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Have you ever thought about running from the cops for fun? It seems like a big adrenaline rush. What are some tips for doing it successfully? Somethings I know is
Have a good, quick car. obviously
Have good tires because cop cars have garbo all seasons
Be familiar with the area so you know shortcuts and don't get caught in a dead end or something
Do it at night because there's less traffic to get caught up in
Have a rear light cutoff switch because this makes it nearly impossible to follow in the dark
Cover up your license plate
don't be black
Thanks for the witty contribution, /pol/
You need a fast SUV to hop the occasional curb as necessary. I imagine a Jeep Trackhawk or a Cayenne would be a pretty fun getaway car.

You just need to have a c63.
This. Crime is for niggers.
I kinda ran from the cops once.
I was 17 years old and it was around midnight.
Was driving down a somewhat bendy road and some guy in a piece of shit tried to race me.
I smoked him and saw the cops lights flashing. I kept driving and the other guy stopped.
I ended up driving in random directions for about 30 minutes and laid low in a random alley for another 30 before going back home.
I was scared pretty shitless because cops were cracking down on street racing and tries to slap people with as much shit as possible when caught.
Running from the swedish is hardly a feat. The most cucked police force on the planet. They are probably forbidden from gassing up to save the environment.
>Have """fast""" suv that isn't any faster than the police interceptors
>Need to slow down to 20mph to take a slight turn
>Get rammed the fuck into and lose your $80000 suv and go to jail
I wonder which country has the most based cops in terms of chasing super fast cars
File: r5vy0.jpg (97 KB, 954x539)
97 KB
>be me
>on 1000cc's
>see ya later alligator
I think it's Brazil. They don't give a fuck about anybody, even the civilians on the road, and they shoot people all the time
>be you
>drive over grass clippings
>see ya later alligator
Would not recommend.
Memes like 'cant outrun the radio' are memes for a reason.
t. slid sideways into a (wooden) telephone pole while running and kept gping on rim in a 90s subaru with a few simple mods, did not end well.
I ran for shits and giggles, but it was pretty tame.
>Drive to local 24/7 supermarket at 11pm, get some food, leave
>Cops pull in at supermarket car park just as I'm heading out the other exit that goes to residential streets
>They quickly navigate the car park and start following me down the street, I'm going 10 under, but around 200m ahead
>I think it's kinda funny how they suddenly decided to go after me
>I go left and left again, super casually, cops are still following, but they are hanging back, pretending they are being subtle or something
>Decide to give them a run for their money
>Continue down street, eventually hit a right
>After I'm behind the corner I speed up, then slow right down again, suddenly a few hundred meters further away, going 10 under and slowly meandering around (engine braking to avoid the rear lights giving up my game, car isn't very noisy, so they couldn't hear my shenanigans either)
>They speed up as I slowly hit another right, and floor it, slow down again before they turn the corner, again several hundred meters ahead and going slow as fuck
>Do this one more time
>This time they are having none of it, I see them put on their disco lights in the distance and floor it after me
>yare yare daze, in this time we have entered my touge
>lose them in 2 seconds flat

It was fun.
An off road vehicle if you live in the right area. My friend ran from police in his blazer. A crown vic came up on us and I flipped up the license plate and we went reasonable speeds with the Vic lights and sirens. We came up to an ATV trail that basically went vertical up a gravel hill. He stopped to engage 4x4 and up the hill we went and we were gone. Took some back trails till we got back to the house laughing off the paranoia. Now my police department has Tahoe's so I don't think we can pull that off anymore
File: drive.jpg (23 KB, 600x397)
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Drive a Chevy impala
So what if I decided to speed and kept driving and let them on a big chase ? What’s the biggest thing I can get charged with ? A misdemeanor ?
It's a felony evading
File: 2018_Trackhawk_002.jpg (156 KB, 2040x1360)
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156 KB JPG
>>Have """fast""" suv that isn't any faster than the police interceptors
This thing is 0-60 in 3.x seconds. Police interceptors aren't necessarily "fast" anon. Everyone thinks so only because of bootlicker propaganda.
You can do it in city streets too. You’re right about the adrenaline rush. I’ve never had a rush like that.

