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'REALLY SAD' WWE legend Kevin Nash denies he was raped after fake Facebook post and blasts ‘If this were true I’d be in prison for at least manslaughter’
Quotes appeared on social media were attributed to the 59-year-old

A post reportedly appearing on Facebook attributed quotes to the 59-year-old that suggested he had been the victim of a sexual assault in 1992.

This is the post that Kevin Nash was angrily forced to deny.

Alongside a picture of him, it read: "Looking at me, you'd be forgiven for thinking I'm not your typical victim.

"I'm a soldier. I'm a father. I'm a seven-time World Heavyweight Champion.

"I'm 7 feet tall; 320lbs. I thought I could look out for myself in any situation. But in the summer of 1992, I was raped. That's right #MeToo.

"My point is, my attacker didn't have to overpower me to turn me into a victim. If it can happen to me, then it can happen to you."

But Nash, a former basketball player, angrily denied these claims and suggested he would be in jail now in an act of revenge if it were true.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: "Really sad. Think this was posted on Facebook which I don't have.

"Just takes away from valid claims of those who have been victims and their pain. If this were true I'd be in prison for manslaughter.

"Guess Zuckerberg wants to write me a check."

The #MeToo campaign is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault that began spreading virally in October 2017.

Nash, known as Big Sexy, was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2015 and is one of the three founding members of the New World Order.

>My point is, my attacker didn't have to overpower me to turn me into a victim...
So...he's super macho, but likes getting a real good simulated gang-bang ass raping?
ding-dong diddly
Poor guy. The truth leaked out and now his legend, whatever that is since I've never heard of this numnut until now, is being climaxed on.
Kek what a bitch
>I've never heard of this numnut until now

Eighteen plus
Sorry you go so upset that people don't recognize you, Big Daddy. Seems like you gotta get bigger than you already is if you're going to get the respect and attention that you seem to think you already deserve.
Why do newfags always do this "I'm actually talking to this specific person" thing

So cringeworthy.

In any case I'm flattered that you think I'm him.
Typical male dominant answer
there is a lot fo gay nibbas in connecticut that put their dick in dudes mouths for a number of reasons.
they claim its magic, they claim its "respect", they claim they raped out of revenge- in all cases the fag aggressive one is %100 a homo.
I guess its so frequent that it trickles up.
avoid gay cults.
The Summer Of '92 was a rough one.
They must have taken out his knee
Then his quads.
bumping big daddy bitch
>Compelled to falsify claims
>Nome of that occurring at all
What's with low tier OP's lately?
Even when WWE was popular you'd be called out for being a big faggo for liking it on here. Enjoy your fake sport.
>>Compelled to falsify claims
>>Nome of that occurring at all
>What's with low tier OP's lately?

It's what the article says. If I didn't repeat the statement of the article, I'd be inserting my own point of view.

>Even when WWE was popular you'd be called out for being a big faggo for liking it on here. Enjoy your fake sport.

This is just bizarre. Leaving aside the fact you're newer than me. You sound like a jealous UFC fan who got angry that he's reminded of wrestling's existence while reading the news. By the way most of his career was not in the WWE but he was engaged in warfare against it weekly, on a scale of seriousness, trepidation and efficiency that governments (which being a news board poster and whiner you probably slobber over) could barely dream of.
Kevin Nash guaranteed the hot dogs would be paid tonight in 1996. Thank you Mr. Nash.
>Leaving aside the fact you're newer than me
Anon I've been here since 08. WWE is for faggos, enjoy your performance art.

If that's what the article says then your just posting nonsense articles. Him dismissing a fake fb post isn't being compelled to falsify claims. Gb2/sp/.
>Anon I've been here since 08

Yeah, I was there when we invented the word newfag in that year. I hate to burst your bubble, but you're newer than me. I'll give credit where it's due, many are newer than you.

>If that's what the article says then your just posting nonsense articles. Him dismissing a fake fb post isn't being compelled to falsify claims. Gb2/sp/.

The allegations have been circulating the Sports Entertainment Enthusiast Community for half a year. His response was highly anticipated and saying he was compelled to deny it is a mark of... perspicaciousness on the part of that journalist.

