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File: Squish.png (399 KB, 1036x894)
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Squishhh edition

Welcome to the wild west of copycats & copyright infringement!

Content can be riffed off irl bootlegs like Stompy or anons own ideas for one. What makes them different can range from anything be it scifi to supernatural and everything in between. It can take place on Earth, Equestria or another world. If you can give a pony a chance when she's not quite as shes supposed to be, then a bootleg waifu might be for you.
Last thread >>34848260

Green Archive and Prompts https://docs.google.com/document/d/12hLgP6X9lEvXphilqkGQa5hWTXWXDuKw7FVj49NlZkk/edit#
Art and pics - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1r78zz2lXslL1JunYYS188jex5m9Nu9YQ?ths=true
All other content and links - https://pastebin.com/zRLKExK0

Ongoing Stories
>Patches - https://pastebin.com/qdrtNHMk [FONYPAN]
>Blotches - https://pastebin.com/YAzvHPKC
>Jacky - https://pastebin.com/pPmb37LT [Blondie]
>Nurse Blushingheart - https://pastebin.com/6BMTD0Gh

New Shorts
>FrankenPatches - https://pastebin.com/azc4rGRt
>SnootleSaturn & Star - https://pastebin.com/CD5RP7jp
File: cool loona.gif (2.42 MB, 405x405)
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2.42 MB GIF
Cool Luna has returned to anchor this thread. May it live long and be full of Bootlegs!
Two more days before the Day of the Jack.
File: disgusted.png (152 KB, 344x404)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
>Looks in art and pics drive
>no blotches/3D jacky
Thank you CooLulu, there will be more to read you can bet on it
usually just wait until a new thread then do a sweep upload like the drawthread
and all caught up
Nice, thank you anon
File: file.png (1.08 MB, 1280x996)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
did an edit of derp for the evomanaphy twitter drama. >>34896127
now time to get caught up on some reading.
>evomanaphy twitter drama
Oh boy, whats going on this time?
the salt's already overwith but evomanphy and the people on twitters were huge crybabies. >>34873422
>evo makes a YCH lazy way to get cash
>someone buys it and its finished, posted publicly
>another person recolors it as a joke
>evo throws a hissy fit and blocks a shit ton of people
>twitterfags compare it to art theft when no one was claiming it was their art.
>/mlp/ takes it and recolors as much as possible to fuck with them.
where is it stated that pegasus have resistance to lightning?
They would need it in order to mess with thunder storm clouds.
File: FOR THE UPSIES.jpg (43 KB, 300x300)
43 KB
woudnlt cartoon physics make all ponies like that?
I find it hilarious how all of the depictions of Patches are innocent, and pure but she's a big slut for Anon. somewhere along the line we got onto a different timeline and the drawings are still old-patches.
File: EndingC.jpg (16 KB, 240x233)
16 KB
The yan green is going into some bad places. I sure hope things are gonna be more positive with Jacky.
bad places how
Shit's spook. I've thought about writing a spooky bootleg sort of thing but I can't stick to something that would really leave an impact. Especially since so many bootleg sorts tend to be mechanical or otherwise man made.
>mechanical or manmade
that is the popular choice, theres no requirement for any of that though. stompy wasnt, and neither was twill. and just last thread we had deathlight which is most liekly no way mechanical,
besides you gave prompts yourself on a nonmanmade ones like SUCCUBAT. and i doubt the snowdoe bellu was manmade either
True. And there's still no solid evidence of what Jacky is, herself. I have a feeling that if she were mechanical, we'd know by now after two+ months. How well can a secret like that be hidden, anyway?
>after 2 months youd know right?
What Twill is might not get told until the very end epilogue. So that's a long ass time. but i like to play with the malleability of the thread. but for jacky in her and anon's case probably would have come up living so close by now
You'd think so, huh. I think both of them are afraid of losing their comfortable dynamic and way of life if they push too hard on certain things.
It's like how you don't ask why your spouse has to was their clothing of blood so often despite you know that they don't work anywhere near a setting that would allow for so much of it.
Or maybe it's just because one or both of them are terrified of moving back to how things were for them. For Anon... not a happy place at all. For Jacky... well she's said enough there.
can you rephrase that?
oh okay you typoed. and should have been wash their clothing of blood
but theres a ton of bootlegs that are not manmade or mechanical, so dont let that be a creative block. and a whole bunch more that never got their own greens, just let it go wild.
>Descending into the underbelly you casually held a lit brass candle.
>Even concealed under hidden access, you could never be too sure that nopony may find it.
>No matter if they had they come to stumble upon it, or lead a raid against your home.
>You were familiar with the angry pony mob carrying pitchforks and wielding pitchfork magic.
>You especially didn't care for the latter.
"Tonight we will complete my life's work Barbore."
>"Yeeees mastur." Barb replied hunched over in her brown tunic.
>The flame danced in your hands, the one Barb had conveniently lit it for you earlier.
>In each passing motion between flickers cast long stretching and contorted shadows on the curved stone walls.
>You reached the bottom of the stairwell and entered into the doorway, and after jangling some thick keys plunged one into a rusty dark pocket.
>The old wood groaned like a beast recognizing it's master, as you pulled it's metal teeth back.
>Upon entering into your lair you flipped the heavy metal switch upward on the nearby wall and set the candle down on your old workbench while you picked up and dressed yourself in your laboratory coat.
>Inside this room was your mind laid bare for all the world to see, for those who are invited.
>But none possessed the will to bear it! Only you and Barbore were so such privileged.

>You needn't to check your dusty instruments on the far-side wall, which hadn't been cleaned in years.
>You could feel it in the air.
"The perfect storm is brewing on the horizon Barbore!"
>All has been prepared... but you must still finish your work.
>An electric hum ran through the air, or there should have been.
>The truth is you were still left in the dark.
>"Yesss masturr?"
"Why-" you held your hand to the bridge of your nose "is there no power?"
>Your assistant does not bring you an answer, instead you hear the tip tapping of her claws running together.
>A quirk that you've picked up she has, her nervous tick.
>You can not work this way.
It's not a block, it's a lame attempt to drum up what's going to be found out because in-story it would make a huge difference.
aha well look forward to it anyways, would that be the end or just a turning point?
What slice of life adventures would you like to see Patches get up to?
Also, I need excuses for her to meet a librarian, a farmer, some kind of caretaker, and maybe a stunt show.
im wondering how youd even go back to SoL which is what it was in the beginning. kind of feels like patches is going to rape anon whereever they go now. she hasnt gotten satisfied and shes even more horny than before, was this the plan?
I'm not planning anything, everything is just stream of conscious free writing.
But, basic idea is Patches personally feels she owes Anon a life debt and is getting ideas of how to make a man happy via weird google searches when anon isn't looking.
i gathered that basic theme, just seems like it's been railroaded hard into sex everywhere after people asked for it. it didnt really feel naturally paced out, thats why i asked because we went from no lewd and only suggestive on the edge to hardcore clopfic with no brakes in a blink of an eye.
Do you think anyone has actually been reading her lines in the voice I gave her?
>The silky smooth voice of Kevan Brighting comes from the phone.
that voice?
>after much of trial and error, finally figured out how to open portals to different astral planes
>of course being a horsefucker only use case you have in your mind is traveling to Equestria
>here goes nothing
>end up in shitty Chinese bootleg version of Equestria
Has this kind of a story been done?
>bootleg equestria
i thought about this but never went with it
nope, talked about it many times though. one of the most recent ones was anonfilly ending up in a bootleg equestria
I feel like you would end up in pony life or g3.5 or a mix of the two
cant speak for anyone else but i personally dont. but i also dont really know what he sounds like so its a generic name to me that i dont associate any memory to. But if i did id probably find it weird.
it's kind of too late for it now but you could have used the voice app as a way for her to express some individuality beyond just what she says
The voice of the Stanley Parable.
Not really sure how to do that, as the app speaks in monotone.
ah you lil fucker, i definitely know that one
>That one universe where the 2 alicorn rulers are Princess Apul and her sister, Princess Fast
how fucked are the natives?
Theres more than one text to speech app out there you know, and they almost always have more than one voice setting. It doesn't need to be anything big, just something small that she found herself that she likes as a voice on her own, just getting the phone app is what she was dealt with but if she can search up porn she could search voice apps too. The kevin voice could have been a turn off for anon, i know it would be for me. She had one originally before anon found her right?
I enjoy teasing things about Jacky but I'd never cave to what someone wants to read. Besides, it helps leave some things to the imagination. Vaguely suggestive isn't a bad thing at all.
The voice was supposed to be a turn off, as well as comedic. The whole point up until the accident was anon's unwillingness to lood the robot.
Never underestimate an Anon. Especially if he has a bootleg based entirely off of YouTube Poops.
it was, but now what? its hard to really tell what kind of overall feel you're going for.
Mostly I'm just entertaining myself with everyone's reactions to the story... but I'm trying to make a comfy if weird romance between a robot and a hermit.
ey thats fine, already spawned a second green off shitposting from it. just wondering if you had any idea where it was going. the romance part i think was kind of rushed through to clop but il still be reading it
I have no control over the pacing, the story is written as it comes out of my fingers.
I know this feel. That's pretty much how everything has been written for me. It's a downright spooky thing to have a vaguely clear idea in your head... only for it to get sidetracked and go completely off the rails. Next thing you know, you're where you didn't think you'd be.
if I had moneys, I would hire a really good writer person to rewrite my stories into better stories
what else are you hiding?
They're your stories. Only you know how they can and "should" turn out. But that's just me, I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to keeping to my stuff.
Funny enough I did take a commission once. For smut.
nothing that isn't hidden in plain site
Like, take my story as the main idea and plot, but rewrite it so the pace and themes flow smoothly, instead of being choppy post to post.
>choppy post to post
I think that's more an issue with the greentext format than you. It takes a while to get used to and it bothers me that I see myself repeating certain words or phrases because it doesn't seem all that fluid... but there's a restriction on what you can do. I think if you rewrote it as a solid story without sticking to the green format you'd do pretty well. Especially if you wanted to keep the same general timeline, or if you even wanted to keep as little as some characteristics so you can follow them more reliably.
Well, I can't see my stories from an outside perspective, so if you want, give my other stories a look

>I see myself repeating certain words or phrases because it doesn't seem all that fluid

Thanks for posting that. Its always bothered me writing green it hard not to repeat yourself too much writing in second person.

