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File: YamahaBikeRackOpt.jpg (924 KB, 3072x2048)
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Anyone here that transitioned from bicycle to motorcycle, how happy are you with your decision? Are they they much better?
Both are awesome and have their own place and uses, moto is better for getting to work however
>Dad got me into bicycles when I was 4
>Taught me to ride a 650/4 when I was 14 but didn't ride motorcycle much after that
>Always loved cycling but
>Started driving and stopped cycling at 16
>1st motorcycle, 125 single, at 18
>2nd motorcycle, 450 twin, at 20
>Move back to dense urban city grew up in
>Started cycling again at 22
>Rekindled old love for cycling
>Eventually got rid of cars and motorcycles by 26
>Never will get rid of Dad's 81 Kawasaki 650/4 and his vintage 80s OTS Fuji still sitting in garage (Happy Father's Day Dad)
I loved riding motorcycles but my passion is in bicycles. My dad was the other way around, since he started riding motorcycles at 9 and had a passion for them he wanted to share even if he likes bicycles too. He's the reason I'm hooked on two wheels, regardless of whether it be human or gas powered. Bikes are fun.
no /thread
give your kid an ebike
How does that handle at speed, in a crosswind? Can’t think of anything better, but looks pretty sketch.
What happens when you go over a bump, looks like it would tear off the frame
File: Jane_Omorogbe_Quasar.jpg (87 KB, 1024x614)
87 KB
No, but recumbents did introduce me to feet-forward motorcycles, which are like the bents of the motorcycle world, and they're awesome.


That would be a pretty cool last name to have.
File: 1519507410282.jpg (27 KB, 313x313)
27 KB
I was a cycling fool pre-16. Got my license and that shit ended quick... had several motorcycles over the years and while they are awesome, cellphones and general retardation with cagers became too much of a problem. Basically the risk to reward just isn't worth it anymore.
Just last week bought myself a decent bicycle again and rediscovered the lost joy.
Bicycles and motorcycles really complement each other. As a kid I remember huffing and puffing up big hills on my mountain bike and seeing motorcycles zoom past effortlessly. It always made me yearn for one. From 16-26 I hardly touched a bicycle and rode motorcycles around 3 continents. In my late 20s I started road cycling and absolutely loved it. It's like touring on a motorcycle but at a slower pace that is much more rewarding physically and mentally. I notice a lot more at bicycle speeds than at motorcycles speeds and really enjoy covering long distances under my own power. I still have a motorcycle but with my limited time, I tend to get on the bicycles much more often these days.
omg that design looks a "johnny cab" from Total Recall and none of that performance is impressive and the video is lame. Plus fuck New Zealand.

I went the other way. When I was pure motorcycles I found that I just kept getting speeding tickets. I know this is my fault, but having something w/ 100+ hp kind of just leads to me speeding sadly.

I eventually found that dealing w/ the man in terms of fines, paperwork, being in traffic etc just caused me to fall out of love with it. The final nail in the coffin was doing track days. No more road riding for me.

I finally found that when I had free time I had more fun riding my bicycle than the motorcycle. Sold it years ago and have not looked back.
This picture grinds my gears.
most of us are too tall to ride motorcycles
Basically it's a faster way to kill yourself.
Bicycle is exercise.

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