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Do you guys every go through your physical collection and sell/donate stuff you don't care about? How do you go about it?

My collection is so bloated with garbage sitting next to albums I actually love. I have like 3 Air Supply albums for some reason, sitting on the same shelf as artists likr Autechre and Animal Collective. I used to have a "quantity over quality" philosophy but at this point it's too much. Anyone else have this problem?

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Take em to a Half Price Books store
I'd recommend looking if you have a record shop in a reasonable distance of you, either that or donate it to your local goodwill/thrift shop.
Just donate them, nobody is going to buy them if it’s just cheap thrift store junk
i don't have a physical collection anymore. i donated all of it, even the out of print stuff. i've done the same to most of my book collection.

i just stream now and if i like something i'll buy digital. just trying to live life with less stuff.
I think I'll just take it to Goodwill, yeah.
at this point I only have physical copies that are special to me (friends' bands, signed albums, etc)
I'm sure if I still had a turntable and collected records I'd have a lot more silly shit

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