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File: China-exam.jpg (76 KB, 750x498)
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A strict mother in China reportedly abandoned her 12-year-old son in the middle of a busy street in Luoyang City after he only managed to score 81 percent on an exam, which apparently wasn’t good enough.

Police officers in Luoyang’s Gucheng district found the boy wandering the streets close to where his mother dropped him off before driving away. They had been alerted by passers-by who saw the woman stopping her car in the area, pulling the boy out and then scolding and hitting him before leaving him there by himself. CCTV footage shows the officers approaching the disoriented child in an attempt to find out what happened. They later told local reporters that the boy had been abandoned for not achieving the 95 percent score that his mother expected on a recent exam.

“Was it your mother who beat you?” one police officer can be heard asking the boy, surnamed Yang, in the police car, to which the 12-year-old answers “Yes, I didn’t do well in my exam”.

After interviewing eye-witnesses and identifying the woman who abandoned the boy by her car’s license plate number, officers took the boy to the station and contacted the woman to come pick him up. Shockingly, the mother told police that she did not want him back, and that she would not come to get him even if they threatened to charge her.

‘I don’t want him anymore. You can do whatever you want with him. You can even charge me,” the strict mother said during the phone call.

According to the police report, the 12-year-old boy spent about an hour at the station before being picked up by an uncle. It is unclear if he was taken back by his mother, or if the police plan to charge her with anything.

It’s a known fact that China’s school exams are very serious business, with the dreaded Gaokao national exam responsible for shaping the future of millions of young students, but even so, the mother’s reaction to her son’s less-than-perfect exam score was criticized on social media.

“You should be patient and give your child advice if he did anything wrong, not abandon him on the side of the street,” one person wrote.

“You are such an irresponsible mother,” another commenter added.
They're all cheating anyways, who cares. I doubt a single one of them manages to score above 60 without rule-breaking help.
But then who will carry on the family name and tradition?
If you ever wonder why most Asians sound dead inside no matter where you find them, this should give you an idea.
But what are you basing that on, idiot?

That's Japan, dipshit.
China has a whole other weird set of complexes.

Thanks for the super cool school system, Austria. Everybody loves it and it functions really well.
They all look the same to me
sitting on the park bench

five little girls with bad intent
Eighty dolls yelling small girl after all
Who was at the DuPont Pavilion
Why was the bench still warm
Who had been there
Oooh, her social credit score's gonna take a beating!
How is abandoning your child not worth being frowned down upon
Chinese writing is moronic and their tonal language is also unwieldy to use.
These poor students have to memorize thousands of unique and complicated symbols to even read and write. It's sick. It's child abuse.
Most Chinese are barely literate in their own language, there's a bunch of videos out there of people on the street in China being asked to write something and messing it up by forgetting all the strokes in a character
The equivalent in English would be asking someone to write "lose" and they write "loose" instead
What a lazy good for nothing son. The mother should have killed him for the sake of her family's honor.
What a lazy good for nothing mother. The son should have killer her for the sake of his family's honor.
and not a single thing of value was lost from the gene pool
>The equivalent in English would be asking someone to write "lose" and they write "loose" instead
it's not equivalent to that. If the symbols are written wrong, they're gibberish. But you're right about chinese not being literate at all. They are a proud people who want to save face and won't admit their whole language system is dysfunctional beyond belief. The foolishly belief those stupid symbols are an important part of their culture. the CPC plasters those symbols everywhere and ironically, most Chinese have no idea what they mean at a glance. Most chinese do not read books. And there is very little Chinese literature.
What? what are your sources for this
this was the first result on google for chinese literacy rate and states that for ages above 15, the rate was 96.4. I find it hard to believe that the entire country is illiterate and simply doesnt admit it out of pride. Thats not how language works anyhow, any system that was unable to be adopted by the population would be quickly abandoned since the whole point of language is communication. Ffs the sheer amount of ass speak on this website.
he was lucky to not be sacrificed to an escalator
it's closer to writing the wrong symbol
so, asking for "lose" but getting "ł°§€"