I know prose is also accepted on this board, but greentext does has it's perks as you can smash out the story really quick and I think second person makes it quicker.

If your stories are greentext, don't bother, write them into prose if you wish to post to fimfic or something.
not the first green text I've moved to fimfic, after the story is done, its easy enough to edit it into some form of prose.
File: 1578536442602.png (2.32 MB, 1920x1080)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB PNG
One more day.
>You’ve been pacing around your house for a couple of hours now.
>As per the instructions of your physical therapist, you’ve been practicing walking with your new leg.
>Its a fucking weird feeling.
>And the cup makes your stump itch something fierce.
>It’s been another two weeks since you got the prosthetic, and the dosage of your pain killers have been dropped.
>You still have aches and pains, but the doc said they’d go away eventually.
>Every lap past the kitchen, you can’t help but get a whiff and glance at whatever it is Patches is cooking.
>You tried taking a peak, but that earned a swift swat of the spoon on your butt and a shove out of the kitchen.
>Tasting the juices stuck to your butt revealed some kind of beef stew was in the works.
>Could use a little more seasoning.
>You grow tired and decide to sit on the couch.
>The TV is still in your bedroom, as your bed is a great place for your two to cuddle and watch TV.
>So you sat on the couch and contemplated life or something until Patches peaked out of the kitchen and waved you over.
>You get up with enthusiasm, stumbling a little as you’re still getting used to the new leg.
>You hobble over to your seat at the table.
>Patches pours two big bowls of stew before setting them at the table.
>She sticks a spoon in each bowl as she takes her seat.
>Your phone chimes; “Dig in.”
>And with that, you both take your first big bites.
>This has to be the best beef stew you’ve ever had.
>The stuff you used to buy in a can has nothing on this.
>You try not to inhale your first bowl, but it can’t be helped.
>The second bowl goes down slower, but it’s no less enjoyable.
>After you both finish, Patches does the dishes while you resume pacing the living room.
>You almost finish your third lap when Patches trots out of the kitchen with a little hop in her step.
>”So Anon, I was thinking. What if we tried finding an expert on ponies to find me a voice?”
>She look at her, kinda blankly as you think it over.
“Okay, sure, but where should we go? A pony factory?”
>She shakes her head and holds up your phone, showing google maps, and a shop marked on the map.
>A pony repair shop.
“Why didn’t I think of that?”
>She shrugs, snatching the phone and typing on it.
>”Probably cause you were having too much fun feeling me from the inside.”
>The wink she gives you makes a shiver roll up your spine.
“Right, well, I guess I’ll get dressed, and we’ll go check this place out.”
>It really is adorable how she claps her hooves in excitement.
>You get dressed and head out, Patches is right beside you as you close your door.
>You look at the stairs and sigh.
“Uhm… How…?”
>Patches stands at the top of the stairs and squares her shoulders.
“Are you sure?”
>She smiles and nods.
>You give a shrug and step over her back, before sitting and grabbing onto her neck.
>With dainty little steps she slowly carries you down the stairs.
>Once on level ground again, you step off of her back.
>You both walk to the bus station and wait for a bus route that will take you to the shop.
>You can’t help but take a moment to just marvel at all the ponies wandering around with their humans.
>You never really paid them much attention until you found Patches, but now you realize they’re everywhere.
>Looking up, you even see some floating by with various packages held in their hooves or teeth depending on size or shape.
>You wonder what it would be like to fly, to feel that kind of freedom.
>Your day dreaming is cut short by a tug on your pant leg.
>You look down to find Patches nodding at the bus.
>You step onto the bus, pay the til, and find a seat with lots of leg room.
>It’s kinda nice getting to use the handicap seats.
>Patches sat next to you and leaned her head on your shoulder.
>You bring your arm up around her back and idling pet her mane.
>The ride through town is as nice as ever, the different district’s buildings each having their own unique feeling.
>The older part of town has a nice mish mash of colors with the old brick and wood work.
>The newer parts of town having more glass and steel to their styling.
>You pass through the government part of town, the buildings mostly being that raw concrete brutalist style.
>The bus stop you get off at is in another shopping district.
>The ground floors of the buildings all have an artificial wood and stonework exteriors, but a couple floors above that is nothing but glass and steel columns.
>You follow the gps on your phone and look around for the shop.
>You spot it, and head towards it, it’s a small shop, the exterior looking much more run down than the picture on your phone.
>Patches follows you closely as you approach.
>Peeking in through the window, you see the lights are on, and a couple of ponies are on display in the window.
>You open the door and follow Patches in, and take a look around.
>The shelves are lined with various accessories for sale, several display models stand on tables, various parts of their skin removed to allow shoppers a peek inside.
>None of the display models are turned on.
>Patches presses up against your side for comfort, you pet away her discomfort at seeing so many ponies standing posed, staring blankly out at the world like life sized action figures.
>There aren’t any customers in the shop, and you don’t see anyone manning the register.
>You slowly approach the counter and see a little domb bell.
>Its just like in those old movies.
>You reach out, but before you get to ring the bell you hear someone call out from the back.
>”Be there in just a second!”
>It sounds like a young woman… probably about the same age as you.
>You don’t know why you were shocked to see a pony come out from behind the bead curtain.
>A sky blue unicorn with flat combed mane and tail, a sharp purple color with a blue and teal green stripe in running down the lengths, slightly off centered.
>She rears up, resting her front hooves on the counter.
>”Welcome to my shop, is there anything I can’t help you with today?”
>You stare blankly at her, slightly startled by her crisp voice and perky attitude.
>Patches hops up like the unicorn and she smiles at her.
>You shake your head to snap out of it.
“Right, this is my pony, uhm… her voice box got broken, do you happen to have a replacement?”
>The unicorn’s eyes went wide when Patches popped up.
>You can follow her eyes as they trail across Patche’s face and over the various patches on her face and arms.
>She gulps nervously, then a notably fake smile pops back onto her expression, along with only half of her previous cheery attitude.
>”Sure, let me have a look at her and I’ll see what I can find.”
>She hops down and opens the door in the counter, waving Patches through.
>”Come back here with me real quick.”
>You’re about to follow them through, but the unicorn holds up a hoof.
>”Please, ponies only, sir.” The sharpness to her voice has you worried.
>Patches shrugs at you over her shoulder and follows the mare through the bead curtain.
>You scratch your head and turn around to wander the shop, looking at the various things on display.
>You do notice, of the skeletons on display, none of the match Patches’ build.
>You pick up a few pieces and turn them over in your hands, the craftsmanship on some of these parts were almost art.
>One skeleton on display had intricate engravings that looked like those complicated floral and geometric henna tattoos.
>It was a real work of art.
>As you looked around the shop, you were surprised to see a section of the shop separated off by a curtain and an ‘adults only’ sign from the rest of the shop.
>That certainly has your attention.
>You look over your shoulder and scan the shop.
>Still alone.
>You look at the curtain, creeping closer to it.
>Do you dare?
>You gulp, hand slowly reaching up to open the curtain.
>You grab the curtain, a floral patterned frilly thing, something you’d find on any grandmother’s bed…
>You slowly pull it aside.
>Before you is two walls of shelves, lined with more kinds of fuckery than you had ever imagined before.
>You chicken out and swish the curtain closed, then quickly step back over to the counter, suddenly finding great interest on a chart for bolt sizes and various thread patterns.
Ah so anon's no longer hopped on drugs so hes back to being skittish about sex again. does that mean no more sexy time for patches? does she not even know why anon was any different?
did you get what you wanted done in the yan thread
Sorta. I'm still double dipping when it comes to writing.
while you're at it, could you do a patches one without the leash?
illegal patches was on the list
if anything, Anon would be the one with the leash in their relationship.
sure seems like that way now doesnt it
File: 1564096423572.gif (379 KB, 450x426)
379 KB
379 KB GIF
Is this my Jacky?
File: illegal apuljacky.png (2.22 MB, 2000x2000)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
short hair looks good on 'er
File: DkFcTl-V4AAM9ci.jpg (71 KB, 905x700)
71 KB
It does. Very much it does.
also kinda funny how the guy thought it was r63 braeburned. did you have that in mind?
I completely forgot he existed honestly.
I just imagined her as a vaguely European knock off that would barely be recognizable but would have enough variables to make her fit in with different countries. The knack for accents, the various ethnic hats, the inability to really tell of her nation of origin, etc. From there... there was just the question of who she really was. Right off the bat, she didn't really know and if it weren't for Anon, she probably would have never let down that facade of being from [insert country here]. While I did initially envision her as an Irish Applejack, it morphed a bit more from the outset that she's supposed to be whatever they want her to be. But since he was happy with her being her, she had to realize that she doesn't know who she's supposed to be. No one taught her the idea that she could just be herself.
The bit about her fur and hair color being swapped seemed minor enough to be familiar, but obvious enough to someone who actually knows of the series. Like a lot of bootleg products and toys.
File: file.png (149 KB, 928x584)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
honestly, thought it was a swapped the mane and coat colors and called it a day for her look. but now that you mention it it does look like a r63. especially since his hair is all bushy
Call it oversight on me and on the bootleggers. But then I suppose that a lot of bootlegs are rather low effort when they try to copy down someone. Tomato sticker is close enough to an apple anyway.
>tomato sticker is close enough to an apple
frankly im surprised they even made it that far.
It came off pretty easily to be fair. Besides, I'd say she looks far better without it.
a hors is always fine too
File: dasitmane.png (366 KB, 550x623)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
Can no one stop this madman?!
only boredom will stop this train, it had to be done.
got any requests?
I'm fairly smitten with the obvious so anything more of Jacky would be unfathomably amazing.

