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File: 2246109.jpg (228 KB, 1280x822)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
Wings Edition

Post pictures, write greentexts, and discuss Dash!
Previous thread: >>34934420


Rosenkreutz !!x9kIUBwer0n

mobius !9PEUyNz5zw


Klaifferon !!N5xpnYlkpAl

Past writefags: https://pastebin.com/usz0kvna
Anonymous one-shots: https://pastebin.com/t14ht82G
Drawfags: https://pastebin.com/pNRAZ4Ff

YouTube playlist:
Dash clips:

Backup Plan: https://pasteboard.co/IuwRKfq.png
File: 2239353.png (595 KB, 1740x1300)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
Pony Life stop motion shorts with Rainbow Dash
"Cake Off" [thread: >>34929242]
"Fashion Failure" [thread: >>34956214]


Previously on /dash/:

- We celebrated Dash's birthday!
-- Some birthday tweets from Japan: >>34934517
-- Anon ordered pizza for Dash: >>34936214
-- Birthday Dashes from the Draw Thread:
>>34936097 / https://derpibooru.org/2263607
>>34937121 / https://derpibooru.org/2263608
>>34947893 / https://derpibooru.org/2267377
-- And more birthay Dashes from MLPG:
>>34936540 / https://derpibooru.org/2264804
>>34936804 / https://derpibooru.org/2264805
-- Also, Dash's birthday thread: >>34936484

- We talked about how Dash moved to Ponyville: >>34934869
- We met Refugee Dash: >>34942340
-- and we heard her >>34952725 / >>34959519
- Two years without Dash Academy F
- And we're getting ready for Hearts and Hooves day: >>34979264

+ Brand new OC:
- A quick happy birthday doodle by NAWA:
-- and a Valentine Dash:
- An unfinished remastered >>34936557 by Infrayellow:
- A new vector wallpaper by Klaifferon:
-- and a new sketch:
- Boop:
- And this "SFW" edit of derpibooru.org/2271412:

+ Green:
- A birthday present for Dash from Anonymous:
- The ending of "Hearthswarming Gift" by mobius:
>>34941170 / https://pastebin.com/kaefN3YP
-- also, mobius's rules to write greens: >>34970323
- Chapters 7.5 and 8 of "Soul retrieval" by Klaifferon:
>>34943763 / https://pastebin.com/Kv6JgEkB
- Anonymous wrote a green inspired by Klaifferon's wallpaper:

+ And more Dashes out there:
- Dotkwa drew a Dash for MLPG:
>>34927667 / https://derpibooru.org/2264800
- Another new Dashie from the Draw Thread:
File: 2241721.jpg (974 KB, 4800x2700)
974 KB
974 KB JPG

YouTube videos:

+ SoaringFlight - Dashin' Dreams:
+ Wonderbolt - dBPony (feat. Prince Whateverer):
+ Koroshi-Ya - (Girl) You Know I Love You (feat. Replacer) (Prod. By Prakhar Raikwar):
+ MLP - Cerulean Sky FLASH/Animation (Better Quality, HD):
+ Dash's Determination:
+ Starlight Glimmer don't know the Wonderbolts:
+ My Little Pony Physics Presentation:
+ [Japanese] MLP: FiM - Make a Wish:
+ Rainbow Dash touching a wall:
+ My Little Pony - The Matrix:
+ Rainbow Dash Reloaded:
+ Pony Trailer: THE MATRIX:
+ MLP: FIM - Rainbow Dash into the weather factory - "Tanks For The Memories" [HD]:
+ Francis Vace - My Rainbow Horse And Me [Ska Punk]:
+ KDA-POPSTARS [SFM/Re-creation]:
+ Memories: A Rainbow Dash 'Tail':
File: 2065569.png (942 KB, 1000x1000)
942 KB
942 KB PNG
I love my Dashie!
File: 1565364849242.png (7 KB, 500x500)
7 KB

Doing gods work OP
Rainbow Dash!
File: 545158.png (598 KB, 1366x768)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
...is the best pony!
File: 1053207.png (624 KB, 3666x5000)
624 KB
624 KB PNG
7th for best pony!
File: 1572065798378.png (207 KB, 807x990)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
I love Rainbow Dash!
File: 1403479.gif (2.73 MB, 640x360)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB GIF
She is the light of love, the center of this infinite universe, the very meaning of beauty. Happy valentine's day, Rainbow Dash.
>The original comic's name is "Memories."
>There's a video based on the comic that always makes me cry.
I knew there was something weird about this video, I remembered it being an animation rather than a PMV. After checking my disks, I found out that there was actually another video, now deleted, that used the same music but was in fact an animation.
The title was simply "Memories" (video id GfH-tYbqRV8) and the original uploader was EzeCoyote. The original channel was deleted, the guy changed his name to Coyotemation and reuploaded his video to his new channel (video id XHAGkKyLagQ), but eventually deleted the reupload as well.
As far as I can see, none of the channels were archived by The Pony Archive, and Internet Archive doesn't have any of these videos either. I've been unable to find a reupload of the animation (ironically, there are reuploads of the PMV that still exists). The YouTube channel Deleted Pony Videos has a reupload of a different video by the same guy, but not this animation.

I only have the videos from the second channel, I uploaded them to my MEGA, in case anyone wants to cry a bit more (you can watch them without downloading anything).
Please feel free to share the link or the files however you want, and if you happen to know anyone with an archive who would like to mirror them, or anyone with a YouTube channel to reupload them, please let them know.

Also, when I was looking for the reupload I found a few GIFs on Tumblr,
I added them to the MEGA folder as well.
God, she's so cute.
I AM IN LOVE WITH RAINBOW DASH AND I WANT TO HUG HER AND PET HER AND KISS HER AND RUB HER ears, tummy, chest fluff, and hooves, AND GIVE HER lots of compliments.

File: 669673.png (1.25 MB, 2800x1900)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
hearts and hooves day is quite a day for rainbow dash, the most beautiful and irresistible mare in Equestria.
Fucking based.
Anyway, I uploaded it to Derpibooru.
For the record, this was the other video with Dash.
File: 14370378700862.jpg (198 KB, 413x638)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
File: Rainbow_Jew.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1755)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
File: 552017.png (1.75 MB, 3110x3786)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
Posting a couple old pics from Omi to celebrate Hearts and Hooves Day.
These aren't on Derpibooru anymore because this artist hates his old art and purges everything he doesn't like anymore. I think it's a shame, some of his old art was really nice. At least I'm happy he still loves Dash and draws her quite often, he posted this two days ago.

Omi, if you read this, don't be ashamed of your old pics. And thank you for still drawing Dash.
File: 545018.png (1.02 MB, 3200x3251)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
This one is so adorable. I think he never colored it.
File: 2264434.png (188 KB, 950x950)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
File: Boop.jpg (206 KB, 1280x1136)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
I want to boop Rainbow Dash
File: 2273768.png (397 KB, 1001x1300)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
File: 1356467351793.jpg (30 KB, 382x400)
30 KB
File: 2274537.png (1.86 MB, 2152x2446)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
you guys remember when rainbow dash had a pizza topped with mushrooms, tomato slices, and cupcakes on her birthday?
File: 1562528638908.gif (954 KB, 848x658)
954 KB
954 KB GIF

Warms my heart to see all this love for Rainbow on valentines day. Happy valentines day bros. Keep loving that horse.
File: 563393.gif (865 KB, 644x710)
865 KB
865 KB GIF

File: 2274605.jpg (1.69 MB, 2300x2111)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
An extra Hears and Hooves Day Dash from HMBY!
File: 1581743487415.png (321 KB, 1600x1200)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
Another H&H Dash from the Draw Thread.
Where is that magic going?
File: 1517617.png (153 KB, 1076x739)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Lewd stuff.
File: 410157.png (1.18 MB, 1366x1310)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Speaking of deleted pics, I forgot to post this here. The artist of pic related deleted all his stuff from Derpibooru like three months ago. He didn't have much stuff, barely 30 pics, I dumped them all here.
Since he only had five pics with Dash, I'm going to dump them all here.
File: 269587.png (444 KB, 1024x931)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
File: 272812.png (768 KB, 1550x1000)
768 KB
768 KB PNG
File: 395555.png (3.5 MB, 1975x1413)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB PNG
File: 410160.png (2.13 MB, 2000x1300)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB PNG
fuck, that wasn't supposed to be an 8
And 5/5
Yandere dash?
I hope everypony had a good Hearts and Hooves Day yesterday!

this morning is the season 1 finale mlp rewatch stream and it begins in about 20 minutes. because this is the season 1 finale stream, it’s sure to be a lot of fun. besides watching episodes 25 and 26 of season 1, we’re also going to watch lots of relevant fanmade pony videos.
I’m not the guy who runs the streams, i’m just a random anon dashfag, but i have a lot of fun at these mlp rewatch streams and i want to share that with my fellow anons.

thread here: >>34978299

link to the stream here: https://derpy.me/yFkEx
also the stream is going to be pretty long so hop in anytime.
File: 2264442.jpg (243 KB, 1000x1000)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
best night ever starts in like 10 ish minutes!
okay, NOW "Best Night Ever" is starting. come watch it with us! and after the episode we're going to watch a bunch of nostalgic and old pony fanmade vids from the season 1 era.
i wont take up the thread with any more of this because i don't want to derail the dashie thread. so here's the rewatch stream thread for that >>34978299

stream: https://derpy.me/yFkEx
File: dash_dress.png (327 KB, 656x1024)
327 KB
327 KB PNG

Proof that Dashie is pure Sex in black:
File: 2118248.jpg (356 KB, 1920x3023)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
She truly is.
what's with the anthro-ness? especially that second one. remember when artists enjoyed drawing ponies as ponies?
human shoulders and hips are the curse among pony artists
File: 104813.jpg (149 KB, 777x861)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
>remember when artists enjoyed drawing ponies as ponies?
I don't really understand this meme of pretending that human-like poses are new to the fandom, when there have been semi-anthro ponies since forever.
It's a really sad mindset anyway, there was a time when semi-anthro was something to celebrate, an artist drew something that was close to a pony instead of a weird mutant with hands and huge boobs. Now we're supposed to pretend that if a pony has human shoulders the pic is ruined forever.
God I want to put a baby in that cute little pony pussy if you know what I mean
it's not that they're new. it's that it got a lot worse as time went on and more and more artists fell into that hole as the years went by. a lot of artists that draw the semi-anthro ponies today usually drew proper pony anatomy back in their earlier fanart.
Is it just me or does the attention to detail on the wings in OP with the lack of detail on the body make the wings look edited on ?

>So many complain about Baron Engel only doing anthro
>Pic by Baron Engel of Dashie in a little black dress

Let's ignore the butthurt little retards with their retarded so-called 'Meme'-based assblastedness over nothing, and post more of Best Pone looking ultra-sexy in black: regardless of her pose:
that's kind of what i was getting at. that dashie in a black dress drawing is from 4 years ago. baron engel used to draw horses/ponies a lot more but now he draws almost exclusively anthro. he makes a real pony drawing maybe once a month if that, while making like 20 anthro drawings in that same month. even baron's horsey ponies of today still have semi-anthro anatomy to them, like the one he posted today where dash is given human shoulders.
File: 1561268531785.png (1.61 MB, 1920x1080)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
A new thread, a new update for you, mah favourite nibbas who actualy read my stuff.
This one's a little longer again, hope not too long.
Anyway, pastebin is updated, https://pastebin.com/Kv6JgEkB, here goes:

