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Shit box awards

What's the least you spent on the car, what were the major issues and how long did it last before you had to junk it
>Blocks license plate.

when a normie makes an /o/ post.
>What's the least you spent on the car
Bought it for 310€,put in ~100€ in parts.
>what were the major issues
Alternator corroded in place, intercooler pipe and trottle body pipe disconected, horn not mounted, battery missing and window getting stuck.
The stuck alternator was rather easy to break lose with a wrench, the intercooler and manifold pipe where more of a hassle as the engine bay is cramped as fuck since MR with trunk.
Replacing the horn sucked big time since I had to remove all underbody-panels to reach it.
The window turned out to be an easy fix with WD-40 and duct-taping the sound dampening in place.
>how long did it last before you had to junk it
Not going to junk it, it's for sale now to make some money.
Runs like new, looks like ~8 years old and is clean as fuck.
File: 3245.jpg (307 KB, 2048x1228)
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$900 on a 1996 5.0 f150 2wd long bed. Needed a throttle positioning sensor. Bought it 6 years ago at 245k, now has 315k and hasn’t needed any more parts replaced. It is getting eaten with rust tho
$1400 ek9 hatch, head gasket popped a few thousand miles in. bought the cheapest piece of shit Chinese gasket kit from amazon prime-sanded it with sandpaper and straight edge to measure in my driveway one evening. drove it for another 15k miles and sold it lol

Ran a mk4 Jetta 1.8t wagon that I bought for $1700 with no test drive, only got a stack of service records. Drove it for like 40k miles all over the place and sold it, I still see it driving today and it’s over 200k miles
Brother got me a $500 Saturn LS1 as my first car and I drove it for over three years with no problems until the headgasket blew a couple weeks ago

I miss it so much
>What's the least you spent on the car
300nzd (200usd)
>What were the major issues
Needed a windscreen (150nzd installed) and a distributor (50nzd)
>How long did it last before you had to junk it
About 12 months, it got hit by a bus. I miss that VL
File: 20190505_201143.jpg (2.54 MB, 3264x2448)
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500 bucks. Hasn't needed any repairs yet.
But it could use AC, heat, some new struts. It's a fun car to drive but man is it miserable in traffic.
$400 1993 Honda Accord SE

Put about 40k miles on it never had a problem with it mechanically

Really wish I had that car still
$200 for a 99 Saturn SC winterbeater, 300k+ miles, motor mounts had about 8 inches of play, rear quarter was cracked. Spent $0 on maintenance, never changed the oil once. Car ran well but bucked hard between shifts due to motor mounts. Racked up roughly 5000 miles in one winter abusing the everloving piss out of the car in the snow. Friend got it impounded and it wasn't worth the cost to get it out.

$1700 2007 P71, bought at 130k miles, performed regular maintenance over the years, only breakdown was a shredded belt, racked up an additional 100k miles on the car and it still runs great today.
File: old silver.jpg (24 KB, 640x478)
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1988 Nissan King Cab, paid $650 for it sitting in a field middle of nowhere. tossed in spark plugs and a thermostat, thing fucking ripped, started in -50c one winter, and had about the best heater of any vehicle ive ever owned

frame broke in half after 2 years and i scrapped it, thing got 2 last years of hellraising at least. almost a decade later i still miss the thing
>hasn't needed any repairs yet except for these repairs it needs
Picked up a 2007 cobalt for $400 and threw a Battery in it. Paid for itself in gas savings in 5 weeks and now everything beyond that is bonus money. Will scrap for $200 when it blows up.
You dont understand the difference between need and want?
I bought an 05 Elantra from my dad with terminal rust and 230k miles. I got it up to 260k with just oil changes, tires, and front brakes. When my dad and I tried to get the rotors off, they were welded on with rust and unfortunately had to have a shop take one off with a pneumatic chisel. Last I heard it was still being driven at 290k and is starting to leak oil possibly at the head gasket. They had an iron block and it was just flaking shit off of it.
Fogot, I bought for $1250 I think, put maybe a total of $700 into it of which $100 was absolutely necessary. Sold for $600.
$40 1986 Toyota Camry I bought in 2016. Never registered or insured it. Only money spent was on gasoline.

Passenger window was stuck down so I pulled the motor and used a plastic advertising sign to wedge the window glass into place and zip tied it secure.

Previous owner used P/S fluid instead of proper ATF for the power steering and the steering leaked everywhere and would jerk all over the road above 30mph. Also leaked/burned oil terribly and had a broken lug stud on the rear.

I don't remember much else, I had bought it for my piece of shit alcoholic wife after she lost her job and sold her nice Acura that my mother had generously bought for her, she destroyed the transmission and instead of fixing it sold it for nearly nothing because she didn'tlike it and wanted a new car. So I bought her a new car(evil nasty bitch is now ex-wife) the Camry got towed one day and I never gave a fuck because the seller never made me give my name and the pink slip was blank.