>Be you
>Be pretty good
>Hell, you're more than good!
>You've been with Jacky for almost two full months now
>You've improved a ton since then, if only emotionally
>Not that there was all that much wrong with you to begin with
>Jacky has been pretty happy too
>You've both come to the conclusion that you're very good friends
>More than friends
>Easily far more than friends
>But still friends too
>You swooce through your apartment door, happy to be off from work for the week
>It's the same as it ever was, except a bit different
>All the more reason to celebrate it being the end of the work week!
"Yah-die-ya-la-da-da, it is good day to be not dead!"
>You stand proud, lightly frosted from snowfall outside
>You don't see or hear anything
>You kick off your boots and shake off your coat, looking for any signs of yellow pony
>You tiptoe to your room, noting that the door is halfway closed
"Oh ho..."
>As you poke your head through the gap you feel a nose boop against the back of your leg
>"Pow! You are dead!"
>The color drains from your face
>You awkwardly open the door and fall over
>You make sure you take another step or two to make sure that you fall onto the mattress
>When you bounce onto it, you proclaim with a mouthful of blanket
"I am dead!"
>You taught Jack about the memes
>It was the funniest thing you've done with her so far
"This blanket smells funny."
>You pull up your head to dramatically gasp for air
>Only to feel her jump onto your back and push the side of her face against the back of your head
>"It only smells funny because you got up early, you know."
>You clear your throat
"Alright... good point."
>You feel her fan out on your back, resting her head on yours
"So, what do you wanna do today?"
>You turn your head so you can still be heard, though she seems intent on using your head for a head rest
>"Can we hang out on the patio?"
maybe il try a snapplejack edit later then
"The patio that's covered in snow and only getting more covered in snow?"
"The patio that would take some time and effort to clean up?"
>"The very same."
"...you know I got those two rag-woven section rugs in the bathroom. Wanna grab those and we can set those down and sit on the snow?"
>"Hm...I'll be cold."
"Yeah, believe it or not, snow is cold."
>"But you're not."
"No, not often."
>"So why don't I just sit on your lap outside?"
"Well... that's a good question."
>"Wanna do that?"
"I can't do that if you won't get off of me."
>"I know."
>You snort
"Pft, so... wanna get up?"
"Well... alright then. What's up?"
>"I looked more into that dealer. You know, the one you got me from."
>You grimace
>A few weeks ago, when you came home she asked a lot of questions
>Not about you and her, necessarily, but more about where she came from and as many details as you knew
>Granted, you really didn't know a whole lot about it all
>You did have a few emails back and forth, since you had to specify who you wanted
>You handed over those to her, and even made her a personal email account so you could forward things to her and she could do her own investigation into it
>When around, you type for her
>Otherwise, she tells you what she wants to type through the messaging you two do when you're at work
>She's getting better at using a keyboard, somehow
>So far, she's managed to talk to the seller and ask rather specific questions
>You don't think they suspect anything, since they seem rather open to answering things
"Yeah? What're those knuckleheads up to?"
>"Well... they said that if I'm really so curious, I can visit them."
"We can visit them."
"...sounds kinda risky."
>You shift slightly
>She's completely dead weight on your back, though you can feel her tail swish around every now and again
"Maybe a weekend, eh? How far are they?"
>"I think a few hours."
"Think you'll recognize anyone?"
>"Unless it's Sparks or something... I don't know."
>You both sigh, almost in unison
"This is gonna answer a lot of questions at least."
>"And give more questions."
"That too."
>It seems like once you both settled on your respective places in relation to each other, and tackling the question of where she came from, you two synced up pretty hard
>Not that you mind
>Horses make good empathy animals or whatever so maybe that has something to do with it
"...we still can't go to the patio if you're stuck on me."
>"Then... you're a patio now."
>You had no real answer to that
>You feel two hooves slide up your shoulders until they hook around your neck
>Jacky squeezes, giving you a hug
>"I'm scared. But I want to know."
>You bring up one of your hands to her legs, giving her a slow, soft pat
"Yeah... tell me about it. We gotta make sure they don't get us alone for even a second. You aren't going out of my sight. Even if the lights go out, you're gonna have something that glows in the dark."
>You feel her mash her face into your head, nodding
>"I would like that. But what would work? A watch wouldn't work... and a hat is too obvious. Or a shirt."
"How about a collar?"
>You feel the faintest of tingling on your back
>"W-what? And treat me like a dog?"
"You're only a dog if you bark for attention and beg for treats."
>You say that with a smile and she can tell
>Both of her hooves grasp your head and grind you into the bed
>"That... ain't... funny!"
>You let out a string of syllables and sounds that could almost translate to 'it's funny to me'
>She finally stops and shifts back to a hug
>"...A collar, huh. Does this have anything to do with those other types of collars?"
>You imitate a gasp of shock
"Jacqueline, daughter of Applejack, Son of Sam I Am and Niece of Uncle Lister, fister of his sister. I am shocked, shocked, I tell you! That you would think such a naughty thing of me."
>She huffs and tightens the hug until it becomes something of a choke hold
>Thankfully she doesn't have the reach to turn it into one
"But maybe. Besides, maybe it would be a good way to get you into more public places..."
>You haven't taken her out much
>The store a few times, sure, when she feels like leaving the sanctity of the home
>But a lot of places don't allow animals and while she's completely a person... she is still a weirdly-colored sentient pone
"Be like a therapy animal or something and no one can say shit. Besides, you speak up once or twice and you'll cause them to freak out and we can say that whatever mental illness I have is contagious."
>You hear a hushed, dark, goofy giggle behind your ear
"I'd dig that. Even ignoring other prospects."
>You feel somewhere turn into a full squirm on your back
"Hey now, I like this shirt. Don't get too fancy with it, y'hear?"
>"Oh please, like you wouldn't be proud of it?"
"I'll be proud of that French accent and ready to show it if you don't get off me."
>The near-choke hold ends
>You feel her roll off of your back, landing beside you on her own back with a soft 'oof'
>You keep your head turned to the side
>At least now you can see her face
"So... if we do this, we gotta go all in. Do you think you're ready?"
>Jacky turns her head to face you
>She looks like she's changed so much in the two months
>Her face is the same but her hair is wild, and not at all like her ma's
>Her eyes are sharp, clear and wide
>When a movie before would spook her, she's now wanting to see her origins
>No matter what that may include
>Of course, it's the way she looks at you too
>It's enough to make you lose your composure
"Hey Jack."
>She smirks at you
"Hey Anon."
>You smirk at her
"Jack with a snack pack."
>"Anon in the salon eating a bonbon, today hair tomorrow gone."
"Jack in a--ok, fuck it, that was a good one."
>You give a short 'ha' of a laugh and lean your face against hers
"No matter what happens from that... we're leaving together. Alright?"
>She pushes her face against yours until the gap is closed
>"Yeah... can you bring your rifle?"
>You exhale hard through your nose, tickling hers
"Hell no. We're here to gather intel, not blast them away."
>Due to both of you worrying about how dangerous or negative it could be, it's been hard to imagine it as anything but a Shadowrun encounter waiting to happen
>She still doesn't know about Shadowrun but she's been fed dozens of action movies by now
>Almost all of them involve the good guy shooting dozens of bad guys
>Her tongue slides out of her mouth, washing over your face
>You close your eyes and sputter through your lips
>She doesn't seem to stop, especially when her tongue washes over your mouth
>After far too long, she finally stops
>"How's that for being a dog?"
>You sputter harder, your tongue poking out
>You lick your lips
>Your eyes closed, you put on a wide frown
"Alright, a shock collar it is. Once it zaps you into next week you'll glow no matter how dark it is."
>The last week has kinda been like this
>Both of you want to do things but the energy drains as soon as you start bickering and bantering back and forth
>You know how far to go, and what to get into
>You also know what is and isn't a joking matter, so some things are never said or thought
>It's surprisingly... healthy
>It's a real relationship, so of course it feels real to you
>Far more real and natural than anything else you've had
>You open your mouth to yawn, turning away just enough so she can't sneak attack your mouth
"We got time until then... how should we prepare? Do we prepare?"
>"I don't think so. Whoever I'm talking to seems interested in the customer we're pretending to be too. And I think I dropped enough details in to give them a tip off of what's going on."
>You nod
>It kinda does feel like it's some sort of exotic reconnaissance
>On the off chance that it does turn out dangerous... you think that you're ready to risk it
>For her at least
>You'd kinda be ok if you just didn't go out on a road trip to wherever
Jacky, Part Two.
I think the first chunk of everything works better if it is it's own story. What's going to happen now, and how Anon and Jacky are, is very much different from the beginning. New chapter in their life, let's hope it's a good one.
File: illegal casting.png (1.7 MB, 2000x2000)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
and one without the leash since you asked for it.
this is amazing work anon
needed at least one pic of the new hornpone patches even if it was an edit
some kind of meme magic that your green and the edit happened to have talks about a leash, and wild hair.
Pure coincidence. For the hair, I've always thought of how that would eventually change. There are ways that it's brushed but after a while it'd take a characteristic of it's own. I've always wondered how it'd look if her mane had a little bit of a center parting to it.
Bumpity bump
Anon's got a stump
Woo! More Jacky! I'll have to read later!
Also, wonderful work Patches Anon!
I'll be double dipping when it comes to this and the yan thread. Having that small break helped a lot for Jacky since it was a good way to end the first part and a good way to begin the second part.
do you think kids would make their ponycoms fight for sport?
>You try not to think about the wide variety of various sizes, shapes, and colors of… parts you saw behind the curtain.
>You try to listen in as you can hear the hushed whispered conversation coming from behind the counter.
>You hardly catch a word, but the shop mare sounds… upset, but you can’t make out what she’s mad about.
>You hear your phone reply a few times, too muffled to understand.
>Eventually the duo come out from the back, the mare looking much more relaxed than when she went in there.
>”So, I have good news, bad news, and worse news. Which would you like to hear first?”
>Uh oh.
“Uh… worst to best?”
>Patches trots around the counter and leans against your hip, nuzzling your side.
>”Okay, first, the worst news… Her serial number has been reported stolen.”
“W-what do you mean?”
>The mare turns her head and folds back a patch of foux skin, showing a string of numbers and letters etched into her metal skull.
>She puts it back into place as she turns back to look at you.
>”Every pony has a serial number, much like a car has a vin number. This is so if a pony is stolen, that pony can always be identified by the authorities.”
>You kinda guessed it would be something like that.
>”Normally, I would have to report her to the authorities… but listening to her story, and seeing her memories… I won’t report her, but should someone else find out, you might be the one pinned for her theft, and possibly her…” the mare seemed visibly shook by something.“brutal dismemberment...”
>You reach down and pet her head.
“What did you find?”
>The mare looks at Patches, then at you.
>“The memory of her life before her attack are intact… including the attack… but the experience is so… traumatizing… her operating system has gated them off from her conscious mind.”
>The mare shudders.
>”If you want… I can show you the video… but I refuse to let her see it...”
>You stare at her, and down at Patches, scritching her behind her ears.
“Do you want me to see what happened to you?”
>Patches shakes her head.
“I don’t think I’ll watch it… but... what happened?”
>”If the videos are accurate… which I highly doubt they’ve been tampered with… it was her previous owner who did this to her.”
>You clench your fist as a blind rage overwhelms you. But you take a deep breath and let it out, calming your rage into a boiling anger.
“Then why was she reported stolen? I found her in a dumpster… she was… thrown away...”
>The mare shrugs and shakes her head.
>”I don’t know, the guy could just want to hurt her some more...”
>You shake your head and pick Patches up and hold her in a bear hug, which she happily returns.
“Alright… what’s the bad news?”
>”Compared to learning about where she got her patches? Hardly that bad.”
>You raise your eyebrow.
“What’s that mean?”
>She lets out a chuckle that instantly soothes away the tension in the room.
>”She’s a knock off.”
>You and Patches both blink.
“What do you mean?”
>”Well, her skeleton, and probably most of her internal systems, are an illegal duplicate of a very rare and very old model of ponycom.”
>You scratch your head.
“Uhm… how can you tell?”
>”I’m glad you asked.”
>She pulls out a diagram print out of a pony skeleton and lays it out on the table.
>“Because there was only ever one built, and that was nearly a century ago, and from all the research I could find, the chassis of that pony is on display at the museum of ponycom sciences.”
>Patches looks at the diagram with wide eyed interest.
>She taps on your phone. “How do you know I’m a knock off?”
>She smiles and pulls the pink skin off of Patches’ right arm and points at a bit of text on the metal bone.
>”The original wasn’t made in china.”
>Patches rolls her skin back up her arm.
>You and Patches look at each other, silently making an agreement.
“Uhm… out of curiosity… how valuable is this original pony in the museum?”
>The mare puts away the diagram.
>”Upwards of a hundred million american dollars.”
>The casual way she said that almost makes you choke.
>Patches looks like she’s about to pass out.
>You clear your throat, and Patches shakes her head to get the cobwebs out.
>You take a moment to run your hand over your face, wiping the sweat away.
“Alrighty… now that that’s settled… what’s the good news?”
>The mare smiles an honest smile, and pulls a small box out from under the display cabinet.
>”I happen to have a voice box that will fit the bolt pattern in her throat.”
>Again, you and Patches nearly choked on air.
>You smile as Patches nuzzles your chest out of excitement.
“Awesome, how much?”
>You reach for your wallet.
>”Well, for a hundred bucks, I’ll even install it for you.”
>You look at Patches, then back at the mare.
“Sure, let’s do that.”
>You pay the mare, she puts the cash in the register, then she leads you both behind the counter and into the mysterious back room.
>your're now reminded me of ranbo fast.
File: extra illegal casting.png (1.73 MB, 2000x2000)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
postin for the archive
Not 7 yet but going to bed so bumpo
hot damn i love this patches

