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Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian election interference had already revealed that Kremlin-linked trolls were ordered to write social media posts not only in opposition to Clinton but in support of Sanders and then-candidate Donald Trump. This study offers a picture of how extensive this effort was.

"There is no question that Sanders was central to their strategy. He was clearly used as a mechanism to decrease voter turnout for Hillary Clinton," Darren Linvill, associate professor of communications and one of the researchers who worked on the study, told The Post.

Linvill said the tweets analyzed as part of the study "give us a much clearer understanding of the tactics they were using. It was certainly a higher volume than people thought."

Sanders was "just a tool" to the Russians, Linvill added, and "a wedge to drive into the Democratic Party."

Nothing drove that wedge further than Hillary and the DNC rigging the election. I get the GOP is acccustomed to rigging every election they can but it came as a shock for most liberals that after Obama, they would stoop. Best Putin can take credit for here is being one of ours and ushering in a new age of reform. The trump 4 year spanking should suffice.
Pathetic corporate Democrat propaganda engine on full throttle right now attacking Bernie from all angles because he is ranking as the favorite to win the nomination.

God forbid, Democrats do more than talking about trannies and actually try to fix the country.
Everyone online is a Russian troll except you.
what kind of raging faggot shaves their chest. Puri. confirmed closet homo
Democratic Party is the only party with non hack anti corporate heroes. Republicans are neoliberals across the board.

It’s comical that republicans live in the orange man good world when he hired Goldman Sachs to run his economy eg neoliberal antipopulist cabal.
>Russian trolls

thats very fun way to spell Mossad and CIA, my nigglet.
Looks like the Russians and Republicans know Sanders is the biggest threat so they want to take him down with their propoganda it was his fault that 2016 happened.

And not, you know, Clinton being a shitty candidate or Trump colluding with the Russians.
Lol if you actually believe this
This alphabet soup drivel accusing everyone with even a shred of integrity of being a russian agent is making me like putin, even though I'm sure he doesn't deserve it.

Trump? Integrity? Don’t make me laugh!
Prove him wrong. Oh wait, you can't.
No matter what comes from this Presidency it was not worth it. The country would have been better off if Trump lost in 2016 even if Dems didn't gain enough seats in the House or Senate. Trump was and still is dangerously unqualified and unfit for the job just based on the rhetoric he spews constantly that his supporters lap up, and he's also fundamentally undermining the institutions that the country was built on.
I always knew Bernie was a Russian agent.

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