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File: 20190427_080516.jpg (1.14 MB, 2560x1440)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
Got a worksman m2620, 20 inch rear wheel 26 inch front. Fixing it up atm. Anyone got experience with these beauties

Pic related, my new ride with my old one, my tent, and everything I own
File: 20190428_144709.jpg (3.06 MB, 3404x2268)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB JPG
Lot of patina on this dethtrap. How bad is the rust? How much will I need to replace. Can I put an additional bafeng mid drive motor?
Crystallyne batt/controller. Charging the nico bats right now, have to do it individually. Want to convert it to a pedicab.

Anyone have experience with that shit?
>everything I own (including a whole other bike so I can pedal while I pedal, Dawg) packed into an icecream cart
Holy Hell; why?! Are you going to tour significant distances like this, pedaling down the shoulder of the highway? Then start up a pedi-cab operation when you get there? Where do you live?
La. And I'm homeless so yeah I have no other place to put the Fuji. Prolly gonna sell it
I want to make it a pedicab btw. Not sure how well itll work but its load rated at 550 lbs
You think manhattan beach PD is going to let you get away with starting a business on some of the most expensive real estate in the country? Even fucking Lawndale will make you move your shit. Face it crustpunk, you need a REAL job, and an actual address pronto.
I'm in la to get a job as a security dev. Working on my resume. Wanted to pedicab to pay Bills till then
Also if I turn it into an rv I'm basically a quirky coder.
>I'm in la to get a job as a security dev. Working on my resume. Wanted to pedicab to pay Bills till then

You think you're going to pass a background check, much less a security clearance with no address? And you're "working" on your resume? It's not out there right this second? You clearly fucking suck at risk assessment and planning for emergencies. I wouldn't hire your ass to do A+ work or even test games. What kind of idiot would trust your ass for a high security dev position?

Well, you're in luck. I happen to know that your pedicab plan will get shut the FUCK down by local beach biz owners calling the police on your ass, so it's saving you some time. Good luck with your next idea.
First off there are pedicabs all over the place, second it can still be a bike rv, third and most importantly I'm trying to get work as an intern, ffs. I have an address I can use and all the fixings, I basically have time to self educate between working construction and moving. With this my living cost is food and minor amounts of repair. Esp once I get the motor working
it's always super sad when homeless peeps make threads on /n/ between our shitposting about carbon and 1x drivetrains.
>550 (or more) lbs
>including fully charged Li-po batteries of dubious provenance
>traveling at significant speed on the downhills
>single Wal-Mart grade caliper brake that has seen many, many better days
Hang in there, little brake! You’ve still got it!

Not to make fun of you, I get there are serious compromises you have to face, but of all your bicycle-related expenses that brake should not be ignored. Always be thinking about how much total energy it can handle at any moment, like a heavy trucker on a mountain road. Check out the “disk brakes suck” thread, where they discuss the merits and limitations of various systems.
It has coasters too. The front is for slowing, the coaster is emergency. Hard to activate tho.

And I'm a thrifty guy. For 230 the price was right. The bike is 1k
And yeah I was thinking of upgrading the fork but it's old style not the modern style. Forget if its threaded and threadless.

Anyway I've allready ridden it 25 mi or so and I've got another 5 later. It works. It stops in ok time. But this is venice beach more or less, its flat. I spent a lot of time in Seattle
Isn't Venice Beach the place where Bling Bling lives now?
Excuse me I have every right to be here. 20 bucks says I'm more /n/ then you
>coaster is for emergency
>hard to activate
I feel for you bro, but think about how much thermal energy any given hill or unexpected stop represents. Think about them hard, and have a plan. Your safety-critical components are in very poor shape, and were not rated for this duty when they were new.
>I have every right to be here.
Yes, you do, and I don’t think that other poster was saying otherwise. Your whip is no toy, even if it has issues. You are the /n/est of us.
It's actually got 2.125 tyres and I can activate them quickly. It just takes between 2 to 5 . And it's not like I'm gonna juice an ebike up to a 450w custom lion battery


More like 30 and more parallel.

Still if you know how to upgrade it to a disk and its rear wheels to disk I would love to hear it. Maybe build a custom disk break attachment to the frame mounting point?
I will say to you I have a lot of experience riding ebikes professionally and I'd fucking love some hydraulics and would LEARN how to reoil those fuxks, but it is what it is. I might try to get a shimano nexus 6 or 7 or something better then 3 but I mean, outside of uphills it's pretty good. I take the lane 100% per cent for safety.
Also any ideas on how to fix the motor? I the batterys have a charge. I'll be paid tomar so I can buy a soldering iron and fix the battery. I'll take more photos of it tomorrow. It's a shitshow electronically, I know how to do analog electronics like this
>fix the motor
If the rectifiers or coils are fucked, no. If it’s anything else, probably. You probably don’t need the throttle function for such little power / mass, just a momentary switch would do.
>disk upgrade
Of course it’s always possible, but never without some quality welding and machine work. Guessing that’s pie in the sky for you. Some improvised lever arrangement that forces a metal shoe against the tire will be more realistic.
So a super old fashioned. I mean at that point I might as well dismount and kick the tyres.

And although it is lofty it's on the list. Bigger issue - where do I get disk wheels?

Unrelated trying to sell the Fuji to a trust fund kid for 300.
I emailed the company and apparently a bafeng has no coaster break ability.

So that's out. Gonna hav be fixing the front motor and maxing that one
>disk version of Crystallyne hub
Not happening without prototype machine work you can’t hope to touch.
>disk version of ultra-obscure single sided tricycle hubs
>mounting a disk on the live axels, and welding a caliper mount to the frame
Not -hard-, as one-off manual machining jobs go, but far beyond your means.
>double calipers up front
I’ve seen it done on tandems, so the stoker has an override brake. The other one goes on the back of the fork somehow.
>just taking really good care of the existing brakes
Cheapest and best option. Those bolts and cable look rusty. Those pads look worn. You need everything to be 200% at least, you have no margin. Take the time to make everything about it be just perfect. Repack the bearings all-round too, I’m sure they need it. Is rebuilding the coaster brake something you can tackle? Do it if you can I’m sure the cams and shoes are shot, but understand your mechanical limitations.
>coaster brake inside a hub motor
That would never be a thing. Hub motors have a strict heat budget already, without an internal brake subsystem dumping a huge amount of extra heat right into the core! Disks could work, but only if they’re set up with mounting lugs on the side plate.
Mid drive motor has a clutch that prevents coaster from activating. The motor is on the chain not in the rear hubs.

And yeah
Is right, I have no idea how the break work tho. How bad is the rust? Will it weaken the bike or just do surface damage
Don't know about rust on the frame, can't see. Was talking about rust on the front caliper brake, cable and fasteners and stuff. That whole thing will be working insanely hard, and any failure will ruin your day.

Is there also another mid-drive motor hiding under the body somewhere? That's quite the contraption!
Nah I wanted to instal one its front only. Battery is a mess. I'll post photos tomar. Set up for the night. Tent is almost as long as bike is.
guys stop telling the bum to unpack bearings or do a disc brake conversion. Just tell him to pump up his tires and try not to run over any kids playing on the boardwalk.

>Unrelated trying to sell the Fuji to a trust fund kid for 300.

yeah I'm sure he'll pay 200 over book value for a mid 00s Fuji.
>make sign
>Rap battle with me: $5

buy a pinarello dogma after a long weekend
File: IMG_2439.jpg (2.4 MB, 3782x2447)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB JPG
,,,,,Home=Bike,,,consider Farmy?,
,,everyday i lookat frontbrake,,lose,,unsafe,Old.,
,5 minutes tofixit,,,orjust Ridenow?,
,,,3minutes later outhe gate!,
,Regen motor works Great!,, then skidstop grabing reartire.,,needgloves!
File: 20190429_213534.jpg (1.61 MB, 2560x1440)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
Fuck that shit I'm getting paid tomar qnd fixing the bearings is a good idea on something this old and valuable

The disk weld to axle is a great idea too but outside my means

He was kinda stupid.