File: flutter oooooh.png (920 KB, 1920x1080)
920 KB
920 KB PNG
Amazing edit! Goes to show editors are artists too...
edits are actually one of the easier ways to get your feet wet into doing art, not just color edits ect but style replication
patches anon has hit another dry spell
patches update will be longer than usual
thats okay anon. take your time. havent been that active here due to the edits and reading about corona
I'll try to pick up the slack in the mean time!
>Another Sunday, come and gone
>You ordered Jacky an 'adaptive' controller since you were starting to go back to playing games and while she seemed super interested in them, a normal controller just wouldn't do a thing for her
>You sit on your mattress with your back to the wall
>Jacky is laying under your right leg, her head resting on your left
>Due to the mission you two are going to embark on, it's only fair that you train up on your stealth skills
>Naturally, Hitman is the game of choice
>"Hey... shouldn't you take that screwdriver with you?"
"Huh? Why's that?"
>"Well you got him last time by pushing him into the river... wasn't there a trap you could set when he's in the meeting to go off?"
"Aaahhh... sneaky."
>There was a tension in the room
>You made a big deal about staying under cover and not bringing attention to yourself
>You stick to your targets like glue, picking up clues and information along the way
>Jacky keeps track of your inventory and what items would be worth picking up
>For the hours that you've playing, you haven't once pulled out your gun
>Your left leg tenses as your target enters the runway to give a speech about some sort of fashion brand
>Jacky seems to pick up on this and rubs her face against your thigh
>"You saw how inaccurate the handgun is. Do you really wanna take the shot?"
>Your thumb slides over the D-pad
>You want to take him down
>But you're near dozens of people
>The target's bodyguard is around
>As is additional security
"...all it takes is one shot."
>"Can you get up to a higher level and shoot down?"
"I don't know. He's halfway through his speech, I don't think we can get there in time."
>You can feel Jacky's front legs brace over your right shin
"I'm gonna go for it. The woman's taken care of, we get this guy, we run through the entrance, we get out."
>"I'm with you."
>In a second you draw your silenced handgun, take aim
"Got him!"
>The target falls... and all attention is on you
>"Exfiltrate! Turn around, vault the railing, run along the side to the front!"
>You both jolt upright as you haul ass away from the crime scene
>You were dressed up as a fashion star so the goofy outfit and full facial makeup would be a good enough alibi as anything else
>Technically no clue as to who it'd be
>"Watch the police! Don't shoot, just run!"
"Cover behind the car!"
>The tension is rising between you as the music blares, gunfire rings out, and the cueball assassin takes more damage
>You make it!
>As the ending to the level plays out, both of you slump down, loose and exhaling
"Now that's what I call a Showstopper."
>"Aim for the heart..."
>This has got to be the fifth time that you've finished the same map
>Every time you replay it, you play as a new type of assassin
>Or blatant killer
>The two brains working together lead to very creative ideas
>A good chunk of them lead in death
>But a few work out well
>You put down the controller and bring up Jacky's head until it's directly on your lap
>She looks up at you, as mentally fatigued as you
>"All of this mayhem..."
"I know. What do you think is more dangerous, a gunslinger attacking a position, or an assassin that can't be tracked?"
>She frowns at the question
>Obviously she has her preference
>"Well... a gunslinger is only as slow as his reloading and firing."
"But an assassin can reach his target."
>"So can a gunslinger!"
"Sure, but after making a lot of noise."
"I'm far better at being stealthy. To sneak around and find my target."
>As you speak, your hand slithers from the controller, over the mattress blanket, to her flank
>"And then you take it like a thief?"
>You give her rump a squeeze
"And then I go for the kill!"
>She lets out a pained cry from the squeeze!
>She gives a long, drawn out inhale
>And then drops dead, exhaling with a loud, heavy 'eeeeehhhhhh' that lasts a little too long due to her over-inhaling
>You politely wait for her to finish dying before she gives one last limp kick
>You nod and bring your other hand to her, brushing at her mane
"I gotta show you the Styx games... that's some hardcore stealth action right there."
>Your hand doesn't move away from her flank
>Rather it begins to go toward her tail
>Still no signs of her moving, though you can feel some of her hind end muscles twitch
"That type of stuff is also very punishing too... so we gotta be careful when it comes to killing. Some enemies can't even be killed."
>Your hand reaches the base of her tail
>She remains silent but you can hear her inhale
"Hey Jacky... I'm gonna steal something right now."
>You lean down, your hand moving from her tail once again
"And y o u c a n ' t s t o p m e . . ."
>As soon as you touch IT, her head bolts upright
>"N-not my snacks?!"
>She looks flustered and embarrassed
>You smile at her
"Yes. Your snacks. Including that peanut butter popcorn ball I got you."
>She shuts her eyes hard and kicks out with all of her legs
>She goes limp again
>You're tempted to continue
"Hey Jack."
>She eventually opens one eye and looks at you
"I can't believe you like that popcorn."
>She pushes her lips out and blows a raspberry at you
>"I can't believe you have lame tastes."
>You recoil from the insult
"You're terrible."
>"And you stopped."
"And what is it I stopped?"
>She doesn't answer, but her tail flickers a few time
"We should replay that map one more time, you know..."
>"But we need a break... right?"
>Well you did spend the entire morning and noon playing it
"We do... alright, you've convinced me"
>She reaches for the mane brushing hand and clamps it between her teeth
>She looks at you and huffs through her nose
>She doesn't seem to like being loud at all
>But she does a good job at communicating
>In her own quiet way
>As quiet as she can be, anyway, when you're pushing limits
Was wondering if these ponycoms had some kind of jack-in to their brain, so i guess we're officially in Pony in the Shell territory now.
File: [absolutely peeved].gif (173 KB, 480x480)
173 KB
173 KB GIF
>was abused by her owner so badly she refuses to remember
>owner reports her stolen even though he beat her so badly
File: 1577418914925.png (121 KB, 241x234)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
>asshole grandson inheritance grandpa lifelong pony
>tortures it for fun
>stabs it with a knife and fork when it fucks up meals
>brakes her voice box for annoying him
>dangles it outside his window by its legs to punish it for mistakes
>bolts can't hold
>falls into dumpster below
>does not bother recovering it because it was a piece of shit anyway
> sees a TV documentary about ultra rare ponies
>report pony stolen
literally what i was thinking of for a prequel for patches and how she got the way she was but did not want to step on anons toes. it seems he may be going in this direction for this story anyway but of course this is speculation.
Would that cause her to self-censor it like a trauma victim? She gave herself amnesia as a self defense. i think it's gotta be more than that.
her pain sensors were locked on during the whole ordeal.
that would be a horrible bug. like being infront of one of those microwave beams the military uses.
If you wanna do a prequel, basically what you said, minus the tv thing, but more like sadistic teenager like Sid from toy story.

