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File: 223343_2015_Mazda_Concept.jpg (575 KB, 1920x1200)
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Hard mode: it's something they could realistically make, that would meet modern regulations

Benchracer Must Die mode: it actually makes the company money instead of bankrupting them, directly through sales or indirectly as a "loss leader"
>designs a 2017 Ford GT but with a V8
>designs a new crown vic using Ford's newly developed RWD platform to compete with the charger and an electric version to compete with the model S
>designs a new honda element to compete with the jeep renegade
>designs a car that looks like any normal current model of car but sits on the side of the highway and will transform into a giant robot and kick the car that's hogging the left lane but going 5 or more below the speed limit
>design a car that will be a joint venture between multiple automakers who will all get to sell the car as a rebadge called "Potato Car" this potato car will be designed as the absolute cheapest fuel efficient reliable rugged shitbox your dollar can buy and can be easily built anywhere by anyone and will make millions in african and other poor nations.
File: downloadfile.jpg (69 KB, 1013x675)
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Chrysler Laser - FCA makes a ND Miata / (Modern) Alpina competetor

>Front engine rear wheel drive or mid rear engine, with the Alpine and C8 it's cool again
>Engine is either: a pentaatar v6, Fiat multiair 16v, or their rumored 3l turbo inline 6
>Suspension is a cost reduced steel version of the 4c design, and the car has a similar wheel base but with dimensions for people above 6'3
>Put the 20" Chrysler 300 rims on it
>Make the rear hood open like a Corvette C4 / Lancia Stratos
>Overall give it a bunch of styling ques from the Stratos, maybe even contact that shop that is making the new ones
>Make the 16v base model as cheap as it reasonably can for a sporty targa top cruiser

Other ideas:
Challenger Hellcat with 4 wheel mechanical steering - I wouldn't put it past the crazy bastards at Dodge
Daytona Superbird (why I didn't call above a Daytona) - Mid engined, big winged, pointy nosed, hellephant powered hypercar, a C8 killer
File: NEVER EVER.jpg (590 KB, 1600x900)
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590 KB JPG
A new silvia as an entry level performance car based on the IDx concept.
>lightweight chassis roughly 2000-2100lbs
>rear drive. 6 speed manual as standard. optional auto if you are missing a limb or a filthy casual. LSD as standard.
>double wishbones on all corners preferred but realistically it would probably be a mix of DWB front and McPherson struts back.
>1.8 turbo engine from the 2019 sentra as is or tweaked slightly.
>basic interior. want leather? Get fucked. Want infotainment? Stick your phone to the center of the dashboard.
>you're getting a aux jack and thats it.
>Retails for about 16-18k. Makes less margins or breaks even per vehicle. More about enhancing nissans brand image.
>also support the tuner ecosystem whatever that is.
File: 992-porsche-911-side.jpg (249 KB, 1130x610)
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249 KB JPG
a 911 but it's the size of a Cayman
>2019 Blazer
>Change the body to be like the second gen Blazer
>True 4wd
>Give the 4.3l vortec a face lift to make more power and give it better durability
>I dunno maybe strap a supercharger to the thing
>Little to no infotainment
>Put some god tier reliable transmission in
>Make the heat core easy to reach
>Cheap out on all the accessories
Basically GM should make a better second gen Blazer
RX9 when?
Fuck I wish I would be a rich prick and could easily afford cars like that.
Sadly I only make 45k/yr and any high class sporty car is out of my reach unless I buy it heavily used.
File: Hyundai Coupe 2.7 V6.jpg (150 KB, 1200x800)
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150 KB JPG
can't improve on perfection
Lol childish and unrealistic scum dreams
Maybe add a USB port to the aux jack for charging but I approve. It might just be cheap enough not to lose money if platform development doesn't fuck you
File: idx nismo.jpg (124 KB, 1600x1067)
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124 KB JPG
lmao, literally the only thing Nissan did right the past 15 years was the decision to throw this """"design"""" into the trash.
File: Subaru-logo-7-500x410.jpg (37 KB, 500x410)
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Subaru must have so much money to spend since they've been getting sales improvements every year, but not spending anything on R&D. Let's fix that.
>Subaru GTX (Grand Touring eXperimental)
>2 seat, rear engine, symmmetrical AWD
>all aluminum chassis
>FA28F (stroked and bored FA24F) engine
>4 piston brakes, 2 piston rear
>405 horsepower, 7500 redline
>pilot 4S tires, 245 front, 285 back
>large frunk with small rear storage area
>CVT or manual
>starts at about 68k
>Subaru GTX STI
>carbon roof, manual lightweight buckets
>built FA28F boosted to 445hp
>large adjustable wing, canards, diffuser
>6 piston brakes, 4 piston rear
>adjustable bilstein coilovers
>cup 2 R tires
>manual or sequential
>starts at 79k
Basically a 911 Carrera 4 with a 5 digit price tag, with the typical Subaru drive train flipped backwards, designed to work as a GT3/GT4 race car. Blue with gold wheels of course.
Toyota makes an awd Rally capable ( with few upgrades) more reliable STI hatch
just a simple, barebones, decent-looking 4-5 door car that uses mature technology to save costs
Benchracer Must Die mode: Ford brings back the thunderbird as a compact electric crossover "with a sporty focus" even though it has torsion beam rear suspension, really soft front struts, an electric motor rated for 150hp and a 4500lbs curb weight. Looks like an egg but has a 28 inch touch screen and beats audio. Has a 450 mile city range and ultra fast charging though. Has a quirky and fun feature where you can put it in lightning mode and do a single drag launch with an equivalent of 450hp, but it voids your warranty and you can only do it 100 times before the motor breaks.