I actually cant rap at all. Its why I got good at fighting in south chicago all those years ago.

I was thinking about upgrading the seat to being a true captains chair
Here is a photo of the bike next to my tent for comparison. Tent is just long enough for me to relax on. I kinda want to make this into an rv
admit it you stole the fuji
why don't you get a vendor's license and sell cold sodas and shit out the cooler?
The cooler is just plate metal bolted together
He's not in the thread because he just got paid so he's sitting on the beach with a needle stuck in his arm
Actually my phone died. It's like I cant plug it in at home or something
Also the price over/under on selling drinks/ice shit. Pedicabbing I put 300 in I can get 100 a day, takes 3 days to make it up
And just to bitch, I actually smoke weed, but I lost my Id so I prolly can't buy any today. I dont do heroin or meth. Although I saw a guy take meth hit off a perfectly good dab rig yesterday. Disgusting.
File: 20190430_170903.jpg (1.64 MB, 2560x1440)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
Photos of rust. Tell me what is problem areas and what is just patina and low priority
File: 20190430_170908.jpg (1.47 MB, 2560x1440)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
Seatpost. Propriatary seat post/seat so I can't use my fizik
File: 20190430_170912.jpg (1.25 MB, 2560x1440)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
I hate these handlebars but they are ok. I've had worse.
File: 20190430_170941.jpg (1.09 MB, 2560x1440)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
This is theundercarriage. How easy would it be to upgrade the nexus3 to something with more gear range?
Looking at this, the real issue is turning it into a bike rv, two routes.

1. Build around the seatpost
2. Build above the seatpost in a more traditional set up.

I'm thinking about removing the seatpost and building on top of there, like mounting a wooden coffin on it, something I can slide back when I need to ride it, or something that would change the need for a saddle, like building the top of the rv into a fancy seat
File: 20190430_170926.jpg (1.3 MB, 2560x1440)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
Rust on frame. It feels pretty sturdy tho tbch. All American made machine
You’ve been looking at this, haven’t you? Not practical financially or mechanically. Sliding coffin works better, but you should probably stick with the tent. Frame looks okay, look for flakes separating or bubbles around the welds, I don’t see that. Rust on the small parts, the chain, cables, etc will be a problem sooner and be easier to fix. That gear-hub sure comes out easy, rebuilding it might actually be possible for you.
Yeah but not that one specifically. Bed is way to high for one - stability is an issue I'm aware of. Was thinking about trusses to stabilize it, similar to how some rv tops work on crappy pick ups

I might investigate the hub later, If I fuck with the quick adjust I can almost fix the shifting (its sticking on gears and taking a few revolutions to click. )

Looking at how the cargo is loaded on the frame, you think I should remove the spring load before I put a cab on the back?

Also I think I could just barely curl up on the platform as is but I want to be able to stretch out like the tent allows (with maybe 8 inches to spare)

To be fair tent is working great. But I want total bike RV freedom or a way to make cash for food and shit. Was considering doing light hauling jobs if I can get the batt working
Actually is it possible to convert a coaster break to cable pull?
More importantly, isee a lot of free couches on cl

What if I just took the metal box off and replaced it with a mount for q sofa and called it a day? I find one that can fit 2 people and sleep on it at night.
at the very minimium, getting new pads and a new cable for your front brake, but much better a new modern caliper, is the first thing you should do .
It's got some weird center post and huge thick tyres. Will a more modern caliper fit? And do you think I should do the double caliper idea?

And yeah I'll fix the cable soon. I have 30 bucks to last me till the 5th when ebt refills. That is 5 days of 5 dollar jack in the box meals with tax. So just heading between sleep spot/jack/starbucks, no breaking or uphill/downhill shit.

Gonna try to make a python dice roller app. Maybe I'll dl android dev kit again and try to import it
New issue

One of my rear wheels is untrue. Seems to bend inward by like 3 degrees. How do I true a wheel I cant even really take off the axle?

Also I'm experiencing some weird drag when I go fast but I think that's the crystalyte front hub.
>rear wheels is untrue
You don't need to remove the wheel to true the spokes. Jack up one side, rig a pointer or something so it almost touches the rim, and turn the wheel so you can see exactly where the untrueness is. then tighten the individual spokes so it gets better. It's really that simple, but everything effects everything else so it can be very frustrating until you get good! A real spoke wrench is about the cheapest tool there is, but if you're on a $0.00 budget you can get by with a rusty slipjoint or any other sort of gripping tool. As always, heed the gospel of St. Sheldon:

>weird drag
That permanent magnet motor will generate a substantial voltage on the controller when it turns, because it's a generator too. The controller electronics should have very high impedance, but if they're already fucked some current might leak through and slow you down. Disconnecting the wires to the motor will eliminate the effect, and tell you if that was the problem. Make sure to tape up the motor wires so they don't get wet and leak electricity themselves.

The front hub motor will have cartridge bearings, they're probably okay and would cost money to replace anyway. The rear hubs probably have loose balls, they probably haven't been done in decades and repacking only costs some time and a handful of grease.
I have a spoke wrench but I absolutely suck at hub greasing an shit. Do you think it would be worth it to get the hubs redone when I have the cash?

Unrelated I've applied for 5 jobs today and 0 replies. Tranny in starbucks nets 15 an hour begging with a misspelled sign.

And I still cant get this python program to work
Been meaning to ask this

How can I upgrade the pedals on this crank? I'd really like to have my old spd or even just newer pedals. The old ones work but have 0 retention. I'm riding around in flip flops because its cali but I'd love to have safer pedaling, esp eith the nexus 2 gear keeps slipping into 1st.
How the fuck do you think we can tell? I'd say unless the wheel is about to catch fire, let it go until you have a job and a fucking proper roof over your head.

Also because if the wheel cant fuxking turn this thing is essentially immobile and that's a bad thing for someone who has litterally everything they own on it. So yeah keeping this thing rolling isimportant.

Esp because once it runs and I convert it to a pedicab itll be my job making more then I'd make at mcdonalds an shit.
Nice find, how long do you plan on using it? Also with your career path how are you homeless?
They wanted 1k for the bike in its current condition or new?
friendly reminder that youre a homeless faggot who will amount to exactly nothing
Do you post on /pol/?

Worksman cycles m2620 mover. It's like 1.3k new. Also because I change jobs a lot, move around a lot, dropped out of hs to peruse athletics. Long story.

How long? Well I'm busy building a github with code I make, but I'm self taught. Going to a lot of meetups an shit and I'm starting to be invited to more exclusive ones (I can hide the homelessness), so sooner or later someone will let me intern at their office and then I'll have work experience. With a pedicab I can make cash to keep me alive till I have enough experience to get a real coding job.

I'm actually pretty charismatic when I want to be. I just prefer honesty. Simpler.
A working, new version of what I have would be roughly 2.5k of goods. Once I get it fixed up I'll have paid roughly less then 10% of the cost of this new. And if I get it to full pedicab status then itll be even better - pedicabs go for like 4k new
>pedicab status
What’s the law where you live? Is a motorized pedicab a “commercial motor vehicle” like a taxi, because you’ll be in a world of regulatory hurt if it is! Guessing you’re not working in some failed state where the road regs are more of an “informal tax” than anything with teeth, right? I can absolutely see the attraction of a little extra help packing such a heavy load, but it might be more trouble than it’s worth. If you DO get the electricals working, some lights and gadget chargers would seem an obvious and achievable upgrade. When I had my homebrew E-bike three LED truck marker lights in series on the 36V bus worked very well, for very cheap.
La, venice beach mostly. Was thinking of offering free service for tips till I get the legal shit sorted.

