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/n/ - Transportation

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File: fatbikes are faster.jpg (175 KB, 800x645)
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>go into LBS
>looking to buy all arounder
>sales guy takes me over to Pugsley
>this is the true all arounder he says
>buy the Pug, use it for commute, trails, everything
>about 3 months later tires start to get a little thin
>get flat tire
>patch and re-inflate
>tear valve stem
>go down to LBS for new tube
>oh sorry anon we don't carry those tubes, we'll have to special order them
>should be here in 3 days anon
>3 days!?!
>this is my only transportation, how am I supposed to get to work for the next 3 days?
>not my problem, you should commute on a bike with more common components. Fat bikes are for sand and snow. That is why your tires wore out so quick, all that paved riding
>b-b-b-but your salesman said this was the best all-arounder
>Oh, he just meant it was the best for extreme conditions
>it kinda sucks for road riding/commuting
>well that is all I use it for! Maybe 10 miles a week of trails, but mostly just commuting
>will you let me return it then and get a cross bike?
>no sorry, we can't do that. We could buy it back from you, how's $130 sound?
>$130?!?! I paid $1,200 for it 3 months ago
>sorry anon, it is the best I could do for that bike. Not a lot of interest in fats around here. They're just not very practical in an ruben environment.

Fat bikes, not even once!
>buys fat bike
>realizes fat bikes are shit
Do your research before purchases anon, can't really trust salespeople
Pugsleys are outdated as fuck. I couldn't even give my old frame and wheels away after moving rest of the components to a Moonlander.

Anyway you can use a 26 x 2.4 tube in the mean time. It will stretch a bit thinner and might be more susceptible to punctures, but some people run like that all the time to save weight.
Your own fault, really, due to ignorance. You should have educated yourself before you went to a bike shop, taken into account what sort of riding you were really going to do, looked at all different types and styles and brands of bikes, decided on one in an informed way, then gone looking for a shop that had or could order precisely what you wanted. Instead what happened is you just went to a shop, all deer-in-the-headlights, and the wolves that work there did what they're paid to do: sell you what makes them a nice big profit. Chances are what they sold you was something they needed to get out of their inventory before they had to discount it. Many shops couldn't care less what's best for you. If they did care, they'd've asked you a bunch of questions about where and how much you were going to ride, in order to help you make an informed decision. Not so much in this case!

If I were you I wouldn't go back to that particular shop again for any reason. If you need to keep this bike going for now, order what you need online, and not get screwed over on the markup they'll certainly add to the price.

I'd also consider selling this fatbike you bought on Craigslist, since it's still in near-new condition, and taking that money and buying a bike more appropriate for your use. Based on what you've said, I'd think something closer to a cyclocross bike would suit you, or at the very least a road bike with a wheelset wide enough to handle wider all-terrain tires, so you'll do well on pavement, but still be able to ride on dirt trails when you need to, and with V-brakes or disc brakes instead of traditional caliper brakes. You should be able to get a good deal on a gently used bike on Craigslist.
>about 3 months later tires start to get a little thin
How how hard do you fucking ride?
Not him, but tire weae isn't just about how hard you ride, but about the compound and thickness of the rubber plus rear brake actuation.

-t. has minimal wear on his tires despite drafting semitrucks at 60-80 km/h
>-t. has minimal wear on his tires despite drafting semitrucks at 60-80 km/h
Do you want to die anon?
So Surly tyres are shit?
Not realy, although sometimes it seems like a decent option.
I'm not sure, I have never had them on any of my bikes.
However wear isn't the only thing to judge a tire on, as rolling resistance, puncture protection, ride quality and grip on different kinds of surfaces are important as well.

What tire is best depends verry much on where you ride, for example the GP4KS2 in 25mm is an excelent allround roadbike tire, but it sucks on cobblestone and has verry little grip offroad.
A larger knobby MTB-tire like the Schwalbe SmartSam in 2.6" on the other hand is shit on the road, but absorbs bumps on cobblestone and has much more grip offroad.
Then there are different compounds, softer compounds wear out faster but have more grip, harder compounds wear out slower but have less grip.
Yeah, I know all that. Still, a fatbike tyre that wears out in 3 months seems like shit.
hahah you are fucking stupid
Been bike commuting 200km per week for a couple of years now. I see the regulars in town... CX bros, mountain bikers, even a couple of full sus retards. When I do see someone commuting on a fat bike though, I only ever see them the once.
If you often lock your rear brake, every tire wears out pretty fast.
My little brother (16) for example wears out a rear tire every 500 km or so while I change my tires when the rubber starts to degrade.
Full suspension is probably nice when you have a lot of cobble.

> Pugsley for $1,200
> Ednas worn in three months
> shop doesn't have a tube
> salesman offered $130 for the bike

It's almost like someone made this whole story up on weed or something
If you don't live in a northern climate you don't need a fatty. I ride one for my commute in the winter but our roads get really bad in Minnesota. I also gladly switch back to my roadie when the weather permits.
Twin Citiesfag?
Yeah. East bloomington.
Word, my /n/igga.
Right tool for the right job.

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