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Struggling department store chain Macy’s is planning to close 125 of its weakest stores over the next three years and cut 2,000 corporate jobs in its latest push to reinvent itself in the age of online shopping.

The store closures represent about one fifth of Macy’s current total. About 30 of those stores are already in the process of shutting down, including a Macy’s in West Dundee.

Macy's didn't specify how many jobs would be lost at the shuttered stores.

Macy’s has loyal customers and investments in updating its stronger stores are working, CEO Jeff Gennette said during a meeting with investors Wednesday. But the company has too many stores to maintain them at “brand-right standards,” he said -- even after an earlier round of 100 store closures the retailer announced in 2019.

Macy’s didn’t identify specific stores that will close, but Gennette said the company would close underperforming stores in “lower-tier” malls Gennette said he thinks will continue to decline in a market that is “over-malled and over-retailed.”
Bloomberg calls Trump a 'carnival barking clown' after president labels him a 'tiny version' of Jeb Bush
"Behind your back they laugh at you ..." the former NYC mayor tweeted.
Macy's is fucking shit. Their brand is built around quality and luxury, but they cut corners literally everywhere. Macy's and malls in general cannot compete with internet businesses.
what are you talking about anon
Yeah, but is sending your money to someone across the globe going to help your local economy?
I work part time to get through school. If someone buys from my store, I eventually get the money. I'm part of the stores running costs. Internet shopping takes my money and gives it to China or Europe.
Try thinking deeper.

What have I told you about feeding trolls?
It really doesn't matter.
People are loyal to convenience and price, not economic stability.
Amazon has raped my city and destroyed half of the local shops. Even specialists like appliance refurbishment/import simply can't bring stuff in cheaper.
>big box store closes in era of continuing internet shopping trend
>this is Trump's fault
Plastic straws have been banned where you live, so what are you even grasping at?

Interesting that all the shuttered stores are located in Democratic "sanctuary city" strongholds. I wonder if there is any correlation with the NY "no bail" or the "shoplifting? No bother!" policy of California; I mean in addition to the "abolish ICE" programs where illegal immigrant criminals are shielded from deport ion.


Tough to watch US cities victimize their residents by releasing criminals into the community to prey again, and again.
We all have seen those videos of those criminal mobs robbing Macy's with impunity.
For who? Obviously you aren't stupid enough to think that a higher GDP and/or economic growth rates = higher standard of living for your average American, right?
It really wouldn't be an issue if Trump didn't get up in front of cameras ever couple of days and outright lie about how his daughter single-handedly created 15 million jobs and how big-box stores and factories are opening new locations and hiring employees at unprecedented rates. Trump would literally have nothing to answer to if he would stop lying about how the things that are clearly happening aren't actually happening.
>help your local economy
I support local businesses that provide high value for what they charge. I do not subsidize local parasites that sell poor product at high cost just for the sake of making their franchise owners rich. If you work for a local business that doesn't provide solid service or high value product, then you are making your own poor life decisions. I don't see any reason to subsidize your stupidity.

Besides. looks like you're the troll here, throwing distractions into the discussion that don't relate to the topic. You're arguing that stores and businesses that can't compete in a free market deserve some sort of welfare payments.

> /"argument " fucking discarded

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