Was thinking of just ducttaping a 20000 mah charger for people to charge their phones, and the standard eyesore LEDs on the back. I've got a front strap on light for shits and giggles really. But I mostly stick to streetlight areas.

But yeah, the good part of this thing is its using a nonstandard battery, ie "litterally 4 nicos duct taped together in series", IRC 24v. I was thinking of kicking it up a notch to increase the capacity and make it easier to unplug so I dont have to run extension cords from starbucks to charge it

Unrelated this guy is cleaning off the bird scooter he is charging up in starbucks. Fucking why.jpg. charging I get they pay you for it, but cleaning the logo?
What if the intern plan does not work out?
Go back to straight politic work or just keep trying. My political work was successful I just want more money, easier, on my terms.

For reference, with benefits I was pulling almost 10k a month doing canvassing because I had connections.
>free wifi
>free charging
Free coffee? Seems they’re giving you and Bird Buddy a pretty good deal.
Look worst case I have people I could beg to take me in. But I want to make it on my own. I bought this trike after losing all my cash on a car that got towed. I've come back from nothing a few times before but it was all with other peoples help. I want to do this alone now. Besides, I made a new script today and once it's done itll probably be accepted by the foss project I'm volunteering for to build my resume

Excuse me sir I dont think you know what starbucks serves but it sure as sjit is not coffee. Black shit in a cup more like it.

But yeah, although it should be noted the wifi is censored but very porous. Using ninjaweb because I'm not stupid enough to do anything but browse 4chan on a free proxy that wants to harvest my yt/FB login

But yeah starbucks is pretty fucked cucked. There are meth deals on the patio, people drop and go snorting for coke rocks, and the baristas get angry at the cops when they show up for any reason.

And then one day for no reason people elected Hitler into power
Personally I think libraries should change to be more like netcafes - books are better stored digitally anyway, internet should be a human right as an extension to the 1st amendment, the knowledge of hacking should be covered under 1/2, and we should have the right to selectively allow services onto our devices (taking Google maps but not telemetry, going to YouTube without the hidden chrome shit that slows it down without chrome browser).

But yeah starbucks is kinda a homeless shelter supported by people who have shit taste in java. I'm talking unironically installing bonzaibuddy levels of shit taste
How do you end up homeless making 10k a month? I really want to know.
>starbucks is kinda a homeless shelter
They had that Philadelphia Incident, where two black dudes were waiting to meet someone, didn’t buy any coffee, were asked to leave, and refused to do so. I thought that was legit no matter how black or white they were, but it turned into a huge racist deal for Starbucks Corporate. I guess now the policy is “make yourself at home”! Super-nice they provide the service, but not seeing the business plan...
Last gig was a good political gig. And I want homeless then, they paid for housing for me straight out of my car to paid for housing. Was a dank job really.

Yeah combine that with super liberal baristas who try to fight the cops when there are homeless essentially taking over their goddamm shop...
>Internet as a human right
You've got a good point.
You should watch frederick wiseman's 'ex libris', about the nyc library system, if you're interested in how libraries are attempting to modernise themselves and why they're still relevant.
It's a very interesting documentary, and almost totally unbiased, no soundtrack, no interviews, no narration, no montages.
I personally feel it's a mix between "the internet is an extension of free speech" and "america needs to remain competitive in the area of rights and welfare to maintain a competitive immigration advantage" but that's more dealing with other countries that will adopt a similar government style to America but with x advantage like tax or cultural (there will always be weaboos going to Japan for example).

But yeah I like libraries both as an ok place to homeless ( it's actually shut because its low tier of entry, litterally just dont get banned.) But they allow you to effectively purchase any book for free, they were funded in part by rich philantrophosts out of their own kindness rather then government force, and they allow a complete idiot to educate himself if he has the discipline in the same way a fat man can become fit without a gym.

I mean 99/100 wont and will just wallow in their homeless routine but some actually try. I mean hell today I fixed the xfce install on my laptop and I'm working to make it a script so other people on my distro can use it, and if I do enough and I get an email with the distro then itll serve as kind of a credential that i know what I'm doing and that's valued in tech. Then I can internship, get a real job, maybe even a real RV or something. I prefer ownership to renting tho. And I hate the idea of property tax. I recognize that America is far from ubi (although trump improving the economy is helping), but America should not be charging its citizens who live off its land. And yet somehow we owe the gov money just for living. I hate it.

Obamacare was the worst. The idea that the gov should tax its lowest income citizens with a huge inflated bill to "serve" them. I'm glad I called him a sissy ass socialist oreo when I met that faggot.
I'll check it out and maybe suggest it be implemented out here, thanks tho. I'm all about improving the community. It's why I help find the owners of dogs and help people when their car breaks down and shit. Being a patriot begins at home.
And while I'm at it, every american should be issued food stamps, but only poor people should be able to buy food

The rest can use them to buy guns or bullets. I think this is what America needs right now. I think everyone will calm down when they all have guns
File: worksman-cycles-logo.jpg (10 KB, 209x133)
10 KB
Found the Worksman Stretch Mover™ M2620-3CB-STR Industrial Tricycle Owner’s Manual:

and the Factory Direct Parts List, with prices:

You seem to need part# 404SBST: a brand-new 100% reliable drop-in hub with *double sprocket*. Perhaps you don't have $175 (more with shipping) burning a hole in your pocket, but that's WAY cheaper than the sort of custom design and fabrication you're envisioning. You won't find another double sprocket hub like this that you don't make yourself, and you can't make one yourself for less than half a grand.

This vid seems to refer to a slightly newer model of your hub, it's probably pretty similar inside:

That's a daunting process, especially without a bench and a vise, but easier than attempting to manufacture a double sprocket hub and it's support structure out of a Nexus 8. The only direct cost would be a handful of grease and some solvent.
Like how do you fuck that up, drugs, poor money management. No one wants to be willingly homeless.
This might surprise you anon, but political campaigns end. Like the 2018 season ended 6 months ago iirc. Plus it was lackey work. I want a better job, so I'm pouring over this bash scripting to learn sjit, build my skillset and apply for real jobs that let me telecommute and work more at my pace.
I understand that, if you actually made that much money, you would save some of it so you don't end up homeless. Instead of chasing a pipe dream go out and actually get a real job.
I was hot from behind while biking after the campaign. Fucked me up, truck hit and run. Bike was totaled. Even the rear hub with a white single speed got bent.

Arm broken, so I spent some time retraining myself. Either I keep doing gigs and other shit that requires me to network and "let slide" through requirements, I'd rather have a github full of good code proving I'm a good worker, enough to get telecommuting work so I can get back to training and working in politics in a higher level.

Ideally I'd like to get back into fighting competitively. Eventually I need to go back to teaching martial arts. It's a long ass story anon.
I like long story,tell it. Also you have an interesting story you should post more in the daily ride thread.
More private then long.

