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File: 81A-MGMjXvL._SL1300_.jpg (280 KB, 1300x1300)
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Hey y'all, any opinions or advice on putting a 50cc 2-stroke on a bike?

I've never ridden a motorized bike, but I think it'd be a fun project to set one up. I'm looking at this engine kit (pic related) from some Chinese company for 120 burgerdollars. I fully expect it to be mostly garbage, but does anyone else have any comments on it?

I'll also need to get another bike for this project, probably some 50-100 dollar thing off Craigslist - any words of wisdom on that front? I don't really know what to look for, aside from a 26" or 28" V-frame, as that's what the engine says it requires for fitment.

Thanks for any help, and apologies if this is a retarded thread, I'm from /o/ lol
focus first on getting a decent old bike and restoring it (recabling it, new chain, new cassette, new brake pads, greasing/ replacing all the bearings, new tires, new grips, touching up the paint).

Then if you still want to ruin it with a horrible bolt on kit, you'll atleast have something which can stand up to it and is less dangerous. Because those kits add extra stress to everything and also rattle the bike apart.
The much better alternative now are mid-drive ebike kits like bafang, but they're a lot more expensive too. The other better option I think would be to get a cheap 50cc scooter.
If you want some recs on what bicycle to buy, post your craigslist & height and i'll pick out the better options for you.
Fight me, it serves a linguistic function well.

Yeah, I figured I shouldn't put too much money into this. Mostly I like the project aspect of it and the 'lol tiny motor' thing. I thought about getting an electric scooter too, but this seems more fun. I don't expect quality by any means, just a ridiculous thing to ride around for shits and gigs

Craigslist is


And I'm a 5' 6" manlet. Thanks bruddi!
cheap options that need quite a bit of work

decent better condition options

cool retro option

Those are the best picks on your craigslist, some might be a bit on the large side for you but it's kinda hard for me to tell
Neato, thanks a bunch man. Out of curiosity, what exactly were you looking for in choosing these? Just reputable manufacturers and such, or is there a secret bike hierarchy?
It's complicated lol it takes experience to be able to easily pick decent old bikes out.

Condition of different things, alongside size
higher grades of steel tubing
higher spec parts
there's a lot to look at.
Figured lol. Think I'm gonna go after that Rockhopper. Hopefully it's still available
good luck dude post more if you want help with anything on it and show us if you get anywhere with your project
File: GenieCropped.jpg (209 KB, 956x945)
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209 KB JPG
Will do, my man
These things are awful. 2 stroke engines are already awful, now imagine a 2 strike engine that is badly made in China and doesn't meet and emissions requirements.
Oh I'm aware lol like I said, I don't expect quality

What I really wanna do is take two 125cc engines, attach one to each back wheel of a go-kart and have throttle controls for each one at your hands, so it's like tank controls, and then the left and right brakes (both front and back) would be controlled by your feet. Probably would be fucking retarded to drive, but it sounds fun. But, I live in an apartment where such a project is unfeasible, so this will have to do for now.
Shit I meant two 212cc engines
No I mean it’s fucking awful and I’ll call the cops on you for being a fag that smells like hobo farts
What if I blow you?
>Building Motorized Bike from Kit
You're a fucking idiot, you will DIE, and I'm going to LAUGH when you do.
>Hey y'all, any opinions or advice on putting a 50cc 2-stroke on a bike?

mid-drive electric or GTFO

nobody wants a gasbike... they are dangerous trash... e-bike era is now. There is zero reason to build a deathbike unless you plan on not ever riding it, then go ahead I guess

Seriously how the fuck has nobody stepped in to stop this poster he might have ordered the gas motor already for fuck's sake..


