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I have the music tastes of a boomer and all I listen to are rock bands from the 60s through 70s.

Throw me some modern rap/hiphop to prove to me that it doesn't all just sound like teenagers mumbling to a GarageBand beat
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>the list goes on...
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Sorry OP you’re out of luck. No such thing. Last good band was Yo La Tengo
Try some 90s rock?

Wow these are actually pretty good
Anything by MF Doom (someone has mentioned his project madvillain earlier), NAS has some pretty good early albums too. Wu Tang Clan are pretty dope too.
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The production/mixing is really fucking good on this album
>wanting recommendations to ape mating calls instead of innovative music
this is not music, this is the effect of a python script generatiing random MIDI messages at random time intervals and sending them to a synth
Run The Jewels. Second and/or third album.
I'm not OP, but I'm sorry guys, this hip hop stuff is boring as shit. There's hardly any music behind it.

OP, don't try and ruin your decent taste. You know damn well hip hop isn't worth a lick if shit other than a tool for identity politics. It isn't music, it's a performance "art" at best.
99% of hip hop is shit
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJGzNHjTpGAbut this is art v
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>identity politics meme
you're forming a contrarian identity to avoid the effort and social risk of relating to your peers. don't wait too long to admit this to yourself; it's a waste of your youth and you will regret it
I'm an adult. My friends conform to my standards.
Okay, but back in the day they couldn't run python interpreters on their Atari STs, they were making 'real music' I swear
well you're running out of time bro
>you're forming a contrarian identity to avoid the effort and social risk of relating to your peers
Not the anon you were responding to, but not true (by the way)
I was born a poorfag, and I managed to become a webdev with a somewhat cushy salary because I could go to college for a dozen of euros in my country.
I feel like Americans prefer to indulge in liberal racism and essentialism (and right-wing reaction in face to that) instead of focusing on economic issues. If college in your """free""" country didn't cost anything, poor black guys and gals could go learn some stuff there and join the middle-class and boring gated communities instead of shooting each other because the other nigga was selling xans on his block or whatever. I'm tired of this woke shit. Idpol is a deadend and nothing else.

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