Did you post on old /asp/?
Helped feed a dog of a schitzophrenic while hitting on a girl

Helped a fat person work out and lose weight

Worked on my cpu governor script

Today was a good day and now I get to pedal the trike 3 mi back to venice
File: 20190505_130023.jpg (1.55 MB, 2560x1440)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
To all /n/

Is your bike proudly made in America

If not why are you a commie filth
I wouldn't buy a MUSA bike. Too much risk of MAGA, same reason I avoid SRAM components and prefer Shimano.
I'm sure you have issues with high quality and reliability. I bet it's a disease common to communists.
Let's just say, hypothetically, if I could get 18650s cheap, is there any downside to having a fuckhuge 200 cell battery if it's in storage rather then series for fuckhuge voltage? Ie to make it more ah heavy then v heavy
Pretty sure not even any tiny bit of it was. Okay though, I'm not Made in America either.
Blink twice if you need America to liberate your shit hole

Blink once if you need America to liberate your shithole and it has oil
File: 20190506_102125.jpg (2 MB, 2560x1440)
2 MB
Congrats btw fellow free man

Question - do the roots of kale have vitamin or is it just the frilly bits? I got a bunch for free
Well I bought at bike made in England, do I get some brownie points?
Assuming the purchase was made before 1776 yes
Gonna fix the eleeleceleelecteleeleceleelectreleeleceleelecteleeleceleelectrial today
>blink first
Canukistan has plenty of oil, but we already have to many “refugees” invading our southern border. We need to build a wall, and make AMERICA pay for every mile of it!

>none of this slatted fence shit, talking real wall here

>seriously, please keep them down there where they belong

I mean I guess well annex you but no fucking gay shit
Canaderp politics make AOC look like MBS. If they voted in America, the GOP would effectively cease to exist.
Yeah I say we kill all the whites in Caniggerda and leave the Chinese who are all white supremacists

Also I know mbs he is cooler then his dad but he doesnt like being called sandnigger
The sheer impotent rage from the franophiles as they get voted into irrelevance by a tide of Mexican americans who give ZERO fucks about that gabacho ass bullshit might make it worthwhile.
Can someone post the fallout canada pic for me? I fucking love that one.

I mean I can tolerate niggers but canadians should be shot on sight
Update - hackerspace had the soldering iron but it might not be the batterys. Or the wiring hookups might not be the issue. Notsure.

What I do know

1. The batterys hold charge

2. The lights (on the throttle) turn on when I switch on the electrical controller on the seatpost (ill post photo tomar of all the electronic)

3. The connections are all resoldered but somehow are not working, although I get sparks when I turn it all on sometimes. Not sure what is making it spark.

Any and all suggestions welcome. I'm gonna head to the hackerspace later tomar and ask them then if they can help me when they have an electrical engineer there. Sadly everyone tonight was a bitcoiner.
Smoke? If your controller wasn’t fried before, it might be now. Just because the lights on the throttle blink doesn’t mean the power amplifiers that drive the phase wires are okay. Where were the sparks coming from?
Wires connecting the battery in series to get the 24v the motor needs. Partially corroded.

And I turned on the controller after I rode home and the lights still turn on.
what is this thread even about? it looks like im on /pol/
File: 20190509_104152.jpg (1.45 MB, 2560x1440)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
I'm a /pol/iticia/n/

Pic related I hope the guy who did this wiring wasnt jewish because I'd be really sad in my people if they did this job. You can tell my new soldering from the old shitty job.

Any ideas anons?
>I'm a /pol/iticia/n/
>my people
my exgf was a nazi

it was worth it for the "Cumming in her oven" jokes.
File: scoot1.jpg (897 KB, 1944x2592)
897 KB
897 KB JPG
Good battery. Not my level though.
File: 20190509_204400.jpg (905 KB, 1568x2268)
905 KB
905 KB JPG
Funny you would post one if those. Do you know the specs of the tools I would need to open one up to look personally at the 18650s inside?

Purely for educational academic inquiry and not to become the cleanser of streets and removing every scooter I see to create a huge Powercell to power my trike.

Also update - worked with an electrical engineer. We have the lights turning on, we have the battery working. No assist to speak of at the moment, the new weak point is the battery, as the battery works, and I'm gonna try charging it up and trying tomorrow. I can also now move the battery off the trike.

The issue was corrosion points. But its lead acid battery so it might work in the end if I cross my fingers, argue with god and play where man was never meant to go. With yahwey as my witness I will fix this thing
A brief recap of events

1. The electronics now work, as far as LEDs lighting up, but the throttle makes a disturbing lack of activity when pulled, rather then a vroom vroom or even a brrrrrrr or a zipity dodah or some other.

2. The power switches work.

A. When both are on, it says it has low power. Hopefully I will be able to charge it up tomorrow, and it will go zooom or vroom vroom once charged. The charger "works", although the ee who helped me said it might not be as high rated as it says . The motor is 48v, not 24, and each of the batterys is 12v 18 mah. So all in all I believe I have 48v 72ah battery. But it is lead acid. Also I might have the wrong math and only have a 48v 18ah battery. Who knows. (Someone smarter)

B. with the controller turned on but the battery switched off the leds light up, this leads me to believe that the front motor is still working as a generator at least - and that is some good hope! I rather hope it continues to work, and it means the motor itself might even still work!

3. Oiling up the chain has helped immeasurable, even after la brakeless/brakeless la was tended too by a shrill harpy of a "mechanic" who refused me a squirt of lube (for fucks sake lady have some decency, I could apply it myself ffs), and for some reason the chain being oiled (I did both the crank to hub and the hub to shaft), now the coaster break starts much faster. No idea how that works. But I'm happy I have more breaking

Tomorrow I will charge the battery to full and with any luck at all it will be perfection.

1. Fix battery -fixed
2. Fix motor
3. Clean frame
4. Apply cab
5. ???
6. Profit!
you might want to try another battery if its some worn out old one that it has now. and try to check every part to see if they look damaged or smell weird
One of my plans is to see if the homeless community is willing to part with some spare 18650s and wire my own battery

But I'd like to run this battety into the ground first
Gentlemen i've made an important discovery

This box that says "48V/20Ah Charger", with the exposed electrical board? I shouldn't put my finger on the board. Apparently 48V smarts. Esp while i'ts plugged in at the library
>important discovery
Explorers often pay a heavy price for knowledge! DC is much more dangerous than AC too :”AC kicks, DC sticks”.
Indeed. Why is that?

really i'm just glad the ghetto ass plug works to charge this battery up. But i had a electrical engineer helping me out last night to get this thing working.

incidentally it looks really ghetto, but he said it wouldn't be able to move 48V/20Ah without cooling, but it looks like cooling kicks on after it's been plugged in for a minute.

Think it really is putting out 20Ah? i mean with 4 12V/18Ah in series, how could it take longer then an hour to fill it up? 4 hours tops?
To explain how ghetto this thing is

1. Plugs into wall with a two prong
2. Uses a standard 3 prong power cord to connect to battery

So i'm moving all this power and it's all being ground into narnia apparently. the chinese know what they're doing when it comes to electronics
File: 20190510_174821.jpg (1.92 MB, 2560x1440)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB JPG
Let me share a photo with you all

Of my new


And all my stuff I've been carrying in the backround
Aight so 4 hours or so of charging wasnt enough but I'll think of something. Making a new bat is allready on the agenda.

But yeah this thing fuckin flies holy fuck8ng shit I love it
File: All Systems Go.jpg (6 KB, 305x172)
6 KB
Hey, congratulations Homeless-Kun! I know that feel: when the big draggy pig is suddenly transformed into something that works WITH you, helping you along with every stroke. Those are lead batteries, right? They have their points, like being crazy powerful and good in the cold, but that's not what you need. Try them for a few cycles, see how far they'll take you, but if they're sulfated there's no fixing them. The lead is worth money as scrap metal, not much but enough. If you have a source of 18650s and can solder them into a large enough array, that would be the way to go.
Yeah. I need a 48v base, how many lions do I need to put out 48v? A standard 18650 is 3v a piece right?