>when she's finished with that, she's joining you by the kitchen counter, pulling herself up to see better over your shoulder on what you're doing there
>"....-So, what will it be?"
"....I'm out of imagination today." you chuckle "Will bread with-.. "something" suffice?"
>"Sure thing dude." she bumps her thigh over yours "Put some butter on it though."
"Yes ma'am. What next?"
>"Hmm,... I dunno."
"Sweet or salty?" you'd turn from the counter to pick up her front hooves in your hands, inviting her into a brainstorm
>"Sweet! No wait salty.... or maybe-... rather sweet?"
"Um,.. how about a peanut butter?"
"A big layer?"
>"One that chokes you in the throat!"
"Yes! And an equaly big layer of jam!"
>"You're my pony- I mean man! ...That's a deal." Dash laughs upon letting go of you, since the water is starting to boil now
>and the next second...
>"...Fruit or black?!" she's yelling a little too loudly, considering she's only on the other side of the kitchen
"How about something herbal?"
>which sends her into a thinking mode, tilting her head and twitching ears a few times before a conclusion
>"...I think I'll have that one as well!" she smiles finally "It's almost spring after all."
"It's always spring with you around."
>"...Wasn't it "rain" the last time?" a wing's tip pokes your side
"The summer rain, to be specific.
>"And a blooming flower or a tree in the background. Right?"
"Yup." you chuckle
>being close enough to reach with her feathers, she makes a few more steps towards you to also smell the shirt you're wearing
>"And you smell like,... coconut..? What the hay?"
"It must be the fabric softener. Don't get used to it." you chuckle "-By the way, the breakfast is ready."
File: 1572565130270.png (2.32 MB, 5465x3632)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB PNG
>and there's both of the plates you made, between her teeth already, as she's carrying them to the table while you're taking the cups
"Enjoy." you'd smile at her while taking your seat
>noticing there's a bit of saliva on the side of your plate, making you chuckle but you wouldn't comment it any further
>Dash has already a mouthful, but she's still smiling back to reply a muffled: "Thanks. You too."
>when halfway finished with the bread, you'd gulp down your morsel and put a few spoons of honey in your cup
".....How sweet you like it?" you're then moving on to hers
>"I dunno, I just keep dumping more until I like it." she grins "....But that fine, you didn't have to."
"That's okay. I mean, it's easier for me with fingers, so why not?" you've already put some honey in her cup as well, keeping the spoon there if she wanted more
>"Don't you be suprised. I'm not so clumsy with my hooves either." Dash laughs, stiring the tea and tasting whether it's okay "...But I'm still a lot more precise with my mouth though."
"So where is the line between what you're gonna use when you need to pick something up or I dunno... hammer a nail?"
>"I guess it depends on the situation. I can even use my wings sometimes."
"I've never seen you do that though." you smirk
>"I said "sometimes"." she chuckles "-And I didn't even have proper feathers for a long time."
"So I can expect to see some serious wing action upcoming weeks?"
>"You're gonna see so much wing action you'll get bored of it. ...But it's probably gonna be mostly flying." a snicker escapes her nostrils before having another sip of the tea "It's not easy to pick things up with feathers."
"Flying will do. You, being a stunt mare, is already a pretty cool sight to look at." you're smiling and have a sip of yours as well "...So and uhh, now that we're up, do we have any specific plans for today?"
>"About that, I though we could look somewhere out of the city. ...Like we talked about yesterday?"
File: dashtail.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
"That sounds good. The weather looks pretty okay too, ....at least compared to yesterday's end of the world." you'd look out of the window, seeing it's somewhat gloomy "I'll just check the internet, which bus can we take and-... oh wait."
>"Ringa-ding, -the electricity!" Dash laughs and leans elbows on the table, giving you a smug look "But I already said I can take us there. What more,- I'd prefer to."
"You're really sure about that?"
>"Yup, I was thinking, if you could tie a rope between my rear legs and hold onto it,.. maybe that could work?" she's still chewing on her bite of bread as she talks
"Maybe... but very sloppily."
>"Yeah, but I really wanna-" now she finally gulps the morsel "-find some way to take you with me. What I mean is, buses are okay and all, but now that we can fly..."
"Well, YOU can fly.."
>"We're one team Anon. You and me." you're met with her resolutely loyal eyes
"Yeah,.. but it doesn't give me wings Dash." you chuckle, flattered she thinks of you this way but "It's just,.. I don't want you to overdo yourself like you did before, because of me."
>"It wasn't that much big of a deal. And thanks to that massage, I almost don't even feel it anymore." she smiles with genuine warmness "...I really want this to work Anon."
"But how..?"
>"..If you could somehow grab onto me, so that I wouldn't have to hold you, it would be a lot easier for me."
"Hmm... alright then. We can try it. ...Any ideas?"
>"Well I had one with the ropes, ...do you have a rope?"
"I think I do, I'll just finish the breakfast and go look for it."
>"Take your time. No rush." she's chuckling, about to bite into her bread again
>and just like you've promised, after the morning meal, you're heading into your "tools/things-from-the-past" cabinet to search for a rope
"A-ha!" you've found an old climbing rope, two of them actualy
>one long and one shorter
File: luv.png (936 KB, 1920x1080)
936 KB
936 KB PNG
>"That will do. The longer one." she smiles while you're showing her "Try tying the ends onto my legs. ..Above the joint so that it sits and doesn't slide down."
"Wait, just one more thing." you'd run to your room, soon to be back with two thick pieces of fabric "Gotta at least cushion it a little for you."
>"That's thoughful of you, thanks." she's giving you a last smile before you kneel behind her, about to start tying
"It would be crime not to do so. Wouldn't want to hurt these lovely legs of yours." you'd grin, fondly sliding your hand up and down the whole appendage
>"...You like my legs?"
>you can't see her face from there, but her voice just sounded unusualy girly
"...I like everything about you." and to emphasize on that, you'd softly pick up her rear hoof, about to fondle it's frog
>..never actualy got to touch her there until n-
"What is it?"
>"N-nothing." she chuckles forcibly "I uhh,..."
"Did that hurt?"
>"It didn't... But I'm a *little* sensitive at this spot."
"....Are all ponies? ...How do you run if-"
>"This part doesn't touch the ground... And I don't know if others, but I am."
>behind that quick and vague answer lies some emotion she's hiding
>but you can see trough her
"Why would you be embarassed about that?"
>"I'm not...!" she puffs up her cheeks, finally looking over her shoulder at you, but when you eyes meet, she exhales again ".....It's just a little weird, okay?"
"Didn't we just agreed that "weird" is great sometimes?" you smirk, still holding her hoof in your hands, massaging around, but not directly her spongy part "Tell me what isn't weird about the two of us."
>"Y-yeah..." her cheeks would get a little rosy as her expression turns into a simper "B-but anyway, let's finish that."
"Right." you'd give her a smile before she hesitanly turns her head away from you
>....better remember this later on
File: pone (4).png (1.48 MB, 2557x1496)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
>soon you're finished with the tying, so you'd stand up, sofly patting her flank
"It's done."
>"Let's try it then!" Dash enthusiasticaly rears up for a few seconds, even flapping her wings in her eagerness
>but as majestic as she looks right now, the wind from the wings blew away a blanket from the couch behind her, and also a few things fell off the tiny table, sitting next to it
"That's fine. We can take care of that later." you grin and go open the door for her while she's following you, trying not to stumble over the ropes between her legs
"So, do I grab it now or wait till you're in the air?"
>"Grab it now, but hold on tightly."
"Will do captain." you'd salute before doing what she's told you
>...you're quickly rewarded with one last grin over her shoulder before she takes off
>and you're flying up!
>it wasn't a jet start, she was trying to make it as steady as possible, but it's still fast enough to yank with you
>"IT'S STRANGE TO HAVE A GRAVITY CENTER LIKE THAT, BUT I'LL GET USED!" she's making a few circles around your house, doing some subtle manevuers as well to try out how much she's able to control her flight
>and then she's heading back down on the ground
>your feet would touch the ground first, hanging from under her, so you have enough time to let go and...
>when she's about to land as well, you'd snatch her from the air and catch her body into your arms instead
"What'cha gonna do now?" you chuckle, holding her not too tightly so that she could escape you if she really wanted to
>"Guess I might bribe you?" a simper appears on her face, giving you a quick kiss on your cheek
>but you're adamant like an English royal guard
"I'm sorry miss, but that just won't do."
>it makes her go a little red, eyeing around the neighborhood
>".....You're sure your neighbors aren't watching though?"
File: 1574425579334.jpg (2.66 MB, 2500x2000)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB JPG
"I don't see anyone outside. -And if they were, so what?" you smile
>encouraged like that, she grins at you and goes straight for the kiss
>one that's as sweet as the honey in her tea
>and when you're finished, you'd gently lay her down
>".....Okay," Dash clears her throat, still simpering a little "...as I was gonna say, looks like it's going to work as intended. Not for a recreational flying, but good for getting from A to B."
"Yeah, but I can imagine it must be like being a car that's dragging another car on the rope. Isn't it."
>"...Well,... I've never been a car before, so I can't tell."
"Me neither. If you put it that way." you laugh
>"Gotta have a longer conversation about cars sometime." she chuckles
"For sure, gonna tell you all about them." you're grinning "But let's go inside now, it's a bit too cold here for just tshirt and shorts. My testicles are freezing."
>and before your sweet pone girlfriend even has anything to say, you'd slip inside the house again
>but she's following right behind you with a little amused laugh
>"So, do you just get dressed and we'll go?"
"Right now?"
>"We had a nice breakfast, I'd say we're ready. It won't be a whole day trip."
"Okay then let's go!" you'd pick up your trousers from yesterday and start putting them on, while she'd bring you your jacket and then quickly pick up all the stuff from the table too
"Thanks. Guess we got everything we need." you're checking your pockets for some spare coins, just in case, while Dash gulps the rest of her tea sitting at the bottom of the cup and...
>"Let's fly!" she's jumping out of the house, because it's easier than walking with tied legs
>but it makes her look pretty funny, especialy with how joyfully she does that
>you'd lock the door behind you, following her to grab onto the rope
"So, do you even know where we-"
>"YES!" she's already happily flapping her wings and soaring up with you
File: de.png (600 KB, 1920x1080)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
>and when you're high enough to see a green spot somewhere at the other side of the city, she starts gliding that way
>there's a little hill with a small forest in the middle of the "civilisation", likely made into a big park dedicated for this part of town
>the flight is not gonna take too long, a few minutes at most, so you should be able to hold on with your hands until you get there
>but a fact that you're so high, you'd likely fall long enough to eventualy reach your maximum fall speed,... it's making you a bit uneasy
>you gulp the little saliva in your mouth, trying NOT to think about what would happen if you let go
>so instead of looking down, you're trying to concentrate on
on where you're heading
>"YOU STILL OKAY ANON?" Dash glances down onto you
"Uhh, YES,..! I think."
>she wouldn't head on top of the hill, but rather at one of the edges of the park
>the most solitary place
"Oh wow. My face is freezing from the wind." you laugh upon landing, massaging your cheeks to make the blood flow "Even though it's beautiful up there, I'm so glad to be on the ground."
>"I was watching. You looked pretty pale a few times." Dash softly punches your thigh with an amused grin
"Yeah, that was when I realized how long would I likely fall if I let go." you snicker back "...Not a pretty thing to think about."
>"Maybe we should find some better way to fix you on the ropes."
"That might be a good thing but I have no idea how,.. at least not yet."
>"Yeah..... But you CAN make the way back the same way, right?"
"'Course. It's not that bad." you smile "And what about you? ...Did the cushion do anything at all or..?"
>"It did! I mean, there was a pressure on that spot, but it was totally bearable. Can imagine it could be straight up painful without it."
"Glad it works then." you'd fondly run your fingers trough her mane before crouching down behind her to start untying the ropes so that she can walk freely
File: 1575660878665.png (636 KB, 1774x1561)
636 KB
636 KB PNG
>and in a minute...
"Oookay, it's done."
>upon standing up, you're automaticaly coiling the rope around your shoulder, putting the pieces of fabric in your pockets
>"Hey, thanks."
"No problem..."
>from looking around, you're only a few hundered metres behind one of the entrances to the park, on a road that's leading straight into the forest
>and trough there, likely up to the very top of the hill
>the snow is mostly gone and it's all muddy around the gravel road, so it's better to follow it
>at least if you wanna stay clean...
"Do we go that way up..?"
>a cold air is blowing from the forest and it's a lot darker in there because of all the trees, blocking the little sunlight that makes it's way trough the thick clouds
>"Yup,... unless you want me to clear some skies for us first." Dash chuckles jokingly
>...but you feel, that she would totally go for it if you said yes
"....Let's leave it like that, even an atmosphere like this has it's magic." you'd just return the chuckle and step first foot into the forest
>she's almost dancingly trotting right next to you with a big smile on her face
>and you're amusedly watching her, feeling glad you get to see her like that
>as if there was some kind of glow of glee around her, with the way she's so expressive about her good mood
>most people you know aren't so spontaneous to show emotions so openly
>that's one of many things that are making her special to you, even if it might be a common trait to her kind
>she'll always be unique, even in the whole crowd of ponies
>"...What?" the chirpy pone eventualy notices how you won't take your eyes off her, , simpering about what you have to say
"Nothing." you chuckle "....I just like the look of you."
>she just smirks and carries on as if she never was interrupted
>you didn't have to say more, for her to know to know what you truly think
File: pone (58).png (3.53 MB, 6167x2800)
3.53 MB
3.53 MB PNG
>and as you walk progressively further, you're also watching the trees all around you
"...I wonder how to recognize them, now when they don't have leaves."
>"Well I can spot a birch over there!" Dash points victoriously without any hesitation
"Yea, but other than that?" you laugh "Look at this one."
>you'd come closer to one of the trees nearby, having to step lightly into the mud, carefully, not to soak your boots
>it's one of the bigger and noticeably older trees around, with trunk at least two times wider than your arms
>"Well I think it's a beech. Because of the smooth surface." Dash slides her hoof over it's bark
"You're probably right... I'll call him Tony."
>"Tony?" she grins
>you'd nod at her before hugging the tree "Hey Tony."
>Dash is standing around a little awkwardly, sort of deciding whether she should do the same just because you are doing it or not
>in the end,.. she doesn't
>and after a minute or so, you're letting go anyway
"Tony said he likes us."
>"You can talk to the trees?" you're given a questioning smirk
"...Nah." you grin "...But you can feel them. -The positive energy they emit towards you, you know?"
"Of course. Try it."
>she'd hesitate for a while, whether you're serious and whether she should even try it
>but it's not as if she's going to lose anything..
>so after a few seconds of eye contact and awkward smiles, she rears up next to the tree and wraps her front hooves as wide around him as she can
>"...Like that?"
"Try closing your eyes." you'd gesture on her "Can you feel anything?"
>she's hugging the tree for some time, trying to feel something
>....but without any luck
>"I don't think I'm the kind for that..." Dash eventualy stops trying and just leans on the tree boredly with eyes still closed
>until she surprisedly lifts her brow and opens her eyes
>"I think I felt something now.... I'm just not sure if I didn't made that up though."
File: off.png (285 KB, 1920x1080)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
"I think you didn't." you smile "Was it like,.. realizing there's some very gentle sort of... "presence"? -But like very, very subtle?"
>"Yes! Something like that!"
"That's amazing Dash." you chuckle "...You're a nutjob, just like me."
>"...I didn't really ever think of them to be alive before... I mean the same way we are."
"For a long time, I didn't neither. But I really love them now. They're so,.. peaceful and kind. They just,... don't hate,.. like humans can."
>"...You know, there was a mare who was telling other ponies about this kind of thing,.. but I never really listened to her."
"Really? What was her name?"
>hearing that makes you snort loudly and send you into bursts of laugh
"Now that's just straight up gold!" you wheeze "I don't know why it came out so funny to me..."
>"...It kinda is." your amusement is starting to spread onto her as well
"I mean,.. I know coincidences don't happen, but this is just the peak of life's comedy,..." you'd eventualy grin for the last time after more than two minutes
"Yeah... Sorry I ruined the spiritual moment for you."
>"Nah that's fine. It was a part of the moment." she snickers, softly bumping into your thigh with her shoulder, about to continue in the walk
>but it doesn't take long till you're stopping again, finding a ripped out spruce, from yesterday's storm
"Oh would you look at that..."
>"And he also crushed those smaller ones underneath!" Dash frowns "...Do you think the other trees know what happened?"
"I'm sure they do. But I wonder, if they mourn for them too.., or if they take it as a natural thing?"
>"Guess one would have to be a tree to know."
"Maybe we were. In past lives, but we don't remember." you nudge her
>she'd open her mouth about to say something, but stops in the middle of it and frowns, thinking
>"...But what would then be a point of living if we can't remember it? Will we remember this one?"
File: pone (113).png (2.47 MB, 3840x2160)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG
"I guess we just gotta live for the present..."
>".....So you think all these moments we had together will be lost forever eventualy...?" you're given a worried look
"Well,.. I'm sure none of it is really forgotten. I think we just don't need to remember it all now for this particual life." you scratch your chin "It would make sense to me it's just stored in some higher mind to which we don't have access right now."
>"But it would still be so cool to know all that, wouldn't it?"
"Won't deny it would." you chuckle and step closer to the fallen tree, putting a right hand on it "Well, wish you a happy next life, fella."
>"Yeah,... all of you." she speaks to the three tiny trees that have been crushed
>you'd smile at each other faintly and continue walking
>"...I'm glad I'm not a tree." she says after a longer pause "Fluttershy said she wouldn't mind that, but can you imagine staying in one place for the whole life?"
"If it was everything you knew..? Maybe that's why we forget, so we can be spared the pain of knowing anything different?"
>"Maybe... Sometimes all of it somehow fits together to make sense. ....But sometimes I intentionaly try to find something cruel about life. Even in places I know there isn't......... Why am I doing that?"
"I used to do that a lot too. ....Still do, when I'm down. I think you're just searching for answers."
>"..Do we ever get them all?" Dash chuckles with a bitter intonation
"I think we already did." you smile "We might just enjoy forgetting them."
>"Huh,..?" she stops for a second, looking almost offended "Well I don't anymore. I'd like to know why we're here."
"Then you're on your way to find out." you smirk
>which makes her chuckle again after a short, silent pause, this time amusedly
>"...I hope you're right."
"Yeah,... me too." you laugh
>but after a few metres, you'd stop and squat down in front of her
>Dash stops as well to see what you're gonna do
File: pone (80).jpg (504 KB, 1920x1080)
504 KB
504 KB JPG
>and what you do is: you hug her around her neck, without saying anything, burying your face in her mane
>and while letting go, you'd give her a quick kiss on a random place of her face, which just happened to be a transition between her cheek and a snout
"...I just had to do that, sorry."
>"That's alright, I slap butts, you do random hugs. Each to their own." a wide grin decorates her face
"I guess,.." you chuckle "...But I was thinking, -I mean,.. I constanly have this urge to hold you by the hand while walking,.. only to realize you don't have one. "
>"..Really?" she chuckles
"Yes, humans do that a lot... Don't you ponies have like an equivalent of anything like that?"
>"Well,.. we'd just walk very close to each other,.. or I could do this." she raises her wing like a big hand and pulls you closer to her with a grin on her face
"That's strange, but hey, not bad." you snicker, putting put your hand on her back and wing as if it was her waist
>couples like you two have to make do
>and you'd slowly continue further for some time, only occasionaly stopping when you notice something interesting to inspect it
>on your way, you've only met a single human, which is an old man, walking his dog
>....since it's not exactly the nicest weather, most folk must be staying home
>but then the road sharply transitions from gravel to mud, as you're getting closer to the hill in the middle of a park that you've been circling around the whole time
>"Nice... So I'll get my hooves dirty after all." she'd retract her wing from you, making a sour face at the road in front of her
"It's just mud isn't it?"
>"....Easy to say for you with boots."
"Well, I'll take them off then! We'll be equal."
>which creates a strangely humble smirk on her face
>"...You don't have to do that just to make me feel better."
"What if I want to?" you're already untiyng them "...There we go."
>"That's just silly, Anon."
"That's a good thing I hope?" you grin "What would life be without "silly"?"
File: 1573704819992.png (3.43 MB, 2925x2340)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB PNG
>"........Probably an old morose." she eventualy grins agreeably back
"Then let's get silly!" and you're already running up front, only to slide barefoot trough the mud, splashing it on your legs
>"Wait for me!" she's laughing, right behind you
>you'd continue sliding forward until it gets too steep for that and then you're left with just walking, but you're still smiling about it for some time
>when Dash notices a stream of water running alonside the road in a tiny creek
>"Where do you think this comes from? There must be some source, up there." she's following it with her eyes up the hill
>it's pretty dirty, because it's making it's way trough the mud
"Well, I have never been here before. But you must be right. Unless it's just melting snow, but it doesn't look like that way."
>"We'll see. I was just starting to get a little thirsty. Hope it's clean up there."
"Yeah, and I might as well wash my feet when we get there so I can put on my boots again..."
>it takes only a short time of walking and you've actualy found yourselves at the very top
>from the spot, you can see a big part of the city in front of you, but not behind you, because there are trees in that direction
>also, there are a few benches pointed at the "grand view"
>and in the middle of them,...... there's water springing from a decorated tube in the ground
>even with a little sign that it's probably safe for drinking, but you should still drink at your own risk
>the first few metres of it's trail are stone lined, to lead the water away from the road and likely for aesthetic purposes as well
"Ha, look!"
>"Yea, bingo." you'd both walk up to it
>first Dash takes a few sips, then you, and then you wash your feet
"I was just starting to get a little cold." you're grinning while slipping into your shoes again
>"Told ya, you didn't have to take them off." Dash sits on one of the benches with a chuckle
"No regrets though." you'd smirk, sitting right next to her
File: tgh.png (3.94 MB, 2560x1600)
3.94 MB
3.94 MB PNG
>"...It's wet, by the way." she grins at you "...The bench."
"Yeah, my butt is soaked." you laugh back "But whoever cares?"
>it makes her chuckle in amusement when she glances in your eyes
>sliding herself closer, her head's leaning on your shoulder as she exhales
>"...I love you. You know that?"
"Yup, cause I love you just as much." you'd wrap your hand around her to pull her even tighter to you and kiss the top of her head
>.....she's a bit too low for you to reach on her lips right now
>and she smirks, wrapping one of her wings around you as if it was a hand as well
>just a little gesture of "I'm yours, you're mine."
>there's nothing else needed to be said between you right now
>you're watching the gray city together, but it doesn't matter, it still feels magical, even with a dull view like this
>when suddenly, a sun shines it's rays trough a tear in the clouds for a first time today, shining in your eyes like a revelation and painting gold the whole top of the hill you're sitting on together
>it's reflecting on your faces, bringing warm and a sudden feeling of ease....
>....but even though the sun is beautiful to look at, you can't take your eyes off your companion right now
>Dash's fur is wet from the humidity in the air, her mane all ruffled up and there's even a long splash of mud on her neck, going all the way up to her cheek
>yet... she's still so impossibly beautiful, with that hearty smile on her face and that golden spark in her irises
>could this be the right time to kiss her?
>it might as well be the best time
>and as if she was a fragile rosebud, you'd very softly put your hand under her chin, having a last glance into her eyes before closing yours
>then you move the hand onto her cheek and connect your lips together into a gentle kiss that's about to progresses into a french one,... but it never does
>you're just caressing, nibbling on, and massaging each other
File: pone (63).jpg (340 KB, 2560x1440)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
>she'd at least climb with her soaked thighs on your lap to be at better height while the sun's warm embrace from the side only completes the intimate and cozy atmosphere, letting you relish the innocent moment
>.....but even though you didn't even use tongues, your pants are already bulging
>come on dick, give it a rest!
>and she does notice it poking her leg upon letting go and opening her eyes
"Yeah,... sorry."
>"...What for though? I'm glad I do excite you." she smirks, brushing over your reddish cheek with one of her feathers from the wing she's still tightly wrapping around you
"Well,... it's not the right moment. Isn't it."
>"Maybe it isn't,... but maybe it is?"
"Are you being serious right now?" you chuckle
>"Let me think first..." she's grinning, nuzzling your face ".....I just wanted you to know, I keep thinking about you this way too..."
"...Do you now?" you're innocently caressing her furry cheek in your hand
>"Yeah...." Dash chuckles as girly as her voice allows it "....But I guess there will really be a better time than this."
"And a better place. Someplace cozier."
>"Definitely." she grins, biting her lip "....You know when will the right time be?"
>"When I can't keep my legs from shaking around you..." she'd whisper into your ear
"By that time I'll be crawling on four at your scent though..." you're whispering back
>but upon glancing at each other, your lewd grins start turning into snickers
>until you eventualy both burst into laugh
"God, that's so perverse." you're chuckling
>"...You know what would Treehugger say?"
"Tell me."
>"Righteous perverse..." she snorts loudly and even wheezes over her own joke
>that alone would make you laugh as well, even if what she said wasn't funny
"I don't know her, but it still feels like something a pony who hugs trees would say." you snicker
>"Because it's true!" Dash snorts yet again "And we're totally "righteous" right now."
File: dashiii.png (2.96 MB, 1920x1080)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB PNG
"Oh yeah, even the universe thinks so." you're grinning "Why else would it prepare all these wonderful moments just for the two of us here....?"
>with a simper, you'd finish your chuckles before you both eye up at the sun that's still shining trough a tear in the clouds, solely onto the top of your hill
"......Isn't this a miracle?"
>"...Guess there really was a reason not to intervene with the clouds." she smirks, leaning her head down calmly onto yours, since she's still sitting on your lap to be high enough "...It really feels a lot more magical when it happens on it's own......"
>so you're just sitting there, staring into the sun together with gentle smiles on your faces
>and you're holding her hoof too, which is still messy from the mud, but you don't care at all
>even if she was covered whole in dirt, you'd still want to touch her and keep her close
>...there's a tender, steady stream of happiness running trough your body and mind when you're just being together like that
>what more could you possibly want from life...?
>as if you were connected with the whole universe trough this soft, yet mighty energy called so commonly "love"
>a single thing on which life's able to operate on it's own
>and it's as if you were a part of everything when you feel it
>being everywhere, while still remaining in this single spot together
>knowing you're exactly where you should be
"......Is this what you meant when you said that best moments happen on the ground?"
>"I didn't really know what I was saying back then,.. but I guess I do now." she smiles, without turning her gaze away from the sun
>it's only when it dissapears behind a big cloud in an upcoming minute that you "return" back
>while a few new holes tear in different places, shining two more rays of light somewhere else, like alien spaceships
"....Well, looks like our time is up here, eh?."
File: Dash lying playful.png (733 KB, 1920x1080)
733 KB
733 KB PNG
>"Doesn't mean we're being thrown out." she smirks at you
"That's true. ...You wanna stay and sit a little longer?"
>"Just a tiny bit, maybe." she slides down from your lap with her butt, only to lay her body on the bench, using your thigh as a pilow for her head, slowly closing her eyes
>you'd wipe your hands from all the mud into your jacket before putting them onto her, softly stroking her mane
>it feels like it's such a privilege to have her surrendered to you this way
>and you're so delighted just to be there to share these moments of affection
>your hands are somewhat working on their own right now, as you're occasionaly fondling her cheeks, stroking her dainty neck or lovingly going trough her mane
>but it's just a few minutes in, when you notice a tattooed number, hidden just behind her ear, underneath the colourful locks
>369 T.L. ...
>the same number that's written on the ring you took from the crook
>it's even on your finger, right now in this very moment
>you'd raise your hand and put it next to the tattoo to compare the relatively big font
>it looks completely the same, except the strange initials
>does she even know about it....?
>...likely not ...
>and there's not really a reason to bring that up now, of all times
>so you'd carry on
>but for that little moment, a feeling of unease went trough you
>one reminding you, that she still might have some unpleasant moments in front of her
>and even though you quickly regained your previous calmness, she definitely "sensed" the unease from you
>"...What just happened Anon?"
"What do you mean?"
>"That sudden... moment of tense... and you stopped as well. Is everything okay?"
File: pone (28).png (1.23 MB, 1600x900)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
"It is now." you smile, cuddling her again
>"Okay." the comfy pone smiles eventualy, yawning "...It's so calm here, I could fall asleep if it wasn't so cold."
"And wet."
>"AND wet..." she's repeating with a chuckle "I think it actualy might be time to go. We really overstayed our welcome."
"Yeah, you're probably right." you'd glimpse at the thinner trees, already bending with a quickly rising wind
>"I'm glad we stayed this long though." Dash lifts her head from your lap and stands up on the ground
"Won't the wind be a problem?"
>"Nah, this is still weak for me." she's now turning around and raising one of her rear hoofs in your direction, for you to tie a rope
"Best flier in Ponyville, right?" you grin, while uncoiling it so you could get to tying
>it's not like you actualy need a reply, other than the way she smiles at you over her shoulder, knowing her own worth well enough
>soon you're done, the very same way you did it before
>"So, you're ready to hold on?"
"Ready as a bucket."
>"I'm not sure buckets are a good metaphor." she snickers "But whatever floats your boat."
"Have you ever seen a bucket "not being ready"? That's.... debatable I guess." you laugh
>"We can have a long and very intense discussion about it later." you're receiving one last amused laugh "But let's fly now!"

