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France protests: Government fears 'major violence' in coming days

The French government says it fears "major violence" in Paris on Saturday as the national "yellow vests" protest movement shows little sign of easing.

The government said it was scrapping the fuel tax increases in the budget - the original spark for the protests.

But broader discontent with the government has spread, and protests have erupted over several other issues.

On Thursday, more than 140 people were arrested at a single protest about proposed reforms to the school system.

The rally, in Mantes-la-Jolie in Yvelines, ended in clashes with police in front of a school, reports said. Dozens of other schools were blockaded in cities like Marseille and Paris.

Meanwhile, Saturday's planned rally of the yellow vests looks set to go ahead. Recent protests have turned violent, causing millions of euros in damage.


Well boys, is this it? Has the Colour Revolution/Euromaidan craze finally spread to the West?
can't see a guillotine for Macron unfortunately
only "youth" making a bit of chaos to have the occasion to rob a store or an ATM

they do the same on New Year's Eve when they usually burn 1 thousand cars, for "fun" (check last year news if you don't believe this)
>can't see a guillotine for Macron
They never see the guillotine until they're being inserted.
>only "youth"
I don't know what reports you're consuming, but they're talking about super majority population support, large numbers of middle-aged, and various unions in solidarity. This is not a limited thing.
>they usually burn 1 thousand cars
The "they" to whom you are referring are Muslims. I'm going to guess they're feeling much less uppity lately.
Have you seen any footage at all?
Rolly /pol/ly racist pussy
why do frogs protest so much
they know their government is run by greedy sociopaths

if only the rest of the world realised this. the scum rises to the top
most of the times in history that greedy sociopaths were overthrown they were usually just replaced by other greedy sociopaths
Gas prices are too high so I'll buy gas and use it to set stuff on fire. This also how i show I care about stopping global warming.
Frogs rise up. The world should be afraid, they may seem like pretty surrender monkeys with long hair studying some gay shit like horticulture while eating crêpes and listening to paris combo right now, but the gaul warrior bonaparte robespierre public saboteur chopin genes aren't gone, only dormant.
Most French yellow vests spend monthly more money for cigarettes than for gas and complain about their poor Financial situation
Kinda interesting to see how different their treatment is compared to Americans who complain about wealth inequality.
and so the protests keep happening
I don't know where this movement is headed. The right-wing opposition has failed to coopt it. The far-left is overall (with the significant exception of Melenchon) very wary because they see the movement as too white and opposed to immigration.
You do know that the far left/right only represent a minority of the population, right ? The vast majority of voters don't care about memes and little fights between each other. When the silent majority gets angry, this is when you have a problem. No left or right will rally them, it is far bigger than that.
If it keeps being co-opted with violence it'll probably dissipate and nothing will be solved. The only way it'll work is if it becomes much larger and commits (mainly) to non-violence. Otherwise the normals will stay away, because they want nothing to do with this puerile insurrection shit that Anarchists want.

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