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Was he the nympho?
at the discotek?
Dr. Mario
File: JPEG_20190414_130925.jpg (2.75 MB, 4032x3024)
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You need colonoscopy?
Tell me where or how you got that. Right now.
I'm the guy who put together that (r)ariel pink folder. I helped the lead technician on the upcoming remasters, Slugbug (also a FANTASTIC musician, check him out!) find a buncha missing material, and as a thanks he mailed me this tape! It came in saturday
Thanks for all the great shit you put out there, man. I fuckin appreciate it.

Also do they have a set time frame for the reissues?
Not really, it's still up in the air, Lover Boy is already having Test Pressings done & Doldrums is basically finalized, but I believe Worn Copy isn't finished.
And yes, Oddities Sodomies volume 2 WILL release, it's tracklist isn't set in stone yet iirc, but it's a thing
I cant fucking wait for loverboy on vinyl, do you know if they will be limited pressings or not?
Not sure offhand, but I don't think so. From how they're talking about it, I think they're at least gonna be pressed once or twice. Mex seems to have lots of faith tho, much more than Ariel does lol
File: 90239023.png (23 KB, 451x388)
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Mr. AP insider. I don't know how deep your insider knowledge goes but I still need to ask.

Do these tapes actually exist in some kind of form?
Lol those are theoretical physics at this point. Pretty sure "tape 1" is that untitled papermasche tape, so Ariel probably has others too, he's just veey disorganized. I'm talkin crates of tapes. Also in the early '00s, friends staying over would often steal tapes. They actually tracked down one of said friends, but he long since lost it. I fear that may be the story with people who bought/were given the tapes, too...

But, it's still possible Ariel will discover them some day!

So to answer your question, they existed, and hopefully still exist, but we're not sure
Oh! The BIANCA tape definetly exists, and I think Ari knows of someone who has it, but they're not in contact anymore.

Anyway, I'm going to go to sleep, it's almost 1AM by me, and I'm still a lowly highschool senior. Goodnight, y'all!
Fun Fact: Ariel Pink is tranny, therefore his music is shit. Other example: Sophie.
Both points there are debatable
He's a tinseltown tranny. Get it right at least. Sheesh!
I bet some of the stuff from those tapes are found in this video. It isn't really said for sure, but I bet it's so.
File: 1467577269158.jpg (203 KB, 476x606)
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203 KB JPG
thank you o holy one

let's hope more unreleased ariel material leaks in the future
Did you see this shit? Fucking wild.
I love this dude's channel. I had zero clue this tune existed until he uploaded it.

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