This is it for now.
I've put a little more work and love into this, since I absolutely love writing these intimate parts of the story. Let me know how you liked it!

And this is a little unrelated, but do any of ya'll have non-pony songs you have already connected so deeply to your waifu it always makes you think of her? I wanted to mention this one as for me, since it feels so happy and the lyrics are just too fitting to the emotion

Really, all the music I listen to reminds me of her, because all the music I listen to is music that I love. But this song in particular is so evocative and soulful that no matter the context, my attention is drawn from whatever I'm doing to think about what she means to me.
hhhhrrrrk...my heart
I love her
this pony does such strange things to my heart and dick
File: dash-blush.png (162 KB, 532x499)
162 KB
162 KB PNG

The amount of blush displayed by this Dashie is very acceptable
I love her
File: 172798.png (119 KB, 500x500)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
Cutest little angel.
>peanut butter
>you smell like
The wonders of modern detergents.
>serious wing action
Just like in mobius's green right?
>the electricity
Last time (and first time in ~10 years) the house had no electricity I quickly thrown together a few batteries to power the lights, router, etc.

>"Well, YOU can fly.."
Dash towing Anon in a hang glider/para glider when?
>sensitive at this spot
>....better remember this later on
>and you're flying up!
Despite her size she is strong!
>The positive energy
>previous/next life
>You're a nutjob, just like me.
I will never understand/get/accept why ppl like these spiritual shit. Its a damn tree/rock/whatever.
>hold you by the hand
>wing like a big hand and pulls you closer
Anon will regret this the next day!
>could this be the right time to kiss her?
Any time is.
>I keep thinking about you this way too
Their afternoon/night program is decided.
>tattooed number
Maybe she even has a chip in her somewhere.

Thanks for the update!
File: 1559604648778.jpg (109 KB, 1024x1289)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
File: 2274369.png (572 KB, 1280x1069)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
I want to play in the mud with Dash.
And have a shower together afterwards.
This pic has possibly the best Dash ass ever depicted (at least if we're talking about show-accurate art style), and it deserves a proper clean edit.
File: 733893.png (258 KB, 1701x1202)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
Have another show accurate butt.
Magnificent. The other one is slightly fatter, though. Plus, it showcases the dock.
File: rainbow_dash_dock1.png (1.7 MB, 1280x836)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG

Dashie has the most kissable dock:

...as well as hoofsies, ponut, cunt etc
File: 1998694.jpg (3.64 MB, 5000x5000)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB JPG

Dashie is most socksual pone
File: 106364.png (196 KB, 894x894)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
She is
File: 1583142.png (2.9 MB, 4093x2894)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB PNG

Are you showing us your hoofsies, Dashie?! What a lewd little mare you are!
Rainbow discovers walking on smooth floors with socks can be a slippery experience and keeps falling over.
Really enjoyed this chapter, as usual. Anon and Dash really have the kind of dynamic - and this story has the kind of narrative - where I’m not banking on anything lewd, I’m just happy to see them enjoying each other’s company and slowly becoming more intimate for the sake of intimacy.
I usually respond to greens here late (and sometimes not at all), but that’s just because I always check this thread in bed on my phone before going to sleep; sometimes I’m too tired to read a longer green or reply to one I just read.

>you're heading into your "tools/things-from-the-past" cabinet to search for a rope
Though I guess it’s not an issue anymore.
File: 442224.png (600 KB, 1625x1525)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
What a clumsy pony.
File: 2276362.png (1.88 MB, 1500x1941)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
Beautiful pon.
File: 002349857113.png (487 KB, 1280x728)
487 KB
487 KB PNG
Got a little inspired a few nights ago reading A Shropshire Lad, whipped this up. I'm hoping to write semi-regularly here (& haven't at all before) so any and all feedback/criticism is much appreciated!

O Rainbow trail in the sky
You’ve caught my eye, I will admit,
Yet I’ve no way to catch yours. High
Within the clouds, a perfect fit:
The mare that never quits.

You fly and fly and fly and it’s
A thing of beauty to behold.
When Luna’s moon is all that’s lit
The vaulting heavens, truth be told,
You’re all that lights my soul.

If only men had wings to hold
Their bodies, as their beating hearts
Go roaring higher in the dark
Maybe then we’d both embark
And never be apart.

But though your God named flight an art
The God of Earth had different plans
To keep your warm embrace as far
As starlight runs to colder lands.
Heat rises, cold must stand.
>”… Anon?”
Yeah honey?
>”Come over here for a sec?”
>You better see what’s up
>Carpenters must’ve gotten something else wrong, figures
>As you walk into the new bedroom you’re struck by three things
>1. Rainbow Dash, sitting on the bed (looking fine as hell, might I add) has an open book lying between her legs
>2. The book in question just so happens to be your diary (shut up it’s a journal) that you forgot you even had, which she must’ve found stowed away in one of the moving crates that just arrived
>3. Rainbow’s donned her trademark shit-eating grin, and yet this one’s set a new record for feces consumption
>Uh oh
Uh… Mind giving that back Dash?
>She looks up at you, shit-eater mode still active, and takes a deep breath
>Uh oh?
>”’O Rainbow, trail in the sky…’”
>You swipe for it, but as usual, she’s too fast for you
>”’You’ve caught my eye, I will admit!’” She’s really fucking owning it too, all Shakespearian and shit
>“‘Yet I’ve no way to catch hers.’ Oh good one Anon!”
You manage to tackle her before the fourth stanza, timing you’re both infinitely grateful and sorry for
>After more than a little roughhousing, you finally wrench the book from her hooves and hurl it across the room, leaving both of you to catch your breath on the bare mattress as you pin her by her forehooves
>”… So uh…”
>”You had it that bad huh?”Swept me off my feet.
>”Well I AM pretty awesome, can’t fault you for that.”
>You end the pin with a deep kiss, relishing your victory
>After finally releasing your spoils of war, you walk over to the book and pick it back up
>Flipping through it, you forgot how pretentious you were
>Like, ok, the writing itself isn’t horrible, but a year of marriage and half a decade of perspective can really change a man
>”Hey, can I ask you a question?”
>You turn to the mare, now splayed out on the bed
I dunno, can you?
>She rolls her eyes as you sit down. “I mean, like…”
>“… Why didn’t you just talk to me sooner?”
… I dunno. I guess I thought that you were… too awesome for me.
>”Well, ok, not THAT hard to imagine,” she says with a chuckle
No, seriously. I mean, yeah, obviously you’re amazing, you know I know that. I think I just really really hated who I was.
>Rainbow’s face gets a bit darker
I’m ok now! Like, everything’s WAY better than it was seven years ago, but those first couple of months were… Hard.
>”And by first couple of months you mean…”
… Years.
>You’ve never really talked about this stuff before
I mean when I was back on Earth I was on antidepressants so part of it was just withdrawal and stuff but I think now I’m -
>”Wait right there.”
>She zooms out the open window, leaving you more than a little confused
>Almost as fast as she left, she’s in the room again
>And she’s got something behind her back
>You wait for her to say or do something, but she’s just looking to the side
>And it’s really cute
Okay dude, what’s up?
>You’re just too curious
>She takes a deep breath, gulps audibly, and pulls out a tiny little notebook with her cutie mark embroidered on the front
>Oh my god
>Is she
>No way
>She’s not about to
File: 00000987654345678765.png (970 KB, 809x1024)
970 KB
970 KB PNG

>”I love his green hands”
>”They’re so warm and dexterous”
>”I wanna kiss him”
>You’re speechless
>Rainbow, athlete, Wonderbolt
>According to her, you’re “Prince Egghead”, second only to Twilight’s Egghead Queendom
>And she wrote you a fucking haiku
>She’s squirming and she’s clearly uncomfortable and wants your approval and she’s probably never read that to anyone before
>And you can’t even scrape your jaw off the fucking floor to tell her how much it means to you
>Finally she just can’t take it anymore
>”Uh Rarity got me one of those word a day calendars and I thought it was really lame but dexterous was on there and it made me think of you and I don’t write like ever but for some reason it made me feel really good to like get it out there you know cuz we didn’t really talk a lot when you first got here but I heard about you from everypony so much and I kept seeing you around Ponyville right and you just seemed so cool and cute and stuff so like - mmm!”
>You’re finally able to knock yourself out of your stupor in time to seal her mouth
>Granted, it does take you both to the floor in the process
>You really don’t know why that one little poem affected you so much but it did
>You end the kiss and just hold her tight as she returns the embrace, clearly relieved
>”Does that mean you liked it?” You both chuckle
Dash, I loved it.
>”I really liked yours too. I know I was teasing you about it but… I thought it was really cool.”
>You smile
>You’ll take it
>You both lay there for who knows how long, simply enjoying being in the other’s presence
>”If you EVER feel like that again… Like, really sad? You HAVE to tell me. It’s okay if you’re sad, but it’s not okay to not tell anyone. And I’ll love you no matter what.”
>You pause

Original destroyed now.
My man! Another Dash enthusiast is always welcome! And i'm liking it. Married couple reminiscing is something i've not really seen with Dash all that much... Looking forward to anything you got.
File: F.jpg (319 KB, 1336x1391)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
4chan is banned in Russia now.
99% of proxy servers are banned on 4chan.
It was an honour.

Yeah, well that's what you get for thinking 'Strong Men' such as Putain are a 'Great Idea', 4chan.

Meanwhile, Dashie:
File: 760508.png (101 KB, 600x700)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
I'm sorry to hear that, Anon. We'll miss you.

