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What does /o/ think about the W126 S-Class?

I kinda wanna buy one of the cheap 6-cilinder ones. Is there a better cheap luxury car than this in Europe? Insurance plus road tax is less than €240 and parts are very cheap.

Is it a really bad idea if I want to buy one for max €4k?
no such thing as a cheap Mercedes.
These cars were worth 6 figures in their time, you're buying a ticking time bomb.
get a 300D W123
File: W126AMG.jpg (668 KB, 1920x1440)
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They are good and trusty cars. I wouldn't buy a 6 cylinder personally because I think V8 is more suitable for a heavy car like W126. You should check forums for critical parts and check them throughly before buying one. A cheap car can get suprisingly expensive if it needs alot of repairs. But a well maintained W126 will last forever.

Nice memes dude. Every old car that hasn't been maintained well is a time bomb. There is nothing that fancy in W126 that would cost a fortune to fix.
parts are scarce and all rubber will be rotten
I see tons of old mercs, all classes and mostly diesels bur plenty of gassers still plying the roads and I'm in the land of hamburger.
I'd say that speaks to the reliability
>These cars were worth 6 figures in their time

An actual Straight 6 or Diesel S class was only close to 80k back then, the fuck are you talking about?
File: BestPriceQualityGT.jpg (340 KB, 1200x801)
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Of course you can't just walk into a regular parts store and buy parts made for a car that is over 30 years old. Good thing we have a thing called internet shopping nowadays that makes it easy to order parts you need.


Those are just two sites I found with a quick google search. I am pretty sure OP knew that he couldn't just walk into a store, buy his W126 rubber sealants and do a quick 360 turn and walk out of the store.
>not picking the superior W116
>not getting the ultimate S-class while you're at it
there is a W123 near me thats been for sale for weeks. keep looking at it and i know ill have to replace everything on the fucker and dont have a place to work on it. i want it anyways.

inline six best six
Lol, later geezer
File: 20181027_154948.jpg (3.52 MB, 3264x2448)
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3.52 MB JPG
Pic related, my R107. I also own a w140. Can confirm, these cars are fucking amazing. There is nothing built to this standard any more. You find a good condition one and take care of it and you'll have a really cool, unique car.
what standard is that? poor handling? rust everywhere? comical nose dive? zero safety? 17 second 1/4 miles? 12MPG?

R107s and the like are worthless for a reason
Stay jelly.
File: 20180924_171636.jpg (2.26 MB, 3264x2448)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB JPG
My w140.
Stay mad loser. M-B was based beyond belief back in the 70's and 80's.
File: 20160701_022342.jpg (84 KB, 581x465)
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having owned a W126 S-class 560SEL

>find one under 100k miles
>shit will break every week or month
>before purchasing, make sure there is a K-jetronic professional near you
>rear suspension will most likely be shot/will sag
>check for oil leaks (headgaskets)
>if engine is shaking on idle, don't bother and move on.
>The electronics on this car is a complete mess. One blown fuse and you lose A/C, can't roll driver window and right rear window because of one fuse
>if fuse is blown, there's a short somewhere and it'll keep blowing every 3rd drive here and there
>check thermostat

the positives, well, the engine is bulletproof on it's own. It is extremely comfy, the ride quality glides on the streets, it's faster than todays econoboxes but still feels like a boat with a lot of body roll
aside from that yeah good cars but find one in good condition that's been owned by a boomer preferably
>luxury car

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm are you a gypsy op
If I buy one, I will check service records (even almost all cheap ones have them). Low km's are alot more expensive but I will check their condition thoroughly.
nope, not a turk or a slav/ruski either
Underage fags are the reason this board became this embarrassing, fuck off
There's an old fart two blocks away from my house that owns a 380 SE just like the one in the picture, but it's all beaten up. I can hear his car coming from far away because his whole exhaust system is literally dangling from below and it hits the road like *clang clang clang* while driving like half the speed limit. That poor Benz has seen better days and the cunt is so lazy that he can't even put a wire around his exhaust pipes so they stop hitting the road. It's basically straight piped.
Europe, especially Germany has much more people who can work with jetronic systems compared to USA. Not really that big of a problem around here.
yeah, you fucking nigger, owning an ancient luxury car sure is cheap
Yeah all those boomers owning pre-computer Lincolns, Cadillacs and Mercs must spend fortunes every year just to get their cars out of the garage...
yes, actually.
mercedes has the best spare parts supply compared to all euro manufacturers
only the american stuff is better but only because they never changed anything
I would say that Porsche has the best but it is much smaller brand. But yeah M-B also has very excellent parts supply.

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