also, ideograms and their shitty impossibility to read something you don't already know, while we can decipher most romance languages without major issues (fuck english in that regard as well, consider: 'finite' vs. 'infinite')
>this was the first result on google for chinese literacy rate and states that for ages above 15, the rate was 96.4
it's a 'save face' culture. the 96% rate is fake.
> I find it hard to believe that the entire country is illiterate and simply doesnt admit it out of pride
crazy but true.
> any system that was unable to be adopted by the population would be quickly abandoned since the whole point of language is communication.
They use pinyin, a romanized version of chinese, to communicate.
There are over 50,000 of those stupid characters. And most chinese can only recognize less than 1000 of them, and even fewer can actually write coherently with any of them.
And chinese writing has NO grammar. Imagine that. it's crazy.
>t. read the first 2 paragraphs of the wikipedia article on chinese language
You're not an expert. You're fooling no one with actual intelligence.
most of the cheating tech came from china, retard.
you can easily google "china cheating exams" and find anything you want to make an actual critical thought instead of calling him an idiot. Clearly you don't know dick about china or schools in general.
>I'm an expert on chinese schools because I read a few articles /pol/ told me to look at
50,000 extant characters. Only a few thousand common use characters. Chances are that you can't spell "greaves" at a moment's notice just as they can't write 髓鞘質.
>Chances are that you can't spell "greaves"
(I can, but let's skip that)
Let's compare showing each to averagely literate natives of each country that don't know them:
>can probably read it ok first try even alone
>need someone to explain what it means
>low complexity symbols
>low amount of homonyms or quasi-homonyms (grieves/greeves) with easily differentiated meanings
>unchanging alphabet to write it from its memorized pronounciation

>can't even read it to begin with unless printed with inch-tall font
>can't read it even if each symbol is known on its own - too many possible pronounciations
>need someone to tell you how to read it
>need someone to tell you what it means
>heavy complexity symbols
>homonyms with similar/different meanings? (nfi, wouldn't be surprising)
>impossible to write from their pronounciation if you forgot how to

Chinese literacy definitely demands way more brainpower than alphabet languages do both for everyday use and erudite content.
low key a B- is not a good score on an exam lets all be honest
Isn't 81% an A-? I thought top 10% is A+ and then it goes down in 5% increments
>China mostly follows a 5 scale or 4 scale grading system
>Universities, schools and colleges in China follow either a 5 scale or 4 scale grading system. In the 5 scale grading system, the following grades can be obtained:
>Grade A: This grade is given to excellent students scoring between 85 to 100%. Grade A is for those in the 90 to 100% range. Students scoring 85 to 89% are given A-.
>Grade B: This is in the range of 75 to 84%. Students scoring 82 to 84% are given B+ and those in the range of 78 to 81% are given B. B- is given to students who get a score of 75 to 77%.
>Grade C: This grade is granted to students who are satisfactory or fair in their academic prowess and score between 64 to 74%. C+ is given to those scoring 72 to 74%. Grade C is given to students who get anywhere between 68 to 71%. Those who get a score of 64 to 67% are given a C-.
>Grade D: This grade is given for students who are able to pass the examinations or tests. In percentage terms, those securing 60 to 63% are granted this grade.
>Grade F: Students who get a percentage ranging from 0 to 59% are given grade F.
>Mother Abandons 12-Year-Old Child in the Street for Not Performing According to Expectations on Exam

the best mother one 12 years old idiot can only wish. no puns intended.
>Isn't 81% an A-?
In the UK, everywhere else has higher standards
You now realize that a D, a barely passing but still passing grade, has the same percentage range as an F in the US
US tests are braindead easy. you'd have to try in order to get low percentage points on them
>I have a test
>I'm Asian
>Should I worry about it?
>head this far in the sand
Cheating is considered smart in China and is a major cultural problem.

t.Ameri-chink with family in China
Are you sure about that. Try graduating from a decent college, autisto
this tbh
being Chinese is literally child abuse
Considered smart by who? By dishonest people? There's plenty of those in America trying to game the academic system too. Haven't you kept up with current events?
>US "College Entrance" exam has math section that require only math knowledge at the 9th grade level
>problem solving skills of the middle school level
>over half the country still can't get 50% of the exam right
Yeah I'm sure about that. Having decent colleges does not make secondary education anything more than a complete waste of time.
as chinese, the sheer amount of nonsense in this thread is amazing
>when misandrists become single mothers
le penis envy face
>save face attitude triggered
Shouldn't you be figuring out how to cheat on something?
chinks are retarded 3rd worlders

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