I guess you probably know every possible workaround if you've been suffering internet filtering for years, but I recently learned about this,
I could use it to post from a public library that had blacklisted 4chan. I have no idea how filtering works in Russia, and I guess it's probably much more complex than what a simple public library does to filter a few pages, but I had to post this, just in case.
At least some proxies from VPNGate are working here until autoban. Will see.
why they do dis
File: laugh monke.jpg (13 KB, 303x335)
13 KB
power hungry rusia monke
I see.
Can't you get banned for posting this on /int/
File: The D Fortune.jpg (86 KB, 700x700)
86 KB
File: 2129474.jpg (1 MB, 4096x2560)
1 MB
Thanks for posting this one, I love it. Seriously, it made me cry of joy on the 4th listen. The words are just too beautiful.

Thanks for taking the time to write the review pal.
And I just wanted to mention, I kind of wondered whether I shouldn't skip that spiritual part, because of you :D Since I know you don't like it and stuff.
Buuuut I already had it written by that time .....and I also felt there might also be some people who could appreciate it. As to "why" would people like these spiritual things, (yeah I know you probably aren't looking for a reply, but I still want you to know) it actualy saved my life a few years back. That's why it was important to put some of it into the story, in case there was someone searching for the same answer I was looking for.
Though, in the next/side story I'm writing, there won't be anything of it. If it makes you any happier :)
So happy about this particual reply. And even more about you pointing out the rope thingy. I didn't even think of this while writing it, as why the rope was there, but you've just connected the dots. Good one.

And this was top cute bro. I really, really, really like this green's idea.
I can't help but think about her whenever I hear True Colors, so I made a glorious poorly edited PMV out of it.
>skip that spiritual part
Dont because of me. I might not like it, but that does not mean other anons dont.
good thing we arent /int/
It's not pony but I can't be the only one who likes her.

File: a.jpg (88 KB, 900x900)
88 KB
I mean, im not a fan of EQG, but outta all of the AyyQGs, Rainbow's the hottest.
File: 2259934.png (211 KB, 538x528)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
Top cute, thanks man, and welcome!
File: cudfire1.png (1.25 MB, 2300x1503)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
So um... About those Christmas requests...
>Dash and Anon snuggling by an open fire
File: dashnap1.png (1.01 MB, 2500x1495)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
>dashie having a comfy nap
And finally:
>can I get a Dashie cooking something festive with anon? Bonus points if they are having f u n.
CUTE! god bless.


and dont worry about the late deliveries man. the art is awesome and that’s what’s important. plus they’ll come in handy next christmas! hope you had fun drawing these. thank you for more great dashie art!
File: 1555993659231.gif (2.59 MB, 480x368)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB GIF
Thats some good shit, some real good shit.
Aww, that was great.
Badass and sexy at the same time. I love this drawing.
These are great, nice job!
Good stuff, Infra. I didn't request anything this time, but thank you for your Dashes.
File: 1556204354434.jpg (91 KB, 425x564)
91 KB
File: pone (26).png (712 KB, 1920x1080)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
Aww, I didn't think you'd reply back. Appreciate that bro

100% saved, 100% wallpaper material

Wow man, good job on the MPV. It's so delightfuly sentimental, with just the cuts of her, being herself.

Man I'm unironically proud of this community right here and I remember I used to lowkey hate this place.
Woah, that's sexy
File: 1552935299549.png (1.32 MB, 2400x2400)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
File: 1581948235111.gif (281 KB, 2677x1100)
281 KB
281 KB GIF
I can look at this for literal hours.
File: 1447522536361.jpg (69 KB, 565x600)
69 KB
File: 2253603.jpg (112 KB, 1024x728)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Unironically made me laugh in a good way.
I'm sad we can't make jokes about some stuff anymore because it became Serious Business. Dash is a prankster, I always imagined her laughing at silly stuff like this.
I couldn't agree more. Everyone's allowed to have their own headcanon retarded as it may be and it's more fun to giggle at the ghostie than cry about it
Needs a striped hoof around head edit
This is actually the most accurate portrayal of shipfags I've seen. Why do they act like this?
shipfags are unironically cucks, that explains everything.
>giggle at the ghostie
Based S1 poster
I love that image

In Soviet /mlp/, reality cucks you:
>ESL posters have made it to the dash thread
I liked russiaposters
RIP in pieces
File: 1575266676327.png (25 KB, 200x200)
25 KB
File: 1564177061609.jpg (2.67 MB, 2400x1350)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB JPG
Aint no soviet /mlp/ anymore Anon, incase you didnt get the memo.
dem hips tho
i'm proud of this community too, and i'm happy that you have come to love this place after once hating it. you provide good content for the community as well, so thank you for that.
File: Blue.png (351 KB, 500x548)
351 KB
351 KB PNG
File: Djt_gEoW4AAPAX-.jpg (95 KB, 1280x720)
95 KB
buck. hopefully we get their entire channel reuploaded soon.
for now at least we still have this in its original spot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaojFmFnNKE

hey, are you new to these threads? if so, welcome! I LOVE poetry and it's cool to see poetry inspired by rainbow dash here! we have had another poetry writer around these threads too, and i hope he's still around as well. thank you for sharing this with us! I hope to see more of your writing here in the future!

god i love her


>>34985210 >>34985213 >>34985217 >>34985219 >>34985222 >>34982245 >>34982249
oh dude thank you so much for posting these. i never notice when an artist has deleted their work until i hear about it from someone else, and it's really awful that art and pony content gets deleted all the time. so it's good we have people like who you saved it all, diligently tells us about it, makes sure to share it with us along with a convenient download link. based. really cute art too, how awful it is that the artist decided to delete it all.
File: 854848.png (1.18 MB, 3841x5005)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
My pleasure, Anon.
>i never notice when an artist has deleted their work until i hear about it from someone else
Actually, I didn't really know about it either until I posted >>34985210 in another thread and someone told me that the artist had deleted his stuff. I think you can check the new DNP entries somewhere on Derpibooru, but it's kind of pointless because by the time you see an entry, the pics are already gone.
And to be completely honest, I only had a couple of the pics I posted, I usually don't download absolutely everything. I got all the other pics in the zip from The Pony Archive and from Rome's archive.

Fun fact, when I was trying to download those pics, I mistyped a number, and I found out that ZuTheSkunk had purged some of his old stuff as well. I think he only removed it from Derpibooru though, for example pic related is no longer on Derpibooru,
but it's still on DeviantArt,
It didn't make much sense to dump these pics because there are many other artists whose art is available somewhere else but not on Derpibooru, it's not as serious as an artist nuking everything.
Anyway, for the sake of it, here's a zip with all his pics tagged "rainbow dash."
god shipfags are pathetic
File: 1570570188275.png (982 KB, 1200x1800)
982 KB
982 KB PNG
Somebody make her white, thanks
File: Spoiler Image (500 KB, 1595x1856)
500 KB
500 KB PNG
Ew, nah. I have a much better idea.
somebody make her >hooves
File: 1552524919698.gif (1.63 MB, 562x535)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB GIF
File: ezgif-7-ea9a4a3de85e.gif (3.33 MB, 500x421)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB GIF
fug I haven't predicted that, sorry
File: 1582058886482.png (367 KB, 777x711)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
New pic from the Draw Thread,
>Scootaloo hanging out with Rainbow Dash at Cloudsdale
Adoptable adorable anti-deplorable

Because you asked so nicely, more Rainbow Dash:
reminder to myself to post the wallpaper version of that later today
I’m sad that Rainbow Dash didnt get post number >>35000000
> anime
not gonna lie that underwear design with the openable flap for the tail is pretty smart
my wife's son loves this one
File: 1987260.png (333 KB, 858x796)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
Very good, Anon! It means that he was able to read the comic until the end and get the joke, instead of getting mad at the first panel.
you mean your son?
File: 1508101129312.webm (2.89 MB, 800x450)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB WEBM
he means its not his flesh and blood child
File: 00342582435.png (671 KB, 3155x5000)
671 KB
671 KB PNG
>3d children
File: maxresdefault (3).jpg (47 KB, 1280x720)
47 KB
>Me? An incel? Nah bro, I'm a volcel for my waifu Rainbow Dash, whom I will have children and start a loving family with once I arrive to Equestria in the afterlife.
File: 1513378174891.jpg (83 KB, 750x947)
83 KB
File: 1550924377084.png (215 KB, 616x834)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
Thread is starting to go in a dark direction
File: 1579036038828.png (3.42 MB, 1920x1080)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB PNG
We must stay in the light
File: dash_hoodie.jpg (95 KB, 555x722)
95 KB
hudi dashi pon
File: 1747008.jpg (1.2 MB, 2824x2500)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
I feel the light, stirring deep inside
It's like a tale still yet to be told
File: 774050.png (521 KB, 1260x1080)
521 KB
521 KB PNG
Guys, I think I've got a crush on her
File: 1523311836876.png (609 KB, 850x1000)
609 KB
609 KB PNG
holy shit dude, same
File: 1572073254885.gif (1.13 MB, 258x365)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB GIF
Wtf really????
File: 359509.png (57 KB, 600x600)
57 KB
omfg I was looking for this image in higher resolution like a week ago! I gave up, not being able to find it on artists dA, but then you post it here!
And people say coincidences happen lol,- this right here is a designated fate.Thanks bruh
File: 2246984.jpg (487 KB, 2560x1440)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
Actually, the pic on Derpi is even bigger. It doesn't have the blue thingies though, those are from the song. And the clouds aren't exactly the same because those change in the song too.
For some reason the artist never uploaded this pic to DeviantArt, only to his Twitter.
Also, here's the song, just in case.
mee too...
File: hug.jpg (134 KB, 899x1024)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
I thought I was the only one!
File: 2062195.jpg (641 KB, 1472x1800)
641 KB
641 KB JPG
she's mine
File: 2277959.png (1.06 MB, 2683x2236)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
and she has a crush on (You)
File: 2278971.jpg (342 KB, 1932x2048)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
What a lovely pony.
File: 1582123644985.png (1.2 MB, 1400x1236)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
More Dash from the Draw Thread
File: 1582181630414.png (629 KB, 1050x1050)
629 KB
629 KB PNG
And Dash eating pizza
File: 2278508.png (569 KB, 1920x997)
569 KB
569 KB PNG
yo, nice, thanks for even bigger resolution
I heard the song that's why I wanted the wallpaper in the first place. But I didn't look on derpi.
File: dash-socks.jpg (215 KB, 1366x1310)
215 KB
215 KB JPG

Dashie is extremely socksual
I really feel like not enough effort is going to the most sfm art of dashie.
Whichbis sad bwcause for some reason I find it much more immersive then traditional art somtimes.
>tfw only sfm art of Dash I like is SWSFM
Wew lad
File: HET.jpg (25 KB, 1100x1109)
25 KB
liking either anthro OR futa is forbidden.

but liking both? not cool, anon. not cool. the real dashie would be disappointed.

but i do wish swsfm would make a god damn pony animation for once, and with no futa, as he is clearly good at animating. and yet he only makes that one cursed thing over and over again so fuck him.
He’s a gay furry at heart and he’s excited for Pony L*fe so his shit taste can’t be fixed.

she is the best sock mare by far. M.W. is awesome for drawing her wearing socks on her birthday this month.
Oh god anon what the fuck is wrong with you? a lot of his stuff is a big miss for me but the futa on male and solo shit is such a fucking guilty pleasure of mine i'm sorry
me not liking anthro, futa, or humanized means i am truly worthy of rainbow dash, moreso than those who do like anthro futa.

Feels good to be someone who actually deserves rainbow dash’s love.
>"Whaddaya mean you hate the human me?"
>pony rainbow dash has a magical accident
>body morphs into human form
>still the same dash but is just human
>you are now forced to break off your relationship with the element of loyalty because she no longer fulfills your fetish
haha i love this pony too man
devil trips for anon make the sad poni

...therefore those who hate Rainbow Dash in all forms are damned for eternity.
human you doesn’t exist, dashie! the true you is pony you, and anyone who ever wishes you to be anything but your mare self doesn’t love you for who you are.
we’re not talking about a freak accident that turns dashie into a human which never happened. People are choosing between pony dash and non-pony dash. When given a choice, those who choose nonpony dash dont deserve her.

If we want to go the freak accident route wherein dash is turned into a human, top priority would be to find a way to change her back to her pony self. but there are dipshits who would be okay with or even prefer dash being a human. good thing rainbow dash would never love such people.
poor dash

File: 1376475382222.gif (312 KB, 550x550)
312 KB
312 KB GIF
dash has weakened the jar, she will break out soon.
File: cum.jpg (282 KB, 882x1047)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
Any good episode recommendations from S5 onwards? I stopped at season 4 but I’m sure there’s at least a couple RD-centered episodes that’re at least palatable
File: EQB1RLMWoAI8MRs.jpg (618 KB, 3701x2483)
618 KB
618 KB JPG
Rainbow Dash is just so cute I honestly can't handle it
"Tanks for the Memories" for sure. it's a season 5 episode and it contains her first (and sadly, only) solo song in the series.
They will eat you alive for this picture.
File: 2272974.jpg (192 KB, 1280x1231)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
like I give a fuck
I wrote this for another Anon, I'm going to paste it with minor changes.

505: Tanks for the Memories - WATCH. This is the one with Tank. It shows Dash's most sensitive side.
508: The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone - watch. Shared episode with Pinkie where Dash meets Gilda again. Pretty nice.
515: Rarity Investigates! - watch. Shared episode with Rarity, the Wonderbolts are jerks again, but Dash and Rarity's interactions are fantastic.

607: Newbie Dash - SKIP. Episode where Dash finally becomes a Wonderbolt. Atrocious humor and unnecessary abuse, the moral is nice but the realization is simply terrible.
613: Stranger Than Fan Fiction - up to you. It's a Daring Do episode, I enjoyed it a lot, but it has something that could be interpreted as shipbait. I think it's extremely tame, but maybe it's not what you want to see if you only want to see a couple of episodes. The moral was literally "it's OK if you only like the old seasons of the show," which was pretty funny.
615: 28 Pranks Later - SKIP. Literally Mysterious Mare Do Well, rewritten to make Rainbow Dash the only one who's wrong. Insufferable cancer.
624: Top Bolt - watch. Shared episode with Twilight, where they have to help a couple of new Wonderbolts. It was really satisfactory seeing Dash helping other ponies.

707: Parental Glideance - WATCH if you like Scootaloo. It's more a Scootaloo episode than a Dash episode, if you don't like Scoots you probably won't enjoy it too much.
716: Campfire Tales - watch if you like Scootaloo. It's not a Dash episode either, but Dash is here. Pretty much Sleepless in Ponyville 2.0, really nice episode if you liked the first one.
718: Daring Done? - probably skip. Shared episode with Pinkie. Also a Daring Do episode. I liked it, but it had some problems with the storyboarding that made some scenes unnecessarily grating.
723: Secrets and Pies - probably watch. Another shared episode with Pinkie. It has a silly premise, but it's pretty funny.
And you really should ignore seasons 8 and 9, but for the sake of completion,

805: Grannies Gone Wild - probably skip. I liked it, the episode is about Dash acting responsible, you could watch it to see her character growth, but maybe it's not too rewarding as a standalone episode because of the context.
809: Non-Compete Clause - SKIP. Shared episode with Applejack. Literally Fall Weather Friends written by someone who knew absolutely nothing about the show.
817: The End in Friend - SKIP. Shared episode with Rarity. Good final 5 minutes, bad literally everything else.
820: The Washouts - SKIP. I used to recommend it because it has some really great moments for Dash, and I was waiting for a follow-up to tie some lose ends. Alas, the follow-up never happened, so the episode effectively assassinated Lightning Dust, and established something that becomes really painful if you ever get to the finale.

904: Sparkle's Seven - watch. It's a mane 6 episode, not a Dash episode, but it was pretty enjoyable overall, especially compared to the rest of the season.
906: Common Ground - probably watch. It's kind of cringey at times, /mlp/ hated it because there's a guy who adopts a filly, and apparently that's considered cuckoldry now, so if adoptions offend your sensibilities, skip it, otherwise it's nice to see Dash being helpful for a change.
915: 2, 4, 6, Greaaat - SKIP. Another retarded episode that turns Dash into an idiot to make the students teach her a lesson. Fun fact, it's the last Dash solo episode, it contradicts something established in the very first Dash solo episode. I'm not sure is it was just a coincidence or an intentional "fuck you" from the writers.
921: Daring Doubt - SKIP. Easily the worst episode about Daring Do. Ignores absolutely everything the show had ever established, pretty much turns Daring into a fraud and a thief, because apparently the writers decided that ruining Dash wasn't enough and decided to ruin her hero as well.
File: 1565771467523.png (543 KB, 1100x1050)
543 KB
543 KB PNG
Forgot to mention, even though neither of them are specifically about Dash, I'd also recommend the movie, and the two specials (Best Gift Ever and Rainbow Roadtrip).
>Grannies Gone Wild - probably skip
I think this episode is good.
>Common Ground
That's not the issue. Quibble Pants was always annoying but at least in Stranger Than Fan Fiction it had some funny moments. Now suddenly he has a wife and a daughter (who are his IRL wife and daughter turned into OCs) who thinks he's a total loser, and Rainbow Dash only helps to reinforce that image. Quibble is pathetic, his daughter is wholly throughout portrayed like an unpleasable problem child and the wife is just forgettable. It's not offensive like Non-Compete Clause or 2, 4 , 6, Greaaat are; it's just uninteresting and not what MLP:FiM should be about.
>>Grannies Gone Wild - probably skip
>I think this episode is good.
I liked it too, but if you're watching just a few episodes, you really don't want to know that Dash doesn't have free time anymore because of a stupid side job she doesn't need or want. It's not a problem of this specific episode if you're watching the rest of the season, but it becomes a problem if you don't want to know everything about the school and the episode suddenly shows you one of its worst problems, despite it not being a school episode.