Also, hiroshimoot changed /asp/'s name and relocated wrestling stuff there a while ago. Skateboarders and others have no home there now.
Big daddy bitch still up drawing dimes on this shit board
>Entertainment megastar "Big Daddy Cool"

who the fuck is this again?
A tall, long haired wrestler from Detroit who epitomizes the 1990s, he became renowned during the New Generation Era of the WWF when there was a dire dearth of Entertainment Megastars, as a member of the Kliq (clique), the first group of "real life friends" in pro wrestling that hardcore fans knew about, him and his "real life friend" Scott Hall left for the competing WCW company of Ted Turner, not only raising the bar for monetary guarantees made in wrestlers' contracts, but changing wrestling and T.V. forever. This sparked a "Monday Night War" of gang warfare and badass anarchy in wrestling on two separate shows appearing live simultaneously, producing some of the greatest live television in history from 1996-2001. Shortly after his arrival, the Entertainment Mega-Megastar Hulk Hogan infamously quit being a superhero to children and joined Nash and his real-life friend Scott Hall to become the supervillain Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Kevin Nash then became world famous for his cocky demeanor and undeniable displays of physical power through his "Powerbomb". After the Monday Night Wars, he became a proficient Hollywood actor.

So he was a big deal and you probably remember him now that I've explained it.

He was also raped at gunpoint in the Summer of 1992.
>He was also raped at gunpoint in the Summer of 1992.
Just casually dropping that in at the end cracked me up.
Kek what a bitch
>Leader of the nWo at their peak (wolfpac)
>Helped Michaels to become a main eventer
>Carried carder into his best wm match
>Ended jewberg's streak
>Inseminated millions of girls while on the road
>Worked Ted Turner, Hogan and Vince at the same time
>Buried Phil so hard that haitch couldn't resist and wanted to bury Phil too
>Made fat joe cry
>Works (you) into make threads about him daily
>Longest reigning WWF Champion of the 1990's
>PWI wrestler of the year in 1995
>PWI match of the year in 1995
>Fucked prime Pamela Anderson
>Only wrestler to have the best match at WrestleMania two years in a row
>created the Stone Cold gimmick and gave it to his friend Steve
>by far the biggest draw of the New Generation era. WWE went into a dark age after he left for WCW
>mastermind behind the nWo and nWo Wolfpac; the most influential and popular wrestling stables in history. Omegay and the Young Bucks try and fail miserably to imitate Big Sexy
>5x WCW Champion
>BTFO Punketty. Came back to save the ratings when Phil's title reign was a complete flop
>Fucked prime Torrie Wilson & Stacey Keibler
>got every pussy in the arena wet every time he came to the ring
>got himself over by being a badass, not by killing his body doing flippy bullshit
>Bob Backlund Authorised
>1998 Cannonball Champion of Spring Break
>Goldturd Streak Ender
>Super Shredder
>Vanilla Midget Slayer
>7ft guy who can get pussy that Dusty put in a green cone
>Citizen of the world
>Best Big man in the history of the sport
>Master of the 360 moonbomb (3 somersaults in it)
I thought for certain the last line would be
>Raped at gunpoint in the Summer of 1992

What a disappointment.
Shut the fuck up deadie mark
Bulbasaur ninjas
>knees constantly exploding
>responsibile for the finger poke of doom and killing ecw
>Kev was the most innovative wrestler of the 90's. A trend setter. ~ Hulk Hogan

>Kevin was the best wrestler I ever faced. ~ Shawn Michaels

>He scared the shit out of the Rock. ~ X-pac

>Probably the most influential big guy in the history of wrestling. ~ Dave Meltzer

>Pure genius. ~ Ric Flair

>We offered millions for a photo shoot. ~ Playgirl Magazine

>He doesn't have an equal, he's in a class of his own. ~ Bret Hart

>Probably meanest sun of a bitch in the business. No one dared cross him. ~ Steve Austin
Kevin Nash wasn't lowest draw in WWE history with proof.

At least he wasn't in terms of buyrates, attendance, ratings, & fiscal year net income. Being a Nash fan in the IWC, I'm often confronted with what stereotypical smarks believe is their trump card; “Nash is the lowest drawing WWF Champ in history”. In response I always ask them to prove it & without fail they never do. So lets examine the numbers i.e. FACTS.