jfc you guys hate fun
>having some shit Chinese engine blow your crotch to hell
>having some shit Chinese engine light your crotch on fire when it does blow up
>having some shitty cheap bike frame fall apart on you at 25mph because you strapped some cheap-ass Chinese engine to it
>getting hauled to the emergency room in pieces when it blows up on you and you crash
>losing control and getting run over by a bus or a cement truck because the whole fucking mess was never meant to be in the first place
..then you have a really fucked-up idea of what's """fun""". Enjoy your grisly, violent death, I guess.
no, it's just electric convert is the funner and better option. ICE convert is garbage tier now that electric motor kits cost about the same (not including the batteries)
lol you guys are almost worse than /o/
>he'd rather spread brain damaging fumes with his 2stroke hobo mobile which produces no torque at low rpm than have a clean running machine with instantaneous torque at his fingertips
Small engines are shit tier these days compared to electric motors but I'm not surprised you can't understand this due to all the carbon monoxide induced brain damage you've been through
musk pls go
I hate the people that do this. For some reason they are always a fat white dude in his 50s w/ a bald head, gas station sunglasses and a long white beard.
Well, give it a try, but I think that dealing with electric motors is much easier, no clutch, less moving parts... But ability to fill gas in 10 seconds is nice.
You're right, and it's really surprisingly how torquey those mid-drive kits are under throttle. They are insanely fun.

But they're also ten times as expensive, hardly a cheap project.
Those are ridiculous too. Normal pedal bikes are not designed to have motors strapped to them, it places stresses on the frame in directions and magnitudes they were never designed to withstand. Eventually you'll crack welds. Don't notice or ignore that and you may well end up having it literally fall apart on you while in motion. The extra weight changes the handling and center of gravity as well as time to stop.

But you simians know all this and DGAF because you're all teenagers and think you're bulletproof and will live forever; nothing could POSSIBLY ever go wrong so far as you're concerned.

Meanwhile you could get a scooter or small motorcycle and not worry about it being a jerryrigged piece of garbage that might get you rekt.

That's all I got to say on the subject. Do what you want, but you're being stupid if you ""'convert""" a normal bike with any of these half-assed kits.
You're making assumptions about something you have no experience or knowledge of. There are tens of thousands of user case examples with high quality mid-drive ebike kits and almost everyone is satisfied, failures like you discuss are very rare and bicycles themselves aren't idiot proof either and are prone to failure in certain circumstances already.
The extra weight is in the center of the frame triangle and around the bottom bracket, which is the ideal place for it, and built on something with hydraulic disc brakes, the stopping power is more than adequate, superior to a scooter in many cases, because the bike is lighter, the larger wheel size gives better traction, and many scooters use cable drum brakes.

There's certainly room for error, but the same is true with a modified scooter, motorbike, bicycle or car, and if your point is never to work on anything yourself because you might fuck it up, well, I don't think that we can be friends.

And ultimately, motorbikes, scooters, ebikes and bicycles are all inherently dangerous, in that order, because of how fucking wrecked you can get when you crash them at high speeds and how callous many other road users are towards your safety. To you who seems very concerned with safety, i'd suggest staying clear of anything with 2 wheels.

I've got no doubt that OPs project will be a dangerous piece of shit but he himself freely admitted that he expects it to be garbage and if not being a teenager means not enjoying fooling around on dangerous pieces of shit then count me out.
I'll add that a bafang mid-drive kit weighs only 5-10kg battery included and puts power through the crank, no greater really than what a strong cyclist can achieve with their legs.
that actually might work well for climbing, but +1 to probably fucking retarded to drive.

as for gas motor bike my only advice is wear a cup when you go to use it the first time and play wacky races in the background.
Yeah, I just like things that explode mostly. I was actually looking at a Jetson Bolt before this, but I dunno maybe I watched Mad Max too many times

This guy knows

I was thinking more racekar desu, but I think the real fun of it would be figuring out how to control the damn thing. If you put enough novelty into anything, it'll be good, right?

Fair enough, though I think I might opt for the Benny Hill theme
Had a friend who got one of these. Was pretty easy to install except one of the front frame tube mounting bolts broke off, just used one. Be very careful not to over torque, better to use locktite and monitor for loose nuts than snap the pot iron bolts. I wanted a kit for a long time but never bought one since i read how shitty they are, and seeing his kit confirmed my thoughts. However, for $100 + bike the value for some hillbilly fun is really good. I also researched ebikes a long time but the price is just so high for a decently fast and long range build (around $1000 total last time i checked few years ago for 35mph 20mi range). I see no reason not to get a used motorcycle at that point, much more versatile for everything other than riding on sidewalks and bike trails semi-legally (depending on local laws) and avoiding insurance/licensing.