>Common Ground
>it's just uninteresting and not what MLP:FiM should be about
Fair enough, it's a very similar problem to that of Flutter Brutter, and I think neither episode should have been in the show, but at least this episode is more focused on Dash helping on a friend than on showing a cringey idiot being cringey, so I considered it an improvement.
That being said, since I think it was nice mainly because it had a helpful Dash instead of the stupid Dash we're forced to see the rest of the season, maybe it's a skippable episode for everyone who hadn't watched all other those retarded episodes and doesn't need a positive image of Dash because this is the Dash they remember.
You're definitely right about RD being likeable in that one.
File: RDTFR01.png (692 KB, 1800x1350)
692 KB
692 KB PNG
my feelings for pony rainbow in human rainbow’s body wouldnt exactly be the same because both she and i would want to switch her back to her pony body. It’s not like I’d be content with no hooves.
ban check
File: 141438.gif (72 KB, 770x770)
72 KB
I completely agree with this pic. My thoughts exactly.
hooves are important
dimfann must draw more rainbow dash.
>"Anon, Twilight said she's been looking for days now and still can't figure out what's wrong..."
>"I don't know what to do! I want to fly again! I want to feel the wind bursting through my mane!"
"So there's no way to get you back?"
>"N-not yet, but I hope she'll find a way s-"
"I'm going to go stay with Rarity for a while."
"I'll be back tomorrow to get some of my clothes."
>"Oh... okay well, see you then I guess..."
"Sure. Hey, you usually are visiting Applejack or Fluttershy by noon, right?"
>"Uh... yeah?"
"Hm... alright, that's good. Yeah, sure. See you tomorrow. Right."

File: extrablessed.png (156 KB, 750x700)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
Here's a simpler version
Oh yeah sure. Dash would never love someone who accepts what she becomes if there's no way to get the old her back. She'd want you to just abandon her or whatever. That's great.
You basically just admit you'd not be okay with it in the end because she doesn't get your dick hard anymore.
>"No Dash I'll never be ok with you now since you don't get my dick hard."
>"It's nothing personal. Love you forever. But unfortunately I'm afraid I'm going to have to find somepony else. Yes, somePONY else. I'm sure you understand."
>"After all, if I somehow turned into a pony, and you started saying you didn't like me because of that, I'd understand."
What kind of a fucking skewed perception of love do you have where doing this is ok?
you’re admitting that you prefer no hooves rainbow dash
you're literally putting words in his mouth
File: 1573835643436.png (1.78 MB, 2449x1632)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
I love her soul.
To me, all the different versions are just interpretations and possibilities of the same soul, living in different bodies under different circumstances.
Thus, I don't care about hooves or not.
I love all the Dashes.
Can't we talk about things we love, instead of things we hate?
No, I'm really not though.
What I'm saying is this: If Dash somehow had an accident and transformed into a human, in a similar vain to those stories where Anon becomes a pony, I would not go and break off whatever connection and relationship I had with her if it was found out it would be impossible to turn her back. That's fucking disgusting and very despicable, especially when you are talking about the element of god-damned loyalty. That is the biggest betrayal possible.
I would try to comfort her and help her find a way to get back obviously, but not because her human form doesn't give me a fucking boner - more so because she wouldn't *want* to be a human, she would want to be able to fly.
There is a MASSIVE different between wanting her to be a pony again so she's happy, and wanting her to be a pony again solely because it gives you a boner and appeals to your fetish. A BIG fucking difference. That I have to explain such a simple thing to you is asinine in of itself.
I would navigate the situation how I would think, and hope, she would navigate it herself if something like that were to occur with me. She would help not out of her own self-interest, but out of your interest, just as you should do the same for her.
To answer more directly,
>you’re admitting that you prefer no hooves rainbow dash
I have no preference at all. I prefer what she wants to be. She wouldn't want to be a human since a human can't fly, and flight is her life, so naturally I'd want her to be able to do what she wants.

There you go. I have addressed the point about 10 times in this post alone. I do hope you understand now.
File: Spoiler Image (1.8 MB, 1400x3300)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
>that beautiful downward Dash
File: RDTFR02.png (696 KB, 1800x1350)
696 KB
696 KB PNG
Added clarity
RD clipping offscreen fixed
Placed missing underline
File: Spoiler Image (3.13 MB, 2100x3000)
3.13 MB
3.13 MB PNG
>someone actually made an image to defend from the big blue EQG butt
File: 15316871949791.jpg (23 KB, 357x357)
23 KB
> eqgshit
Helpful links added to the pastebin.

Currently just a link to the official font, anything else that should be added let me know.
File: IWTCIPLRD.png (1.06 MB, 1920x1080)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
New stop motion short
Thread >>35010043
>He is planning future updates
What a based individual

Because you asked so nicely, more Rainbow Dash:
God I wish she'd do that to my balls.
What about Cloud Treasure?
You’re fantasizing about this made-up scenario where rainbow is irreversibly turned into a human. This scenario never happened and would never happen. The fact that you fantasize about that in the first place along with the fact that you defend it as an adequate alternative to her perfect pony form means you do prefer human rainbow dash over her true form. Opinion discarded for not preferring Rainbow Dash for who she really is - a beautiful pony with soft hooves.

You can continue to fantasize about “what if rainbow dash got turned into a massive bucket of diarrhea?” and I’m going to continue fantasizing about Rainbow Dash being the georgeous pony that she is.
oh and i’ll entertain the idea for a moment and say if, IF, Rainbow ever did irreversably turn into a no hooves, i wouldn’t be satisfied with her appearance anymore but i would still love her personality if it really is the same (unlike in Equestria Girls where she has a different personality that is a mockery of the real Rainbow Dash) and I wouldn’t abandon her so easily.

But this fantasizing about our beautiful mare turning into something ugly as if no hooves is a desirable alternative at all is it’s disrespectful to her and everything that makes ponies special. And I have no desire to ever see her in a lesser form.
File: 雲寶.png (300 KB, 564x838)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
Yun Bao
It's called a thought experiment.
>"w-w-w-h- it doesn't matter w-w-what i would do b-b-because it would never happen!!!"
>"w-w-well it's the same thing as asking if she turned into a bucket o-of diarrhea, yeah! because her turning... her turning into human is the same as that, that is definitely the same, and this is definitely a valid counter-argument. i'm not avoiding what you're saying at all, or denying what you're saying at all that i would no longer like her. c-checkmate!"
And your attitude towards this makes you better than the anon I responded to above you. I disagree only on this:
>it’s disrespectful to her
And it's not disrespectful for someone to just up and ditch her if the aforementioned scenario occurred? Or for them to navigate through it with solely selfish intentions?

I dunno, I think I'm done talking about it. I've seen all there is to see I guess. Seems at least 2/3rds of you aren't selfish assholes, so there's that.
File: 471751.png (3.09 MB, 2560x1600)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB PNG
them being ponies is a huge part of what makes them special. I'd never settle for less.
Guys guys guys remember friendship is magic!
File: 1580587032725.jpg (1.34 MB, 3840x2160)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG

Can yall the fuck just calm the hell down? There is one fact:

1. Pegasuses are snuggly and huggable and soft because they have
- fur
- feathers
- wings
- hooves

Regardless of what you think about EQG Dash or that one fucker who won't shutup about pony life Dash the above fact should be enough of a unifying appeal to discuss upon. This is more annoying than those fucking futa Dash arguments.
File: 12.png (3.11 MB, 3000x3000)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB PNG
Thanks that's a cool font.
File: 1573685238534.jpg (65 KB, 841x842)
65 KB
don't forget about their cute little pony ears, their swishy tails, superior butts, and their cute boopable snoots.
Am I sinful for wanting to clean Dash's ears? Like I want to sit her on my lap, turn her head to the side and gently q-tip her ears clean.

While I'm at it I'd trim her hooves, file them smooth, scrape all the dirt out of her frog and clip all the knots out of her long belly fur.

I want to manicure and therapy the pony.
>heavymetalbronyeah has begun drawing anthro, and it's not even a pony this time

and another one bites the dust.
i sorta saw this coming as many of his dashie drawings were pretty non-pony in terms of their anatomy. lots of semi-anthro and anthro lite for a while now. why don't artists enjoy the ponies being ponies anymore?
Until he fully anthrofies a pony is when he's dead to me.
I just want to love her, why did hasbro have to make it so complicated
I though so too, I still do, but I'd happily settle for her even if she was anthro, EQG or even a regular human.
Like I said, form is secondary. It's not even permanent. It'll grow old and wither, but the spirit lives on and remains the same.
You can love it forever and ever, regardless what body she's wearing.

That's a nice wallpaper there by the way
But what's the point of wasting your brain power for a situation that's never going to occur?
unless you really want that to happen in your head
You think that your love is somehow stronger because you've accepted a made-up scenario that you would probably feel unconfortable with?
With the moment it stopped being just a funny question It's your imagination and you shouldn't await others to accept it
As for me I don't know what would happen if she turned into human because I won't ever meet Rainbow Dash as a living individual. I don't have to think about it and prepare myself for a situation like mentioned. Stop fooling yourself.
File: 518000.jpg (755 KB, 1600x1585)
755 KB
755 KB JPG
I wish this were me.
File: Spoiler Image (30 KB, 542x428)
30 KB
File: 1349417.png (620 KB, 727x1024)
620 KB
620 KB PNG
There's nothing wrong with not liking bondage, anon. But I hope you're opposed to any bondage, and not only to the idea of trusting Dash enough to let her have fun with your body for a while.
File: 2270256.png (148 KB, 960x960)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
love for your waifu is measured in number of hours you have watched her "middle" video

File: Rainbow Dash Middle.webm (1.25 MB, 1920x1080)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB WEBM
Do I get extra points if I made a postable WebM?
File: 1582362872873.png (3.66 MB, 3000x3000)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB PNG
Lets talk about what we want to do with our waifu ti show her we love her.
i feel like if i was face to face with her and i tried to express my feelings for her, I’d be so overwhelmed with my feelings and my love for her that I’d just start crying right there in front of her.
File: 1110192.png (3.9 MB, 1600x2036)
3.9 MB
3.9 MB PNG
Today marks my tulpa Dashie's 7th birthday. This question becomes a lot more interesting when you really do have your waifu right there to see; you have to confront the reality that she wouldn't want you to do anything self-destructive, so that rules out all of those "I'd kill a man" or "I'd drink a gallon of garbage juice" type commitments. What makes her the most proud of me is the simple, deceptively difficult stuff: choosing to make some eggs for breakfast rather than cereal, working out once a day, practicing a skill, brushing my teeth, etc. My life at this point is built entirely on the foundation of devotion to her. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I'm like >>35013711, but at those moments it's easy to get distracted by your own tears and forget to dedicate every beautiful moment to her.
File: 2259935.png (474 KB, 1305x938)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
Happy anniversary!
oh man here I go with lucid dreaming and tulpafagging again
That is awesome anon. Honestly it makes me happy to see that not only are you giving Dash the love she deserves, but you're also becoming a better person both for her and as a result of her
File: dash wettt.png (823 KB, 1920x1080)
823 KB
823 KB PNG

