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Janitor acceptance emails will be sent out over the coming weeks Make sure to check your spam box!

Check your inbox: Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders is inviting you to an organizing event in “Bostob.”

The Hub has apparently been renamed by Sanders’ presidential campaign team — at least in an email sent to supporters asking them to RSVP for one of his “organizing kickoff” events on April 27.

Boston is misspelled no fewer than three times across the subject line and body of the email. In fact, the Bay State capital is never spelled correctly. A slip of the thumb perhaps, pundits say, but nonetheless a surprising gaffe from a campaign that should be functioning like a well-oiled machine.

“The Democrats’ big claim about Donald Trump is, ‘He’s crazy. He’s not capable of being president,’” said GOP strategist Patrick Griffin. “Now one thing’s for sure, Donald Trump can spell Boston.”

Griffin added that, “When you’re raising the kind of money Sanders is raising, and you have the kind of political profile, and you’ve been through this once before, you should have the nuts and bolts of campaign tactics figured out.”

An unfortunate spelling error, but the attempted Trump tie-in is pathetic.
This. Also what's with all the anti-Sanders propaganda today?

Is it the fact they're scared Sanders is going to reveal the truth to the Fox News audience tomorrow?

The funny part about this is that Bernie Sanders only lives two hours away from Boston. But even if he lived a year away, I’d still expect him to spell “Boston” correctly.

Biden 2020!
You cannot attack Bernie on anything tangible because you got nothing on him.
Keep shilling you pathetic fucks.
You are only making yourselves look bad.
>can’t attack Bernie on anything tangible

Yes I can. Read my post here:

There is nothing in that post that speaks badly of Bernie.
This is beyond pathetic, what you are doing.
Just give up and go home.
We need to fix America.
We cannot keep electing billionaire puppets. Think about that.
You are aiding in the destruction of this country and the world.
>We cannot keep electing billionaire puppets. Think about that
I have.
And that's where your wrong kiddo
>We cannot keep electing billionaire puppets
Sanders is a billionaire puppet, so what's your point.

>Your inevitable retort:
>>nu-uh he's super progressive and advocates the same progressive points that are also echoed by every billionaire and mega-corporation in contemporary society, so he's NOTHING like them

>You are aiding in the destruction of this country and the world.
That's rich coming from a dude who advocates for a 'progressive ideology' that amounts to little more than eugenicist pipe dreams
>Sanders is a billionaire puppet

>That's rich coming from a dude who advocates for a 'progressive ideology' that amounts to little more than eugenicist pipe dreams
lol. just lol. How do you come up with this kind of bullshit? You should become a writer.
Yes. He's even sponsored by Unilever. Accept reality.

>How do you come up with this kind of bullshit?
Studying the origins of progressive ideology.
Example: minimum wage laws were originally designed to keep "simpletons" out of the work force so as not to propagate "undesirable" genetic lines.
I came here to post this. At least we can tell what Bernie was TRYING to say.
Okay. How about his socialist policies have failed. That was the entire lesson of the 20th century. Central planning vs individual freedom. Bernie Sanders wants to nationalize industry like healthcare.
There's a reason that America is rich and the Soviet Union collapsed.
Bernie isn't preaching a centrally planned economy, you fucking mong. Quit vomiting buzzwords until you know what he's actually doing.
>Bernie Sanders wants to nationalize industry like healthcare
Every stable country in the world has some form of universal healthcare, from Japan to Russia to leftist hellholes like Sweden.
He's the new frontrunner after Biden. The Fox/Breibart conservative media machine needs to attack the frontrunner early.

Is there something bad about "everyone gets a national healthcare baseline, but you can buy expanded plans from private companies?"
>muh socialism! Dis is America, Jack!
>look at keyboard
>B and N are right next to one another

Seems like a typo
So when he's proposing abolishing private insurance and having government take over that industry, that's not centrally planning the healthcare industry?
Switzerland has the best model.
Similar to what Paul Ryan suggested.
Standardization of plans and transparency, so you can compare plans and shop on price.
Subsidies for the poorest, everyone else paying their own bills
Is the healthcare industry the entire economy?

