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/n/ - Transportation

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ITT: we come up with new transportation ideas and concepts.
I'll start with pic related. I call it the ducted open rotor. Improves the efficiency of the open rotor even further while reducing noise. I predict it will be the next evolutionary step after airliners are done switching to open rotors.
Have you run simulations? No? Then it's a useless fantasy
>OP doesn’t know about turbofans
So, a turbofan?

You just solved /n/
do the props spin clockwise or counter-clockwise?
Called "contra-rotating" props
I was reading an article about the company developing open rotor engines. They aren't certain it will get selected by any aircraft manufacturer, and if so could be 20-30 years away. I think they got some big R&D tax breaks as part of an aircraft efficiency research program, and some of the technology might be transferable to other projects.
Did that company retrofit them on a 727 for the outside pods and the tail pod remained a JT8D?
I think they only did ground testing, not even that much of it as the article mentions just 70 hours of testing on a static rig. There are pictures of the engine on airframes, but I think those are just graphic mockups.

If it was anything more than a proof of concept I would expect hundreds to thousands of hours of test operation. The whole project is likely mothballed pending interest from an aircraft manufacturer.


I mis-remembered their speculative timeframe, it mentioned 2030s not 20 years.

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