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File: ladyofsorrows.jpg (100 KB, 480x640)
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Recently I've had this huge existential dread type pit in my stomach and I don't foresee it fading anytime soon. the world is collapsing before our eyes and ultimately no one gives a shit. endless wars, rising sea levels and strange af weather, animal rights and veganism being totally ignored or even laughed at, fucked up draconian laws being passed. we/re on the brink of some really harsh times and its legit scary to think about the upcoming decade. why am I telling the internets asshole about this I don't know.

anyways, music for this feel
Post Rock, if you want to wallow in it
the world has been falling apart since civilization came to be. every generation thinks it's all going to shit, yet the world keeps turning
you live in one of the most stable times in human history and it won't really turn to shit until your long dead. lighten up faggot.
so fucking do something about it. I’m tired of all this endless nihilism with no even half hearted attempt to actually affect change in the world
File: joulukuva4.jpg (426 KB, 768x1024)
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fuck this ideology. of course anything built is bound to fall. the problems in the world today they couldn't even fathom 100 years ago, let alone 10,000.we're screwed literally beyond belief
File: Our-Lady-of-Sorrows.jpg (2.6 MB, 2499x3748)
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fuck u, people like u got us in this mess
im vegan, ride a bike,dont own a car, recylcles,i even pull unused togo boxes out of the garbage at my work bc servers are fucking idiots.i do all i can
avatarfagging is against the rules enjoy your ban retard
Don't worry anon. I'm going to save the world for you. Just ask Mary to pray for us like in the picture and everything will be okay.

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