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El Ogro de las americas!
When will it be put out of it's misery
its spent more time being a rusted hull than it ever has in any form of useful service.
Working on our little SDS Hansteen made me realise how impossible it is for everyone trying to preserve heritages of nations and countries. Especially in those populist times we live in nowadays. Even country like Norway is not willing to spend ca 30000$ annually to keep the old steamer well maintained (even though they pumped hundreds of thousands $ into it lately).

I wish United States would see a better day, but I fear its just too big.
I'd love to live in a timeline where Trump spends whatever is needed to restore the USSUS back to operation and glory.

>July 4th, 2020
>Smoke and steam trails out of the stacks since Dawn
>She's festooned with thousands of flags flying from halyards, red white and blue bunting bow to stern.
>Crowds gather and cheer as the mains engage. Tugs whistle as the United States moves under her own power for the first time in half a century
>The Philadelphia orchestra plays her out to Sousa marches
>As she gains sternway, her whistle sounds again, resounding over the harbor
>Flyovers of of fighter planes and jets from every era of the last century
>Passengers and crew throw ticker tape over the side
>She clears her slip, making passage south, before turning north and anchoring in front of Penn's landing, the battleship New Jersey in the background.
>Dark descends, the ship is lit by floodlights, barges join her in line.
>A massive fireworks display from the USSUS, barges, Battleship and Ben Franklin bridge, so over the top and never before seen.
>She moors, and is open to tours by the public. Hosting museums, concerts, events
>She departs Philadelphia, a stallion not to be kept in the paddock.
>Visits every major port on each coast, a floating reminder of the nation's greatness
>Pulling into a port will be an event, billowing steam, blowing her horn.
>1,000 feet, 54,000 tons of hard, throbbing, patriotic energy
>Completes a national tour and goes international, an ambassador of the nation, harboring peace and goodwill.

But no. She'll sit and rot away. Trump uses a few fighting vehicles displayed during the 4th of July and the left goes ballistic. Truly, this is the darkest timeline.
>spends millions every year to paint warships for absolutely no reason
>cant spare few thousands to paint this beauty
How much of a totally rotten and rusted wreck is the ship actually by this point?
Needs a dignified death. Sink her off the coast of Miami to become a reef and diving spot.
Just scrap it. Preserved warships are more interesting.
She's worth preserving. The United States is the pinnacle of a hundred years of ocean liner development, there were none better after her. She's the fastest ocean liner to cross the Atlantic, a technological marvel of the age. Even if she is never restored to power again, she could live another hundred years as a museum and convention center, like the Queen Mary does in LA
How thick are her hull plates now? I recall several years ago hearing that the QM is only about 50% original thickness.
Back when we made things...
She was designed to be a warship if need be. They built her with the same compartmentalization standards as an aircraft carrier, allowing her to transport 15,000 troops from the US to Europe in 4 days. Not only was this drastically faster than using cargo vessels, her size allowed all those troops to disembark faster, since there was no need to rotate multiple vessels in and out of a dock. She was the first liner to be built with the heart of a battleship.
It's an uninteresting ship to most people and that's why it's rotting in some bay somewhere
The same could be said about any number of structures which have been preserved. Do you think think anyone particular "cared" about the Biltmore Estate prior to its conversion to a tourist attraction apart from architectural enthusiasts? People en masse became interested as soon as it was made available to them.
>Pic semi-related, American architecture's saddest loss, Halcyon Hall.
>Do you think think anyone particular "cared" about the Biltmore Estate prior to its conversion to a tourist attraction

Absolutely yes, hence its popularity. People visit Asheville with the sole intention of seeing it. People don't go to LA just to see the QM.
>Do you think think anyone particular "cared" about the Biltmore Estate prior to its conversion to a tourist attraction apart from architectural enthusiasts?
The Vanderbilt family converted it to a tourist attraction specifically to save it.
>Making a trip to Asheville just to see Biltmore v. A trip to LA just to see QM

Well what the shit else is there in Asheville to see? That's like saying people don't visit London just for Big Ben. If the USSUS were restored, true it probably wouldn't be a singular draw. It would fit well into the crown jewels of US patriotic landmarks in Philadelphia. The United States is one of the most beautiful and advanced things we built. It should absolutely be preserved for future generations. Anything else is simply unamerican.
>It would fit well into the crown jewels of US patriotic landmarks in Philadelphia.
>The United States is one of the most beautiful and advanced things we built.
>Anything else is simply unamerican.

Jerk off motion
He's not wrong. Philly doesn't already have a battleship or aircraft carrier that it would have to compete with?
america is already a failing nation, the ship is just reflecting it.

the country is going to go bankrupt any day now, the economy has been in a free fall since 08, and everyone worth their salt knows something is gonna give soon.
why the fuck would anyone care about american buildings when america has no history? you havent created a legacy worth preserving.
File: 072513-battleshipnj.jpg (33 KB, 600x450)
33 KB
Err, well there is the Battleship New Jersey. But you do have to go across the river to Camden to get to it.
Fuck off, Levi
>America has no history, no legacy to preserve
>No, stop trying to preserve your successes!
A battleship has actual interesting history behind it. Even if you don't care about the military, they're fascinating. An ocean liner is just a sea bus
>for a ship that has spent most of its life as a husk
There are eight battleships preserved in the US. The USSUS has a breadth of interesting history surrounding not only it's construction, service and records, but designers, industry, technological advances, etc. She's been laid up due to jet travel hamstringing the liner industry. Luckily she's survived the destructive, throw away culture of the 80s-90s. She's a beautiful ship and one of a kind. Worth preserving.
NS Savannah > US United States
>There are eight battleships preserved in the US

There's your answer
File: NSsavannah-1962.jpg (187 KB, 1200x988)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
>Ywn never command a nuclear powered commercial ship with hundreds of hands

When I was in school, my professor teaching cargo and stability used to be the chief mate on the Savannah. Was all he really talked about, really.
Warships are boring. I don't understand how people can be so obsessed with combat vehicles.
>New York-based real estate company RXR has launched a new effort to refurbish the iconic steamship SS United States, a storied vessel which was once the pride of the American fleet. The 1952-built ship set an unbroken record as the fastest ocean liner on the planet, with fine lines and powerful turbines giving her a top speed exceeding 35 knots.
>RXR's vision corresponds with the original plans of the SS United States Conservancy, the nonprofit that purchased her in 2011 with the goal of resurrecting her as a floating hotel and retail property. "We believe that RXR recognizes the SS United States’ iconic significance and has the vision, commitment, creativity and expertise needed to redevelop America’s Flagship," said the conservancy's executive director, Susan L. Gibbs, in a statement.

American-hating marxists btfo by capitalism once again. As the kids say, big ooph
That's because you're an outlier

Let me know when that actually happens

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