48v / (3v / cell) = 16 cells
but one of those little cells won't pack the amps to run your big motor either, so you'll have to connect them in parallel too. I would guess 4parallel x 16series = 64 cells to run it for any length of time. 128 would be better.
And just curious but a bird has 24 18650s

So for a good battery I would need 20 bird scooters or so...
Unrelated it seems that those construction offices in prefab containers have outlets on the outside so I'm charging my ride up tonight.
>20 birds in the hand
No only three to six. Intuitively, your rig is about three to six times as big as a scooter anyway.
24 x 20 = 480

480 / 16 = 30 rows

30 ah will be about 5 hours of full throttle riding if my bike delivery days are any indication.

Wait if they have 3 ah each then I'm talking 90 ah...now that's a battery

After about 4 hours of charging I seem to get about 30 min of throttle hogging. Now to be fair that was with 0 pedaling, 100% throttle riding, but there are issues.

1. Could the batterys still just need time to "wake up"? To get properly charged

2. Am I limited to an hour of ride time at full charge?

3. Please realize that I am something of a professional at riding motorized cargo vehicles like this, and although this is my first trike and not bike, the charging feels...off.

So, I must ask.

1. Last night we tested the voltage at 45. Now with that said, it was with the various batterys st about 50% on the diehard 12v charger, each tested individually. And the Chinesecharger, which to be fair has a radiator and active cooling, was just plugged in for 4 ish hours and got 30 min of ride time. Is the 48v/20ah charger sticker lying to me on the ah? Or is the battery themselves just fucked? I'd rather not steal car batterys because that's someone's car and I've had car issues before and as a kid and I'd like to avoid giving other people those issues, but other ways of sourcing lead acid batterys would be appreciated.

To(day) construction begins in about 4 hours so I cant charge for 16 hours, but i can do another partial charge at the library.

Oh and the big issue holding it back last night was the break lever was giving a false cutoff signal to the motor. Disconnecting the break lever from the controller fixed that up lickety split. Makes me wonder how well the battery would have held up before, but that's salty beans now.

And yeah, worst case scenario- if the lead acid batterys haven't died but will take 8 hour charge times for minimal performance, I'm gonna need to construct a damm powerwall of lions to fuel this thing for pedicabbing.

Unrelated the cops gave me looks as I blew past several red lights on this thing. I also suspect it goes a bit faster then is legally allowed- I know my bike speed and this felt north of 25 mph
And curious - it seems my fork is the old style threaded (or threadless?) fork, the old old style that needs a wrench to take off as opposed to an allen key set like aa more modern ride

How hard would it be to replace it with a disk fork that can take more modern shit? maybe better handlebars? i've been getting some back and forth shift from the handlebars, nothing too bad and the shop said it was just a little small for the soccket so it may be unfixable but i was wondering if swapping forks would be a good idea.

I mean i can't add disk breaks to my motor and the motor will be the most expensive part of the bike, and when i ride the throttle i try to set up the coaster break to go on hair trigger before i get going 30 mph
>battery ‘wake up’ effect
Not with lead acid, as far as I’m aware. It is what it is.

>big issue holding it back last night was the break lever
Give the system a fair test before changing anything. ‘Nothing’ is always the preferred option.

>construct a damm powerwall
Remember you can’t just hook a bunch of LiON cells together like you can with lead acid. They need a battery controller to balance the charge of each stage. You will need a 48v board with 16 sense wires; they’re not pricy or uncommon, but are a specialized thing. Going without, with an unbalanced stage, risks a cell overloading and burning up. With such a large pack, the chain reaction might be quite spectacular!
>fork upgrade
Does the hub motor have mounts for a disk or not? If not, you’re stuck with rim brakes anyway. Your fork appears to be threaded (old style). The length of the steerer must match the head tube exactly, unlike threadless where it just has to be long enough. A new fork would also need to be steel to handle the large torque on the hub motor axel. Aluminum dropouts can’t handle that sort of combined load, even if they could take the weight fine. Finding a fork that meets all those criteria would take some finding.

>loose handlebars
This is one issue you can fix right for cheap. You need to loosen the pinch bolt in the stem that clamps the bars, and insert a thin metal shim to make the bars slightly bigger. The wall of a pop can happens to be the perfect stuff: pure ductile aluminum in a very thin and consistent thickness. You just need some shears to precisely trim it to shape.

>when i ride the throttle i try to set up the coaster break to go on hair trigger before i get going 30 mph
Cringe. I know you face some tough choices, but that all sounds insanely risky. If there were ever a time for a magic hat...
I was actually ignorant as to how to properly set up a lion battery, i was hoping it would be simple, although the EE who helped me with the lead battery said he was making a battery for himself, so he might know how to do it

Id like to point out the break is still connected to the front break - it's just the battery cutoff that i disconnected, because it was sending constant cutoff signals.

There was also a 2nd handlebreak that might have been triggered it, i only have a break on the front, the rear is coaster and braked going backwards.

Well i was thinking of a longer upgrade planned, mostly with the idea that i'd get something like a surly fork and put the battery on top of the fork for shorter wires, easier swapping, ect ect, but that would be better for lead batterys it seems

>shimming the fork hub?
I'll give it a shot if the situation goes downhill, but the shop i took it to basically shrugged and said ti was fine because it wasn't affecting steering. It's like a bit of horizontal play rather then a looseness in directional rotation steering

>break situation
Well to be fair this thing rolls like a square anyway, when i've taken it downhill at top speed i can break in about 20 feet with the coaster on and the front break engaged and i don't get any real steering issues either, so i think the coaster is working ok, but it's just kinda iffy - sometimes it takes 2 backward rotations to kick in, sometimes it takes 5, and it's kinda sudden, very all or nothing. If i had clipless it'd be a breeze to activate.

And while i have you here - the charger says 48V/20AH. I've had it charging for the last 5 hours now, and i'll be able to charge it up overnight tonight (found an outlet).

So is it

1. the battery charging light is broken (Supposed to go green when full on the charger, which has it's own cooling system but is chinese, and green light does go on when i disconnect the battery from the charger, but goes red when connected)
2. It's charging, but far slower then it says (been charging for 5 hours right now and no green light)
3. the battery itself is just not responding right and i'm overcharging the battery

I would have tested the charger's output but the EE said that digital multimeters that go that high are expensive to replace and i'd rather not fuck one up.

And too be fair i don't go full speed a lot, it was more of a joyride/limit testing ride
As a note it looks like I have 5 mi of riding the throttle after about 3hr at st Starbucks after 5 at the library.

So I'm guessing conservatively I'll have 6 mi or so with a full charge and single passenger.
Can someone post a wheel truing infographic or any info on truing haavy duty rims?
>ignorant as to how to properly set up a lion battery
It’s not *hard*, but you need another part: a battery controller. Lead-acid doesn’t need it, Li-ion does. They come with specific ratings for volts and amps, you need a 48v version with at least (at least!) 10A. It will have three thick wires and 16 thin ones. You can salvage one from any 48v LiON pack with bad cells; the board doesn’t wear out like the cells do.

>break is still connected to the front break
Huh? Does the system have regenerative breaking? That’s pretty fancy!

>surly fork
Can your hub motor mount a disk or not? If not, no sense messing with the good fork you have now. You will never mount a disk on it if it wasn’t set up that way from the factory.

>fine because it wasn't affecting steering
I guess. It’s not critical I suppose. Any slop in the handles would drive me crazy though, and it’s an easy and permanent fix.

