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File: IMG_0246.jpg (274 KB, 1000x664)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
>19-20th century steam thread
If it's running on steam it counts
But it must be either running or under overhaul.
Post anything
Sorry for hijacking your thread but if anybody could recommend their favorite moderately affordable model steam engine I'd appreciate. No locomotive, just the tabletop steam engine.

a lot of the ones here seem great but pretty pricy for what you get
File: wpf4dea3b3_05_06.jpg (91 KB, 602x400)
91 KB
these are right sexy
Oh look, one of those things from that kid's show.
File: wauf.jpg (483 KB, 1024x707)
483 KB
483 KB JPG
>fav train
Rio Grande class K-27
Go on this one all the time at my county park
These 0-4-2T''s are built for a line that exists just because there's a fort at the top, due to the gradient, racks are used to climb

nowadays part of the line is a tourist attraction

out of 5 built, there's only 3 left, 2 in steam and 1 preserved and the other 2 presumably scrapped for parts
Miniature steam engines were sold in all the toy stores when I was a child. I'm glad I never made my parents get me one. It would have been an embarrasing waste of money.
File: ripinpieces.png (650 KB, 629x821)
650 KB
650 KB PNG
>Sir Haydn
Excellent taste, OP. Have a dismantled Talyllyn for your good tastes.
If you're interested, you can get a Stirling engine for like thirty bucks, and it's a lot easier to deal with than a steam engine because you don't need to get it hot enough to boil water
File: IMG_20190111_173038.jpg (1.14 MB, 2259x3193)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
I have one, the cheap chinkshit variety. They're cool but let's be real steam is way cooler.

If I had the money I might have gotten this one though. One of the craziest desktop engines I've seen
I own this exact model. The foam displacement piston will eventually fall off of you're a moron like me and leave the engine on top of a toaster oven
Would either of you, or anybody in this thread, happen to know where to find a larger engine of this sort for off grid multi-purpose use? I want to find something big enough that I can use it for power when solar/water isn't enough, and hook it up to a table saw and some other tools.
File: frickpic1_small.jpg (30 KB, 500x375)
30 KB
hope you have lots of money
a $200 gas generator will do the same and do it more reliably
If you want to go off grid, a regular generator with a wood gassifier hooked up would probably be more useful.
solar+battery is always good enough for off-grid

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