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>Be me
>Somewhat of a car guy
>Dad is in the market for a car
>He's having a midlife crisis
>Dad asks me for buying advice
>Give him a list of cars a lot of older ones that would be fine and his type
>Try to sell him a Miata because I know he would like the way it drives
>"Anon those cars are so old" "Anon they haven't held there value they have to be bad"
>"What about a 2018 Caddy or Lincoln"
It wouldn't be so bad if he could afford one of those cars. Its compounded by the fact that in a years time he will be bored of what hes driving. What do I do just let him make a purchase he can't afford? He doesn't want anything pre 2015. Anything you guys thing a man having a midlife crisis would like that wouldn't break the bank.
Nice blog post tripfag

Let your dad buy what he wants
Chevrolet SS?
What is his budget retard
Its not bad but out of his price range his limit is 10 grand but he won't admit it.
How do you know that?

At any rate, he doesn't want a car that he has to make payments on?
He doesn't want payments and thats how much he saved up
Just save everyone and put him in a home.
Get him a used stang
used corvette*
>wojak meme
>funnyjunk filename
>trying to push miatas on people


i would try to tell you something about miatas but youll shove that information up your ass and not follow it like EVERY other shitty poster here
Damn bro, I think you should just forget about helping him with car. Important thing is look at his life.
>towards end of his life
>only can afford 10k fun car
Let him do his thing and you should go back to work/school, whatever it takes to not be failure like ur pops. Good luck
I was gonna say an IS-F but his budget is too low. C5 Vette really is the best option at that price point, maybe an older CTS-V but I'm not sure how much you can get those for.
Hes only 56 but the years haven't been kind
I understand that mechanically they are shit but it would be fun to own
Don't worry I will anon. Its just frustrating to see. He wants a car that can make him feel young again and he doesn't need a new car to do that but he just won't listen. I feel like he wants the car for social status.
I was intrigued in the beginning but the more of the thread that I read, the more depressing it becomes.
>the years haven't been kind
Yet you're recommending a car that's inches off the ground? Real smart guy, no wonder he wants something comfy you idiot.
Lmao why the fuck trying to force a fucking miata on your old ass dad?
He's a manlet he can't climb into a car he likes lower cars.
Whats so depressing
Because its a cheap/fun car that fits his driving style. He has mentioned liking them in the past

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