>the battery charging light is broken
Sorry, but more likely your batteries are fucked. Lead acids fail by sulpher metal percipitating out of solution and collecting at the bottom of the plates. It’s slightly conducive and shorts them out. The batteries never get fully charged, and lose charge over time. They never get to 14v, and the “fully charged” light never comes on. Maybe your chinese charger is at fault but it’s not the way to bet. Check it against a known good battery.

>multimeters that go that high are expensive
For amps, yes they are. There are ways to make a ‘bridge’ to measure higher current but that’s more complex. Volts are easier to measure, and you should have a basic meter. The cheap ones are very cheap and available even for you. I would say a simple trouble light, but 48v will blow one of those out.

>6 mi or so with a full charge, but takes all day to get there
Ya, those things are about done. Maybe still worth using, but they’ll deteriorate fast.
1. something like this?


I do have bi-monthly access to an EE who is building his own bike charging board who's willing to be gray hat to preying on VC funded litterscooters

2. It's got a magnet and such on the fork to be regenerative, but it's constantly parasitic. It's not ideal, but i do like it because i can always keep pedaling slowly and get enough juice to scoot by.

3. surly fork can carry 100 lbs, and my battery is 50 lbs right now - i'd rather mount the battery up front so i can easily swap it out rather then right now where i keep it on the back - remember, my battery atm is 4 lead acids in series in a toolbox duct taped together to prevent them from jostling around. Though eventually i'd like to upgrade to a more modern wheel

4. bike shop i took it to said it was the fork being a bit to small. and a chink accidentally bumped a parked car when i let him ride it at a job meet up ( i know it was stupid, but i am trying to rub elbows with all the tech people and i've allready got 1 job interview from doing these meet ups and i want to be on everyones good side), so i need to retrue the wheel and pray to god that the frame isn't bent (it's not double bar, it's single bar as you can see so i'm worried, taking it to free shop tonight)
The charger is wired to plug into 3 prong receptors like a PC tower - so no luck there, although i have a 12v charger i can use to check the individual batterys. It seems to hold power overnight, although i'm doing timed charging periods to try and see what the "Real" 0-100% charge time is.

and yeah, the plan was always to upgrade the battery, but it has become more complicated - i'll figure something out eventually - right now my friend is looking to get me a farmers market gig. The biggest issue is i prefer to work for cash money and that's hard in LA with all the illegeals soaking up the work pool.

upgrade list

1. Fork - so i can mount the battery up front and make it easier to put on/take off the battery, as well as potentially upgrade to a disk motor later. - cost like 200 for fork/rack

2. Battery - will take awhile and a few dozen bird scooters that i know where to find broken by angry homeless people who just do shit like that and will let other homeless scavage them. - cost is like 30? for the wiries and board, maybe see if fellow hackers can 3d print me a battery box. BTW what will 128 18650's weigh? (Math says 12 lbs, might go for 256 for extra size. Not like the lIons will cost anyone but china anything)

3. Chair - once i get the battery off the back i can take the box off, and work on installing a lazyboy or some other form of chair i can bolt onto the rear frame, as low as i can, to start making money off this mother fucker.

also i was told that paper towels and vinegar can get rid of the rust, is that true? I'd rather remove the rust then touch up paint then just paint over it.
How heavy is it? Whats the top speed? Hows the range?
Nice, you should post more in the daily ride thread. Once this thread dies, I want to be up to date on the progress of this bike.

It's a old crystalyte motor on a industrial trike that is rated at 550 on the books and 1k off the books.

God if i fucking know but it's so heavy i can't pick it up. i Can lean it back to look at the front wheel and shit but the rear wheels are basically eternally on the ground.

>top speed

As a expert road biker i'll admit i'm not quite 100% certain, but i am gonna estimate it at 35 mph at the moment. I need to upgrade the battery but the big thing is that this entire rig is before legislation - no legal fiddeling in this ride

Right now, about 6 mi riding the throttle heavy - although i get more range after that at less throttle, i'm gonna estimate 10 mi of meandering with the current weight and load. I'm riding with about 100 lbs on the back right now - the battery is 50 lbs and my tent is another 50 lbs.
eventually, although i like to think that this ride is a work in progress with the help of the entirety of /n/ to create an all american buisness up and running off of pedal power. I will start shitposting with trike pics when this thread dies. But it's been going 14 days, lets see how long it'll be kicking.

best part of this thing is probably that it doesn't tip over - i can leave it in front of shops just alone there - security guards watch it for me because they know me - it's a rolling conversation piece and a chance for me to rant about how awesome american made machines are.

If anything, i'll make an "american made cycles" thread after this - and after riding it, i would consider dropping 1k on a custom board track racer and throw a middrive or something on it, i fucking love how this machine is holding up to my abuse/daily riding.
Good news - with conservative throttle and some pedal assist for hills, i can get about 10 mi range. Good enough for a 5 mi round trip if i don't need to get there ultra quick.

Also i might have an internship.
I have the first meeting for my internship at a start up tomorrow.

I came to la 2 months ago and now I have a tech internship and the start of my tech career. I'm repeating this until someone congratulates me. So help me god j will spam this board for brownie points
I hope the internship leads to some good long-term employment prospects, and the startup doesn't go bust after 6 months once they run out of VC cash. Good luck.
Well, congratulations Homeless-Kun. Hope that works out for you.

None here, self funded by CEO, runs a few other businesses. But that is a valid concern.

Though yeah I'm mostly ready to write this whole thing off as work experience but If it takes off I'll be happy. Either way I win by working for them.

Thank you.

Unrelated it rained last night so I have to dry everything off. Lady across the streets keeps going outside of her doorframe to look at me like bitch you have fucking windows, what the fuck is wrong with you. I have windows in my fuckikg tent and I use them

Also might have a cold. Great luck for this phone call I have later to decide my future. Oh and an acting coach randomly approached me at duncans while I was watching raw latex on my phone. Gave me what I think was a rehearsed speech about how I look like an actor.

9/10 says it was scouting for gay porn. That's 2 gays randomly hitting on me. Today.
>scouting for gay porn
File: 1552608114647.png (102 KB, 450x443)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
>Helped a fat person work out and lose weight
Yeah motherfucker I'm talking about you bitchtits
Thanks for the workout! :3
File: 1556278104044.jpg (72 KB, 537x538)
72 KB
File: SRAM dual_drive_27.jpg (65 KB, 907x908)
65 KB

All you have to do Anon is take and swap that with a SRAM Dual Drive Hub with disc brake flange.....

This gives you a 24 speed combo, with an 8 spd cassette and a 3 spd internal hub which can change gears with a load standing still or on the go.

A must have when pulling a beast with a load

It mounts in a standard set of 135mm dropouts and can fit that same space to the same degree of precision that you have shown on your Worksman

To convert it to act like a mid drive and torque converter you have to add the second sprocket to the left side of the hub. This is the only part that has to be "modded"

Take any sprocket, and drill out 6 matching holes that will mount to the disc brake mount holes on the hub flange and simply bolt on the ring of your choice.

The freewheel on the axle is then shifted over to the left side of the hub as well to line up....there is already a slot in the axle so you dont need to do anything except loosen the set screw and slide it over.

Promise that this will work better than anything on the market

I design work bikes for a living.

PS ...... if you cant find a sprocket to add, get the dimensions of the diameter and then have a shop make you one on a CNC Plasma Cutter or Waterjet Cutter to a precision that works to your liking and fits on the disc brake mounts on the hub flange

Total cost

Used and refurbished - 150.00
New - 350.00

Will not need the front electric motor hub then either....the SRAM Dual Drive is the only affordable model that is durable enough to take the loads and shred the hills to pieces.