basically this, as the ponies are all robots, and you can just plug a usb into the back of their head to a computer and pull up their files on just about any pc with the right program.
since thats the case im surprised that the other pony could even get into patches head. something like having permissions denied, or only the owner is allowed.
its like sex, it only works if the pony consents
>>34913355 (checked)
but that gets a little more murky when she cant even recall the memories herself doesnt it?
nah when you jack in to a pony's usb port, she sees a dos prompt before her eyes.

Allow this device access? Y / N
Like this?
>Windows PE operating system
>not wanting the future to be retro future tech, like cyberpunk, but cooler cause its 90's stuff, not 80's
So patches is getting a new voice?
What will she sound like? I hope it's hot.
When is windows ever in cyberpunk? thats just asking for failures
File: illegal reaping leash.png (2.07 MB, 2000x2000)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG
Deathlight is here to take you to Equestria
To be fair a lot of cyberpunk settings are full of mainstream tech being crap or ultimately a part of a massive botnet sponsored by the religion of brand.
>This is clearly a living room.
>There’s a couch, a TV, a kitchenette, and a door that probably leads to the bathroom or bedroom.
>She leads Patches over to what looks like a doctor’s table, but scaled down for ponies.
>Its kinda cute.
>When Patches lays down, the shop keep removes Patches’ skin around her neck.
>She then opens the box she got from the counter, and a small electronic gizmo comes out.
>She fits the part into place, plugs in a few wires, twiddles screws into screw holes, and then places the skin back.
>”Okay, the part is fitted, now you need to boot it up and install the drivers.”
>Patches looks at her and nods.
>She stares off into the distance for a moment, then you see the lights of her irises rotate, just like the buffering icon on any internet video.
>After about five minutes, her eyes flash a couple of times, then she blinks her eyelids as she returns to the land of the living.
>She shakes her head and looks around.
>She opens her mouth, and makes a humming sound.
>She cracks a wide grin.
>”Testing testing, one two three, testing.”
>You almost can’t believe it.
>She has a voice.
>A very rich, almost sultry woman’s voice. Smooth and deeply feminine.
>She giggles, and the sound of her laughter is like caramel to the ears.
>She hops up off of the table and glomps the mare.
>”Thank you thank you thank you!”
>The mare smiles and laughs.
>”It’s not a problem, you’re welcome.”
>Patches then turns to you and rears up to smoosh her chin into your chest and look up at you.
>”So, what do you think, how’s my new voice?”
>You ruffle her mane and give her a squeeze.
“I like it, sounds great on you.”
>You both giggle in delight.
>Once the giggle fits and elation calm down, you look at the shop mare.
“Thank you… I would say ‘you don’t know how much this means’, but I think you do,”
>The mare just smiles and ushers you and Patches back out to the main shop.
>“Don’t worry about it, I’m just providing a service.”
>After another bout of thank you’s from Patches and yourself, you eventually make it back outside the shop.
>”Well, Anon, ready to head back home?”
>You feel a rumbly in your tumbly.
“How about pizza first?”
>She nods excitedly. “Sounds great, plus Party will be happy to see you didn’t kick the bucket!”
>You smile and lead Patches over to the bus stop.
>You can’t get the happy grin off of your face as Patches stands beside you, humming and mumbling different little songs.
>From the sounds of it, she must prefer classical music, since the tunes you can make out from her humming are from the 1970’s.
File: WOOOOOOOOOOOOO.gif (376 KB, 319x400)
376 KB
376 KB GIF
WOOO! She has a voice now!
Question, did she choose her voice or....?
wanted to post a heaven background but the file was too big.
starting to go back to playing games and while she seemed super interested in them
>Due to the mission you two are going to embark on, it's only fair that you train up on your stealth skills
What ever happened to Anon knowing life isnt like being like the movies, and videogames
It's half an excuse to him to play vidya, half a way to psyche them up. She does not have pleasant memories at all, what few she has. Least he can do is to make it seem like it's going to be an adventure with closure compared to... what else it could end up being.
When's the last time he had room for vidya in his life anyway?
>Whens the last time they had time for vidya?
anytime id imagine, its been 2 months. youd burn through your backlog of movies pretty fast if thats all you did
File: ANON_PLEASE.jpg (26 KB, 310x464)
26 KB
If only you knew...
you have the power
It's hard to believe that it's been two months, too. They do far more than just watch movies and old shows, and there are some days where they just watch their own things near one another. I'm sure he's played smaller games in the meantime, but nothing that would demand attention. Especially nothing that seems like it could be related, what with Jack gathering information about others like her as "products".
harder to believe that its been ONLY two months imo. did they accelerate into sex in the first couple weeks?
File: large.png (529 KB, 1280x720)
529 KB
529 KB PNG
Sex? Get your mind out of the gutter, they've never had sex.
It's true. Besides, why would they have sex?
>besides why would a couple who clearly has strong chemistry have sex?
>Anon please impregnate my sister.
>She already started teaching 6 student
File: luna intensifies.gif (129 KB, 500x281)
129 KB
129 KB GIF
There's maybe been some petting at most ok.
Anon doesn't have much in the way of lust. Jacky certainly isn't the sort to push for that sort of thing.
>there's maybe been some petting at most
>there's maybe been some heavy petting at most
File: 1576788097931.jpg (189 KB, 500x566)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
I'm not telling specifics. Let them have their own private time.
>Let them have their own private time
What could go on in private I wonder
File: Lindybeige.png (610 KB, 664x382)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
Movies... and other things to watch. And talking. And goofing around. A lot of neat things. He wouldn't want to possibly sour things by going too far. That wasn't ever his goal.
>No problem talking about movies all the time, just these '''movies''' and goofing around, when theyre always goofing around.
makes sense
Well I can't tell you everything they do.
no ones saying you need to, but denying it happened while you keep on hinting at it is counter intuitive and nothing but mixed messaging
Well I am saying that petting has been happening. But not everything goes from zero to hundred. That's a different type of romance.
File: teach.gif (974 KB, 677x519)
974 KB
974 KB GIF

Ya'll realize that Blondie himself subtly confirmed they do indeed have sex back when they watched mortal combat.
Said something along the lines of "What else would you do while watching a movie with long combat scenes to drown out unwanted noises?" or something like that.

