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1. Suicide or allowed suicide.
2. Murder
3. Switched out

There’s new info leaking out everyday. The screaming during time of death, body being cold to touch, mystery van...
Suicide and allowed suicide should be separate categories.
One infers Trump's incompetence, the other means Trump was silencing him
Rumor in DC is that Trump and Epstein had a falling out years ago over the use of Mar Largo for sex with under-age girls. Even though Trump was part of it he wanted it moved from Mar Largo so as not to implicate him. It is a well-known fact that sex parties with underage girls and boy took place on a regular basis there.
I hear Julian Assange is dead? This true?
if you're gonna shill, at least post some of the liberal-tabloid "sources" that you're referencing
Not a shill , just thought I’d come here to see if anyone else had any idea if it’s true . Source alphapunisher1776
We'll probably never know for sure
Anyone with a brain knew Epstein could NOT live to testify. His handlers have too much to lose. A dead man can't talk. He became their liability. The invisible will remain that way.
Okay, allow me to debunk that anal leakage of words:

>The screaming during time of death
That was actually two toilets being flushed at the same time while a CO was coughing. Thus producing a "scream" like sound as witnessed by other inmates.

>body being cold to touch
Yeah, that's a natural phenomenon that happens after a body dies.

>mystery van
That was an Amazon delivery.

Dear CIA and secret government coverup group, Give me a call. I can help.
>>445806 You figure it out. No liberal shit here, just character of so-called president
Trump and the DOJ are involved and Barr is the coverup guy.
>amazon shipping
>Barr meets Epstein privately
>dies following day

Prime really is on point
Still better than Breitbart

Look all. He's gone. Nothing can bring him back. I know you all miss Epstein, him being your hero in the underage sex industry, but you need to let him go. And move on. Find another hero in that industry....like Trump...or Sean Penn...or Weekend at Bernie's with his Mexican Boys.
Nice blogpost.
Trump had a falling out with Epstein around the same time he hooked up with Melania. She was one of Epstein,s special friends.

I'm a Bernie or bust socialist and even I am amazed at efforts to make this partisan. The shills are all hands on deck trying to distract us from the fact that this is a class issue first and foremost.
Should say was Bernie or bust, now YangGang
>Right wing damage control.
I don’t buy it. There’s no evidence to support the theory that Trump and Epstein had a personal falling out. It’s far more likely that staff at Mar A Lago wanted him gone than it is that Trump himself wanted Epstein gone.
theory on epstein suicide
this is only a wild theory.
if you are angry punch a punching bag untill you are exhausted.
it is most likely that
1. he got murdered
2. he got smuggled out .
you are free to believe which one it is,
I am convinced it is number 2.
after reading the 2 texts:
in the second one a legal person explains that the double jeopardy clause could play a roll.
double jeopardy means you are prevented from being tried again for the same crime.
IF you think that double jeopardy matches.
Epstein would walk out of the courthouse as a free man in the current trial court.
even if you know what he did and have proof of it.
because of this situation would be so outrageous they had to
find a solution.
so they decided to let him "die" - for the public.
(it could be that a real homeless dressed up like him was killed)
so that the public is satisfied.
they have no reason to kill Epstein, he is in their
inner circle and he doesn't talk about what he is doing publicly.
they did like let him go free in 2008.
so he is somewhere alive and well, and he is doing what he likes.
again to say this is what happened would be too outrageous.
so this is only a wild theory.
you are free to make up your own mind; you are free
to choose what you believe what has happened.
I forgot, the other rumors that suggested he got smuggled out support my idea of him being smuggled out.
If they were willing to do all that they would have gotten rid of the fool anytime in the past 11 years he's been under investigation and everything about his situation has been known, instead of doing it at the last possible moment and the absolute worst possible time.
Chalk up another death for the Clintons
> socialist
> right wing

I hate to sound like a conspiratorial nut job but I do not believe for a second that was a regular suicide. That nigger GOT suicided.

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