You need a big gap between you and the cop who’s decided to chase you and through. Don’t let them close the gap and with a series of turns you can lose them. They’ll turn a corner after they lost sight of you then won’t know which way you turned after that. They just have to guess. After a series of turns like that they have no hope.

But you need to make sure they’re far enough behind in the first place and the road ahead of you needs to be clear because you won’t have sirens
You've clearly never done your research on the subject
at least in Sandiego the police are known to target blacks disproportionately
are you saying that the police significantly more frequently target black people who run when being pulled over vs white people who run when being pulled over?
Yeah, I did a paper on it with official gov sources.
You're just being a cunt. What I'm trying to say is that you're less likely to be charged and instead let off with a warning if you're white versus if you're of color or ethnic or whatever the cool thing is to say nowadays.
the racial bias was only relevant to this thread in regards to people running from the cops. otherwise, >>21065368 had the right attitude, take your social complaints elsewhere
you’re fucking retarded if you think anyone leading LEO on a high speed chase is getting let off easy
File: edgebaby.jpg (103 KB, 259x313)
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103 KB JPG
>Have you ever thought about running from the cops for fun?
>edgekiddy detected
I though you died equinox?
File: evopipes.jpg (42 KB, 599x397)
42 KB
I've run from the police three times, all successful getaways. This was in midwest America in the same city. All were Crown Vics and this all happened between 2006 and 2008. Also, I'll be called a nigger when I am actually white. I was a stupid kid then.

First time
> in a 2006 Mustang GT speeding down a riverside parkway
>divided median with breaks between them for neighborhood side streets
>see cop flip a U on one about 100meters back
>upshift to 3rd to get ahead about 1km
>duck into sidestreet,
>hook a right then hook another right and head back to the parkway
>speed off and didn't see him again

Second time was kind of unexpected(not really)
>this time in 1996 Mustang GT heading down an undivided roadway
>see cop with someone else pulled over
>going 40 in a 40, decide to give slight bump of the gas passing by
>cop ignores his first target and immediately flips a U
>Duck into neighborhood and hope he won't follow
>he does and I have to outmaneuver by changing directions several times to get away
>luckily I was too far away for the camera to pick up my plate or anything.

3rd Time was the scariest and this cop knew his Crown Vic fairly well
>Driving the regular speed limit in 1996 GT
>all is well
>right on top of the signal when it goes to yellow
>speed up to make left turn in time while it goes red on me as I'm midturn in the intersection
>think nothing of it, so no big deal
>cop comes from nowhere all of a sudden
>again, OSHITNIGGER.jpg
>again, duck into neighborhood to pull the misdirection tactic
>cop manages to keep me closer for little bit longer than my second incident
>finally shake him and pull into a business alleyway and hide my car behind dumpster

I had to get out and walk along the high street for about a half hour just to get the adrenaline to stop pumping and make sure the cops never found the car. I did see the cop drive by, but was none the wiser as to who was driving. I was definitely shitting my pants on that one.
I've run two times, both in 4x4s with no plates.

First time Suzuki Samurai, just went over embankment after they signaled me to stop.

2nd time chilling in Toyota Hilux on tall embankment, see cops pull behind me, fired engine up and just went straight down into partially dry river bed.

This this was all in slav country where cops are pretty chill in general, shit like that would have not even crossed my mind in countries like burgerland with repressive police force.
File: 1548638366873.jpg (93 KB, 750x897)
93 KB
Call up the police station and see if they'll do something like that with you for fun. You could have them call it a training exercise to justify it to their bosses. Might work in a small town
That heep will most likely break down
Ive ran from the cops once. it was ultra omega exciting

>doin 90ish on the freeway in muh dads volt
>cop suddently materializes behind a hill on the side of the onramp
>see him turn his lights on as I approach
>i floor the volt to its 100mph max speed (lol)
>take offramp
>make turns
>the end
I run from police all of the time in my base model ford fiesta. They simply can't keep up with my blistering 120hp and the lighting-fast shifts from my powershift transmission

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