Blondie if you are the one here you gotta namefag or we wont know
>Blondie if you are the one here you gotta namefag or we wont know
>blondies already played both sides of this before.
That's where the petting was. I don't deny that Anon does things to Jacky and maybe the other way around as well but there's no sex.
Call it him being afraid to to any further for any reason, or not wanting to go that far so soon. There are a lot of reasons if you want to look for them.
File: confusion.gif (450 KB, 512x680)
450 KB
450 KB GIF

Welp, its canon, no sex, just aggressive petting. I am okay with this. Jacky is wholesome and nice, a ray of sunshine.
Why does there need to be sex though? There are levels to that sort of thing.
File: flutter warm fuzzies.gif (2.21 MB, 484x540)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB GIF
I just said "I am okay with this" silly.
There doesnt need to be, I was just pointing out a thing you said. I enjoy it being wholesome.
File: file.png (99 KB, 744x550)
99 KB
Sometimes things get wet. Like blankets. And I like shitposting and teasing things to be unreliable so you can only really trust what is explicitly written.
You're lucky the pastebin is crapping out
What I am is surprised that anyone really cares enough to check.
I never thought of them having sex but I have thought of them doing a lot of mutual rubbing. That's the sort of thing you don't need to have conversations about, it kinda happens then it stops. I do vaguely recall putting down that Anon has dated other women before. Likely that the reason he's by himself is that none of those have been all too great.
There's also the topic of him feeling responsible for her. Whether or not he should feel that way, it is what it is and it could be that going past a certain point might not rub him the right way. I wouldn't blame him if he worried about rushing things. How do you know what's normal with a box pone based off of your favorite cartoon character?
im just messing with you, not that invested in if they had sex. just stick to your story ya nig.
pastebins still dead. reeeeeeeeee
just use g.doc for writing, and copy paste when its working again
Have some green.

>”Those toy’s freaks me out…”
>The robotic equine can only stare at the workers as you are carried along the conveyor belt.
>”Look at it, its staring at us. Fucking creepy.”
>The machine pony slowly turns with its vision locked on the workers.
>It didn’t know where it was going. Or where it was. All it knew it was going somewhere.
>Its audio inputs picks up the grinding sound of metal being crushed and shredded. The robot didn’t care, how could it? Being loved at one point then thrown away another, abandoned like all the other ‘haves’ humanity never needed.
>The unwanted, the no longer loved items tumbles and clanks as the conveyor bet whirred them along to their crushing end.
>The pony simply looks over her body to find its beige coat rotted and torn from years of neglect. What happened to its synthetic coat and skin? Its memory banks bring up nothing.
>The grinding of metal grows louder finally earning the robot’s attention, but not its reaction. Again, the metallic equine simply watches, a simple spectator watching its demise.

>The conveyor belt tilts as the robot ascends into the jaws of the reclaimer. The pony stares at the lip of the belt as items tumbles into its spinning teeth, some tumble back down as if it were a desperate escape. But for the machine pony, again, nothing, no reaction earned.
>The pony is next to cross the event horizon. It watches emotionless as it edges to its fate, but a blinding flash steals its attention away from the titanium teeth.
>”Turn it off! I said to turn it off!”
>The conveyor belt grinds to a sudden halt, but inertia has other plans for the equine, it tumbles over the lip into the all-consuming. Another flash emerges from the reclaimers now silent jaws.
>”Must have been another Ion battery popping. Check if there’s no fire in the hopper then start her up again.”
>A worker climbs the ladder up the side of the reclaimer and lifts the front of his hardhat and peers in. Only shredded scrap metal stuck between the teeth can only be seen.
>”Looks clear. Start her up!”


