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$20/hr seems really low
How much do you make an hour?
Is your job as much fun as driving a train?
thats because $20 is low for the kind of retards that ride the trains and buses in denver.
I live near Denver, have work experience that includes doing literally all of those things listed in responsibilities/qualifications except I've not done them in the railroad context, and $20/hr would be a raise compared to what my current job pays. But I'm not going to apply because that job sounds tedious and boring as hell.

How mad does that make you?
I'm salaryman and yes it's more fun


Lol poor but agreed trains r gay
So you are not even american?
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What makes you think that
imagine having to deal with the retards that ride the buses and trains for a measly $20/hr.

yeah fuck that.
Salaryman means japanese.
No american is called a salaryman
Ah of course, homeless and dude weeds and such

Im aware
>20 DOLLARS an hour
no wonder they're advertising on fucking craigslist lmao, american retards
How much do you make ?
I am not a train driver so that is not relevant.
Pays more than my job that requires a fuckign college degree. D*nver is just fucked. Rent costs like san francisco and the payscale of mississippi. Fuck this city, fuck this entire state, thank god for the I-70 crash I hope it took out a ton of cage scum. Every fuckign day these distracted phone-addict weed-high mystery meats plow around at 70+ mph in their fucking SUVs and will NOT fuckign slow down or stop. Every fuckign winter they get taken the hell out as soon as the first snowflake lands. They don't learn. D*nver is cage territory, don't move here, it's a shithole. Nothing but sp*cs and s*yboys. Want to get across the city by public transit? 3 fuckign hours and 90 hobos threatening you with shit-encrusted hands later. rtd keeps raising rates, can't even time a connection or provide frequencies that let working men get to their fuckign job in a reasonable timeframe.

fuck rtd, fuck d*nver, fuck c*lorado. It's dead, Jim, it's dead. between the wetbacks and the craft beer chugging beer-gut pube-beard manchildren this place is dead. and hobos, hobos galore. more hobos than you can shake a stick at. that "seattle is dying" vid gets so much attention but d*nver is already far worse. just go to the mission block and you'll learn. oh, you'll learn.
Rent skyrocketing, wages depressing, city is a slum, crime rising, sprawled out, ugly as shit, rtd is a massive fuckup, so much cagetraffic you can't even cross a street without being near-murdered by a fuckign cage who won't stop for the pedestrian light.

OP, you work for rtd? FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR ENTIRE COMPANY. nothing but a mobile homeless shelter full of shit ass hobos dragging their haul of muddy shit around on the trains and buses, don't even pay fare bus drivers can't do anything
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Your mom and dad are "cagers" anon.
Do you wish they were dead? I can never tell when you people are just trying to be edgy
>Pays more than my job that requires a fuckign college degree
at a 40hr week thats only 800 bucks. Do you live on less than that?
of course I suppose with overtime at time and a half 30 bucks a hour a 60hr work week would end up at 1400 bucks. Still not a ton of money
Not that guy, but income alone doesn't necessarily tell us anything about how a person will live - 32k can be plenty of income if you're frugal (this is me, and it's easy since I like homemade food, riding my bike, and reading books from the library - I actually put 500-1k into savings every month) or are married and your spouse has an income too, or you're like a guy I work with and get support from well-to-do parents. The opposite holds true as well, I know people who make a lot more money, but struggle to make ends meet every month because of their situation - some of which is because of life events outside of their control, but largely determined by their choices and habits.

Consider that once we can cover the basics (food, shelter, clothing), what determines "living well" past that point is a matter of perspective and opinion - Who is rich? Answer: He who is contented with his portion.
In my system in order to drive trains it goes:
1. Part time bus driver (30hrs a week with benefits)
2. Full time bus driver
3. Train operator

You must work the previous position before you can apply for promotion to the next.

But damn, $20 an hour to drive a commuter train is peanuts. Sounds like they’re desperate. Maybe we can get some people to actually post pay stubs around here.
>But damn, $20 an hour to drive a commuter train is peanuts
How so? There is no degree needed and no skill as far as i can tell.
Why should they get more than that?
With just a tiny bit of OT thats over 50k a year.
>as far as i can tell
yeah who cares?
are there skills involved that I am not aware of?
>braking distances
>standard operating and radio procedures
>dealing with defects
>emergency procedures
>responsibility for the safety of hundreds of people
>risk of trauma from suicides
It's not rocket surgery, but you can't just hire any burger flipper either
Lol poor
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>Who is rich? Answer: He who is contented with his portion.

No its he who makes well into the six figure range
why do you poor shaming anon?
so what job do you have thats so great
I send emails and make slideshows. Occasionally I have to make a drawing or write a procedure.

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