I just wanted to give some honest opinions as an engineering student in college, im not dumb but im also not rich nor overly cautious. These kits are indeed absolute garbage, expect it to last a few rides at most before needing some new parts, but honestly at the price its worth it if you accept the short lifespan (ie dont use as daily driver) and just want shits ‘n giggles
Oh one last thing though, if you care how people look at you dont ride it on the streets, everyone will look at you like a massive faggot. A few people on my campus ride these around, and despite my somewhat recommending the kit, i think they are obnoxious niggers. Just ride it in a parking lot or rural area. I grew up in a rural environment so that was never a consideration/concern for me.
Bless u. Tbh the noise is the biggest turn off for me right now. I live in a suburb, so I'd definitely be annoying some people wherever I went, and I don't wanna be that guy. Any ideas on how to quiet the motor, or is that impossible for 2-strokes? Maybe I'll make some sort of shroud for the engine to sit in
I think the more fun option would be to get an old Puch or Honda Metropolitan scooter and restore the thing.

That would be a fun project, and the resulting build could be sold to a yuppie or hipster and those small motorcycles are SO HOT RIGHT NOW.
Eh, don't wanna spend that much, and I'm in the second floor of an apartment where there's barely enough room for a bicycle project
File: low3.jpg (216 KB, 1024x768)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
these things are great fun! dont listen to the wet blankets on here,

nothing is safe you could choke on your fucking grapes and die tomorrow, lighten up

ive been building these things since before they where even kits,

make sure you use red loctite on everything and run your first few tanks of gas at like 16:1 to get her oiled up and the rings seated nicely

you can buy magnetos with a 12v charge output and have full lights and electrics,
File: DSC04460.jpg (405 KB, 1300x975)
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405 KB JPG
if you want to splurge however these 4 stroke variants are much easier to operate, quieter too,

enjoy running 100+kms and refilling the tank and keep going! no waiting for batteries to charge

the simple two stroke kits are the most easily to mod, if you really want high speeds

both kits are reliable with minimal maintanence and are great for commuting,

also make sure your engine drive chain is always snug, you want like an inch to half an inch deflection,
File: 100_3233.jpg (1.19 MB, 2576x1932)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
you can run both the clutch and your brake lever on the left handle bar, or buy a double brake puller,

they even sell friction drive kits with tiny little 30cc fourstrokes, if you want the ultimate efficiency.

be creative and have some fun!
File: 100_3045.jpg (255 KB, 1024x768)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
hell you dont even need a kit, anything can be an engine bike kit if your willing to work at it!
File: IMG_20190112_003304567.jpg (3.55 MB, 4096x3072)
3.55 MB
3.55 MB JPG
Hell yeah dude, actually working on it right now. I overpayed for a shitty 60s Schwinn, but it came with a dynamo and a light that worked, so fuckit. I'll probably order the kit from Amazon tomorrow. I need more ideas to Scrapyard Mad Max this thing tho
File: fuji.jpg (414 KB, 2048x1536)
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414 KB JPG
well let me know if you have any troubles! ive probably thrown together dozens and dozens of those kits,

lots of little things ive seen it all,

dont overtighten the engine mount bolts they will snap! they can go tight tho, double nut them with loctite to be sure, these things rattle like crazy

looking good tho! you got it,

first start will be a bitch, and these engines vary so much from kit to kit, you may have a screamer or a lumpy bear

they will have little power and run poor for the first while tho, you just gotta get her running and get out there and whip it!

break it in hard just mash it, they are cheap enough anyways and i find an agressive break it yields more power and higher rpms!

this is my current build, has all the ebay bolt ons,

thing will exceed 70kph, thise 110psi tires seal the deal!
File: 100_3236.jpg (1.21 MB, 2576x1932)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
oh also make sure you tighten the rear sprocket on super evenly, once its all tight and done spin the wheel with the axle in your hands and check the sprocket for trueness, they are easy to setup wrong and your chain will constantly fuck up
Double hell yeah, I'll see what problems I run into when China ships the motor lol. I've read that 50ccs is the limit for motorized bicycles in MN, any idea what happens if I put an 80cc engine on it? Does it just get registered as a motorcycle, or what?
its different wherever you live, the two variants are actually 49cc and 66cc. not a big difference and there is no way to tell them apart, if anyone where to look,

