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Best hiking boots?

Based in PNW.
Prefer highs.
Hiking boots are retarded. These faggots scream to high heaven about shaving off every gram of weight they can meanwhile they are using a five pound pair of hiking boots. Get a $10 pair of flexible running shoes from Walmart and call it a day.
Salomon quest 4d gtx (3rd gen is current). You’ll want goretex in the PNW. There’s a lot of contrarian attitude on here to dissuade against boots, goretex and anything that’s not a basic survivalist/minimalist attitude. Not to mention a lot of ultralight mentality that comes from the Appalachian region hikers (which does work for that area I would presume).
there are people who go /out/ that aren’t trail hiking weight weenies
My Indian army issue boots just fell apart.
After four months.

Time I bought some serious shoes
Look at this retard
Nobody said anything about weight
I'm in the PNW same as OP and currently everything is frozen or muddy. Come on up with your poverty shoes and we can hike sometime.

OP I'm partial to the Columbia Newton Ridge II, my last pair lasted 4 years of frequent abuse before I wore the tread down. Not too expensive either, so i had no problem simply replacing them.

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