Also the Derailleur has to be mounted so you may loose the tensioner screws on the dropouts? It will have to be turned forward under the frame as it will need ground clearance.
GTFO tranny
anon, you saw the drivetrain right? you know how huge the drivetrain is allready, right? will adding more complexity be safe? I need it to work reliably.
i'll take a look at this, although to be entirely honest, while i have no issue with pedaling the beginning/end of a ride, i really, really like the throttle ebike life. and not just the sick donuts you can pull
Sick bagels, oy vey
DO you want a bagel with lox


>revs emotor
Question, assuming you can secure it, can you park a bike in a car parking lot the same way you can a car? Can a buisness bitch at you for it?
And the CEO is really happy with my knowledge of digital security, so I really might be able to get this job. Meeting with everyone soon.
Also I dont mean to drown you all in my personal drama, but it looks like the cute girl I've been pining for might be taken. Gonna be upfront and ask her out tomorrow, or next time I see her. Maybe even later tonight. Not sure.

But yeah. RIP random girl who gave a doggo a bagel. In good news that doggo seems to have escaped to a better life. Good because I was about to kidnap him and save him.

But yeah. RIP chances to get a cute girl and a job while homeless. Guess I have to settle for gainful employment
File: 1552511379727.jpg (186 KB, 883x1200)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Yeah the dream is dead. RIP my soul. Dead as this mans career and his dogs eyes
good news everyone!

the charger went green while plugged in. I don't know if it means the battery is actually at 48V 20 AH as each lead acid says it's rated for 18 AH, but it means the charger and the battery circuit actually works and i can leave it plugged in overnight.

also the start up is going places. like talk of a office space an shit.
>charger went green while plugged in
It's a good sign that it happened at all, but time will tell if they hold a charge well enough to be worth using. They don't heal themselves, the wear is irreversible.

>going places
No idea about that tech stuff, it's not my world. What sort of work are they doing, and you doing for them?

with judicious usage and about an extra 100 lbs in the back atm, i can get about 10 miles. it's my personal ziparrounder until i get a big battery built in to it, then i'll work on converting it

>the work

signed an NDA, but it's an app for real estate. i'm working on security, but the CEO is super paranoid about securirty and intrusions so he likes the fuck out of me because i know how to do things like use PGP and basic hackerman shit, so i pitched myself as a newbie up and commer who just wants experience.

Right now it's internship, ie free, but once they buy office space i was gonna politely ask for a min wage paycheck and a 2-3 month review session of my code until i am at industry standards for work and pay. I don't actually NEED more then min wage (IE 2k a month) to live, but i'd like it, the real benefit is that i want to get back into martial arts properly.

right now i'm designing a lot of the architecture, IE how the code will work, and builidng a information battle plan on our competitors. Those meme campaigns are gonna be on my unofficial resume, i love how bizarrre my life is sometimes. I'm the only homeless guy who gets compliments on my living quarters.

Unrelated, met this asian girl who moved to LA, had some savings - her job is to become a fucking barrista. I'm glad i'm not the stupidest person moving to LA but FFS bitch a barrista? I was trying to get her to transition to sales or some shit because i don't think she'll even be making rent on coffee jockey paychecks.

i mean follow your dreams an all that but if your dream is to be a coffee bitch then maybe you should either be trying to run your own joint at least, not working for someone else. FFS.
If they have an 'intern' doing essential work they are breaking federal labor laws and will likely never pay you. If you aren't worth at least one burrito an hour to them now what makes you think they will magically pay you later?

Other tech anons may have better advice but mine is to tread carefully.
Gotcha. Well I haven't met the head programmer yet so once I get his sign off on this imma talk to the ceo and get something. At least contractually.

I'll tell him I want to dedicate more time to this but I do need some compensation, even if off the books ect ect
>her job is to become a fucking barrista
Oh you are fucking kidding. No one is that...
You don't get a management job in the food and bev industry without doing the dirty work first. The food and beverage industry pays well if you get into corporate/management. If she's got no experience, how the fuck do you think she's going to get into management? Suck cocks and do nothing until she gets handed a free job?

Nobody says "I moved to LA to become a vice president of operations for a medium sized regional specialty coffee chain". And nobody is going to let you manage a store unless you've done the grunt work and know how shit actually works. Pulled a few thousand shots, mopped the floors, done inventory, worked the register, etc. A store manager position is not something prestigious either. You do that for a year and then you move on to corporate, or you go get yourself a professional degree if you're ambitious, or maybe you start your own restaurant if you like to gamble.

Don't think so highly of yourself just because you tricked a know-nothing "CEO" (btw "CEO" of a small real estate agency means jack shit, you're not working for Jeff Bezos) into giving you an internship. The vetting process, and thus the expectations for an intern are extremely low. At my company give out internships to anyone who shows up with their shirt tucked in, looks young and dumb, and doesn't seem like an axe murderer. Some of them turn out great, a lot of them we don't invite back. Your pay is so garbage you probably cannot get fired, you just won't be offered a permanent position. At least your "bitch" is going to make minimum wage.
someone sounds jealllooouuussss
Yes, that must be it. I'm jealous of being broke and being mad at a girl for not taking care of me financially.
File: 1557682152337.jpg (18 KB, 640x360)
18 KB
All homelessmun should be youth in asiad asap.
Everyone will be happier , and they will be out of their misery
>CEO is super paranoid about securirty and intrusions so he likes the fuck out of me
I’m not saying you don’t know what you’re doing, or that you’re not trustworthy. I don’t know anything about IT security, and I don’t know you either. But this makes no sense. This startup CEO is justifiably nervous about the integrity of a real estate app, where sensitive information and serious money is on the line, so he puts everything in the hands of some homeless dude who “works” there for free?! Is there some nuance here that I’m just oblivious to?
It's called schizophrenia, it's a little fun sometimes. Check it out
There is no office yet, the CEO met me by referral and liked what I had to say. Had a meet with the head programmer today.

It's not like i introduce myself as homelessy mchomeless. I have a github and such. Quite frankly, if anyone asks my tent doubles as a lawnchair so its a convenient cover story.

Honestly I'm insulted you think I cant hide my housing situation. I only tell people when I need something like when i told the barista girl i needed bagels for the doggo, or when i need someone to watch my bike for me while I'm in a meeting with someone.

Honestly, insulted.

Only time I really say I'm homeless upfront is when I'm asking other homeless for advice an shit. What stores allow shoplifting, where can I tent safely, which managers will get angry at me for charging my shit all day.
>being mad at a girl for not taking care of me financially.
Mate, she moved to LA to get a min wage job. FFs how much do you think corporate positions pull? I've made more then most corporate managers I've talked too doing delivery. You're fucking argumentative is what you are. Are you jewish?
Also, signed an nda. Biggest reason I cant elaborate more.
File: corporate.png (172 KB, 1084x924)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
It depends on the position. It's not like she'll be making $200k before 30 like she would if she was getting a finance job, but I assume your girlfriend is like what, 19? 20? 21? Like I said nobody is going to throw her a pile of money with zero experience unless there are sexual favors involved. And it's clear YOU don't have that kind of money.

There are no shortcuts unless you hit the historical timeline lottery. It doesn't look like you did. She won't either. Good luck.
is this now a shitposting thread? seems to be full of really long posts that are in no way related to transportation
The op is the one making the long argumentative posts. Lurk more.
Saw this faggot on venice blvd today
im not going to read some normalfag shit. i would just go to reddit or anything but this place if i wanted to see such things.
call me a faggot and say hi

although i listen to music while i ride so flip me off to get my attention
Woulda. Traffic tho. Next time. Normally closer to samo. Stayin dry today? This shit wasnt in the forecast last night
Bro this is a Mid Drive

This is an internally geared set of 3 different ranges of gears inside the hub

The external cassette is made to be used against or multiplied against the internal gears

Meaning this one hub will have either 24 or 27 gears depending on the model you chose, with a 145% increase of output in the high ranges and a -145% decrease of these ranges by the effect of the combination of the two sets of gears.

