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/n/ - Transportation

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File: ok so basically.png (231 KB, 653x456)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
What would annoy a trainaboo the most? What things can I say to annoy them?
Where are they from? There are a lot of regional differences, which will annoy different railfans in different ways.
Usually, railfans annoy each other though.
Foamers tend to be huge homophobes, so the best way to troll them is to act openly gay in their presence (e.g. brag about what a huge faggot you are, how many dicks your ass can take, etc.) If you REALLY want to annoy foamers, bring a male friend with you and start making out with him in front of them. They won’t be able to handle being trolled IRL so hard.
That's lazy though

Stuff like saying diesel engines are better than steam locomotives, the Big Boy was overrated shit compared to similar engines, and GE > EMD, and that graffiti on trains is actually good strikes them at their core
>so the best way to troll them is to act openly gay in their presence
>tfw tranny
>tfw euro
>diesel engines are better than steam locomotives
Modern diesels are, for the most part, better
>the Big Boy was overrated shit compared to similar engines
Wasn't it underpowered compared to other engines and was inefficient?
Eh, both are lacking in their European exports
>graffiti on trains is actually good
Sometimes they have excellent execution, but awful taste. Also, don't American Railroaders use graffiti as a form of marking the contents of cars?
Just get street artists to design train liveries.
The usual conspiracy theories about passenger rail being part of a plan to enslave everyone are plenty annoying.
I'm a trainboo but I am gay as fuck and I like graffiti. There is literally no way to annoy me
Sperg trap sprung
Let's take a long distance train together UwU
I have a long distance train right here in my pants for you
File: 1280px-ICE-T_Kinding.jpg (378 KB, 1280x853)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
B-but anon, I hardly know you!
At least tell me what your favourite train is.
Mine is the DBAG Baureihe 415. It's a cute train and it tilts! Plus, I like its nose OwO
File: IMG_7016.png (171 KB, 791x538)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
Not a train guy but everyone ones faggots are sick pedophe pervert kike tools and need to be killed just like that hideous skank, Anne Frank

The majority of railfans are conservative and/or autistic (both of which fear/despise change) males. You don't need to use rail-specific topics to troll us.

I'll tell you what irks me, though: making a thread or post on /n/ to which no one replies. ;_________;
Cars are better than trains because trains rely on public subsidies to run
So do cars.
Oh I know that, and you know that, but the amount of people who yell but muh taxdollars at public hearings is astounding
Trainfags are fine. Leave tbose autists alone. Fuck with the bicyclefaggots of anything.
Back to NUMTOT, faggot
Post looks too autist/foamer/weaboo to be on Facebook.
None of these even touched me, kys faggot
yeah, NUMTOT are mainly commiefornian faggots that masturbate to BRT.
File: IMG_20170625_150240.jpg (498 KB, 1718x966)
498 KB
498 KB JPG
Nah, I'm a Euro. America has hecking crappy transport and trains. They're slow and ugly.
>masturbate to BRT
Just build a tram line. They're faster, smoother, cleaner. Plus, they're comfy and cute UwU.
You can't really annoy us, except by taking away our trains which is likely beyond your control. We're used to being some of the lowest scum of society.
>Just build a tram line. They're faster, smoother, cleaner. Plus, they're comfy and cute UwU.
this guy gets it :3

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