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Fuck you, I like him.
I like him too if it makes you feel any better.
Why do you like this artist? My sibling told me about Voltaire. What is to like?
He captures the fun 'pop goth' spirit that literally no other artist has every been able to capture. Other artists are either all angst or all parody, like they're either just familiar with goths based on what they've seen on TV or like they're just making fun of them. Voltaire is the only artist I've heard that sounds like he actually was a goth and is trying to capture their essence instead of just parodying or trying to profit off of them.
So the music is "existential" or "nihilistic" in some sense? Or do you prefer the comedic nature of it? Do you prefer lyrics or notes?
Literally all of that. Voltaire is the only artist I've found that remembers goths are people first and that they're not "in character" all the time. The actual notes of the songs are great in that he clearly knows what his audience enjoys in terms of melodies and instruments while the lyrics are great in that they poke fun at the audience without making fun of them. The songs themselves are enjoyable while the lyrics are fun. He's almost like a goth Weird Al.
Give a rec for a newcomer then. I'll give it a listen for you anon :)
Vampire Club is probably my favorite. When You're Evil, Brains, and The USS Makes Shit Up are all solid too. Goodnight Demon Slayer or Ex-Lover's Lover are fun if you want a "real" song. Or go with God Thinks if you're still a teenager in the early 2000s.
I'll give some of them a go here in a sec. Give me a like 20 min. and I'll give first impressions.
I listened to Vampire Club, When You're Evil, Brains, and The Beats of Pirate's Bay. It was okay. I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to this, but it's alright. Well produced/good studio work here though. It's not really my cup of tea though.

My sibling hates me now LOL.
That's fair. Most of his appeal is definitely if you have an attachment to the culture and if you did, you probably would have heard about him sooner than this. Definitely from an earlier era, like how I would definitely not recommend Alien Ant Farm or Reel Big Fish to anyone right now even though I do like them. But I'm glad you gave him a shot, at least.
Yeah I used to like him a lot back in the day. The Ring song popped in my head the other day for the first time in a million years "Aki e a ringo e, guchi gi a ya so da" I liked the song about the guy on trial for necrophilia too. Cool and smooth
haven't thought about this guy in years. didn't know he had such a bad rap. probably won't think about him for another few years.
No prob anon. That's why I come to /mu/ every now and again. Trying to find some new fun stuff you know? Not to say that his shit wasn't fun or anything (because it was) like I said, just not for me.

Anyway, I enjoy your enthusiasm. Also, checked.
used to listen to this guy in middle school
he's kinda corny, but definitely doesn't take himself seriously
what was that one song that started with "while I was shopping at hot topic"?

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