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>Big Narstie says he could have ended up in prison if he hadn't found God

>Rapper Big Narstie has said he could have ended up in jail if he hadn't found God.
>The 33-year-old, from Brixton, South London, said he did not think he would become a famous rapper and could have been "another statistic".
>Discussing how he found his faith, he told Radio Times magazine: "I would say it was God blessing my life, and giving me the opportunity to do everything I'm doing.
>"At 18, I could have not been here.
>"I could have been another statistic.
>"All the odds were in favour of my just going to prison at that age.
>"I had no visions of being a superstar."

>Narstie, who is now an established grime star, said there was a time when he struggled to afford bread and thought about giving up music many occasions.
>He said: "When it just wasn't working, my mum pushed me and drove me,.
>"There were times when I couldn't even buy a loaf of bread."

>The star is also known for The Big Narstie Show, which he said was a little different to what he was used to when he got started.

>He added: "My first problem about doing The Big Narstie Show was just adjusting to TV rules.
>"At first, it started to piss me off, but after I got the adjustments and the rules, I started to enjoy it.
>"I'm fortunate, though. Channel 4 know I'm messed up. But they've got a soft spot for me."

>This week's Radio Times is out on Tuesday.
>He said: "When it just wasn't working, my mum pushed me and drove me,.
How 'bout thanking her instead of god, you fat fuck?
Maybe if he had a few more times where he couldn't buy bread he wouldn't be a fat fuck
He probably does, but he probably didn't get the pilosophical and moral substance he clearly thinks he needed from just his mom.

You know fattening food is the cheap shit right?
I'm sure he's thankful for both his music is still shit tho
You know not eating is the cheapest shit, right?
Got me there

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