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I'm looking to model the National Railways of Zimbabwe. Does anyone know if any off-the-shelf products exist in this regard, or am I going to have to scratch build everything? Also in general can any Brits who've been to SA/Zim tell me if they even sell model trains there, and what they look like if they do?

Asking here because it's too niche for /toy/ and, since we are talking about Zimbabwe not Rhodesia, this is not a /pol/ thread.
>I'm looking to model the National Railways of Zimbabwe

why not? I noticed that despite there being all sorts of Rhodesia stuff for military models in general there's no model trains. Model planes and model cars, but no model trains.
I really like this concept, although I can't help you OP. please kept us posted
Assuming you are serious, best thing to do is to find a roster of locomotives used by Zimbabwe, find models of those models and then custom paint them yourself. I'm assuming almost all of the locomotives used there, including the one in your pic, are exports made by British locomotive manufacturers. So search for the generic model type and go from there.
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Since I'm feeling generous, here's a list.

Searching "u20c" (which is a DE6) in Toys and Hobbies on ebay returned several HO models which could be repainted without much difficulty. Good luck!
I find it hard to believe that there aren't any suitable models for Garratts. It's just a matter of repainting them in NRZ or Rhodesia Railways colors.
Well the first thing is that you’re working with 3’6” gauge, so there’s not much in the way of track work available unless you go S scale/HO gauge.
On eve you decide on a scale, you’re probably still going to need to build everything yourself.
You will have so good crossover potential with SAR modelling
Best of luck


>A brand new English Electric 2000hp diesel electric locomotive, number 1222, emerges from the works for export to Rhodesia Railways. Numbers 1200-1222 of this DE2 class were manufactured here and numbers 1223-1234 by the sister works of Vulcan Foundry in Newton-le-Willows. The external appearance of these locomotives is very similar to the later British Railways class 40’s. Indeed 9, including 1222, were re-engined in 1982 using reconditioned engines from withdraw British Railways Class 40 locos.

Interestingly, the UK's official museum calls it a "Rhodesian Class 40" outright.


>Diesel electric locomotive general arrangement, a Rhodesia Class 40, 1958 (Ref: GEC/2/2/2/82)
File: Ga-Rhodesia-Class-40-hi.jpg (1.26 MB, 3000x1141)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG

I know, that part I'm not to worried about since I'll be happy if I can even find a workable shell I can drop onto a gently modified F-7 frame I have. It's not realistic, but eh

Additionally it bears a somewhat passing resemblance of the South Australian Railways 900 class, which uses the same engine.
File: alco%20pa-1[1].gif (17 KB, 692x258)
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That's an ALCO PA-1 as sure as I've ever seen one. Search that and you'll find one in HO and N scale real quick.
I genuinely like OPs idea and wish him the best. African and South American railroads are so underrepresented in the modeling sphere.
Bump, keep us posted OP.
I'm from South Africa, I only see European and Asian models when I look. Even than, most of it is cheap crap, a lot of them are kids toys. Most of our rail systems are for freight, which for a second-world country you'd think we'd put in some effort to assist people traveling. I have to bet at least 75% of us don't have cars
Modelling a modern railway that was carved out of the wild African wilderness by intrepid men for Queen and country and then lost to neglect and decay by...well, you know.
Amazing filename.

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