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File: 91bQVq6daoL._SX425_.jpg (31 KB, 425x396)
31 KB
Is this a good commuter bike?
If you want an entry level fixie get a kilo tt or aventon
Probably not:
>single speed
>unbranded components
>super narrow 23mm tires
>no fenders
>no racks
>no lights
>no kickstand
>quill stem
>no mentioning of exact frame material
>no mentioning of weight

I wouldn't buy it, especialy for that price, I've seen significantly better bikes for less.
or the state 4130 core
No I see this pieces of shit all over my city and get angry every time.
Like the anon above said kilo tt or Aventon if you want aluminum
Kilo TT or motobecane track
Either one would be infinitely better.
File: fuji-sagres-290062-1.jpg (315 KB, 900x544)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
This is far better. https://www.bikenashbar.com/cycling/bikes-frames/hybrids-commuters-cruisers/fuji-sagres-yb-sgs

>Steel frame
>Steel fenders
>Shimano shifter and drivetrain
>Thin tires for good speed on a road, but not si thin that an acorn will send you over the handlebars
It comes out to $140 shipped at the checkout. For a name brand cycle thats normally $280 i'd say its a good deal.
No. Fixies are garbage and it's not from a reputable manufacturer. Look at these instead:
Kona Dew Plus
GT Tachyon
Trek FX
Specialized Sirrus (Vita if femanon)
Cannondale Bad Boy
Giant Escape
Salsa Vaya
Surly Straggler
All-City Macho Man
Kona Jake
Garbage meme bike. Fujis are good. That specific bike is not.
Check out the state 4130 core line. As long as you get the box section wheels (lo pro on the site) then it’s a decent bike if you can’t get the kilo tt.
They are having sale right now where every day there is a new one and the whole site is 20% off

Quality controll sucks dick but they will work with you.
The sale makes it worth it

Fixies are great for commutes
Super reliable
“Fixies” are garbage if you have 800$ to spend on a bike.
Fixed gear bikes are perfect for
>low price
>entry into bike mechanics

Legit the best starter bike for road use.
You can just throw a cog in and make it a single speed

Also stop saying “fixie”
Shows how little you know
Why are you defending a piece of shit fixie/singlespeed (fixie, seriously who gives a shit). Why the fuck are you on this board advocating for someone to waste their money on a shitty bike. Do you know what you get with these bikes? The components are so shitty the parts regularly fail; brake levers snap, brake calipers break, the rims are barely even held together. Sure its a functional bike but OP could just as easily be pointed to the used bike thread and pick up a quality, name brand, used bicycle for the same price.

I have no fucking idea why anyone defends these shitty bike brands, and this is coming from someone who's first bike was a Pure Fix SS, a complete waste of money. You don't need to wait long to see how many shitty bike "brands" start ups offering trendy looking fixies that are complete junk. A little bit of capital and you too can have a start up making the same crap, from the same factories, that Walmart has. Sure, some of these brands rise above the rest and start to offer better bikes (Pure, State, Bombtrack) but they all started off with the same shit marketing to urbanites who wanted cool bikes.

Yes I am mad.
What are you on about, you autist?
'fixie' is short for 'fixed gear bike'
Anon you replied to here. Some of the bikes I listed have a retail price of $400 (I believe the base Kona Dew, Trek FX, and maybe Specialized Sirrus, maybe another one on the list too). Maybe even cheaper if on sale.
If you can't afford $400, then you should either save up more money until you can afford $400, or buy used.

>You can just throw a cog in and make it a single speed
Depends if the hub can be flipped. If it can, it likely already comes with a cog on the ss side. Shows how much YOU know about fixies. Fucktard.
I’m defending fixed gear bikes.
Not the trash in ops pic
Good assumption
>Trusting a geared bike at sub 600$
i shiggity diggity
Fixie is what retards call fixed gear bikes / track bikes
>fixed gear
Pick both
Fuck people that order bikes from amazon.
Implying fixed gear bikes are good for anything besides track riding? There's a reason they fell out of favor a century ago in favor of the freewheel.

OP asked for a commuting bike and hasn't even said where he lives. So unless he's a flatlander why suggest a SS. Suggesting a fixie off the bat is plan retarded.

And rereading your initial post, suggesting a fixie is a good introduction to bike mechanics is stupid. Just because fixies require less maintenance doesnt mean the parts they do have are any easier to work on. Modern bikes have derailleurs and brakes, and do require regular maintenance. The only parts shared in common is the chain and tires. Everything else that's common is much more advanced (cranks, hubs, headsets etc.)
Sure a $400 geared bike won't be great, but a Kona Dew will be better than any fixie. Personally if I was going to spend $400 on a bike I would buy used.
>Implying fixed gear bikes are good for anything besides track riding?
To be fair, if you live in NYC, are gay, and are into hipsters, they're a fairly good way of meeting a boyfriend.

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