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You smart people who dwell here, give me some names (and possible liveries, if you feel like it) for some railroads that could have been.
AT&SF merged with BN but keeping AT&SF warbonnet livery and name with no mention of gay Hill lines in the name. Also, BNSF is fucking gay and their liveries are shit. Did I mention BNSF is gay and their liveries are shit? Because BNSF is totally gay and their liveries are absolute dogshit.

Should've just stuck with the BN name and kept the ATSF livery. Or kept everything from BN
Seaboard Coastal Passenger Railroad
It's ridiculously easy to think of railroad names:
State/country/Geographic region + cardinal direction + lines/railway/railroad/etc.

>Cook County Western Railway
>Alleghany and Atlantic Lines
>Oklahoma Central Railroad
Should have just formally merged the two via a holding company and let them retain their own unique identities.
And then there’s nicknames, some obvious “the Katy” and some more obscure “Nickel Plate” or “Yellow Dog”
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Florence and Augusta Georgian Line
Missouri Pacific nearly merged with Southern Railway in the late 70s, which maybe could've prevented or at least lessened the effective duopolies east (CSX and NS) and west (UP and BNSF) of the Mississippi. Missouri Southern would've stretched from Denver and El Paso in the west to Jacksonville and Washington in the east. Add in the Illinois Central/Illinois Central Gulf line from Shreveport to Meridian to link MP's Texas & Pacific mainline to Southern's lines.
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Maine Inland Railway. The two-footers held up well until the Depression; they might have had a better chance if they'd survived 'til dieselization.

The irony behind the push for light rail in the Northeast is especially bitter, given that they ripped up all the narrow gauge steam lines and electric trolley lines half a century ago. Now, it'd never make financial sense to acquire new rights of way, since the old ones are all under suburbia.
"New England Interurban"
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The irony here is that they're trying to get essentially the same lines back, and that with greening electric sources, it's more attractive than ever. But the dollars and cents stopped working decades ago, and now it would be ruinously expensive to recreate.

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