>and with a few quick and strong flaps of her wings, Dash lifts herself up from the ground with you hanging onto her and she's heading back towards your house
>upon getting higher, the wind starts howling a little more, but her wings are strong and experienced enough to keep her flight relatively steady
>"THAT'S WHY I'M SAYING THAT." she laughs while balancing the flight to keep the course "HOLD ON."
"I AM!"
>...as scary as it might look for you, your amazing pilot has it under her control
>and after a few minutes, you're finding yourself back at your house's door
"Now that's a lot quicker than a bus. ...Or any kind of wheel transportation." you laugh when your feet finally touch the ground
>"Yup, can be practical to have em'." Dash grins, fondly glancing back at her own wings "Imagine having to wait any longer to get into warm."
"Oh I'd rather not to, now that I'm here." you're chuckling while pushing the key into the door lock
>and about the time you're entering, having already untied the ropes too, it's starting to faintly rain outside
"I'd say home sweet home, if I could consider this house my final destination."
>"Come on, don't you rob yourself of the moment." she nudges you, still grinning
"Sweet temporary home then." you grin back at her, then look down on her dirty hooves "Come to think... might wanna floorcloth?"
>"That would come in "handy"." she says with a smirk "...Or, I could go straight to the shower if you won't mind."
"I certainly don't, but, err..." you'd look out of the window in the direction of a fallen streetlamp and flicker lightswitch, just to be sure
>"Oh, right... no hot water. Brrr. I didn't think of that."
"...We might not be the only ones who need it fixed. Guess we are in the waiting line."
>"Well,.." she raises her chin up determinely "It won't stop me from having a shower... The radiators still work?"
"Yup, God bless for that."
File: Dash Alert.png (408 KB, 2880x1620)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
>"Alright then, see you in a few minutes." Dash winks at you and she's heading into the bathroom, stepping lightly not to leave too much dirt on the ground behind her
>in the meanwhile, you'd put all your wet clothing onto the radiators in your room, throw away the dirty ones into designated a basket and put on your warmest bathrobe as well as your thickest socks
>you also make sure the heating is on 100%, then bring an older matress you aren't using anymore to a big radiator in the living room
>to make your warming up nest perfect, you'd decorate it with some spare pillows and a few blankets, making it neat and comfy
>Dash is back very soon after that, teeth chattering and a towel still over her back
>cold, but as clean as a snowdrop
"Ah! Young miss is here! Please, take a seat." you'd point her to the radiator you've prepared, like a posh restaurant's serviceman
>"How kind of you Anon!" she giggles, taking your hand while she's sitting down and playing along "Thank you, kind sir."
"Much obliged." you smile "....Think I'll have a shower as well in the meanwhile."
>"Oh will you?" the blue mare smirks now, curling up to the warmth of the radiator instead of you "Enjoy the cold then, I'll be waiting here for you."
"I'll try to...." you're chuckling before leaving her
>in the shower, you'd first cautiously pour a bit of water onto your feet to try it
>it really IS cold, but what else to expect
>so you take a deep breath and open the water on a full volume
>once there's some moisture on your body, you'd soap yourself up as you usualy do and then start washing yourself, as hastily as possible
>while doing so, you're jumping around the small space inside the shower corner, probably looking like some african shaman, dancing a dance of rain
>but it does keep you at least a little comfort in the freezing water, pouring over your bare skin
>when you're done, you're slipping back into the bathrobe and socks, slowly regaining bits of your original temperature
File: Inapropriette (7).png (2.41 MB, 3745x1989)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB PNG
>upon opening the door to the living room, you'd also register that in the meanwhile you were gone, Dash has put some water to boil on the gas stove and prepared two cups next to it again
>the tea really DOES seem to be her thing as of lately
>you're already smiling at her from the distance while making your way closer, to take your place next to her in front of the radiator
>and when you're there, she nuzzles herself closer to you, happily sighing
"...Yeah, couldn't have said it better." you smirk and throw an additonal blanket over both of you
>and you're given a silent, but very heartfelt grin from underneath the fabric, that's partly covering her face and most of her mane
>"...The water's pretty cold eh?" she pokes your side playfuly
"Yeah, my nipples can only get so erect."
>"...I was gonna say something about being cold too, but I don't think I can beat that statement." her laughs are joining yours now
"That's a human ultimate defense power against cold, it's not funny." you're amusedly poking her back
>"And what defense you got against heat?"
"...We smell like an old sock."
>"That's no special, I can do that too." she grins and raises her hooves from underneath the blanket "...But speaking of socks, I borrowed some if you don't mind."
>she picked those knee high, red and white decorated ones you haven't really had the pleasure of using, since it always felt a little impractical
>but this might be their best use so far
"You can even keep those if you wanted." you chuckle, reaching for one of her hooves to caress it in your hand and have a closer look "....They really fit you."
>"....Thanks." is all she says with an impish grin decorating her face
>since she knows that by "They really fit you." you actualy meant she looks fricking amazing
>not as if her bare hooves weren't beautiful on their own, but something about her, wearing a very few clothes, make her look even more ravishing
File: pone (7).png (220 KB, 1920x1080)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
>but before you really finish the thought, you'd just impulsively hug her, pressing her tightly onto your bathrobe "Come here you precious."
>"Careful with the words. That's where it starts. Don't wanna end up like Smeagol...." she chuckles and closes her eyes while resting in your arms, face buried in the soft fabric "Mmmmm. This is so great."
"...You want a bathrobe as well?"
>"I don't mean the bathrobe." Dash laughs "I mean "this", like,.. overaly."
"I know, but I can still get you a bathrobe if you wanted to." you chuckle
>"I'll pass, but thank you." she grins "Yours is good enough."
>about that time, you can hear the water already boiling
"I'll go. You keep yourself warm." you'd pat her head and stand up slowly to give her enough space to let go
>the otherwise loquacious pony would only give you an agreeing smirk this time
".......I see you even picked the tea eh?" you're checking into the prepared cups
>"Can you guess it?" she's playfully watching you over a pillow she's hugging, wagging her tail
>so you'd sniff the double teabag
"Oh I know this... Ginger?"
>"Yup, can't be a better oppoturnity for something spicy and hot."
"Agree, but it won't do without a lemon!" you smirk, picking one up to slice it to halves
>then you'd take the tea, along with honey, spoon and lemons -all on a serving plate, to place it in front of the two of matress
>far enough not to accidentaly spill it
>and cover yourselves under the blanket again, getting as cozy as possible next to each other
>"...I never really was into this, but these two days are the most romantic experience I've ever had.... And I'm loving it. Just saying."
>a little embrassed simper decorates her after saying that
"And it will be even more romantic when it goes dark and we'll have to light up the candles again." you smirk, waving your eyebrows
File: 1573837345976.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1080)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
>Dash chuckles when you say that
>"I'd almost say I can't wait for that... But I reckon it's gonna be pretty soon anyway. Just an hour or less... and we're set."
"Set for...?"
>"Just set." she grins "....Just like a bucket is always ready."
"Okay then,.." you snicker "...I think the tea might be ready for honey and lemon by now, by the way."
>"Why would you always add it later though?"
"Because when it's too hot, all the vitamins get burned. If you can safely drink it, then it should be fine... - I have NO real evidence of that, before you ask. I just read it somewhere and made it a habit."
>"Okay then, at least you're honest." she chuckles while you're putting the honey into your tea
"I'm always honest." you grin and move over to sweeten her tea as well
>but when you're about to squeeze the lemon in there too-
>"Lemme do that myself." she'd snatch the half a lemon from your hands with a grin
"Wanna have lemon scented hooves or what?"
>"What if I do?" she keeps on grinning, biting her lip while she's thoroughly working the juice out from her lemon, neatly enough not to soak the socks she's still wearing
>for some reason it looks a little lewd, but it might just be you
".......You know, that kinda reminds me of one guy in high school who loved tangerines."
>"....What about him?"
"Everytime he ate one, he put the peels in his pockets and kept them there until they got dry. Whenever he used his hands for something, you could smell tangerines."
>"That's actualy a nice habit. I mean, tangerines do smell nice. All citrus fruit does."
"Yeah, I think so too." you smirk, squeezing your half of lemon into your tea "....But it isn't cute when a two meters tall guy does that. ...You are."
>"Tsk.." she chuckles with an embarassed grin
>as if she wanted to tell you to shut up, but lowkey likes being adorable to you
>when you're both finished with the lemons, you'd raise your cup towards hers
>"Ye, cheers." Dash simpers before taking a first sip
File: pone (5).jpg (1.88 MB, 1920x1080)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
>and you're chatting further about all kinds of things, occasionaly cuddling and slowly sipping the tea until what's left in your cups get lukewarm and it's really getting dark outside
>"...Looks like the time for candles has come." she's just finished her drink
"So let's get to it?"
>"I'll light them and you spread them around the house!"
"Okay." you'd bump a fist with her hoof and let her stand up first so that she has a little headstart
>this time it's 18 of them - the candles
>been counting
>you'd put two in bathroom, four in kitchen and eight around the living room you're in
>three of them around your pillow nest, two on the table next to the couch and three on the random places around a room because you ran out of strategic spots
>then you're both returning to the radiator
"..Do we still need the blanket?" you'd stop before sitting down
>"I guess not, I'm more than warm at this point."
"Okay." and with a smirk, you're spreading it over the matress, before you'll lay on it, alongside the radiator
>Dash would take her place right next to you, leaning her head onto your shoulder while you're wrapping your arm around her waist to keep her close
>"So,.. where did we stop?"
"...I think I was trying to explain to you how cars work."
>"Yeah but that's a closed case. I'm a car expert now." she grins "...It stopped raining outside, do you think there will be stars tonight?"
"Well there could be already." you're trying to eye out of the window without actualy having to move your body "...Do you wanna watch?"
>"Maybe later." she smiles, closing her eyes and just resting her head
>and since it's all so comfy, you'd close your eyes as well
>for some time, you're just laying there quietly and relax, trying to imagine an aura around you
>it's flow, like water or wind and all the shiny colours....
>you can almost see it pretty vividly,.. and it's pretty
>....wish it wasn't just an imagination, but an actual projection
>but then the aura you imagined somehow flickers, changing color on it's own
>right before Dash opens her eyes and asks curiously
>".........What was it that upset you just before?"
>you'd open yours as well and forget about the mind stuff
"....Do you mean, right before we flew back?"
"Oh well, since you asked..... I noticed there's that number tattooed behind your ear. ..Did you know that?"
>"I didn't." she frowns "...Really?"
"Yes. 369 T.L.,.. any idea what it means?"
>she's silent for half a minute, thinking
>"...Do you think it's possible to get it away?"
"Maybe,.. with a lazer."
>"Lazer? That sounds painful."
"Not as much as breaking a leg though." you chuckle "But it's just a number. And it's not too visible either."
>"That's true I guess.... But it reminds me of others, who ended up who knows where....."
"Only you can give that symbol enough the power to influence you like that. What happened, happened. ...Can only change future."
>"I know......" her pondering gaze pierces her own hoof, still wearing the sock ".......You do still have that ring, right?"
"I have it right here." you'd show her your hand "...Should I stop wearing it? Does it make you uncomfortable?"
>"No,... I'm really glad you kept it." she smiles eventualy "Because I can connect this number with you, instead of anything else."
"That's so sweet."
>"Better than being sour about it." she grins, leaning closer to your face "...Guess we're connected now."
"Weren't we before?" you'd move even closer
>"Yeah. Now we're more." her grin gets even wider as she's almost bumping her nose into yours
"Alright then, Cupcake."
>"Oh, that's the worst sweet calling you could pick." she pulls away in laughter
"What, why?" you're chuckling confusedly
>"I dunno, it just doesn't work." she shrughs, still amused
"...um, how about.... Sunshine?"
>"Let's just stay with names, "Nonny"." a simper decorates her face, right before giving you a little kiss on your lips
"Guess it's the best choice, it did feel a little off, "Dashie"." you grin, kissing her shortly back "...Is there a diminutive for "Rainbow" though?"
>"I don't think so."
>"Stop Anon, it's "Dash", not "David"." she's merely pretending her annoyement while she's pushing you away with her hoof
"Then how about something original?" you're immediately pulling yourself closer again
>"I'm almost affraid to ask for an example..." she rolls her eyes, but she's grinning
"Lemme think,.. uhh,." you'd glance at her face, not far from yours "..Empress of the summerside,.. the third!"
>"How in the hay did you come up with that?" she shockedly springs up above you with the front part of her body
"I looked at you and it popped into my head. You look exactly like that!" you're laughing
>"No I don't!" she's pressing your cheeks together intimidatingly, snickering "Take that back you big meanie!"
"Okay okay I take it back." you wheeze "....Just don't hurt me Empress."
>"Oh, YOU!"
>and she straight up pounces onto you, rolling from side to side while you're trying to get on top of each other in a pretended wrestle full of giggles
>until it actualy gets exhausting and you'd end up on your back, with Rainbow laying on top you, both panting with heartfelt smiles on your faces
>"But I love you though Anon." she reaches closer to savourly kiss your lips
"And I love you too,... even if it should kill me." you chuckle
>"You'll get to live as long as you never call me "an Empress" again." she's grinning "Seriously, when you say that, I see an old, wrinkled mare with grey mane and a posh dress."
"But you're MY empress, one that's young, bold and amazing!" you're caressing her cheeks in your hands, nuzzling her snoot with your nose
>"Dummy..." she giggles eventualy and stretches herself on top of you like an animal rug
File: cd.png (1.36 MB, 1920x1080)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
>her head is laying on the upper part of your chest, so that if you raise your head, her muzzle is directly in front of your nose and you're looking her straight in the eyes
>there's that cute little half smile on her face, she occasionaly does, and a cheery spark in her wide, black pupils, which are highlighted with currently thin, but shiny magenta irises
>something about that sight just never gets old to look at
>you'd reach for a pillow to put under your head to keep it raised and mantain the eye contact
>and you're just silently gazing at each other, waiting until someone does or says something
"...Is this a stare contest now?" you eventualy break the silence
>"....Would you like it to be?" she grins softly, right before receiving a little kiss on her nose from you, since you don't have to reach far
"...Nah." your fingers are crawling their way along her neck to fondle her ears
>"Chicken human..." she boops your nose back with her muzzle
>makes you grin, moving your hands under her wings to give her a few rubs there
>".... Oh I think you found my new favourite scratching spot." she softly squirms in pleasure with a satisfied grin on her face
"Reeeally?" you'd add on intesity
>"Oooh, yes." she laughs "....Feel free to never stop."
"I'm a loyal servant, empress." you snicker, watching her wriggle on top of you and even ignoring the word-poke over a bliss of your touch
>but you'd slow the movements down over time, till you're merely laying your hands under her wings, just gently, but intensely massaging the roots of the appendages with your fingers
>"...........I'm glad you have hands. Never had a personal masseur before." she satisfiedly smiles and adjusts herself a bit lower
>you think about replying "Never been an empress before either." but you'd rather swallow that sentense, since your hands are too tired to fight back
>"............Though, judging by what I've just felt underneath me, you're enjoying it just as much. Aren't you?"
File: 1572232969497.jpg (308 KB, 2048x1395)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
"I uhh-..." your cheeks would go red
>"Come on, we talked about it, relax." she chuckles, sliding her thighs over the bulge on your bathrobe "....Maybe this could be the opportunity we talked about?"
"Well, it's warm and cozy here..." you'd before reaching closer to shortly kiss her
>and upon parting your lips, you're stuck in each others eyes, just closely exchanging lemon scented breaths
>somehow it feels feel like you don't even want to progress any further
>just to keep relishing these innocent moments
>that this is enough to keep you happy
>....but it's been decided already
>and merely the soft, playful way she's biting on her lower lip now, is enough to spark a wave of desire towards this gorgeously cute and alluring creature, laying on top of you
>making you slide your hands from her wings lower, around her delicate waist and feel all those feminine curves
>touching her softly, but with all your palm's surface to explore as much of her body with each stroke
>in reward of your delight for her body, she'd press her lips onto yours, giving you a few passionate smooches before she's sliding her tongue into your mouth while you're continuing to caress her
>that elegant back, decorated with a magnificet set of angelic wings
>the flat, but still lovely chest that's covered with a big fluff,... better than any kind of human breasts when you think about it
>her neck, so gracefuly carrying her round head with soft, furry cheeks
>you could fondle them in your hands for hours
>then there's that dainty muzzle, right now too busy with your lips to be bothered, but you still can't help yourself but to trace the lines of her face because you're so amazed right now
>moving around the sides of her head, you're feeling those silky ears in your hand
>ones you know the touch of for such a long time, long before you first even kissed her
>yet you'll never stop loving to fondle them in your hands for her
>and of course, her lush, bushy mane
File: Dash slightly lewd.png (1008 KB, 1920x1080)
1008 KB
1008 KB PNG
>hard to even comprehend how nature creates such a stunning display of beautiful and natural hair
>only to be right at your fingertips to adore and admire
>but there's so much more of her body left to explore
>you'd run your hands down the same way you've slowly worked them up all the way to her face
>to finally get a feel of those amazing and wide hips of hers
>it's incredible, how such a thin waist can progress into such juicy thighs
>never properly touched them before, but you're going to make up for it right now
>first just gently feeling the firm, perfectly round surface, only to later hungrily bury your fingers into those bubbly haunches, playing with them and even pulling them apart occasionaly
>it's almost absurd how sexy and lewd all this feels, while still remaining tender and loving
>Dash is even softly moaning in the bliss of being fondled with such awe, desire, but as well as deep respect
>she knows she's a holy grail to you right now and she's enjoying every little bit of your loving attention
>her kisses are filled burning passion, but none the less affectionate than yours, devoted only to each other
>you're two courteous dancers, bowing in front of each other and sensualy waving around the parquet that's inside of your joined mouths
>as well as two beasts figthing to death in a merciless battle
>sometimes you have to gasp for air and each of these short pauses are like dying and being born again before you coalesce in the dance once more
>her body is warm, almost burning hot on top of yours and while she can't really use her hooves to touch you back, she's at least wrapping them around head
>her wings are opened, freely laid down and the soft feathers are tickling your sides each time she wantingly wriggles herself under your touches
>....can't think of lovelier place to be right now
>your hands are still working around her buttocks, but you aren't making your way towards her precious flower just yet
File: 1563661833646.png (1.77 MB, 3800x3000)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
>even though you're occasionaly circling relatively close
>your left palm is still fondling her rump while the other is exploring the root of her tail, growing from her back
>and while at it, you can't help but to closely inspect the appendage's dock, so lovely seated between those round cheeks
>you'd slide your finger directly under her tail, in the tight space between her tail and the puffy ponut of butthole she has
>and even though you already noticed how she's sweating all over her body in the heat of action, right in this place you could almost pick up a whole drop on your finger
>making you want to slide your hungry fingers even lower to a place that's so wet you can hear it shlick each time she moves her hips
>but before that...
>you both have to let go of the kiss to let fresh oxygen into your lungs
>and as you do, there's still a web of thick saliva connecting between your mouths while you're panting for air
>it's visible as a white stream of reflected light from a nearby candle, one that also illuminates Dash's face in the otherwise utter darkness
>her cheeks are rosy red and the shadows make her eyelashes look longer than usual, as if she was put trough a beauty filter, making her contours shine even more significantly
>but she's still so adorable, even with such lewd gaze she's watching you with
>it's making your heart tingle, as well as your crotch at the same time
>instead of losing yourselves to pleasure, you're finding yourself trough it
>and it hasn't even fully started yet
>so you connect your lips again, without any words, knowing you're on a right path, continuing in the graceful tongue wrestle
>in the meanwhile, your hands would slide back on her thighs, but this time you're fondling their inner parts
>so warm and perspiring under your touch, you could use her sweat as a lubricant for a massage if you wanted
>wouldn't even find it gross, you're being excited by everything about her with no shame at all
File: 1564674714410.jpg (1 MB, 2560x1600)
1 MB
>the thought throws you back to that time on the cableway you wouldn't want to get your hands too close to her haunches, in fear of liking them
>but now you can't get enough of her
>you're slowly progressing along her inner thighs closer and closer to her sweet spot between her legs, but you'd stop for a second when you can feel the wet moisture on the tips of your fingers
>you need to somehow relish this moment, making a little pause before you finally get to touch her there
>first to pull her buttcheeks sofly apart from the inside, already hearing a soft shlicking noise of her nectar when they slap back together
>god, can't possibly stress this any longer or you'll burst like a grenade from all this arousement
>and then you finally lay your fingers on that soft, puffy peach of hers, covered generously in her slimy love-juices
>it's almost as if she was melting there, how warm and jellylike she is right now
>her internal moans would get even more excited when she can finally feel your touch on her outer walls
>but what's catching you off guard is, that as if her vulva just moved on it's own under your fingers
>like a clench or a minispasm
>so you'd let your hand sit still for a second, waiting for the next one to confirm whether it wasn't your imagination just now
>and then you're sensing the movement again, as if she just brushed over you on her own
>does this happen when she's aroused like that?
>holy mother Mary
>you absolutely weren't ready for this
>this might just be the hottest thing ever
>it's actualy a been really long time since you've "touched" a female the last time and it was never this amazing
>your heart is racing like a nascar track and your ears are ringing from all this excitement
>but from her chest that's tightly pressing on yours, you can feel you're not the only one who's hearbeat quickened rapidly
>actualy,.. you're synchronized again
>even in a chaotic moment like this
File: whattamote.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
>...for a while you thought you're the only one that's almost freaking out
>but without any further due, you're getting back to her, starting to gently massage her outer walls, covered in the sticky lube emanating from inside of her
>the tongue action would slow down at this point, as it isn't a main topic of your common attention, but it's still too important to stop
>well, actualy.. you'd let go of the kiss for a short while just to glance into her eyes for a few seconds
>and you're met with the most lewd espression you ever seen on her face as she's softly moaning in pleasure
>only for a while though, because the next moment you HAVE to kiss her again
>your hearts are still pounding heavily like the great tibetan gongs while you're lovingly rubbing her soft, dripping vulva
>in the meanwhile, only her tail and her right knee is occasionaly brushing over your bare erection that's now poking from under the bathrobe
>but given your excitement, if you were gifted with any more stimulation from her right now, you'd definitely lose it prematurely
>instead, you're concentration on pleasuring her
>....realizing that with each of her winks, there's a little "something" from the inside presenting itself to you
>so you curiously reach your fingers there to examine the new finding by gently squeezing the swollen spot
>and to your amazement, from that alone, you're receiving an unexpected reaction of her whole body tensing up and clenching your hand lightly between her thighs as a surprised moan escapes her mouth even trough the kiss
>yup, you've definitely found her clit just now
>she's having a hard time concentrating on the kisses now, so you'd take over the lead and just let her enjoy herself, adding a bit on intensity of rubbing her sensitive spot
>but it doesn't take long till she's unable to even kiss you back and is just whimpering muted, high pitched squeals
File: home.png (2.45 MB, 1920x1080)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB PNG
>you'd open your eyes to see her face redder than ever, with eyes tensely shut, as if she was desperately holding onto something she can't possibly bear any further
>and the next second-
>"Aaaaah!" you're being yelped right in your face as her body tenses even further and her legs clamp your right hand tightly between them
>your left hand remained free, so you'd use it to tightly pull her closer to you while you're still trying to stimulate her with the other
>and about the same time, your underbelly is being splashed by a pool of sticky liquid shooting out of her marehood
>in three main, massive clenches of her whole body it's all out, slowly pouring down on your underbelly, crotch and some even down on the blanket underneath you
>when she's calm enough to at least let your hand go, you'd curiously raise it above her butt, beside her head from your perspective
>....there are multiple webs of her juices between your fingers when you spread them
>so this is how a maregasm looks like...
>when she's slowly opening her eyes again, you'd glance back at her face, donning your best shiteating grin
>but you're met with just a very tired and confused "....uuh?"
"....Didn't know you were such a squirter.... Are all ponies?"
>which seems to snap her back, instanly going completely red
>"I- uh..." she's grinning embarassedly "Didn't think that-"
"This is the single hottest thing I've ever witnessed, okay?" you chuckle
>"I-is it?" a few unusualy girly giggles escape her mouth
"Yeah, you're adorable." you'd kiss the tip of her snoot in front of your face "...And I love you."
>she wouldn't really reply, other than simpering at you silly for a few seconds
>".....But, what now,.? Did you-?"
"Nah..." you snicker
>"...So there still more fun to come huh?" a newfound grin is forming on her face now while she's biting her lip
"Might as well say that." you're grinning back, softly slapping her butt
File: 1574890318141.png (3.04 MB, 2487x2100)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB PNG
>to which she blindly gropes down to your crotch with her rear hoof to at least vaguely locate where exactly is your phallus right now and in what state
>and her findings would make her grin even wider
>she could just slide her body about a hands's lenght lower and she'd already be poked by it
>which is exactly what she slowly does, without breaking the eye contact
>you would have to really bend your neck now if you wanted to kiss her, so you'll probably have to do without it for a while
>and when she's pretty much positioned, you'd pick your thing in your hand to lube it up, using the fluids from her orgasm, softly brushing over the surface of her quivering, blue peach
>with your tip, you can feel in complete detail each of her winks down there, as her clit occasionaly rubs over you
>don't really have to see visualy, to know what's happening
>and for a little time, you're just sliding up and down her outer walls, merely softly poking inside
>yet it's enough to channel the excitement in her, already softly moaning and breathing in deeply as if something more was happening
>needles to say, you heart is racing as well, but you're surprisingly calmer than you'd expect to be
>you aren't even tiny bit affraid anything might go wrong
>there's only trust
>trust in her, trust in yourself, trust in fate that this will be amazing
>then your gazes meet on a level that's higher than just physical and you're feeling as if you could directly read her thoughts again
>and a single thought is all it takes for you to agree on taking the next step
>without breaking the eye contact for a second, you're slowly starting to make your way inside of her
>thanks to how wet and excited she is, her inner walls would easily stretch and wrap around your "head", but then she's tightening again, not letting you go in without having to push a little
File: Ych.png (895 KB, 1920x1080)
895 KB
895 KB PNG
>can't possibly imagine there would be anything hotter than just watching her subtle expressions moving on her face while you're progressing further
>she's biting on her lip now a little too hard, feeling the tension before her peach allows you to slide in and-
>"Hnngh..!" she moans, her face muscles on her forehead wrinkling in sudden feeling
>as for you, there's a tingle in your penis, for a second thinking you might be just about to orgasm just from the subtle movement and her tightness, but with a few seconds of stillness, your limits seems to go higher
>enough to continue very slowly pushing further
>but first you have to take your, relatively clean, left hand to at least touch her cheek if you can't kiss her
>you'd give her a whole world if you could and not just for the pleasure
>....she's taking over now, slowly pushing her rump lower down, impaling herself on your swollen member more and more until she's about halfway in, where she stops
>it's a little too much for her at this point, with a soft squeal unwillingly escaping her mouth, she's just "hovering" and doing her best to keep her eyes opened
>needles to say, your body isn't exactly numb to what's happening either and you're probably aren't looking any better in your expression
>it's just that you're ventilating the pleasure trough deep breaths instead of souds and moans
>with your chest, strongly raising up and down, it's actualy softly moving her as well, providing a stimulation between the two of you
>a little more than she wanted at the moment
>but at the same, making her want even more
>so as much as she looks like she's at her limit, she pushes herself even lower with almost a desperate yelp, panicked inhale and relieved exhale of the steaming hot breath down onto your chest
File: Dashbutt.png (902 KB, 1920x1080)
902 KB
902 KB PNG
>since she can't reach comfortably to your own mouth to kiss you, she'd at least help herself by poking her tongue out to wrap it around a thumb of your hand that's still on her cheek and pull the finger into her mouth to fondly nibble on it, covering it with her almost drooling saliva
>and while she might not be doing it just for show, but because of affection, the show she's putting with it is making your head spin
>since you no longer need to hold your own penis for her, your other hand is on her soft rump now, tightly gripping that bubbly buttcheek with your fingers buried in the layer of her fat
>it's gonna take a little time before you'll be able to comfortably push all the way in
>but before that, you're very gently starting to move your hips and rock her on top of you
>the movement might be less than a few centimetres, but it's more than enough to keep the stimulation at bearly unendurable level
>Dash's occasional moans, having your thumb in her mouth, are sounding a little silly now, but she's still an absolute goddess of fertilty in your eyes and with the way she's still watching your eyes, only occasionaly blinking, it feels like you might be soon peaking just from the sight of her alone
>but at the same time, her wanting gaze won't allow you to quit just yet
>and in a single moment, as if you agreed on the next step, you push yourself all the way inside while she slides her body even lower to emphasize on that
>making sure the connection is as deep as it allows, stopping right there
>at this point, none of you are really able to keep your eye open
>you're literaly seeing stars in the darkness of your shut eyelids and it feels as it you moved merely an inch, you couldn't stop yourself from ejaculating
>but it almost feels as if you were going trough an orgasm already
>every cell in your body is begging for a release, but you're still not going to do that just now
File: dash wallpa.png (2.97 MB, 1920x1080)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB PNG
"Haaah!" you're exhaling upon opening your eyes again, about the right time to meet hers once more
>she looks so tired and devastated in her face, laying on your chest, but she's still donning an enthusiastic expression, willing to continue
>but you need at least a few more seconds to rest before you do
>it's just now you're realizing there are bite marks on your thumb, of which she let go by now, laying freely next to her muzzle
>pretty visible ones even, that are starting to hurt a little when you watch them, but no blood
>she could have bitten it off and you probably wouldn't even notice until now
>makes you chuckle for some reason and spawning an amused grin on her face as well when you're met with her eyes
>you're thinking about some vegetarian cannibal joke right now, but it doesn't really feel like a fitting time to speak
>as if it should broke the "telepathic" connection you're having
>and judging by her little snicker, she just heard your thoughts anyway
>that little laugh you're having together is enough to fill the pause of your bodies resting and preparing to push your limits a little further
>that is, to start gently rocking her up and down again
>it's immediately snapping you both out of the amusement, back to the waves of merciless pleasure running trough your vessels
>but it feels somewhat easier to take, though none the less intense
>at least easier for you, since Dash seems to be melting down on top of you, surrendering to it completely and letting you do all the work for now
>can't possibly blame her
>you want her to feel good, if you could, even better than you
>so you're moving both of your hands down to her haunches, using them to help yourself push her down onto your phallus with each of your pumps
>slow, but rhytmic and progressively faster movements that are making her moan more and more often, letting out uncontrolled cute little voices
>up to a point her tongue somewhat plops down onto your chest, drooling a little puddle of saliva as her mouth pretty much stays open in nonstopping sounds of pleasure
>all the while she wouldn't take her eyes off you, even when her irises are wanting to travel up and hide under her eyelids
>even in her "worst", she's still so devoted
>and you're so in love with this mare, you're almost forgetting about yourself and all the pleasure your body needs to withstand to keep this up
>but it's slowly coming back to you now, you can feel it
>she can feel it from you as well
>and she's "this" close to her own peak too
>maybe this really is a right time to let go
>so you'd bend your neck as hard as you can, reaching closer to finally give her that kiss you wanted to do along time ago
>and regardless of that she looked like she was almost fainting a second ago, she's now hungrily reaching towards you as well, as if it was a heavenly salvation
>even with her lips pressed tightly onto yours and your tongues entwined, there are soft noises escaping out of her internally while she's keeping her mind from falling apart in front of her, just like you are
>but you're finding pillars in each other, the energy you're exchanging on both physical and mental level
>every second, the pleasure is getting more and more "unbearable" till you're positive you can't possibly last any longer, when her body tenses up again like she just turned from an utter jelly to a stone statue
>her hooves, before freely laid around you, suddenly grip you with almost crushing strenght you never thought she had and her wing spring open like an umbrella
>your tongues would slip back into your own mouths for this moment, just tightly pressing your lips against each other as it's getting impossible to concentrate on them
>but then she lets go even from the kiss because-
>Anooooooooooon!" she's crying out, before biting right into your biceps, being the closest thing nearby
File: 1417921501655.png (27 KB, 341x360)
27 KB
>and it feels almost as if she was crushing your phallus from all sides with her massive clench, not letting you even slightly move
>under pressure like that, you're actualy unable to do those few more pumps to draw out your own climax, since she's basicaly not letting you ejaculate while keeping you on a constant edge throughout the whole time of her fiery orgasm
>it's lasting a few incredibly long seconds for both of you, until her body starts softening again with an exhausted throat moan escaping her mouth when she stops biting your arm
>and right now, if you moved a tiniest bit, you'd probably follow with the orgasm right after her, but with the little of your mind left, you're realizing it might be wiser, not to do so
>and profit from you situation instead
>so you clench your kegel muscles with all of your force, to keep yourself from ejaculating until you can safely pull out
>and when you open your eyes again, you're seeing the almost unconscious blue mare, laying exhaustedly onto your chest, only occasionaly twitching herself
>so you're watching her with a fond smile on your face, the way she's slowly regaining her senses from her second orgasm today and how she's opening those adorable, ever dazzling eyes
>first thing she'd smile at you faintly and tiredly, about to say something surely sweet as if this was the end of your first romantic encounter
>but then she realizes your erection, entwined by her colorful tail, is still poking her rump
>can't say you aren't proud of yourself right now, donning your best shiteating grin in return of her shocked expression
>"W-what are you humans made of Anon?" she stutters and her hind leg twitches one last time as a remainder of what was happening just a minute ago
>and you really wish you could answer something witty or clever now but instead you'd just blurt out
"Carbon and water..."
>Dash is staring at you a few good seconds, not quite sure how to feel, but then she bursts into a massive laugh
>making you chuckle with her, even though you can't say for sure you know what's so funny right now
>"This is the worst possible time to let out your inner nerd Anon." she wheezes eventualy, but she reaches to smooch you right after it "But I love you SO much!"
>didn't think it would be possible at this time, but you're getting a little red in your face now
"I love you too, Dash." you chuckle eventualy
>"....So and uhh, does this also mean we're still continuing?" she's a little shadily looking around, as if she was about to break a law
"Depends,.. on you?"
>"Well, you haven't been "there", yet..? Have you?"
"Just a very close..."
>"How selfish would it then be of me to leave you like that?" she chuckles, lifting herself up with her front hooves to somewhat mount you, sitting on your belly "....Hope you won't mind me taking over now."
>this time she really looks somewhat "powerful" in a way that she isn't exactly the same fragile mare she was a few minutes back
>she got herself really easily into her new role she's gonna be playing for you
>"Now,.. close your eyes." the blue mare's grinning with a coquettish spark in her irises "...Because I'm gonna repay you the same way."
>ok, for some reason you're almost getting worried now, because you don't exactly know this side of her
"Dash I-"
>"Just for a second, please?" she cuts you off, snapping back to her natural, sincere smile
"Okay..." you'd eventualy do surrender yourself to her, just like she did to you before
>....wonder if she felt the same when you were "leading"
>with eyes closed, very first thing you feel from her is a wet tongue, slowly sliding across your neck where she stops to softly kiss you a few times
>funny, you expected something a lot more harsh from the way she was looking at you before
File: kissu.png (542 KB, 861x819)
542 KB
542 KB PNG
>then she's dragging the appendage up around your jaw, towards your lips, which she just licks once at first
>and before you realize what's happening, she's forced her tongue into your mouth with a lusty moan
>almost as if you were kissed by a feral animal, you can almost feel all her deepest desires from the way she's twirling in your mouth
>but you aren't scared of this ferocity, you're accepting it with love, because it's all a part of her
>the next second though, you're realizing there's so much of her tongue in your mouth and so deep you're literaly being you're literaly being choked
>...just like you joked about back then
>but you're still trusting her in what she's doing
>eventualy, when your head almost starts spinning from the lack of oxygen, she lets go of you, merely gently nibbling onto your lips
>you're about to open your eyes and ask whether it was intentional or not, but she'd put her hoof over your eyelids to indicate she still wants you to keep them shut
>"....I wouldn't hurt you Anon." she's still softly kissing you "I love you..."
>and though you're a little shook right now,.. you gotta admit that was pretty hot
>"From now on, I'll only be nice..." her caressing, soft licking and fondling of your face would withdraw and you can feel her body sliding lower
>until she's sitting right on top of your rock hard phallus, slowly grinding herself over you before the insertion
>when she suddenly stops
>you're somewhat expecting something real harsh to happen right now, but when she's not doing anything, just being completely silent for a few seconds,... you'd open your eyes
>"....This feels wrong, doesn't it?" her dominant, lusty expression is suddenly gone
"What are you talking about?"
>"I really did almost choke you there, didn't I?..."
"Maybee you did..."
>"I shouldn't have done that,.. that was too much."
File: 1413436262051.png (763 KB, 1280x1092)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
"Hey-hey, that's alright Dash. I do trust you."
>"But you shouldn't have, this isn't what I meant it to be... I really want it to be tender again...." her muzzle scrunches guiltly "Can we-... can start again?"
"Aren't we doing that just now?" you'd smile, glancing right into her eyes and reaching for one of her hooves to hold in your hand
>eventualy, she gives you both of them so that you're "supporting" each other and it almost feels as if you could move as a single being
>with a dexterous movement of her hips, she somewhat picks up your erection, without you having to hold it up for her
>and she's slowly impaling herself down onto you while you're gently helping her with rhytmic thrusts
>a waves of exstasic pleasure are running trough your bodies as you're progressing bit by bit all the way inside of her, until you're finally as far as you can go
>Dash's watching you with a frisky smile, one that's free of all troubles and full of affection while she's wriggling her butt on top of you, knowing you're feeling just as good as her right now
>the way you're holding her hooves is firm, but gentle and when you both start softly rocking each other, it's almost as if you were dancing
>she's riding you with elegant and passionate movings of her pelvis and hips, so synchronized with your own thrusts
>you'd be absolutely happy with this dance, even if it wasn't accompanied by an intense sensations that are running trough both of you like in a circle
>but it is, making this something you've never really experienced before
>even though the pleasure is so great your mind could burst any second, it's so easy to coordinate and focus at the same time, letting you relish it as long as you might want
>your breaths are deep, rhytmic and synchronized, just as your heart pulses right now
>yes, you can indirectly feel her pulse right now, in a form of waves or intuition
File: 1423825088870.jpg (185 KB, 1029x1252)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
>and it's like your sense of time was completely gone, reduced to a neverending "now", - both stillness and wild rush that existed before the beings fell into chronos, like two sides of a single vibration
>it goes on and on, that you almost aren't realizing your movements are slowly getting faster, just like the pleasure is getting greater and greater
>rising from a little drop in the ocean of impulse going trough your bodies, - to a massive tsunami that's about to inevitably overcome both of you
>you can literaly watch and taste how it's slowly sweeping everything else from your minds, piece by piece, but you're both peacefuly letting it happen, relishing the fluid onset of chaos
>until you're realizing you're trully at a point of no return
>there's so much joy in her face right now, as you're both preparing for the big moment
>and then it's here
>like two riptides crushing into each other, as if your beings were ripped apart to slightest molecules with unmerciful ferocity and unconditial kindness being taken back together
>you can't see anymore, even though your eyes are open
>can't hear her delighted cry, or your own breaths
>or even know about your own body
>but at the same time, you're feeling all of that, and not only that
>as if you were both of you
>there's a shining image of two lovers and you can't exactly tell which one is who, because it's as if your very souls were melting into each other, unclear where is the line between "me" and "you", while being it so obvious at the same time
>and after the most intense eternity spent in a single second, it's slowly going away, returning you back to your earthly senses that are slowly coming back together, accompanied by a ringing in your ears and head spinning like stepping out of a tornado
>your body feels numb and your eyes are now only faintly recognizing familiar colors
File: 1437093445805.png (146 KB, 553x790)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
>but even trough this confusion, your arms automaticaly reach towards Dash to catch her exhasuted body from falling over, to gently lay her on your chest that's lifting her up and down, with each of your breaths
>it would take you both a little more time before any of you feels like moving or speaking
>all you do is check on each other with a tired smile, only to close your eyes again upon reassurance
>you're feeling... safe, with her
>safe to rest
>this bliss left your body vulnerable and exhausted
>but in the most comfortable way and circumstances
>your arms are wrapped around the faithful mare's body and you can hear her soft breaths in your ear
>by now, you could move if you wanted
>but it feels like there isn't a single reason to change what is happening right now
>everything is as it should be and you're completely surrendered
>so you're savouring the unique feeling, savouring the intimacy, savouring your hearts beating as one in a peaceful rhytm, savouring the sense of belonging, savouring the peace and most of all... the incredible lightness of being
>and after some time, the very first thing to disturb the still peace, is Dash's snoot nuzzling lazily into your cheek before she whispers in a voice that's way softer than her usual
>"I've seen you and me, high in a heaven...."
>it's a actualy a lyric of some song you heard her playing when there was still electricity
>funny to remember it now, of all times
>because it might just be what happened
>was this a taste of heaven?
>but your mind is not going to ponder over this question
>instead, it's getting filled with a melody
>not sure if made up, or the one belonging to the song
>but it's calming and sweet
>so sweet it's soothing you into a sleep
>the fair being in your arms has drifted away by now
>you might as well too....