Royal Rumble PPV buyrates:
(1.10) - Bret vs. Taker - RR 96
(1.00) - Diesel vs. Bret - RR 95
(0.70) - HBK vs. Sid - RR 97

WrestleMania PPV buyrates:
(1.40) - Diesel vs. HBK - WM 95
(1.20) - HBK vs. Bret - WM 96
(0.77) - Taker vs. Sid - WM 97

King of the Ring PPV buyrates:
(0.65) - Diesel/Bigelow vs. Sid/Tatanka - KOTR 95
(0.60) - HBK vs. Bulldog - KOTR 96
(0.50) - Taker vs. Farooq - KOTR 97

SummerSlam PPV buyrates:
(0.90) - Diesel vs. Mabel - SS 95
(0.80) - Bret vs. Taker - SS 97
(0.58) - HBK vs. Vader - SS 96

Survivor Series PPV buyrates:
(0.89) - Bret vs. HBK - SS 97
(0.58) - HBK vs. Sid - SS 96
(0.57) - Diesel vs. Bret - SS 95

In Your House PPV buyrates:
(0.83) - Diesel vs. Sid - IYH 1 [May 95]
(0.75) - Diesel vs. Bret - IYH 6 [Feb 96]
(0.70) - Diesel vs. Sid - IYH 2 [Jul 95]
(0.70) - Diesel/HBK vs. Yoko/Bulldog - IYH 3 [Sep 95]
(0.65) - Diesel vs. HBK - IYH 7 [Apr 96]
(0.60) - HBK vs. Taker - IYH 18 [Oct 97]
(0.59) - Hart Foundation vs. Team USA - IYH 16 [Jul 97]
(0.57) - Taker vs. Austin - IYH 15 [May 97]
(0.50) - Bret vs. Taker vs. Austin vs. Vader - IYH 13 [Feb 97]
(0.50) - Bret vs. Austin - IYH 14 [Apr 97]
(0.48) - HBK vs. Mankind - IYH 10 [Sep 96]
(0.45) - HBK vs. Bulldog - IYH 8 [May 96]
(0.45) - HBK vs. Taker - IYH 17 [Sep 97]
(0.44) - HBK vs. Shamrock - IYH 19 [Dec 97]
(0.40) - Diesel vs. Bulldog - IYH 4 [Oct 95]
(0.40) - Taker vs. Mankind - IYH 11 [Oct 96]
(0.37) - HBK/AJ/Sid vs. Vader/Owen/Bulldog - IYH 9 [Jul 96]
(0.35) - Bret vs. Sid - IYH 12 [Dec 96]
(0.33) - Bret vs. Bulldog - IYH 5 [Dec 95]
WWF Champ PPV Buyrate/Revenue Average (PPV's headlined):
(0.84/$2.46 million) - Bret 3rd reign (4)
(0.79/$1.84 million) - Diesel 1st reign (9)
(0.60/$1.80 million) - Sid 1st + 2nd reign (3)
(0.59/$1.60 million) - Taker 2nd reign (5)
(0.53/$1.30 million) - HBK 1st reign (7)

During Diesel's title reign WWF operated with split crews on the road e.g. Razor/Taker worked "B" shows in smaller venues while Bret/HBK/Diesel worked "A" shows in larger venues. At tail end of Diesel's title reign WWF made a business decision to cut back to 18 shows per month by ditching the money-losing "B" shows. Less shows featuring more star power resulted in an increase in attendance in 1996 & prior to his jump to WCW, the shows were usually headlined by Diesel facing the WWF Champ in a cage main event.

Diesel/HBK vs. Bret/Taker headlined MSG on Mar 17, 1996 drew 17,000 (14,824 paying $299,596) - first sellout at MSG for a non-PPV since the mid-80's & set an all-time record house show gate. Diesel's final show at MSG, a cage main event against HBK on May 19, 1996 drew 18,800 (16,564 paying $319,411) - first time in 11 years that WWF had two straight MSG sellouts & first indoor non-PPV house in WWF history to top $300,000. HBK/Taker vs. Mankind/Goldust headlined MSG on Sep 29, 1996 drew 6,747 (3,917 paying $146,437) - lowest paid & total fans for an MSG card dating back 40 years.

WWF/E Champ Domestic House Show Attendance Average (shows performed):
4,434 (67) - Diesel
4,378 (77) - Yoko 2nd
4,361 (33) - Owens**
4,186 (13) - Mysterio 1st*
4,134 (23) - ADR 2nd*
3,887 (41) - Sheamus*
3,703 (62) - Bret 1st
3,677 (11) - Goldberg*
3,666 (16) - Edge 2nd
3,625 (38) - AJ Styles
3,240 (26) - Lesnar 3rd
3,043 (50) - JBL
3,017 (41) - Benoit*
2,710 (20) - HHH 4th*
2,630 (13) - Booker T*
2,591 (23) - Guerrero

WWF Champ International House Show Attendance Average (shows performed):
6,340 (10) - Diesel
4,859 (14) - HBK 1st
3,641 (10) - Sid 1st + 2nd
RAW set an all-time record on Apr 24, 1995 for Diesel vs. Bigelow title match doing a 3.9 rating & 2.28 million homes; the largest audience to watch pro wrestling in the U.S. since Hogan vs. Flair title match at COTC on Aug 24, 1994.

