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What's a good entry level frame to start with for a single gear road/track bike? Only using it for fitness and possibly commuting.

I was looking at the 6KU FIXIE, but $199 when I'm going to remove everything except the wheels and hub seems like a lot, but maybe it's a decent start anyway? Wondering if I can save money with just buying a frame.

Also is 58cm okay for someone who is 6'3"
Seems like entry level chromo / alum frames are $200-250 so, maybe just starting with this and keeping the wheels/hub/crank is fine. I wish it came in 61cm though.
do you have a co/op bike shop near you?

If you do and you're friendly with the mechanics you'll save a LOT of money building a fixie locally

otherwise good luck, try bikes direct for the mercier kilo tt so you at least have a mildly competitive fixie
Raleigh Rush Hour
and Raleigh Teaba are inexpensive choices ready to roll, son.

Fuji Feather and Fuji Track are two other inexpensive choices.
something chromoly not hiten

sounds like maybe you'd be better off doing a conversion from a nice old road bike with horizontal dropouts if you can find one
Why would you be stripping it? At 199 that is a perfdctly acceptable bicycle and the only plus you are going to get swapping out parts on a limited budget is a few badges.
if you're in the US, bikesdirect sells the mercier kilo tt pro, if you want to be a track cyclist get a dolan pre cursa.
Why do you want a fixed gear? Do you live in some artificially flattened hellscape?
1. Fixed gears are fun even without flat
2. Some places are naturally flat

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