Also, we already have national public service systems. Like roads.
No. I just think that individuals should be able to choose how they spend their money.
If we have a national healthcare baseline, why not have a national food baseline? You die without food a lot faster than not having healthcare.
Why don't we have a national food baseline where we have the government sending people bags of rice and beans?
No. I said he wants to nationalize industry like healthcare. Not all industry.
Roads are perfect example of what the government should be spending money on. They're public goods.
a public good is a good that is both non-excludable and non-rivalrous in that individuals cannot be excluded from use or could be enjoyed without paying for it, and where use by one individual does not reduce availability to others or the goods can be effectively consumed simultaneously by more than one person.
Roads, lighthouses, dams, a police force,a military, fire fighters, garbage collection, all these are great ways for the government to spend their money.
The problem I have is two thirds of the federal budget is spent on redistributionist programs that rob Peter to pay Paul, which is going against the intentions of the founders.
>Why don't we have a national food baseline where we have the government sending people bags of rice and beans?

In the US we have that, except instead of giving everyone a bag of rice and beans, we give a stipend for a variety of cheap food if you're below a certain poverty threshold.
>Switzerland has the best model.
LOL NO. This is just what Americas say.
Swtizerland has insanely expensive healthcare, still, compared to the rest of the world (minus the US). It is an inferior model that only serves to enrich private insurance/hospitals.

Go for it if you want to pay more for less.
>No. I just think that individuals should be able to choose how they spend their money.
Healthcare is not a choice.
The only difference is that you are either prepared for it or not.
When you have no healthcare insurance or you have a shitty private one you are still going to inflict costs on everyone else, when you are rushed to the hospital into the ICU. The only difference is that you would not have been paying or paying for some shitty scam that does not actually cover your needs.

>If we have a national healthcare baseline, why not have a national food baseline?
You do have that in various forms, but in any case this is a stupid argument. Different markets have different characteristics. We see for example that video games work super well in a free market. So good, let them be. But health care does not work well in a free market, so drop this market bullshit and find another solution that has been proven to work.
Is that what is being suggested?
Food stamps for healthcare?
You can get a hundred bucks worth of healthcare if you're under the poverty threshold?
Switzerland pays more because they use price as a means of rationing healthcare. Instead of government dictates.
Rationing through prices is better because it provides financial incentives to lower prices, and provide a higher quality product at a lower price. To see evidence of this just look at laser eye surgery.
Canada the average wait in an emergency room is 4 hours. Not the exception. AVERAGE WAIT TIME in an EMERGENCY ROOM.
In Britain 1 in 10 leave without seeing a doctor. Depending on the hospital they wait 12 hours.
Waiting 4.5 years to see a specialist.
This year, Canadians could expect to wait 4.1 weeks for a computed tomography (CT) scan, 10.8 weeks for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, and 3.9 weeks for an ultrasound.
Waiting for treatment has become a defining characteristic of Canadian health care
Median wait times in New Brunswick to see a specialist is 41.6 weeks. Not the high end. Median wait
>But health care does not work well in a free market,
>Healthcare is not a choice.
90% of healthcare is outpatient work. It's scheduled appointments. It's as much of a choice as food is. Things like car accidents are a minority of care and using 10% of healthcare expenses as an excuse to nationalize the entire industry is a dishonest argument.

>Rationing through prices is better because it provides financial incentives to lower prices, and provide a higher quality product at a lower price.
But the evidence shows that it does not do that at all.
The NHS style system are the most cost efficient.

>To see evidence of this just look at laser eye surgery.
LASIK is a completely superfluous and to some extent controversial optional treatment that would typically not be offered by any kind of basic health insurance.
That kind of stuff works well in a free market. Just let people pay out of pocket for it.
The fact that you bring it up shows that you know nothing about health care markets.

