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What's the intersection between cycling and nicotine?

We all know that smoking fucks your lungs, but how does nicotine alone impact your riding?

Good for weight loss? Fucks your heart?
i smoke 2 packs a day and drop lycra fags on my hybrid all the time
I use the patch, it gives me endurance. I hvaen't had a cigarette in 20 years.
I cycle to offset my 5-cig-a-day addiction.
Nicotine is considered a nootropic these days. You can get it by vaping, chewing nicotine gum, or there are other things like toothpicks and lozenges to get it from. I usually hear that it helps with focus enhancement. I'm not sure if this would matter for cycling at all.

Here is some info to dig through. I'm skimming quick and I notice it mentions something about driving performance, so that could be relevant to cycling.
god i hate this fag
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Pretty much necessary if you want to achieve anything of note. Light up, boys!
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>that qt on far left
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>mostly non-smoker
>want to get a nice nicotine headrush once in a while
>just get headaches and nausea instead
I used to smoke weed all the time and my fitness went way up after i stopped even though i was probably riding less
smoke inhalation is just really not good
>We all know that smoking fucks your lungs
That's a fuckin myth. While I was in the military I was smoking a pack or two of Marlboro reds a day and ran a sub 6 minute mile pace, I even ran slower after I quit smoking. Not stunningly fast but there was a gap I didn't smoke to try and make better times Smoking has been told to fucks yer shit up but it's effects on are exaggerated.
>t. never ran a faster time even after quitting smoking for years
For me it depends how and what I smoke.
Cigarettes and joints have a quite hefty impact on my throat and lungs the next days. (I smoke only occasionally)

I'm more of a hookah smoker, which is more like vaping. This also affects the lungs and thorat but less than cigs.
When I had a bunch of hookahs at my friends place and I cycle home directly afterwards, it's no bueno though. But this could also be due to acute carbon monoxide poisoning, which hookah is known for.

Nicotine alone should have no effect on lung/throat/heart.

I also reduced my smoking a lot for cycling.
Coffee and carbs are all you need.
Ride 50 miles out, grab a hot pretzel and beer, you'll be absolutely amazed what it does to replenish and perk you up.

Also, carb load and hydrate the night before. Coffee and small light breakfast before your ride.

Cigarettes are expensive, cancerous, disgusting to everyone around you and will fuck you over time.

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