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Trump's wing of the party is defeated again, but Republicans voters still have to live with the sins that they elected a fascist though.


A Washington state Republican committee voted to boot an openly fascist podcaster, seven months after The Daily Beast revealed his racist ties.

James Allsup, 22, is a member of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, and marched with them during the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017. Despite his public affiliation with the racist right, Allsup managed to obtain a role with the Whitman County Republican Committee earlier this year, after he ran unopposed. Seventh months after Allsup’s quiet election, Whitman County Republicans moved to eject him from their group, the Moscow-Pullman Daily News reported Monday.

In early June, Allsup announced that he’d become a precinct committee officer (PCO) with his county’s Republican committee. Under Washington law, PCOs are publicly elected officials who manage local affairs for specific political parties. The role is small, but PCOs earn a vote and a voice within the local committee.

Allsup’s election was part of a plan to infiltrate mainstream Republican groups and pull them to the far right.

In an Identity Evropa podcast earlier this year, Allsup recommended listeners work with “three or four fashy goy [fascist, non-Jewish] friends” and “take over your school’s College Republicans group and move it to essentially being an alt-right club.”

After The Daily Beast reported on Allsup’s PCO role, some Republicans distanced themselves from him. "The executive committee is going to meet and see if we have the ability to not seat him," Art Swannack, a Whitman County Republican Committee member, told Washington’s The Inlander.
Other local Republicans gave Allsup a more sympathetic platform, with one local GOP leader hosting Allsup at a Republican movie night and announcing that the Charlottesville marcher had been “label lynched.”

Swannack’s plan to deny Allsup a seat appears to have failed. In a Saturday meeting of the Whitman County Republican Central Committee, county Republicans ruled that they could not take Allsup’s PCO title, since he technically won it through a public election. But because the county Republican committee is a private organization, it is allowed to oust individual members. The group unanimously voted to end Allsup’s membership and privileges with the committee.

Allsup will retain his PCO role until the next election, but the title will be effectively meaningless.

Link to the original expose on the Nazi
Imagine referring to BLM as a "hate marchers"
It's not like James killed 5 cops in Dallas or anything
>It's not like James killed 5 cops in Dallas or anything
What in the actual fuck are you talking about
Not him, but presumably he's talking about the black lives matter guy who shot 5 cops
not sure what it has to do with the thread though, probably a reply to the wrong post
>Trump's wing of the party is defeated again, but Republicans voters still have to live with the sins that they elected a fascist though.
What's with all the opinion pieces of propaganda lately? sheesh
>Opinion piece
Did you miss the part where Allsup was dressed in his Charlottesville Nazi gear with a Trump hat?
What if that's what those people want?

People like you claim that every vote counts until someone with a different point of view appears. You dont care about democracy and you surely dont care about coexisting with people of different ideas.

You will reply back about how they are nazis and fringe and completely miss the point that your zealot belief that your ideas are self-evidently right are what creates these whackos in the first place.

You are just as fringe and while you hide behind your facade of tolerance your own establishment party will simply sell you away. You are one of the chumps you deride.
Actually, this was more the Republicans being incompetent retards with some voters being actual nazis just like the situation in Illinois where the Republicans nominated an actual Nazi because the idiots didn't think of having someone to run against him in the primary.
In this case, the nazi in Washington ran for the position uncontested and no one bothered to do a background check on him. When the Daily Beast did and found out he was a nazi, and he made clear his plans he wanted to fill the Republican party with Trump loving nazis, you saw the Republicans go into massive damage control mode culminating in them voting to eject the nazi from the party due to how the rules were designed.

The moral of the story is, if you're going to be a nazi, have plans to take over local and state political, maybe don't announce it wearing the gear of a group of people where one of them committed an act of terrorism in Charlottesville.
The person you're talking about doesn't associate with National Socialist ideals, and frequently rebukes people who wear Nazi uniforms. So no, he's not a nazi.
>no one bothered to do a background check on him
>What if that's what those people want?
That wasn't the question.
This post is indicative of the Retardlican mind. They can't follow a conversation.
Yes.. he is. How do you even this dumb?
Not everyone is a nazi fren, we used to call them neonazis because it was common sense that they werent nazis but all try to act as such. And of course that is common sense! You've seen pics of these guys, the master race they are not. 1930s germans they are not. They dont even understand any of it.

But people like up the ante by just throwing that word out there... you give in to them and you turn them into what you claim you dont want them to be. Why?

I think you like it this way. I think you enjoy the world where a mystical cadre of nazis is the reason for your worldly problems. You want it to be so.
It is
It is, when they put the author's name on it like that it means it's to be a reflection of the author's opinions, not those of the publisher.
Imagine being a jewish puppet.
Actually he is a Nazi, you're quibbling over the details that he's not a Nazi from the 1930 Germany, which is a weaseling way to try and exonerate him. Also. keep in mind Godwin receded his law over the fact these people are Nazis and need to be called out as such.
Exonerate him of what crime?
Strawman, exonerate can mean absolve of wrongdoing, which in this case, being a nazi. Which he is one.
practically every article on every news site has the authors name laid out clearly
>Kelly Weill
Holy shit, that was hard to find.
“Trump’s wing of the party” gives a false impression that the GOP as a whole isn’t overwhelmingly racist. They just traded the hoods and robes for golf hats and polo shirts.
i dont beleive he is a national socialist unless if you mean nazi to be a term idiots say when they are referring to racists
He is a national socialist.
A Nazi is a member of the National Socialist party. He's a republican.
You're undermining the severity of what it actually means to be a Nazi by throwing that accusation around as a buzzword.
Implying they were 'national socialists' in anything but name.

This fallacy is called 'No True Scotsman', or the Appeal to Purity.
You're an idiot. Please use google.
>If I tell him to go use google maybe he'll go away
name one fascist party in control of any aspect of any government in existence today. oh, looks like you're a century too late old sport
i don't think you understand how the "no true Scotsman" fallacy works...
who cares. race is boring, find something else to bitch about already
The democratic party
Being a nazi is not a crime Big Brother.
He's comparing BLM to the Unite the Right Rally, and how they've both done shitty things to opposition. It has relevancy to the thread.
You're right, it's not really a Scotsman fallacy, but I could see what he was getting at. Not sure how else he could word it though, suggestions?

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