Hard mode: GM revives the Pontiac brand to bring a new Fiero to market, it uses an aluminum space frame with carbon/composite body panels and has a 3.6 LGX by making 335hp in the back driven through a 7 speed manual or 10 speed auto with an LSD. Carbon Double wishbones on all 4 corners with electronically adjustable coilovers. Carbon wheels come as standard with 285 fronts and 305 rears. Interior is relatively basic with no infotainment, only a radio with aux jack, usb port and satellite radio, seats are fixed carbon buckets with the pedals and wheel being adjustable. Has a really good HUD. $45k for the base model.

Easy mode: Toyota, Jeep, and Caterpillar partner to make an extreme economy 4x4 SUV/off roader for Africa+other developing markets, dimensions are similar to that of a 2nd gen Rav4. Body panels are injection molded plastic on a stamped steel frame. The suspension is gonna be long travel struts. 195/85r14 mud and snow tires on steelies. No carpets, no sound insulation, canvas bench seats with the option to easily remove all but the driver's seat. Comes with a full size spare on the tail gate. Crank windows. Comes with an air cooled caterpillar developed 3 cylinder multifuel (primarily diesell) engine that makes 75-80hp built to a minimum service life of 1 million miles.

This is way outside their consumer market.
I mean, 500k is out of Ford's market, but the GT sells. The Supra will sell fine, and that's a 70k car made by a consumer grade company as well.
Toyota Celica, basically shares 80% of Corolla's components in a spacious coupe liftback style to compete with the Veloster and Civic for like $20k.

Mitsubishi 3000GT, modified version of a new 370z chassis with Mitsubishi v6 for a Toyobaru thing

Subaru SVX, Subaru BRZ with moderately different body and beltline with subaru boxer 6 cylinder to compete with 370z

Subaru Justy, 2wd optional awd subcompact three door cheap tuner car for $15k, compete/borrow from yaris
Silvia resurrected as a stylish fwd tuner to compete with the veloster/civic.
An affordable, medium-sized or small, non-luxury sedan (coupe option available as well) with rear-wheel drive. Coming from Japan, with no muscle-car styling or german pigfat luxury features. A manual option at every trim level. Base model would cost around $20k, and a fully optioned inline-6 model would cost $30k. Maybe a twin turbo model above that as well.
>Basically I want a new Toyota Cressida
>Ford GT with V8
why would you put a shittier engine in that car?
Why not just redo the SVX but make it compete with the NSX?
basically reigniting the rivalry between the Celica and WRX.
Since Porsche wants to kill the 718 due to low sales and Honda wants to make a new S2000 but the market is too small, they partner up to make a new roadster/coupe and share the costs of development. The car ends up being a successor to the S2000 and 928.
It's a front-midengine fastback also available in soft top priced to compete with the Zupra and Mustang. The car heavily emphasizes how fun it is to drive while not being a terrible financial decision because you can fit a lot of stuff in the back and the car is reliable and easy to fix due to being part japanese. Engine is a turbo i4 and it also comes with a hybrid variant. It's available with a 6 speed manual or PDK
928 was a touring coupe though, this sounds more like a 944 successor.
An sub-compact that borders on midsized or vice versa to make up for all the padding required for safety.

>4 door sedan/hatchback
>4banger with turbo option
>Manual or CVT for mass market appeal
>Lower overall height to prevent it from looking like an egg on tiny wheels

>RS edition
>4banger with bigger turbo and larger radiator and intercooler
>Two door hatch
>Vented hood, sort of ricey additions like a small spoiler over the hatch, small splitter and ducts through the bumper

I guess I just want a fiesta that doesn't look like an egg and isn't as tall as a full size sedan on a fraction of the wheel base.
>Lincoln Mark IX based on the Continental
>Standard Continental Engines + 5.0 Coyote
>Coupe and Convertible Options
miss me with that gay bait
i'll take Benchracer Must Die mode for $100 alex

>chevy K2,as in the mountain
>Electric pickup truck, with an enclosed rear boxy SUV cousin
>make it nice an lux inside, like a gmc denali type thing
>focus on shitloads of batteries, use the drivetrain architecture from the chevy Bolt except two motors, one on each axle, instead of one front motor
>shoot for 300 mile range on the low end with some kind of level 3 fast charging standard

basically do rivian but chebby

i have no FUCKING clue why they haven't done this already
>Easy mode
Twingo USDM
>Hard mode
Ford Transit V8
Honda Fit Type-R, with the big wing
>Benchracer Must Die mode
Toyota Tacoma Hybrid, hopefully near 30k
miat ND coupe, lower and lighter than RF.

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