09 MB PNG
>get bullied by lake and island entities

it was bitch mode and it was on my /out/
bring some sage and salt and go ham you absolute novice

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