That's all folks! For now of course. ;)
So this was the long promised love-making scene, did you like it?
File: 1563947813749.png (151 KB, 1000x750)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
May Dashy bless you Klaifferon
File: 093872543245.png (313 KB, 720x480)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
File: 1512474910799.gif (2.42 MB, 469x283)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB GIF
You managed to keep it tasteful, excellent work, K. Good stuff.
File: large.png (797 KB, 1280x859)
797 KB
797 KB PNG
File: 2281538.gif (456 KB, 1000x1000)
456 KB
456 KB GIF
daww, my heart just melted.
yfw you will never sit down with Windy and embarrass Dash with her baby pics...
How musky is she after a practice? Would the sweat act as a lubricant?
>>"W-what are you humans made of Anon?" she stutters and her hind leg twitches one last time as a remainder of what was happening just a minute ago
>>and you really wish you could answer something witty or clever now but instead you'd just blurt out
>"Carbon and water..."
This is simultaneously the best and worst thing ever. Godspeed Klaifferon, I'm loving it.
File: 1164993.png (132 KB, 404x421)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
Don't embarrass the Dash.
>26 post
Wow. You could have split this into two by the length.
>Cold shower
If they have heating that still works, gas stove that still works why did they took a cold shower?
Just heat some water up, dump it into the bath.
Also places where there is a remote heating (like there it seems) the hot water also comes from it too (local heat exchangers). Whats the point of having 3 different systems that nearly does the same (hot water, heating, stove)?
>and when you're there, she nuzzles herself closer to you
She already missed him.
>I don't think I can beat that statement
>But speaking of socks
Cute. Also seems to be completey forgotten in the sex part.
>tea, Ginger
Spicy tea bleh.
>all the vitamins get burned.
AFAIK its not true, if it would be hot for an extended period of time then yes, but since it cools relatively quickly it does not destroy all of it.