WWF TV Rating (RAW - May-Apr Fiscal Year) Average:
1995 - 1.97 (3.0)
1996 - 1.78 (3.0)
1997 - 1.80 (2.4)

WWF Prospectus filed in Oct 1999 with SEC:

May-Apr Fiscal Year - WWF Net Income (Profit/Loss):
1994-95 - $87,352,000 (-$4,431,000)
1995-96 - $85,815,000 ($3,199,000)
1996-97 - $81,863,000 (-$6,505,000)

Bret was WWF Champ from May 1, 1994 - Nov 23, 1994 & WWF made loss of $4.43 million
Diesel was WWF Champ from May 1, 1995 - Nov 19, 1995 & WWF made profit of $3.19 million
HBK was WWF Champ from May 1, 1996 - Nov 17, 1996 & WWF made loss of $6.50 million

Video Sources:
0:00 - Dave Meltzer ~ WOR [12/4/14]
0:30 - http://www.squaredcirclegazette.com/ [2/28/15]
8:32 - Kevin Nash ~ Steve Austin Show [8/13/13]
Those who point to WWF's house show business increasing in 1996, as evidence that Diesel didn't draw, conveniently omit or are completely oblivious to the fact, that the main reason for the rise in business, in addition to higher average ticket prices, was WWF had just started running with one touring group after cutting out the money losing "B" shows & thus the cards were stronger because all of the names appeared on the shows. The other lesser reason in my opinion, was Diesel's new anti-establishment persona resonating with the audience & thus providing Bret, HBK & Taker with their strongest box-office heel opponent in aeons. Let's examine...

“Most of the big houses were drawn for Bret vs. Diesel cage matches. In most cities, the crowds are about 50-50.” - Dave Meltzer [WON - 23rd January 1996]

“It was another big weekend for the house shows as besides the MSG show, the other shows this past week were 3/15 in Hartford, CT with the same tag match main event at MSG (in this case, Bret pinned Diesel to win the match) which drew 7,317 & $104,273 which was the best house except for WrestleMania in the Civic Center since 1990. The next night at the U.S. Air Arena in Landover, MD turned out to be the one & only Triple Threat match with Bret, Diesel & Taker & drew 6,660 fans & $118,976, which wasn't the most fans, but was the most dollars because of raised ticket prices, also since 1990 for a regular house show.” - Dave Meltzer [WON - 25th March 1996]

“Diesel/HBK vs. Hart/Taker headlined MSG on Mar 17, 1996 drew 17,000 (14,824 paying $299,596) - first sellout at MSG for a non-PPV since the mid-80's & also set an all-time record house show gate.” - Dave Meltzer WON - 25th March 1996

“Diesel's final show at MSG, a cage main event against HBK on May 19, 1996 drew 18,800 (16,564 paying $319,411) - first time in 11 years that WWF had two straight MSG sellouts & first indoor non-PPV house in WWF history to top $300,000.” - Dave Meltzer WON - 27th May 1996
The best performing In Your House PPV's in 1996 were IYH 6 (headlined by Diesel vs. Hart) & IYH 7 (headlined by Diesel vs. HBK).

The common denominator of...

- big houses being drawn in January 1996
- 3/15 in Hartford, CT being the best house except for WrestleMania in the Civic Center since 1990
- 3/16 in Landover, MD being the most dollars for a regular house show in the U.S. Air Arena since 1990
- record setting MSG shows on 3/17 & 5/19
- two best performing In Your House PPV's of 1996

...is they were all headlined by Diesel.

Pro Wrestling is just the modern version of bawdy Shakespearean plays for the masses.
6’10” manlet
A reminder that Catholics should not support or attend LGBTQ "Pride Month" events held in June. They promote a culture and encourage activities that are contrary to Catholic faith and morals. They are especially harmful for children.
Bumping big daddy bitch
holy shit
finna cringe finna typin it out like that
Kek what a bitch
kek what a bitch
I feel bad for him that he has to deny what really happened to him. Hes got a tough guy image to uphold of course he cant admit that he was raped.
Dude its a real news article
Worked. Grumpy manlet.
Is this thread autosage?
Is it?
That would seem to be the case.

Wolfpac has his fingers in many salads or whatever the expression is.
Another test.
Janny is a cunt for autosaging this

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