the 49cc revs smoother and higher but the 66cc has more torque for hills

if you obese grab the 66cc if your skeletor take the 49cc as you will appreciate the smoothness on long rides and the top speed isnt much different, sometimes the 49s actually go faster as the vibration is your speed limit on the 66cc

also where i am they are fully illegal and cannot be insured or legalized,
however my town is small and rural so the police do not bother you if your respectful,

look into the laws where you live so you dont get hammered with a ticket

regardless tho you can kill the engine with the handlebar switch while riding and just clutch lock in and pedal, really hard to get nailed by a cop if your diligent,
I think I'll get an 80cc motor and do up all the lights and shit and register it as a motorcycle for shits and giggles. I'd love to explain to people that it's actually considered that by law. Really I think all I need is a brake light, a mirror, and a horn to make it fulfill the requirements
File: 100_3407.jpg (285 KB, 1024x768)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
the hardest part for me was i needed a vin number to have an ownership and legalize it,

really hard to get serial numbers for a homemade contraption, i had to jump thru hoops and i never fully won,
Shit, that one looks damn nice.

Yeah, I'll call on Monday and see what the scoop is. Doing research now, but goddamn this legalese
File: 100_3411.jpg (317 KB, 1024x768)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
yeah its a grey area, i got dinged over $2k in fines on one of these by a douchebag cop like 14 years ago, i was a 14 year old kid with a string trimmer engine over my front tire

just be aware, some police are horrible horrible people and take joy in watching you squirm

but dont get discouraged, they are amazing fun, you just have to be aware, it is a motorized vehicle,
>register it as a motorcycle
lmao good luck
most civilised countries will require engineering certificates and something that isn't a chinkshit deathtrap and even then it's nearly impossible
hes not wrong,

your best bet is to just ride it illegally and play dumb,

keep an eye for the cops and a finger on that kill switch,

kinda adds to to the fun if you ask me lol
these never work right. it will be a never ending headache. you are better off getting a 50cc moped that has been purpose engineered for the task.
for an example of what to look for, but you want one that is running.
Fair, we'll see how it goes.

To quote myself, "I don't expect quality by any means"
ive done enough of these to know, and he is right, they are mass produced in china as cheaply as possible,

i find 1 out of 4 engines will not work on arrival,

however they are super simple basic little engines, easy to figure out and learn

you will learn about engines and maintaining them with this kit, there is a novelty to these kits. but its great fun,
Yeah I'm preparing the return form in advance lol. I've been fucking with engines for years, many of them old shitty ones, so I'm not worried, so long as it starts up the first time
File: 100_3413.jpg (233 KB, 1024x768)
233 KB
233 KB JPG

check it for spark before you even try to start it, the cdi and magnetos are usually the first faulty part, if you have no spark just buy a new magneto and cdi and call it a day, not worth returning the kit,

they will make you pay allot to ship the engine back for a return,

ive also had the spark out 180 degrees because the pressed the magneto magnet onto the crankshaft upsidown,

the carbs can have burs on the seat and leak, just take the carb apart and make sure it looks good its so so simple

be careful dont overtighten the muffler bolts or intake bolts as the studs are butter soft metal and once sheared off they are a bitch to drill out,

and yah run it at 16:1 oil mixture for the first few tanks,

hopefully you dont get one of those shitty mufflers with a makeshift cat in them, they just melt into slag and drip onto the road after the first real ride!
Sage advice. How old are you, friend? Your text dialect suggests an old boi
yeah ive been here long enough i remember actually visiting /b/ and enjoying it,

i just browse /diy/ /n/ /f/ /a/ couple others,

im almost 30, but i dont feel like it, im still out riding these contraptions, still like to play in the mud all day with my atv,

i hope this bike works out for you, should find a way to exchange emails id be glad to help you in the future,
Lmao and I'm 25, /b/ was v good back in 2008 when I found it. Probably still good to 16 year olds that find it these days, we're just jaded and tired now
yeah i used to be amused but i guess a man can only scroll passed so many diseased dicks in one lifetime,

i have a nice archive of stuff from back in the day tho,

i have so many chill flash loops
and no dont say it! we arnt old, im in my peak! right?
Do you have the gif of the guy pooping on a baby? I've been looking for it for ages
sadly no, i didnt really archive anything too vile,

ive seen the clip tho, its as you imagine,

seen 1guy1jar?

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