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Shoppers ran to the aid of a screaming woman only to find a man on top of her trying to have sex in a busy store, Plantation police said.

Andrew Brooks Handley, 24, is accused of knocking down the woman about 8:40 a.m. Saturday and trying to sexually assault her in the Walmart at 1885 N. Pine Island Road.

According to the arrest report, a Walmart employee heard the screaming woman and called 911 while other customers pulled Handley off the woman and held him until officers arrived.
Handley had the woman pinned to the floor and was forcing her legs apart with his knees, police said.

Officers heard Handley say he, "was trying to clean his pipes” and “get something sweet.”

Handley had approached the woman and started whispering unintelligible words to her before grabbing her shoulder and throwing her to the ground, police said.

During police questioning, Handley said he had sexual urges while in Walmart and tried to satisfy those urges by forcefully subduing the woman who was shopping at the time.

He is charged with sexual battery on a victim over 18 and false imprisonment. During a brief court hearing Sunday, he was ordered held on bonds totaling $60,000.

Handley remained in jail on Wednesday.

kek. fucking jews..
>about 8:40 a.m.
Florida Man NO!

was she won of trump rapist babes

1. Karen Johnson
2. E. Jean Carroll
3. Alva Johnson
4. Ninni Laaksonen
5. Jessica Drake
6. Karena Virginia
7. Cathy Heller
8. Summer Zervos
9. Kristin Anderson
10. Samantha Holvey
11. Lisa Boyne
12. Jessica Leeds
13. Rachel Crooks
14. Mindy McGillivray
15. Natasha Stoynoff
16. Jennifer Murphy
17. Mariah Billado
18. Tasha Dixon
19. Cassandra Searles
20. “Jane Doe”
21. Bridget Sullivan
22. Temple Taggart McDowell
23. Jill Harth
24. Ivana Trump
25. Victoria Hughes
26. Melinda McGillivray
27. Juliete Huddy
28. Speaker Pelosi
29. AOC
Is that Bam Margera? Tried to rock her earth eh

Kitty gone wild
>Officers heard Handley say he, "was trying to clean his pipes” and “get something sweet.”
i could've sworn this was a movie reference or something added by OP, but its actually fucking there in the article

Trump busy laying pipe pipeline america
I'm curious if they tested him for alcohol or drugs. There's no way that situation could have ended well for him, he had to be on something.
Thousands of years ago, this was just normal behavior .
Its not florida man thats crazy, its modern society .
He should have the right to go after something sweet once in a while.
What will he do next?!?
She was asking for it. So obvious! 8 o'clock in the morning? Hello? Who shops that early if not one wanting to be ravaged on that dirty floor. She needs to apologize to that guy.
Who the fuck is that high at 8:40am?
Wake n Bake
>She was asking for it.
this is the root of the whole problem right there. people are brainwashed into caring about what roasties say they want. roasties are small, weak and dumb, anyone who wants to fuck one is able to even if she doesn't verbally ask for it.
women love getting inseminated, its the single greatest pleasure in the world to them. they all want it all the time, there is never any need to ask.
Clean-up on aisle 5!

Classic drumpf supporter
Never went to sleep in the first place, sleep deprivation serious big time psychosis risk especially with hard drugs like alcohol or amphetamines
you guys are so lazy

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