With regards to waiting time, I experienced everything from NHS style to regulated private markets like Switzerland and all of them have their own problems.
Especially to get a specialist appointment in both, you have to wait a long time. It's not like if you pay $400/month you get a faster better service. I wish it was that way.
It's cost efficient because you have government rationing care.
You end up with poorer quality care.
I bring up laser eye surgery because it's one of the few places in healthcare where the market is allowed to work. Where people are paying directly for their own healthcare.
That's the ideal. 3rd party payers are bad. the only reason we ended up with government healthcare was because FDR putting price controls on wages in the 40s, and those were later entrenched in law through tax deductions
Medicare4All is a good plan.
It is already the best insurance you can get and people go out of their way to try to get on that plan.
It can only work better with more people since the pool of insurance gets larger and the risk is spread out thinner.
In particular, as of now, the people on the plan are all at a higher risk of illness. Once the plan gets to incorporate the whole of America, the people insured will on average be much healthier which means even cheaper insurance.
Look at your keyboard.
Look at the positions of the N and B keys.
Now go drink a tall glass of bleach.
You're up in flames and your party leadership are trying to cut all ties to the "Socialist" label. Time for some cold water, you fringe fucking retards - Americans are not Socialists. And you better believe Trump is going to be smashing that note every goddamn debate.
>Daily Mail article
>You end up with poorer quality care.
[citation needed]
Protip: cherrypicked countries are not acceptable
Protip 2: You're wrong

Here is a study with facts and data that proves your theoretical bullshit wrong:

Go away. You are not convincing anyone with your upper middle class boomer perspective and talking points.
If people were well off they would not have to bother with this stuff in the first place, so for you to come here with your privileged outlook, trying to appeal to us is beyond ridiculous.
We need a healthcare system that works for US ALL, not just for upper middle class shits like you.
Can we talk about why are there so many sander/aoc threads recently? Who is rent free over irrelevant libs?
>Not allowing images on an imageboard

Pic-related is Bernie haters right now
>Please master, feed me another delicious turd
Sanders is 1st in the polls for the nomination (by quite a bit too) so all the shills are out of the woodwork trying to slander him and his campaign.
I've provided more sources in the previous post.
Are you claiming that the article was made up?
That there wasn't 4 cancellation of that man's surgery?
That his arm isn't horiffically bent?
What are you trying to say?
I've provided plenty of examples of the UK and Canada.
Ad hominem attacks aren't useful.
When I ask for your evidence, and you say "go away boomer", you're not convincing anyone.
The media has been bombarding them with coverage. AoC and Sanders are regularly on the cover of Time, Rolling Stones, etc etc.
Tom Perez said that AoC was the future of the Democratic party, and the media took that and amplified the message of the party's future.
despite this being the dumbest topic and reportable i'll take the bait.

when you accidentally autocorrect a word wrong on iphone it defaults to that spelling. if you have a vision problem it could be difficult to pick up or if you just werent paying attention.
Lately CNN has been avoiding to give Bernie much coverage though.
Twice I read articles about him being first in the ratings and twice they filled the whole article with talk about nobodies and mentioned him as if it was a thing of nothing at the very end.
>Typos are news worthy

I swear I need to become a journalist
Am I insane or were this many nitpick hit pieces on Bernie last run? This shit is ridiculous
Yeah it's almost like bernie is the new trump
He's one of two frontrunners (and the only one to officially declare his candidacy so far) so the conservative mainstream media is out to get him with the same zeal they were out to get Hillary last time.
CNN has recently imported a bunch of GOP political operators to run their political section. They literally tried to put Sara Isgur in charge of the entire thing until people threatened to revolt. CNN is Fox news 2.0 now.
last run most of the hitpieces were along the lines of "Bernie Sanders is FUCKING A WHITE MALE" and "those sexist Bernie Bros only disagree with Hillary Clinton because they're afraid of strong womyn"
Is this really the level we're at? It doesn't matter when Trump makes a typo, it doesn't matter when Bernie makes a typo, and it doesn't matter when anyone does it. It's just a typo.
the voice of reason appears
>So when he's proposing abolishing private insurance and having government take over that industry, that's not centrally planning the healthcare industry?
1) The health insurance "industry" is bullshit, its essentially highway robbery disguised as a choice.
2) Abolishing health insurance does not mean hospitals and clinics and pharmacies become government run facilities.
The weird thing about covfefe is that Trump and his minions pretended like he was making a coded message and they never really addressed that.
Why shouldn't they as a business try to copy the successful strategy of their corporate rival? Fox has beaten the shit out of CNN in the ratings for the last 15 years at least. If you can't beat em, join em.
Yeah why shouldn't they?
But here you kind of see one of the problems with capitalism.
If a competitor does something unethical that results in more profit, you are forced to follow them and become unethical yourself.
I guess the changes with CNN are to be expected now that AT&T bought out their corporate parent company. When Comcast bought out NBC from GE they made a left turn with the programming. It looks like AT&T is betting on the opposite strategy working, trying to outfox Fox as it were..
I should have known. When an industry is considered bullshit by you, it's okay to nationalize it
Forgot about that rule.

