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So I've been thinking abut going off grid for a while but the main thing that puzzles me is I want to have a low power desktop that I build myself but I keep running the numbers and having something that uses so much electricity is kind of impossible. Anybody have any insight that I haven't thought of? I figure that the average desktop uses about 200 watts a hour maybe and then there are phantom loads. So info would be cool. Thanks.
>inb4 laptop
I'm just not a fan.
Laptop and a solar panel.
Or a good tablet.
Alternator hooked up to a water-wheel
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If you're looking for efficiency, you'll want a laptop. Sorry.
If you still want a "desktop" for expandability, but want portability, maybe consider a lunchbox-style rugged PC? Going to be just as power-hungry as a similar desktop setup.
A single board computer should work. Low power, not a laptop, can use your peripherals. Maybe use a RockPro64.
Just fucking give up on your retarded technology, get a low powered tablet instead

>but then I can’t run my high res vidya
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Get a Raspberry Pi with PiTFT and whatever peripherals you want for like $100. I think the power requirements are something like 5V 2.5A 12.5watts.

As for 200watts innawoods. The """lightweight""" method will be PC + UPS Battery + Solar. The best method will be PC + UPS Battery + Gas Powered Generator. Both will be heavy, but the genny will be really heavy though there are camping versions like "Earthquake IG800W" which gives out 800watts and weighs something like 20lbs. Gasoline weighs 6.3lbs per gallon. The Earthquake IG800W has a 0.55 gallon fuel tank and that will last about 7-8 hours at 175-200 watt output.

>tfw my desktop uses 600watts and the monitor uses 200watts.

I use a 36watt netbook.
Thanks for replying, I just want to use it for browsing the web and checking email seeing that I'm not going to use a phone unless a emergency so email will be my main mode of communication. I started Googling more and ran across "tiny pc" like the Intel NUC and apparently it idles at 6 watts but I have to look more into it. Anybody have any experience with these things?
>Intel NUC

Aren't those retardedly expensive?
No they're actually just a couple hundred bucks, saw one for 2
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I think I'd rather just get a referbished netbook from newegg for super cheap and spend the remainder of the money saved on a solar panel, cig-lighter car charger for the netbook, and battery of whatever size I think I can carry. Basically, just look up the wall adapters for the netbook to see how many watts those need and scale your power supply/needs/battery life to that.

If you do go this route, make sure to look at reviews for the ones you are looking into. Specifically, look for how well they perform with "flash" or youtube. Like the older ASUS Eee 900 series stuff is absolute shit with modern day flash and youtube. The newer series works far better. Anything made in the past 5 years should be quite fine regardless of brand or model.
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I was kinda just looking into this stuff myself
pic related GPD pocket2
>micro USB so I can solar charge
>hardware on par with new mack book
>full USB slots for my external drive
>$650 right now on indiegogo $850 after the crowdfund ends
I think this is gonna be my new /out/pc
should play most of my steam games and I'll have movies and music
also good for disasters to have a little pc to grab if I have to go to a red cross shelter from an earthquake or something
Remember, if you have a solid internet connection, you can do cloud gaming. That is where you connect to a beefier computer to run the game for you instead of your device running the game. Your device only needs to keep up with the internet connect, the video feed, and controls. It is pretty good, depending on the service you use:


You can also do the same thing using remote desktopping from your own beefy PC at home to whatever device you have. I used Splashtop to do that in the past, but I don't game anymore so who knows what is best now. I just used the free version. So, I was playing Oblivion and Skyrim with maxed out graphics and mods on my shitty netbook hooked. It just requires your PC at home to be on and hooked to the internet. Evidently, you can use a smartphone now with these things
I wish but I don't even have a solid internet connection here at my house(satellite) let alone anyplace /out/ from here
I download stuff at my brothers house because he lives in an actual town with services and stuff
> thoughts
It's a meme. Watch some youtube reviews. A smartphone is much more practical and at least 3x cheaper. You can diy a raspbery pi but the experience wount be anywhere near what you get on smartphone. Runing full windows is retarded on such a power/performance limited device - i have a windows tablet with similar specs and you start hating on it really fast.
Tell me about this Satlelite internet, I hear tell of this as a solution for getting internet off grid but I get mixed reviews. Some say it works fine others say they'll never use it again. Thoughts?
Not that anon, but I once had Hughesnet and it was the worst abomination on the face of the planet. They even had dynamic IPs from a shared pool of IPs and all of them were banned in every social website, including 4chan for the most heinous of crimes. I had to breach contract and tell them to fuck off for such shitty service. They wanted me to pay $200 extra for getting out of the contract, but I told them to fuck off again and they never did anything else.

I'm sure ANY other satellite internet company will be 200% better than them.
From my understanding there is only one other besides them but I forgot then name
If you just want to check email the just get a tablet or a phone. Take a power bank or a small solar charger.
File: em.jpg (55 KB, 600x450)
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It won't be *too* much longer until this goes live.

I have 4g internet and am out in the boonies. It doesn't require a land line of any sort and is better than my city internet was.
there was a guy on /g/ years ago who lived on a fishing boat for weeks or months at a time and didn't want to use a laptop so he jerry rigged a desktop into a pelican case and towed a monitor around i think.
they have satellite wifi hotspots now where you'll get a connection out where you'll never get a cell signal but it's basically dial up speed.
How is this?
Still useable, like I said it's just for checking email and surfing the web
Tablet or a phone.

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