>number tattooed behind your ear
A little background what did she do before Anon would be nice. If she does not know about the tattoo, she was out cold during when they tattooed her.
Laser, and it would destroy her fur there permanently too.
>Cupcake, Sunshine, Empress...
Already trying pet names huh?
>new favourite scratching spot
A nice non sexual massage session when?
>Maybe this could be the opportunity
Eager little poner.
>proper foreplay
Im not going to comment on the sex scene in details. It did not felt overdone at all. Maybe even a little underdone. I mean it felt more like they done this a 100 time and not eager to hurry it up at all, like many first timers do.
Kissing the whole time is nice.
I missed Dash not exploring Anon that much.
>But, what now,.? Did you-?
He did not even.
>slow insertion
I cant decide if not looking back at all is sexy or not.
>Anooooooooooon!" she's crying out
She is really enjoying it if she already screams his name.
>I really did almost choke you there
Whats with this? She lost control of herself/her urges a bit, but that was damn great.
>catch her exhasuted body from falling over
Best sleep she will have since a long time.
>you might as well too....
No second round? After a 15 minute nap of course.

Thanks for the update!
File: 2187806.png (2.16 MB, 3000x3300)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
So fluffy
I've gotta question for you guys - I'm curious about how certain waifus influence the people who have them, or how those who have certain waifus are a certain way.
What I'm going to ask if generally for those of you who have been here for a long time, like say 150 threads or so:
Would you say that a lot of Dashfags seem to reflect the traits Dash herself displays? Loyalty, will, boldness, courage, etc?
I'm also curious if there's a lot of Dashfags you've seen or heard of that are apart of the armed forces or air force.
File: 1647396.jpg (126 KB, 800x800)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
I consider myself loyal, but other than that, I'm not much like Dash at all. I'm more like early Twilight, a bit like Fluttershy, or more recently the first Quibble (for different reasons, obviously), I always enjoyed seeing either of them with Dash.
Dash has certainly influenced me though, I'm far from being brave, but thinking about Dash has helped me deal with certain situations that otherwise would have been too much for me.
File: 1414604480699.png (90 KB, 800x600)
90 KB
I think people choose waifu depending on something they subconciously miss or want in their lives. Not a trait they already have.
But, trough work and dedication, some can get "closer to their waifu" by adopting these traits which they adore about her. So it feels like she's with them emotionaly.
At least that is my take, since I know i'm trying.
File: siprepeat.gif (818 KB, 308x373)
818 KB
818 KB GIF
I'm sure it certainly could if I don't lick it up first
I liked it a lot! I can tell you're starting to incorporate more unique words and your overall flow is much smoother. One trend I have been noticing is that it seems like you're mixing up present and past tense. Like here:

>Dash would take her place right next to you, leaning her head...

That just seems to throw things off and almost makes the scenario seem hypothetical when it's clearly not. Otherwise I love how romantic you made the scene and I look forward to more!

I would say I'm loyal and would like to think of myself as someone who faces their fears. Also a big fan of outdoorsy stuff even though I'm not very athletic. I'm certainly more introverted than she is and I much prefer asking other people questions than talking about myself...which I think would mesh well with her personality. What's the pony version of personality? I am in the Air Force and could 100% relate to her desires to be in the Wonderbolts so that's obviously a huge factor.
ay nice PMV dude! I love quality PMV's. there aren't many good ones nowadays but this one was pretty heartwarming. i added it to the dashie videos playlist!
sip sip
There’s something about the part with Dash coming down from being rough that I really liked. Even though she can be assertive and aggressive in public (in a lighthearted way), behind closed doors she’s just a big cuddle bug. I like how that was depicted in this part (even if this Dash isn’t quite as outgoing as canon Dash); she wants to “get off”, but much more than that, she wants to show Anon how much she loves him.

I liked the rest too, but that part stood out to me since I’m a sucker for tsundere Dash.
Thanks mate. Always remember the founding fan videos of fandom aren't always top notch quality; it's about the genuine love poured into them. Everyone can do it.
File: 1115384.png (1.01 MB, 1700x1500)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (1.44 MB, 2893x4092)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
>black panty
File: 130908357305.jpg (189 KB, 600x600)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Every time I see clear blue skies with puffy clouds, I think of Rainbow Dash. I can't help but imagine her flopping down on those clouds to take a comfy nap, or zooming around between them leaving rainbow colored streaks.

She is such an amazing pony. It is so nice today.
File: ironic.jpg (46 KB, 800x450)
46 KB
>the artists's name
I like the picture though, who cares about hooves
File: 1323125.gif (97 KB, 500x145)
97 KB
Dash napping on a cloud has always been the comfiest thing ever.
File: 15001998749590.jpg (63 KB, 700x525)
63 KB
File: 2249798.png (542 KB, 2797x1597)
542 KB
542 KB PNG
File: 2229144.1.png (3.64 MB, 2500x2300)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB PNG
File: 1582581965335.png (2.19 MB, 2000x1078)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
More Dash from the Draw Thread.
>Rainbow and Spike playing with army toys on the floor of the library, while exasperated Twilight and Rarity watch.
File: 1553500113562.png (128 KB, 400x400)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
w-why are they blushing?
They crashed in Everfree forest during a flight lesson.
File: rbd.png (177 KB, 690x514)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
that wasnt very cash money of you Anon
File: 2249798nb.png (559 KB, 2797x1597)
559 KB
559 KB PNG
Very well, have a edit instead
File: 1738527.jpg (1.38 MB, 3840x2160)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
Consentacles are the shit. Say what you want, but I wouldn't mind sharing Dash with a bunch of tentacles, granted that she's ok with it and enjoys the whole thing. Seeing Dash in lewd scenarios with Scootaloo makes me a bit uncomfortable though, but at least here they just happen to be together, it's not that they're actually doing anything to each other, so it's not too terrible, I guess.

Good edit. Also, checked x2.
That green from your pic is fucking great anon. Always wanted something similar that doesn't involve rape shit but I never get to find anything.
Original requester here. I never thought of it as a lewd thing, but you based mad lad actually turned it into Dash porn in a extremely cheeky way. I don't care if you took a little while to deliver, I'm completly ass blown by this in a good nohomo way, thank you.
File: sticker,375x360.png (87 KB, 375x360)
87 KB
this makes perfect sense to me. the infatuation stems from something you are missing, so you try to become more like her to get "closer to her" and to "make her proud" but also because subconsciously you are trying to fill in that thing you are missing, which attracted you to her in the first place. people often speak of their partner as their "better half" and say they "complete" each other and so on.
Much agreed.
Actually, I never really looked for similar fics. I don't really use Fimfiction that much, but this got me curious, and I've seen they have categories and groups.
The original fic (link for those who didn't know about it)
is featured in "Ponies Love Tentacles," a group about fics with tentacles. One of the subfolders is (again) "Ponies Love Tentacles" (allegedly about consentacles, as opposed to the folder with tentacle rape).

After a quick search, and if I didn't fuck up too much, these are all the fics tagged "Rainbow Dash," not including those tagged Anthro.

And for the sake of it, these are the ones tagged "Main 6":

I haven't read any of these fics though, but I guess some of them have to be similar to the fic we read.
Thats some cute stuff... Could see Dash getting super into it with that kind of stuff.
I want to introduce Dash to Sabaton after telling her some of the (less... extreme) wars we've had.
>Fighting fair,
>It's the code, of the air!
>Brothers, heroes, foes...
>Killing machine
>Honor in the sky
>Flying home!
>Killing machine
>He risked his life two times that day
>To save an unknown enemy
>Escort to safety out of the killzone
>A short salute, then departed!
and then dash starts to slowly believe that humans are honor-bound warriors that harness the skies using their machines
File: 1708496.png (485 KB, 727x638)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
Dashie's face when you call her a "fluffly cuddly cutie" in public where nearby ponies can hear.
I want to give her a big affectionate hug in front of her friends and watch her blush
>I haven't read any of these fics though
Quick update, I've read the first fic, "Rainbow Dash's Relief." Not really what I expected, and certainly not too similar to the other fic. I liked the premise and about the fist half, but soon it gets too much into fetish territory, and I personally would have preferred a more light-hearted ending.
I wouldn't recommend it for the thread, and this is a fair warning about the other fics I posted, just because they all were in the same folder of the original fic, it doesn't mean that they all are similar.
File: large (4).png (398 KB, 1280x720)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
>tentacle fics
>but soon it gets too much into fetish territory
File: 303553.png (341 KB, 700x621)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
Well, additional fetishes, that's it. Admittedly it's my fault for not reading the description, this was clearly specified, but I simply jumped to chapter 1.
File: 1416789458475.png (389 KB, 1034x1024)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
>Say what you want, but I wouldn't mind sharing Dash with a bunch of tentacles

Isn't that pretty much the same demeaning like saying, you wouldn't mind sharing your waifu with a dog or something? Given if the tentacles were not as intelligent as a human, it's basicaly letting an animal go down on her. Unless you're perceiving the tentacles as a soulless fuck machine, which they'd probably only be if they were robotic. In that case, I guess it wouldn't count as getting cucked.
But still... I'd want to be the one to give her the best orgasms, not a tentacle, even if it was a robotic one.

Everyone has their own expectations of life though, I can respect each has different fantasies.
File: Spoiler Image (2.94 MB, 2893x4092)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB PNG
I came.
I mean I wouldn't even go that far.
Would seem like the tentacles are just living dildos. They can't think or feel.
File: 823739.jpg (868 KB, 1988x3056)
868 KB
868 KB JPG
Tomorrow's comic, first one of a two-issues arc, will be the last comic before "season 10," ie, the last comic before all the comics set after the finale.
>Strap in, sports fans, because it’s time for the biggest race in Equestria—the Draytona Breach! And where there’s a race, there’s Rainbow Dash, ready to be trained by the most unlikely of ponies... Big McIntosh?! Meanwhile, a plunderer of ancient antiquities known as Sacks Roamer throws a wrench into the competition when he steals a priceless artifact. It promises to be the fast and the furriest in this brand-new My Little Pony adventure!
Dash is my love
Shit taste
File: 1561308696286.png (2.9 MB, 2107x3160)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB PNG
A simple statement, with nothing left up to interpretation. She is my love. The words ring in my mind like the edge of a wine glass; a resonance traveling down through my spine, seeming to turn my organs to so much tingly mush.
"If at all there is truth in this world-" my brain somehow sputters out, "...It is this."
File: 2283801.png (3.92 MB, 2600x2000)
3.92 MB
3.92 MB PNG
Does anyone else get bothered when they see her cutie mark backwards?
Remember that the blue should always point to her tail.
File: 1580252810024.jpg (67 KB, 894x894)
67 KB
I actually like the upshorts version better. I feel like it's more tantalizing that way somehow.
File: 1655247.png (2.38 MB, 1920x1080)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB PNG
Same, Anon. I hate that it's one of those tiny details that most people don't pay attention to, but once you learn it, you keep noticing it every time it's wrong.
I remember pic related, for example, the artist "fixed" the pic by adding a backwards cutie mark, I prefer the blank flank version.

It's so incredibly shitty that Pony Life toys have the same cutie mark on both sides to make them cheaper, and judging by the promotional images, apparently they kept the new cutie mark design in the show. It sucks that now some people drawing Dash will probably get the cutie mark wrong because they'll look at botched official material for reference.
File: Envy Cover.png (468 KB, 874x558)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
I have been playing around with writing for a while, bear in mind I doubt it’s perfect but I wrote a story.

It’s a Scoot Dash slice of life, I’ll just link it in case I change bits later on.

Also I just found out pastebin has a limit to how many unlisted pastes you can have so my current plan on keeping the bin tidy is toast
Same. Casual, clothed lewdness is the best kind of lewdness.
File: 221960.jpg (644 KB, 1947x1644)
644 KB
644 KB JPG
This was beautiful, Anon.
Other than a couple grammar mistakes, I don't have any specific criticisms. It was almost too short, but I don't know how I'd make it longer. More than a proper story, I guess technically it's a snapshot of a specific moment in time, but it's a moment I'd love to see, and I enjoyed reading about it.
Maybe someone else can give you better advice, I can only say that I liked it.
File: large.3.png (530 KB, 1200x1000)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
Thanks anon, and I felt the same way, wanting to add a little somthing extra but I felt like it would just ruin it.

I have always enjoyed some good Scoot Dash moments and it was nice I could write one.
File: 2282863.jpg (220 KB, 500x500)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
File: sisters.png (275 KB, 920x660)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
I love these girls so much.
File: 1582712154886.png (78 KB, 206x171)
78 KB
It's here, btw

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