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/n/ - Transportation

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Tell me about your commute /n/. Do you enjoy it? What mode do you take? What mode do you wish you took? How long is it?
I figure people interested in transportation might have more interesting commutes than the general population of cagers.

Here's an article as reading material.

NEETs need not apply.
This is /n/ so you won't be surprised to hear I ride a bike to work. I live close to work, about 2 miles, and it takes about 10-15 minutes to get to work, 15-20 back home, a little longer if there's snow or ice. Half of my usual commute is through a big open space parkland, and this lovely commute is part of why I took this job in the first place (and why I haven't quit yet).

I like my commute very much and it's often the best part of my day, so it's not unusual for me to extend my trip home and go for a longer ride home just for fun.

Once in a very great while I will walk for a change of pace, or like today because there were big snowdrifts on the trail, and it took 45 minutes and was still lovely.

I haven't owned a car in years because I find driving unpleasant and time spent driving is largely wasted. Cycling (and sometimes walking) take longer, but the investment is inherently enjoyable and rewarding. I figure that life is just too short to waste time driving.
I’m a beer so I don’t commute anywhere but I just bought an expensive saddle and I want to be able to secure it to my bike while it’s locked up. The seatpost already has a hex collar but are there any other ways to keep it from getting stolen?

Pic unrelated
File: s-l300.jpg (13 KB, 300x300)
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Although you're probably good with the hex, they make pic related
I live in a medium semi-suburban town and work in an office in the center of the local urban center, ~15km away.

Going there by car is hellish. The roads are woefully inadequate for the increased traffic over the years. It takes around 50-70 minutes, depending on my precise departure time, and could easily go up to 90 minutes in particular busy days if I leave past 7:30.

Public transport isn't much easier. My workplace is within walking distance of a train station, but my home isn't. So while the actual train journey is only ~35 minutes (including a mercifully short 5-minute wait when changing trains), when accounting for bus travel to the closest train station the overall journey takes around 70 minutes.

My current compromise, inspired by /n/, is to bike to the train station and ride the train from there. I'm amazed I haven't thought of doing that before. The train station is less than 10 minutes away by bike. I've been doing that for just over two weeks and it's great, I leave at 7:55 and arrive at the office by 8:50.

One disadvantage to biking is that mine is a shitty 1950's suburban boomer town and the roads/sidewalks here weren't designed for anything with less than four wheels. There are a whopping 300m of cycle lanes for the entire town.
Current job is about a 3 mile commute by bike. I take a longer route than strictly necessary because it's a bit safer than the more direct route, which is almost suicidal. If I take the bus it's 15-30 minutes, depending on how long I have to fuck about at the stop. I don't take it often because people in this city don't know how to bathe and are always ill.
If I walk it is around 30 minutes because I can take a straight route that I can't take by bike, with various shortcuts.

I start a fucking awesome new job in a couple of weeks. Easy 4 mile bike commute into a semi-industrial district, so that's how I'll be doing it on all but the worst days. 45 minutes to one hour by bus, so that's out. 10-30 minutes by cage.
My daily commute is anywhere from 1 hour to 2. Bus from home to train station, train towards city for three stops so I can get on a no stop train out of the city. Then the rest of my commute from the station to work via bus takes between 10 minutes to an hour depending on how shot the traffic is.
>What mode do you take?
No, I hate it, but it is better than (((metro))) since I don't have to walk 2 km.
>How long is it?
1.30 for 25 km route.
> Do you enjoy it?
No, obv.
>What mode do you wish you took?
Car, unironically. Or motorcycle. Or e-bike in worst case.
Something with motor, but without people standing in 1 cm proximity to you
>on a bike
>about 12 km each way
>sometimes a pain in the ass riding in shitty weather
>still better than sitting 15 minutes in the workplace parking lot after work because everyone wants to leave at the same time
>would prefer to get a fully remote job at some point
File: Q0oDn9s.gif (2.15 MB, 500x268)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB GIF
1,7 miles each way, do it everyday two times a day, as I eat at home. Ride my shitty bike and only taking light subway train when it's heavy rain season.
It's a lovely ride, passing by high school cuties and by the city park. Taking the car will probably get me sad cause no cuties.
16km each way, bicycle. Wouldn't want it any other way. Takes roughly 35-45 minutes depending on wind etc.

It does take longer than driving especially if you add in changing etc but it turns totally fucking dead time (driving sucks in general, driving in traffic is worse) into a relaxing workout.
used to bike, it was OK, could dodge the most reckless cagers easily. Clocked over 10k commuting, then some faggot stole my cyclometer

now it is bus+train+tram, and it sucks, I want to telecommute but my masters are fags too, they think it is a privilege not not make the slaves lives as shitty as possible
Just as I suspected, too many bikers and not enough transit friends.
My commute is 37 miles each direction. I do it 3-4 times per week. I take a private shuttle bus half the time and drive the other half.

The other 1-2 days a week, I either work at home or downtown. Downtown office is 4 miles away. I normally skateboard to the metro, ride that, and then skateboard to the office.
I cycle because I'm just a student and my city has quite expensive pricing for the distance covered.

If not, it would be a one-seat tram ride in though.
I do two modes, bus and metro. It's one bus to the station, that's about 7km, then one train, that's about 5km. The whole thing takes from 40 to 50 minutes to do, but that could be a hell of a lot shorter. I can't count the amount of times my bus arrived at the station just as the train departed. That usually means anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes of waiting for the next one because retarded headways and the fact that there's no way to synchronize buses and trains together. If they could, my commute would be so shorter and fluid, but hey, it could be a lot worse.
Lemme fix that by posting my commute, then.
Studying in foreign country, so have no bike(all of them are back in my country). Take school bus in the morning at 6:30, have to wake up at 5 am to get ready in time. Take around 70 minutes to arrive to my final destination. I hate it. It is full of little kids that can't stop fighting with each other.

If i had a good gravel bicycle I could arrive there in 30 minutes, only problem is the intense heat.

I could take the Metro and a bus, but have no money to commute everyday by public transport (school offers transportation for free). Fucking government increases the price of a ride every high season (live in touristic destination).
Take school bus back home at 15:40 middle of peak traffic hour. Arrive at home at 17:30 too tired to do school work, end up falling asleep and waking up at 22:00. Work until I am done with homework, sleep for 5 hours on average each night.
Repeat this cycle
My job requires me to travel around my city to manage different 6+ work sites. I live relatively close to most of my sites, on a average day I can clock in about 15-25 miles per day riding between sites.

When the weather is excessive shit, or I need to type some shit up on my way to a site I take the subway or uber to finish up some work, I do this 2-3 times a month.

>Do you enjoy it?
Yes, its relaxing, saves me time & money and I get to ride my bike between meetings.

>What mode do you take?
85% Bike
10% Subway
5% Uber or car

>What mode do you wish you took?
Cycling with a light mix of public transit.
Lé Fagòt
The city I live ain't that big so I usually walk to work. But if the weather is shitty I take a bus.

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