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/n/ - Transportation

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I need to have a flight history of a one plane (I know the number of the plane and the model). Where I can check it for a 2015 year? Flightradar has a database for 720 days maximum from today. Do you know any other projects like this for any other old dates?
costs thousands
>costs thousands
I need it for free, because it is an open data, but old.
What you need and what you can get are two different things, boyo. I assume you're looking for flight info to one island or another. Best not, lest you start feeling suicidal.
Robert Mueller? Are you finally getting Epstein's flight logs?
The island escapades were long over by 2015. Any that showed up on flight logs, at least.

Curious, OP, what's your relation to the persons operating the aircraft?
Just because it is open data doesn't mean it is free. If the Federal government doesn't have a legally mandated retention period, it isn't going to be available from them. Any one who does have it can charge you if they want.

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