Don't get married, daily reminder that women are shit.
500 dollarydoo Volvo 240.
High compression motor... 85 model.
Fantastic machine. Bought it from a p plater who must have lost her licence. I did too with the same machine but didn’t stop driving.

Anyway. Had a bunch of things needed servicing. For all the problems it had I ordered parts in advance and took it to my mechanic and got it all changed. He saved all the old parts so I could see how fucked they were. Main things that were holding me back and had to order more parts from the US (not Europe, too expensive) was the in tank fuel pump which was whining constantly a few months after I got it. Everything else I changed just cause I wanted too, didn’t cost too much even I didn’t do it, too many things to name.

Amazing car. Amazingly comfy. Nice torque from a standstill with the high compression motor. Never left me stranded.

In the end it died because of me. I was on the way to uni one morning on the way to a general education human rights course (was doing materials engineering) and some dumb bitch was behind me tailgating too close for my liking and I wasn’t in the best mood. After a speed bump she was still on my ass with a VZ commodore sedan.

Slammed on the brakes. Carnage. Plastic and VZ parts everywhere. She had to get a tow. Unless you looked from underneath you couldn’t see nothing on the Volvo. If you looked from underneath you would see a small dent. That’s it.

Insurance company: write off.
Me: wtf? This is bullshit blah blah

Result? That evaluate it as a GT with all the bells and whistles ( whatever, I’d just like an intact car).
They give me 2400. Probably what I spent on it. My fuck it was a nice car. Comfortable, torquey from a standstill. Solid as fuck. People would give you space.

Now I have (not driving right now) a VFii SS ute and love it. But still miss my Volvo in a way and big time at that
Least i have spent on a car was 550€ for a BMW E39 523i touring. Drove it through the winter and sold it on for 1100€

A friend of mine bought a BMW E36 318i for just 180€
File: 1490233185045.jpg (97 KB, 435x435)
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Parents gave me a salvaged 94 Geo Prizm that burns coolant, leaking exhaust and the radio would reset everytime I went over a speed bump. Only one oil change for the 2 years that I've had it, I wanted it to die.
>we junked it because I bought a new car and there's no room left for it
Got a 6.5 turbo diesel suburban for 1k. Interior had been ruined by dogs, it had moderate blow by, completely ruined suspension, and 300k miles. Only money I put into that truck was a homemade mechanical waste gate to turn up the boost, and a fuel filter. Probably $50 worth of stuff.

I put 20k miles on it towing cars, and off-roading before the injection pump died and I parted it out. Made multiples more than I spent on it at that point.

Shit boxes are based and redpilled. I miss not caring about my tow rig, even if the new one is a much better truck.
Nice man.
I bought a beat to shit 88 f150, 4.9 i6, 5 speed and 4x4 for $600. The drivers door had been hit and was ratchet strapped closed. I took that off in favor of a bungee strap. No mirrors, horn, muffler or grill. I coulda kept it goin pretty easy but I didn't know much about wrenchin then. That was around 8yrs ago and I use the tailgate from that truck on my 89 F150.
My current shitbox is a 98 V70 with 537000km, spend $1000 leafbucks on it, and it runs great. Fuckin love these cars.
Good photo! Love the dusk/rain look.
Got you beat bro
>$200 nzd civic hatch
brake lights would stay on killing battery fixed it with 2 cable ties and a match box
and no interior lights worked meh
>clutch died and replaced it for 200
Got reversed into by some old mole and insurance gave me $3k
700 on a running 92 Infiniti q45 in surprisingly good condition without a title. Drove it for 2 years without major issues before selling it
$850, no major problems other than the wiring loom was covered in overspray from a gunky 'rust inhibitor'. Two years? Three? Might have been four.
1998 BMW 750iL - 51K miles - $2200
Wheels (AC Schnitzer type 3 reps) + used Toyo Proxies something = $280
OEM suspension replacement, lightly used = $200
Cooling system rebuild (hoses / pump / thermostat / idler pulleys / radiator core / expansion tank) = $300
New plugs = $120 (BMW OEM NGK)
MK4 nav + widescreen + bluetooth = $50 + old MK2 & screen
New window regulators + door windows = $80

Drove it for 60K miles (under 3 years) and sold it for $5500. Miss that car some times. But if I really missed it that much, I'd buy another one...
Upper East Side?
Back in 2004 I bought a 96 Infiniti G20t for $2300. It had a five speed manual, lsd, and a 7500rpm redline. No rust southern car. It was built like a tank. Substantial, not luxurious. And could really handle. I had it up to about 170hp before I got creamed and the car got totaled.

NOw I buy big boy cars.
File: IMG_1304.jpg (1.84 MB, 3264x2448)
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1800$ for a original owner prelude with 4ws 5 speed with all options in excellent condition

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