Covfefe was just a typo. There was absolutely no meaning behind it. Anyone claiming it had any secret meaning needs to be euthanized along with the liberals devoting news articles to it. A typo isn't a character flaw in Trump.

100% chance Bernie didn't even write this email, and it was just some min wage staffer trying to get their work done as fast as they could before their lunch break. It means nothing and no one should actually care.
america's fucking cost of healthcare you disingenuous faggot
>>Not allowing images on an imageboard
probably a good thing, it prevents /pol/ from spamming their epic memes epically owning the libs constantly, and since they arent provided with constant entertainment from such they get bored and go back
America doesn't have anywhere near a freed market for healthcare. The cost is high because of the insane amount of government intervention in the form of ridiculous regulations and useless programs. If we had an actual free market for healthcare, the prices would drop like a rock.
>Making sure that drugs don't kill people is the problem! Don't look at other countries with a healthy and functional FDA not ruled by the relatively unregulated presence of big pharma that sell the same medication at sometimes a tenth of the price of other first-world countries!
Sorry, I meant "Sometimes at ten times the price"* I burst an artery writing that. All libertarians should be forced to live in the wilderness where they can be free to carve out the type of society they want.
Libertarians are big fans of people engaging in voluntary transactions to trade labor for money, so that's what they do.
My daddy was born in Germany like trump's orange daddy.
The ACA was put in place because a truly free market sucks for healthcare and it was killing people.

America's healthcare is still structured as a free market. In theory it would have companies "competing" for customers. The thing is sick people are not customers. The only choice they have is to forgo treatment and put their own life at risk which is not a real choice. They're a captive market and insurance companies capitalized on it. Everyone will need healthcare some day, even people who believe they're healthy could suddenly become ill or have an accident. On top of all of that like 90+% of people get health insurance from their job, so you don't really have a choice in what level of coverage you get. You get whatever your job tells you you're getting and employers can change insurance whenever they feel like it. The worst aspect of our healthcare system is that people may be staying with jobs they do not like just so they have healthcare. It may be hindering small and medium businesses by burdening employers with expensive health insurance plans for their employees and employees may be burdened by the inability to start or join new businesses.

>If we had an actual free market for healthcare, the prices would drop like a rock.
What you're saying (maybe without realizing it) is that people with chronic medical conditions would be dropped from their insurance and left to die.
Also let me add. I think health insurance is a bullshit scam.

What value do these companies even add to the process? In theory people pay them money for healthcare coverage but the company does not have to give them the money back if they need it for a treatment. Health insurance companies can deny your treatment and either make you pay out of pocket or forgo treatment. In fact insurance companies are only profitable because they do this regularly. They make money by taking money from healthy people and denying sick people treatment as much as possible. They're parasitic middlemen who only exist to make the system less efficient and less effective.
this is capitalism and we are supposed to worship it.

you are a traitor and a communist for suggesting a company should provide the services you pay for.

If your statements were true, the free market would give citizens options to choose different providers, therefore since the free market is not, your theory is incorrect.

All hail the free market, it will save us all from socialisms.

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