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A married man who died from a heart attack while having sex with a woman he met on a business trip in France was a ‘victim of a professional accident’, a French court ruled.

what a retarded country
You should see their depraved films
Sometimes I think that's how I want to go. Just orgasm and seize up like an old lawnmower, but how traumatized would my partner be?
The ruling makes more sense than at first glance.
The employer has some life insurance covering the employee.

The employer was trying to wring their way out of this and not pay a dime to the deceased's family, even though the policy clearly covered the accident as any other.
It is a "work accident" because during that period of time the employee was on a business trip and officially covered under the policy.

It is no different from a situation where the employee would be the victim of a traffic accident while crossing the street.
>caring about a woman's opinion
>implying it would be a woman
This. Most of these "ridiculous" court rulings actually make sense when you read past the headline.
Even the one were the frat boy fucked a passed out girl but only served 3 months in jail.
didn't he just finger her? Still not okay but if a woman gave a handjob to a drunk guy I don't think she'd get the book thrown at her. He got 6 months from a judge who had a history of giving lenient sentences for all crimes and then served half with good behavior.
and now the judge's life is ruined. He lost his position, tried to get a new job as a tennis coach or something, and then lost that job once the internet hate mob found out.

The thing is, the conservative anti "pc-police" faction of this issue need to decide what they want. Either they want to condone a system that allows rapists to avoid punishment on account of their looks and charms or they want to down-play the prevalence of rape-acceptance and rape-apologists in our society and brush off the Me-Too movement as nothing but reactionaries. You can't claim that rape isn't as big of a deal as feminists are making it out to be but then on the other hand let actual convicted rapists slide because the girl was drunk or because it was only a finger he violated her with and not his dick. You can't argue that there is no rape-culture in our society then actively advocate for lenient treatment of convicted rapists. It kind of perfectly embodies rape culture.
How, exactly, did he "slide"?
Three months for sexual assault? For finger fucking an unconsious girl? Yeah, that's sliding.
What the fuck kind of punishment is that?

And you can bet your arse if it was a nignog the people saying "it was just a finger" would have demanded the fucking death penalty for this FUCKING NIGGER RAPIST. You can bet your arse, your cock and your balls.
>What the fuck kind of punishment is that?
Three months in prison and a lifetime on the sex offender registry is not a trivial punishment for someone almost drunk off his ass as the girl was. For comparison, the prosecution requested six years, which is roughly half the punishment he'd get if he murdered her.

>And you can bet your arse if it was
Relying on counterfactual arguments means you have nothing.
>Three months in prison and a lifetime on the sex offender registry is not a trivial punishment for someone almost drunk off his ass as the girl was.

>He was drunk too!
I've gotten drunk. I've pissed on the driver's door handle of the car belonging to someone I didn't like and I tried wearing a corset. Never tried finger fucking an unconscious person.
Damn, first that dude who had a heart attack while banging his wife in a hotel hot tub and accidentally drowned her, the day before their daughters wedding, and now this. Boomer dudes really need to take better care of their hearts.
Yeah but have you ever had an unconscious person on your bed while you're piss drunk?
This was done behind a dumpster IRC

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