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Was wondering what I could do to repair this on an is300
Don't buy nipshit
It’s 450$ with no other problems than high mileage
If there rust extends all the way into the wheel well as it seems to in the picture, don't bother if you'd consider this a shitbox.

If you're really up for it, looks like you'll have to re-do the whole sill. And if you discover more rust when opening it up, probably a part of the floorpan.
Like I said, consider letting this one go. Especially if it's the same on the other side and it's a shitbox.
That’s fucked. You’re going to have to cut and weld new panels.
Yea it rusted straight through, soggy pinch welds
The floor pans are good it’s just in front of the rear wheels and some of the pinch weld
Rust is like a living organism
If you leave it then it will grow
Get rid of it asap
Break chunks off
Saw chunks off
Whatever you gotta do, do it
You should have started sooner before it got this bad (unless it is previous owner damage)
As said already itt you need a new panel welded there or if poorfag just cut it out and deal with the hole like trailer park boys would
You only paid $450 right?
No biggie
Being an is200 owner this is my worst nightmare. Fortunately I've got 0 rust and Krown is pretty effective at preventing it
Have fixed similar rust, will never do it again - life is too short for that.
If you have never done it then go ahead, its a proper life lesson + you learn how to do body work.
My 87' E30's floor was completely rusted through and had MASSIVE holes everywhere. Honestly surprised my seat didn't plummet through the floor whenever I hit a bump.

Good times.

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