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File: Heisei Station.jpg (309 KB, 1500x1000)
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Last Thread of Heisei Era Edition

Old Thread: >>1270368
File: D3CkPxoVAAAUOMw.jpg (114 KB, 1920x1080)
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114 KB JPG
First for Reiwa-era
what are the best y2k or 2000s japanese train designs?
Without a doubt pic related. It's literally peak early 2000s design.
>Showa Taxi
>Shouwa Taxi
>Heisei Station

Is there a Reiwa Spaceport?
File: Woke Abe.png (408 KB, 429x509)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
those bins look like a pair of lonely ghosts

The only japanese spaceport/launchpad under construction currently is the one Canon is building in Wakayama-ken.
2020 dia-change:
JR Central to have an all N700A fleet running on Tokaido Shinkansen topping 285km/h entirely.
Ah it's the Fukuchiyama accident anniversary again
Trying to catch up to the 350 km/h trains next door?

By the end of this year this is what JR Central should have in terms of rolling stock for the N700 series

X Set - 80 (X0 aka the non-revenue service set has been officially removed from service)
G Set - 51

Considering that they will be building N700S sets starting next year (40 will be built by 2022) I wonder if they will retire some of the older N700 sets


They'll never catch up to any of the neighbouring countries in terms of operating speed since Tokaido Shinkansen has way too many tight curves for that to happen
the piss-poor reliability of chinese built trains means they only really run one or two lines at that speed or else half the fleet would be out of service
>Tokaido Shinkansen
>tight curves
Choose one.

Tighter than other HSR, absolutely, but not remotely near what usually would constitute a "tight curve".
Remember, radii can go down as long as the maximum speed goes down as well.
Tell me when they are tilting.
Literally not an argument:
1. They aren't mindless drones trying to chase top speed pointlessly.
2. This is for Tokaido Shinkansen operation.
3. They are only trying to sell to overseas with N700S's 360km/h trial. The US and Taiwan aren't going to buy PRC HSR rolling stock.
File: 01_l.jpg (37 KB, 240x480)
37 KB
When can train departure time information be connected to official apps and third party apps in real time?
I know Japan loves their fax machines, but this is on another level.
File: DSC_0072.jpg (47 KB, 681x367)
47 KB

>The other guy asks for something from the 2000s
>Posts something from the 1980s

So what's the point of using those chain link fences (?) to cover the windshield?
You mean like Hyperdia? http://www.hyperdia.com
Nah, it's mainly for displaying real time changes to train departure time due to delay and disruption, and especially when there are big incident that cause severe delays. Even if situation become worse enough for them to specially list the situation in official app and website, they usually won't have as much details as the display in the station. Not to mention in times when station staff simply choose to put a paper note on the display monitor. Would be nice of train companies online information can sync with whatever station staffs input into the departure time board and also make it allow free form input to conveniently display whatever information station staffs want it to display
I think these are the Japanese trains being used in Indonesia or Malaysia, so the grating is probably to protect from rocks or vandalism or something.
Didn't Ekikara have that?

It has apparently been discontinued last month, though.
Are there instances of old Shinkansen sets being exported? I know certain older series were demoted to all-stops service after being replaced, but it seems all the old sets were simply broken up when no longer in use, perhaps out of national pride.

Nope, Ekikara was more of an aggregate site of all the train stations' schedules in Japan but it doesn't take any real time changes into consideration


None of the old Shinkansen sets have ever been exported as far as I know, regardless of MUH PRIDE I don't think exporting those after all those years / mileage on them would be a good idea regardless
There was an old Shinknsen 0 series train car being exported to Taiwan for checking construction clearance of the Taiwan HSR
I believe there was also one of them being acquired by a British museum.
File: large-5cb81a81a61b5.jpg (232 KB, 964x726)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
JR Central press releases:

Tokaido Shinkansen rolling stock standardized top speed as N700A's 285km/h has enabled an increased Nozomi service frequency of 12tph, and all reaching a journey duration within 2.5h, reducing travel time.

N7000 360km/h trial runs:
Time: Mid- May to June nighttime
Location: Maibara-Kyoto
Vehicle type: 16M0T (enabled by standardized carriages/units)

I find hankyu the classiest paint scheme of all.
File: 1408639.jpg (170 KB, 938x649)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
MLIT launches Sagawa's mixed passenger-freight intermodal delivery service with JR Hokkaido's Soya Line local trains and Tenshio Hire's taxis, at Horonobe-cho from their Wakkanai hub.
Osaka Metro World Exo modified medium term plans (2018-2025):
Pre-registered facial recognition gates and shops: 2019 trial starts. 2024 deployed to all stations, as part of a long term cardless and cashless goal (could include mobile device EMV in addition to national IC card)
Bus Level 3 automation: 2019 internal and on-road testing, 2020 operational in 4 bayshore and island routes, 2024 reaches 20 routes
Rail GoA 2.5 (driverless/attended (semi-)automatic train operation, attendant responsible for emergency stops in addition to closing doors) automation: 2024 Chuo Line Awaza -- Yumeshima trial
>17 tph
Is that the highest frequency among high speed railways in the world?
>Using taxi for the last mile reach
Not just cardless and cashlesss but they also want to make it gateless in the future
I guess that will probably be similar to those traveler temperature detector at various border check facilities around the world?
Mobile phone coverage within Seikan tunnel now enabled.
I don't approve of all facial recognition for barrier-less gates. Surely mobile device NFC can enable open gate automatic fare collection, like far-field active RFID in open-road tolling.

Can't run existing NFC with farfield easily due to tag density (every card/phone in field radius will respond, and separating is a major pain or impossible). There are reasons why only active tags are used for such places (active protocol control, negotiation, greater bandwidth).

But, if you retired the existing NFC card fleet, and assumed powered/active tags (so phone or those new NFC cards with the ginourmous capacitor in the center of the coil), maybe.

But it looks like the government wants active facial recognition, so there's no escape.
>JR Hokkaido Mid-term operation plan to 2023
Can they survive till then?

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