Had that scene playing in my head while reading some stories in this thread.
Once the singularity was reached, and the AI ponies became scentient, a new law was established, Pony Preservation and Protection Act, article 10.1020.10, states that all ponies are protected by the same god given rights to life and freedom as stated in the human rights, this guarantees civil and political rights to individual ponies, including: freedom of speech, religion, and association; the right to a fair trial; and the prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment.
>Another day closer to the road trip
>Jack's been lively and eager to joke around but you can tell that with every passing day she's starting to hesitate
>Today's no different
>Another Hitman map, another evening spent just wandering around and coming up with new, increasingly creative ways to eliminate targets wearing the most absurd things
>Neither of you seriously considered doing anything violent or illegal, but it helped take the edge off
>It all made it out to be something to get excited for, rather than be afraid of
>Of course, you were worried too
>But you wouldn't let her know that
>Not unless push came to shove
>You had a fun time creating a dynamic with her when it came to playing, too
>She's look up the full map and tell you were entry/exit points were
>Where items of interests were
>And where targets usually spent their time
>It was a bit of a subtle way to help teach her how to look for ways to escape a room if she had to
>Again, not that you expect anything wrong to happen
>But you know where your limits lie
>You can't let anything bad happen to her
>"Hey, uh... Anon? Are you gonna choke that guy out?"
>You blink back to the moment at hand
>47 has a guy in a choke hold
>But you haven't finished it yet
>"Is.. that a gun in your pocket? I hope it's... a gun..."
>C R A C K
>"Wait... didja mean to kill him?"
"He'll die never knowing if it was, indeed, a gun in my pocket."
>You speak with a stern, monotone voice
>You hide the body and swap into his clothing
"Right... so, from where I am, what's my closest route to our first target?"
>Glancing between you, 47 on the TV, and her laptop, Jacky nudges the touch screen to scroll down
>"Going off of your outfit and your loadout... head out to the left, keep covered, and from there camp out for a bit. If you shoot well with your rifle you'll take him out in one hit. Make sure you move after firing but not too quickly."
"Roger dodger."
why would you write about a ponies imminent death.
>It isn't the most realistic application, but getting her to read blueprints and maps is neat
>A shame you don't think you can ever get her into Etrian Odyssey since the handheld console is far too human-centric
>But there's always Grimrock...
>Or Minecraft
>You put 47 behind a hedge, letting off the controller to crack your fingers
"I think we should try one of those challenge contracts next. Some people have some really demanding goals out there."
>"Yeah... keep your eyes on, alright?"
>She's gotten good at using the track pad
>You've been thinking of getting a bigger one and one of those pens that have touch screen nubs on the end, she could probably use that
"I see him on the radar. What do you want for dinner?"
>She shrugs, turning to watch the target enter the clearing
>"We got those pizzas on sale... how about that?"
"You eat nothing but pizzas and you'll turn into one. All greasy and cheesy..."
>"You must be half pizza then. There he is, aim!"
>You fumble to grab the controller, readying the sniper rifle
>"Not yet."
"Come on, he's right there..."
>"Wait until his bodyguard steps away so you don't get him by accident."
"I don't see one."
>"Because you're zoomed in. Wait for him to pass."
>You fire
>Target eliminated
>"Sneak out!"
>You awkwardly spin 47 around in circles and creep back with the finesse of a drunk while everyone starts to freak out about the immediate assassination
>You go back to where you were before, with the corpse of the poor man that died wondering what was rubbing up against his back
"Alright... so what's next?"
>She yawns
>She's been spending a lot of time staying up later than you
>You can tell that you've turned her onto the stealth game genre since she's been looking up guides to do more complex things
>Or rather, she's been looking up guides for you to do more complex things
>"Well... you can save and quit, right? How about we take a break for the evening?"
>You nod and stretch, exiting out of the game after saving
>She stretches as well, kicked out across the bed with her head on your leg
"So Jack... about that place. Do you still wanna go?"
>You feel her head twitch a little
>"Uh... yeah. Of course I do..."
>She clears her throught
>"I... uh, I think Sparks may be there. Y'know, m'lass Sparks?"
>She's starting to slip into that Irish accent
>It must be natural
"Sparks... yeah. So what's she like?"
>"Ohhhhhh y'know how the gang is... she's the kinda red-pink one. Horn, quick temper, lit her own house on fire when we first met."
>She slips out of it as she keeps talking
>Her words slow
>"And... you... don't know, I guess."
"How well do you remember her?"
>"I'm not sure. I remember 'adventures'. But... this is the real world, isn't it. So I don't think those were real adventures. But I recall so many details, like tastes. I remember the taste of my favorite food."
"Favorite food, eh?"
>You pat her side
"What'd that be? We can see about grabbing it."
>Jacky hesitates before answering
>"I don't remember. I would remember it if I had it, but I don't know what it looked like. Or when I had it."
>You've talked about her past before, but from the sound in her voice, the quivering that's being forced back, it hasn't gotten that easier
"Then we'll have to scout around and check out as much as we can then, huh?"
>It was a one-in-a-million shot, but it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye open
>"Sure, that sounds alright."
"So... why the name Sparks? What made her torch her own house?"
>Jacky suddenly giggles
>"That dork... she has no control over magic, right? So the first time we met was during a cooking competition. She wants to barbecue up somethin' fierce so I agree to go hunt down some ducks, right, and she's trying to figure out how to magic up a bonfire out of nowhere. Well the hot head gets all flustered and just as she sees all of the ducks I have, she just goes FWOOM!"
>Jacky splays out all of her legs, making a muffled explosion noise
>"Turns out, she got so jealous that I got done so quickly when she hadn't even a spark to her name that she just went up and above and beyond. Since then... she's always been Sparks to me. And it fits. I bet you could chip her horn with steel and get flint."
>She laughs more, reminiscing with a smile
>"Ahh... we kinda fought and butted heads a lot. Sometimes she had a point or magic was the answer. Sometimes I had a scheme or a trick and that would do it."
>She curls her head back until she's looking at you from a 90 degree angle
>"Anon... do you think if we find her, she'll be able to use magic still?"
>She looks like she knows the answer
>Her eyes are misty
>But her smile is wide
>You nod
"Honestly? Yeah. You're pretty strong for your size, you know. A unicorn that can actually cast a spell or something, or a pegasus that can actually fly. Sure seems like it could be possible, right?"
>"Yeah... yeah!"
>Jacky's smiling wider, though tears start to slide down the side of her face
>"Just you wait, we can show her all sorts of stuff, like-a-like a lighter! Can you imagine how sore she'd be to be outdone by a little tool like that?"
>"You know, I bet she'd make a firestorm if she were miffed enough. We gotta make sure our fire fighting skills are... up to snuff..."
>Her voice falters
>She tries her best to sound happy
>To sound excited
>But she can't stop crying
>You lean down and scoop her up
>She isn't the lightest but you aren't the weakest either
>You let her rump slide onto the mattress
>She leans against you, her head draped over your shoulder
"It's alright Jack... we'll find her. Both of you guys can figure it all out and go from there, right? We'll leave together, and with her too. She's your friend, and I know she wants to listen about all of what you've done here."
>You smile
"And hey... we can show her a few key movies. Can you imagine what she'd do when the fighting starts?"
>She stays quiet
>Then she lets out a 'hur hur'
>"She's definitely Tuco..."
"You think she'd like the fire water? We still got that bottle of mead, and whisky..."
>Neither of you drank all that often
>Partially because it just never came to mind
>More 'hur hur hur' laughs from her
"And imagine if we can get her to teach her to use her magic in less... inflammatory ways. Would be neat to see what she's capable of doing, right?"
>Jacky nods, rubbing the side of her face against your shoulder
"So there we go... one more reason to go, right?"
"And then after that... Dashie, right? Are there three more that we're missing?"
>Jacky sniffles and shakes her head
>"No... we were kinda it. But we were all we needed, you know? Causing trouble, getting into adventures..."
>You nod
"Yeah... we'll see what happens."
>It's getting closer to the road trip
>You haven't asked a lot about her past since you could take stabs in the dark of what she does and doesn't know
>You like learning about her
>You want to hope that they have some basis in reality
whats the singularity?
The point where artificial intelligence more or less leads to sentience and robots can self improve and replicate.
I bet ponies are like the movie Batteries Not Included, and they eat lots of metal junk then give birth to a little baby robot, but then they have to go to a pony parts store to get skins and stuff.
>Your bus arrives at the stop nearest the pizza place.
>You really didn’t think too much of what had happened that fateful day.
>As you stand at the crosswalk that will take you to the pizza joint, you can’t help but notice the skid marks and the scrape marks on the pavement.
>You must have flown fifty feet.
>”You alright Anon?”
>Patches’ voice almost startles you.
>You notice the light had changed and it was your turn to cross.
>You look down at her and smile.
“I’m okay, what are the chances I’ll get hit by another car in the same spot?”
>You chuckle as you take your first step into the street.
>You sigh to yourself when you hear a shrill voice screaming.
>You went down like a sack of potatoes.
>”ANON! NO!”
>You sit up, only a little bruised this time.
>You’re suddenly assaulted with hugs and kisses right in the middle of the road.
>You get to your feet and look for your attacker.
>Patches becomes statue like when she detaches from her hug.
”Hey! What’s the big… idea?”
>You blink.
>A yellow mare with a bright rainbow mane is smiling up at you.
>It looks like a bomb went off.
>Legs and wings and her pelvis and torso are scattered along the road like a ufo debris field.
>You almost jump when she talks to you with a scratchy tomboyish voice.
>”Hehe, sorry about that, think you could help me out here?”
>Her head is still attached to her neck and chest, but that’s about it.
“Uh… how are you still talking?”
>She rolls her eyes. “Cause I’m a robot, dude, what does it look like?”
>You shake your head.
“Right, sure, whatever.”
>You bump Patches and she snaps out of it and helps you round up the mare.
>Patches helps You carry the mare across the street and set her pile on the sidewalk, just outside the pizza shop.
>You and Patches take a moment to look at each other, then back at the mare.
“So… uhm...”
>Patches cuts you off.
>”Does this kinda thing happen often?”
>The yellow head nods.
>”Oh yeah, this is a pretty typical tuesday… although usually I still have enough limbs that I can put myself back together on my own. Ehehehe”
>Her nervous giggle betrays her worry.
>”Uhm… before you guys go… think you could give me a hand… or a leg, actually…”
“Yeah, I guess we could help.”
>You chuckle and kneel down to the pony pile and start sorting out her parts.
>”Thanks big guy, you two are awesome.”
>Patches picks up a part and turns it this way and that, trying to figure out what it is.
>”Yeah, I know I have a nice ass.”
>Patches immediately drops the yellow butt and her face lights up with a blush.
>The mare laughs a deep belly laugh.
>Which is strange because you were holding her belly, trying to reattach the ass that Patches dropped.
>Her design was weird, very clearly cheaply made, where you expected to find broken screws, her body was held together with simple pop rivets, it was like she was made out of lego.
>Once you got her arms and body together, the mare helped with reassembly and everything went smoother.
>”Thanks guys, I would have really been screwed if you just left me there.”
>Patches smiles at the yellow pegasus.