There is NO ELECTRIC DRIVE and it is pure Pedal Power

This thing will tear up the hills and put you into a gear ratio that is suitable for loads to be carried.

They are a standard on all of my Work Bikes....they are a gift from God for a rider.

Think about being able to have that many more gears on your bike....

All you do is slide the axle sprocket over and tighten the bolt down to adjust it.

Get the Disc Brake SRAM Dual Drive and take a single cassette ring and have it drilled out to match the flange of the hub, drilling holes through both and bolting or threading socket head set screws onto them.

The Disc Hub side, where the Disk Brake mounts to it, has the same M6 screw holes tapped.

I recommend having a shop mill out the holes and thread them for an M9 to beef it up a bit.....

That's the perfect working combo and easier than having them make you a hub with an extra sprocket.

Do It Anon....Do It..... I promise there will be an end to the suffering

This is the manual....you can chose from any one of them with the 135mm ISO standard rear hub width
See the Disc Anon?

You replace that with the ring of your choice and mount it with 6 screws, sliding over the axle freewheel

So easy you dont even have to mill out the holes if you dont have the cash....it just makes for a stronger mount
i mostly stay dry - i've got a tarp on my ride atm. I stay easy to see if you head up venice in the way you saw me. I'm never hard to spot either, i always wear that hat. it's a hacker joke.

ironically i camp near venice - pretty sure i saw a truck get stolen yesterday, and this fucking crazy would NOT STOP THROWING TRASH IN THE STREET FOR FUCKS SAKE - the cops show up and tell him to keep out of the street and nothing else.

though yeah, staying dry is the hardest part. once something gets wet i need to dry it out and that can be a bitch. My ride is pretty dope tho, isn't it. You should see it when it's actually charged and not when i'm hobbling along with a few seconds of light sprint every minute.

also if you're into cybersec it's even better. been playing around a bit, considering going to defcon.

i'll give it a look, but i'll be 100% honest - i kinda dig the electric motor. i've done ebike delivery before, and i'm thinking about doing liquor delivery once i get some lion to make a battery with - waiting on tools and shit.

the 3 speed lets me start up though, and i would like to be able to pedal way more.
I go to samo a lot actually- you going to bitcoin pizza tonight? Free pizza and drinks, if you're a degenerate drinker.
File: 1462590805460.png (251 KB, 1190x906)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
Free pizza and booze wtf?
You should camp north of samo its way more chill. Been on tour 4 years now. This is the best place to winter
Yeah I ate about 3 pizzas and gave away my drink tickets because I dont drink, snuck away some bottled water too. Left the party with a big plate of pretzels and shit

I've got friends in tech, some know and some dont, but they have a decent circut of people who know me, like me, and invite me to these tech bullshit parties. The women are paid to be there, the men are mostly there to shoot the shit, and the organizer is trying to bottle lighting

Today I think they sold bitcoin futures or some retarded thing like that. But it's a good opportunit to network. Met some Google engineers for example, shot the shit with them about how much more powerful bash scripting is then python scripting (and as we established import subprocess, x , shell=True does t count)

Get out and meet people anon, lot of free food. But if someone is giving you free beer they want you to make rash decisions.

I'll give it a shot. I have a nice little spot in venice that's close to my friend and close enough to the library that it's a fun ride up there. Plus this library I can park my trike out front and watch it.

Party was ok. Pizza was shit. Girls were drunkards and the usual vc seeking crew was there. Gonna give my friends resume to my boss.
You live in some sort of alternate dimension i see. Im highly impressed.
No offense I know you are homeless and don't have anything to do but this is a board about transportation, not your personal blog about living homeless on venice beach.

So far you've told us your bikeu, asked what upgrades to do and disregarded our advice.

Either make this more about the bike and less crustblog or GTFO


Suck it
None of this thread is about a bike besides some posts about my Fuji. Its about a trike anon. They have 3 wheels.
File: 20190503_153150.jpg (1.21 MB, 2560x1440)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
Would this work with the mount I've got?

Wouldn't it be better to attach it to the axle,
>transmission upgrade
You would have to change a bunch of other things to make it work. That ‘mid drive’ idea might work great in a bicycle, but it was never designed to work in an industrial tricycle so it and the trike would have to be adapted to each other. Thus we arrive at our old friend: custom welding and machining. You would also have to come up with some sort of brake, because the derailleur stage is not compatible with coaster brakes and does not include one. Better rear brakes would not be a bad idea but would be a significant expense to design and fabricate as well. All of this is vastly beyond you budget of “effectively zero”; it would be cheaper to buy what you really want as a new mass-manufactured product.
Tbch yeah. What I really fucking want is a bigger front ring to go faster. I have granny gears allready
just shut up you are full of shit and have no idea what you want. you are riding around on a fucking trike the last thing you want is a big front ring, homeless retard.
What he wants is shit to work on instead of his actual career to distract from what a failure he is at life..
actually, i just want to make it possible to pedal this thing faster. i can brake quickly at 30 mph or so, but i want more speed.
big front and small back is the best combination. you dont need small front unless you are trying to climb walls with the bike
To be fair my current nexus is a tiny drivetrain ring to begin with, the whole reason i want more front ring is because i'm used to mashing (yes i know high cadence is better, but high cadence is easier when you have foot retention)

basically, i want to be able to pedal this thing to 30 mph like i usually am riding to atain.

Although i realize that i can only go so figureitively fast with people on the back, i can allready pedal uphill pretty easily.
>pedal this thing to 30 mph
>with a rusty old caliper brake with a highly dubious cable
>and a (broken) fucking coaster brake that only acts on the right rear wheel!
>”it’s rated for 500lb, but it can handle 1000”
I don’t think you actually do want what you think you want, Anon. Leave that chainring alone.
I called Venice beach PD and told them that a weird guy in a trike with a metal box tried to sell my teenage daughter cocaine.

So enjoy the Terry stops tomorrow.
File: int9300N14.jpg (2.54 MB, 3264x2448)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB JPG
OP, Sketchy idea, but if you want torque out of that piece of shit tweaker mobile, why not pull a tweaker move and rip one or perhaps two batteries out of a parked semi? Battery boxes are hardly ever locked, and oftentimes those suckers generate about 750-1000 cold cranking amps. They are very heavy, although.
better have the second as replacement then. it takes a while to charge those.
The coaster brake stops both wheels. Ive engaged it downhill and quickly before.

Luckly the box is made out of wood

Thats private property anon. what kind of monster would steal anothers private property

Also i need 48v to run this thing, and the carbats ive seen are all at 36v making it a bitch to get them

On the side note, since the throttle broke, i replaced it with my spare. Now i also have cruze control but i dont have a full throttle grip, gonna cut the end off a spare grip and use it to complete it. Although the metal mounting ring is left over from the first one, i need to get that one off
Semis are all 12v. People experimented with 24v and pneumatic starters back in the 60s, but the architecture was standardized by the 80s. They will have several batteries in the tray, but they’ll be wired in parallel. He would need four of them wired in series to make the voltage, and that would be more weight than he could handle. It’s true they’re just hanging out there with no lock though, the only security they have is being fucking heavy.
Well to be fair my current battery weighs 50 lbs.

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