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I got a Ford Mondeo 2018 2.0 TDCi 150hp. (Fusion in the US, I guess) this past July because I can't afford a Tesla and people kept telling me to stop being a little faggot.
All the reviews I went trough had good things to say, and I can confirm that the way the car handles the road really is satisfying. All the extra equipment that I got is also nice. All and all, I really can't complain.
>Does any of you faggots own a Mondeo/Fusion?
>How happy are you with it?
>How did it act in the long run
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OP here, only thing I can really shit on at this point is SYNC3 being kinda shit. Others manufactures handle the navigation way better. I can connect my phone and use any navigation app with it, but why can't fucking Ford do better tho?
Don't own one but driven them a few times, seem comfy enough. Friend's job owns a few, says they've been pretty reliable.
Small, uncomfortable seats, small, odd shaped trunk, cheap plastics.

Good fuel economy, good in snow, heated seats are smoking hot.

That’s my impressions from renting.

Overall my worst complaint was how much arbitrary restrictions on CarPlay and phone use there is, not sure if it’s ford specific but you have to stop and put it in park to connect phones. So your passenger is sitting there unable to do anything in the name of safety.
>Small, uncomfortable seats
No, not at all, at least not in a mondeo

>small, odd shaped trunk
is 550 liters small for you? what do you put in it that you find it small?

>cheap plastics
again, in a mondeo, I don't find it to be the case

>arbitrary restrictions on CarPlay
I can drive and connect the phone via bluetooth or CarPlay with no problem

Are you sure you're not talking about models before 2017.-2018., mate?
They're the exact same car.

In fact, the Aston Martin face Mondeo was designed with Americans in mind from the ground up.

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