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>Before the shootings began, an anonymous user on messaging forum 8ch*n posted links to the manifesto and livestream, promising to “carry out an attack”.

>8ch*n and the similar but unaffiliated site 4chan, where users are anonymous by default, have been the subject of controversy in recent years as some users praised US school shootings and far-right terrorist attacks, as well as sharing conspiracy theories, racist memes and images of child sexual abuse.

>Mr Collins said: “These platforms are being used to disseminate the vilest content and make people aware of its existence.

>“We should look at companies like that and say for them to allow their platforms to be used in that way is damaging to society. It’s hugely harmful.”

>He called for a regulator to have the power to sanction companies allowing the spread of “harmful content”, adding that the “ultimate sanction” would be to bar them from the internet.
>jihadist put their shit up on twitter and other social medias for years
meh whatever
>One shotty boi streams himself
VR is just getting too realistic.
this is what happens when all you mainstream faggots join the internet. everyone gets all pissy over one little rekt video

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