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Tell me about pre-WWII railway electrification in the United Kingdom. General facts, comfy pictures, everything.
First thing you need to know is that electrification was slow in the UK.
The first electric railway in the UK was Volk's Electric Railway in Brighton. It was a technology demonstration and it would take passengers up and down the coast. The railway is preserved and still runs today. That was built in 1883.

The City and South London Railway was built with 4th rail electrification due to deep level tunnels under London. That started in 1890 and today forms part of the Northern Line of the London Underground. The railway was initially going to be cable hauled, but electrification was chosen instead.

The Liverpool Overhead Railway also electrified in 1893, and established 3rd rail electrification in the UK for full size trains. It was demolished, but the electrification standard was used later and became the standard for Merseyrail.

1921 was when the UK legislated to make all future electrification comply to 1500 V DC with overhead lines, however many 3rd rail railways expanded. It wasn't until 1958 that the first overhead line electrification came into service, the Woodhead Line in Sheffield.
Don't you think you should do your own research for your school report assignment instead of making 4chan Anons do it for you, OP?
>until 1958
imagine lads, just imagine
The more I learn about Britain's history the more I realize they don't get nearly as much hate as they deserve. America is bad in many respects, but thank God I'm not British.
File: cc7gfb0nazl01.png (35 KB, 601x401)
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>tfw WWII neutered the Northern heights projects
File: george-liquor-stimpy.jpg (69 KB, 591x437)
69 KB
No, I just want b*Ngoloids to give me comfy old electric train pictures or I'll shoot them because both are my God-given American right.
The more I read that article, the more I realise that "Global Power" mentality is what lead to Brexit.
Just sit back and enjoy the shitshow.
If you're done with your assignment please post it so I can review it for accuracy. thx

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