>”Don’t thank us, we’re just happy to help.”
>She waves her hooves.
>”No way, let me at least buy you guys lunch!”
>You stifle a laugh when she opened a panel on the side of her head and pulled out a wallet.
>Patches looks up at you. “What do you say, boss?”
>You shrug.
“I won’t turn down a free meal.”
>The mare leads you into the shop, before you could make it halfway to the counter, a bright purple blur shot out from the kitchen doors.
>You struggle to breath as Surprise Party clutches your ribs with her arms, while rubbing her face all over your chest.
>You smile at her and she relents her murder by hugging attempt.
“It’s good to see you too, Party.”
>”Oh my gosh, me and mister and missus mozzarella were so scared! We heard the screech, and the bang and the people yelling, and the ambulance and the...”
>Party continued her play by play of the day you lost your leg, luckily, Patches and that new pony decided to just go to the register and place your orders for you.
>You work your way into a booth seat, Party had sprinted to the back and had come back with sodas for your table while your pies cooked.
>She sat in the seat next to yours and continued to babble maniacally until Patches and your new friend take their seat opposite you and Party in your booth.
>This seemed to excite the purple party mare further.
>”Oh my gosh! Racy! I didn’t even see you there! You didn’t even say hello! It’s been so long!”
>The yellow mare rolls her yes and brushes her rainbow locks out of her eyes.
>”Sheesh, Party, I was here yesterday… And its Racer, not Racy… you know how humans get about certain words...”
>She whispered that last part, her eyes darting around, as if afraid some kind of spy would catch her, but you knew she was right.
>”Awe, but I like Racy, and it sounds better than Rainy, or Bowy! So I gotta use Racy!”
>Racer rolls her eyes and flips her mane again.
>“Ugh, fine, whatever... ” She scoots one of the cups of soda to herself, puts in a straw and takes a sip.
>Patches was already halfway down her cup.
>You look at the mare sitting across from you over.
“So what’s your deal? Why’d you crash into me?”
>She looks away, hiding a blush.
>”Sorry about that...”
>She rubs her face then looks up at you.
>”I clipped a power line and it threw off my trajectory when my wing came off...”
>She unfurls a yellow wing and flaps it, you can see a couple of the feathers are bent.
>Patches winces. ”Doesn’t that hurt?”
>She shrugs. “Ehh, you get used to it.”
>Racer turns to look Patches up and down.
>”So what’s your story?”
>Patches smiles at you. “I was beat up by my owner, luckily Anon here found me before my lights went out and put me back together.”
>Racer and Party both froze. Party swallows a big gulp of soda.
>”Good golly gumdrops! You look like you’ve gone through a blender.”
>Patches smiles sadly. “It probably felt about the same as well.”
>Racer perks up. “You mean you didn’t turn off your pain receptors?”
>Patches shakes her head. ”I couldn’t… my owner locked away my permissions when he was hurting me.”
>You blink, looking at Patches.
“I thought you didn’t remember what happened?”
>She looks away from you in shame.
>”My brain is a computer… my memory is perfect… I remember everything starting from the day my box was opened and I was powered on...”
“But, at the part shop… she said you blocked off those memories.”
>She waves her hoof in a so/so gesture.
>”I’ve partitioned the video and pain memories… but I still have access to the text transcript.”
>You look at her, not understanding.
>She takes a sip of soda. ”I want to remember my past, even the bad parts… but I don’t want to relive it...”
>”Here’s your Pizza!”
>You and the ponies at your table all nearly jump out of your collective skins when a pie is landed in the middle of your table.
>You look up at the owner’s wife and chuckle, your heart beating a mile a minute after that disruption.
“Thank you!”
>She smiles and heads back to the kitchen.
“Dig in, girls.”
>You help them plate their slices before you bite into your own.
>Oh yeah… pizza worth almost dying for.
>Your table companions seem to agree as they all nom their own slices.
>Patches nibbles quietly, while Racer and Party chew noisily with smiles on their muzzles.
File: Cuban Missile Crisis.png (147 KB, 436x508)
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This image is cursed in my mind.
File: do not pes princss.png (521 KB, 2462x3300)
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521 KB PNG
Sorry but that is not a Cool Lulu Approved image and does not represent the views of the Lu
I've seen robot movies but never seen that movie, whats it about?
is a mid 80's slice of life thingy where weird little alien ufo thingies start helping an elderly couple run a diner / bording house
its a good movie, has a couple tear jerker moments.
I more like the Near A Tomato route: sentience gained and they more end up sectioning themselves off with the growth of their own civilizations, faiths and philosophical outlooks.
whoa page 8 already. il look into it
world's fastest dead board, I'd recon.
No Jacky tonight but yan updated. I like writing that since it has far more impact and has a different focus.
Is it just me, or is Patches made out of the mane six?
pure coincidence
File: if only you knew.jpg (93 KB, 894x894)
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imagine all the driver problems with these voices. suddenly your mare is talking like a filly
>Your mare gets glitches once in a while, is just a side effect of her bootleg nature.
>One time while in the middle of plowing her silicone feilds, her voice changed from a hot young woman's voice, to none other than Morgan Freeman, right when she was moaning your name and begging for you to give her a creampie.
its better this way than to start a fetish around morgan freeman.
>not wanting to hear morgan freeman moan your name while begging for your hot load
>oh yes, Anon
>fill me like a twinky
>like a twinky
i hate writing in gdocs, its slow and laggy. tried that stuff years ago. probably because it has to sync or maybe because google is just shit
then just use a text file
This. My pastebin is copied completely in basic rtf files.
yeah that is what i ended up doing. but i like to review stuff when continuing, which i cant
thread dead?
No, we just had many Jacky and Patches dumps. There is usually a good amount of wait between them
just resting and reading
Well tomorrow will be big. Maybe not today but tomorrow.
What's the top three most popular prompts/ideas that have no green?
Not sure if this belongs here but i'm suprise no one made a mlp version of the nightmare yet.
File: unknown.png (749 KB, 661x609)
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749 KB PNG
Also eyyy, we are putting Nightmares in our vidya game. Nightmares are ancient myths if I remember correctly, but ours look like >pic related though
I find Word to be a happy medium between GDoc's "eating all the bandwidth and battery on constant uploads and checks that are almost totally unnecessary" and Notepad's "literally no bells and whistles, it just renders text".
>vidya game
Yep https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8MP-ewtHgI Spoilering because I dont want to advertise
never done a poll on popularity, but the most talked about ones tends to be the dystopian bootlegs
the ranch
ram ranch?
20%cooler ranch
File: TwiScrem.gif (73 KB, 244x237)
73 KB
You dont wanna know.
another painfully cute ponycom, this green just keeps giving us more waifus. But what's Racers deal? first pony we've seen without anyone else around what does she do? with surprise party i could still buy that shes 'owned' but Racer is alone
have some refs for background ponies in Patches story
File: Shop mare.png (6 KB, 400x400)
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this is the best thread idea yet
File: Racer.png (6 KB, 400x400)
6 KB
glazed reading right over the 'rainbow mane' and thought it was pink for some reason. thank pixel friend
File: file.png (368 KB, 1280x932)
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368 KB PNG
>perky modular mare
>Today is the day
>With how often you and Jacky have been talking about it, that 'maybe a weekend' became 'this weekend'
>The contact was fine with it, since the "branch" is open on Saturdays
>As usual, you wake up first
>Jacky was laying on you but some time when you were sleeping you rolled to your side
>She looks like a Looney Tunes version of roadkill
>Her tongue is hanging out the side of her mouth with her legs splayed out
>She's laying on your arm too
"Hey... Jack."
>You wiggle your entombed arm
>You lower her head to her hoof and move toward her body
>Your head goes from her shoulder to over her face
>Still nothing
>You inhale and give a short, sharp blow to her nose
>She springs to life, her snout bonking into your face
>"Monsieur Anon, not in front o--"
>She freezes, taking note that she was woken up
>She looks at you rubbing your nose
>"...Well good morning."
"Yeah-huh... morning."
>You slide your arm out from under her while she rolls to her stomach
>"So... are we really doing this today?"
"Yeah. Unless you don't want to?"
>She looks apprehensive
>Only after a minute of laying there, waiting for an answer, does she speak up
>"No, I... I want to. Gotta figure it out sooner or later, right? And if I can find out about Sparks or Dashie, or just learn who my ma and pa really are, then I owe it to them to go through with it."
>She grins at you
>"This is an adventure! Tuco and Blondie, look out, Anon and Jacky are on the trail!"
>You bark out a laugh and ruffle her mane
>It's grown out a fair bit over the months
>Everything from voice, mannerisms, and habits have changed from when she was first here
>You could tell that she was an Applejack-type... imitation
>But now? She looks like her own mare
"So... wanna take a bath first and I'll go after? Then we can split, gas up, find a bite on the go and see what today will do for us."
" That collar and leash came in so we'll have to find the right way to fit that too. Glow in the dark, reacts well to light like those safety jackets, it'll make sure nothing'll happen."
>You watch Jacky shake herself awake and stretch out her legs
>"Yeah... I guess things like that would be normal for me to wear.
>She curls her head to you
>"...I can wear my hat, right?"
"Darn tootin', lady. Now go do your deal, I gotta look over some stuff."
>She trots off the mattress and around the corner into the bathroom
>You stock half of the towels under the sink so she can have access to them
>While it's not completely settled in, you've done a fair bit in terms of accessibility
>Tied towel on the fridge door
>Chips within pony reach
>You're still a little sore at the dents she put into the side of the fridge
>Her mood still changes depending on the movies she watches, but it's a lot less extreme
>You dare say you've seen her shape her own personality, away from what she was
>The funniest thing?
>You gave her a tomato once and she hated it
>Doesn't even really like ketchup
>To you, that does indeed show that whatever she was packaged up with didn't define her in the least
>If you and her really do find that Sparks pony, you can't just leave her there
>But would you really want to have two?
>To be fair, cats and dogs always do better when they have company
>You know Jacky would love to have one of her friends with her
>You're her friend
>But you work
>And you aren't from her previous life, or her memories of her previous life
>And you're still a human
>It really won't hurt you, financially
>It will really liven up your apartment and your life, to be sure
>The apartment complex is pet friendly but... how do you explain away two talking ponies?
>You could try to excuse them away as being toys but come on
>There's no way Jacky could be some mesh of plastic and wiring
>What about Sparks, though?
>From the sounds of it, she sounds like a Twilight copy
>You can't really imagine it
>What sort of... accent would she have, even?
>What accents, plural, rather?
>Jacky seemed to be a one-size-fits-all sort, with all of the little hats she had and the accents she could cycle through
>What was her original accent like?
>She seems to favor the French one but that's probably in part due to you favoring it
>Given what that dealer's page said, if Jacky is the European enigma, is it possible that Spark would be from another continent entirely?
>How would that even work in her memories?
>You'll probably find out when you go there
>Of course it won't lead to anything terrible or violent or dangerous
>But you can tell why she may worry about it
>Even if it were a normal warehouse to you, to her it could be a prison
>Even if it's just a normal nine to five worker, she may freak out over their voice or how nonchalant everything is
>You don't really want to encourage or stoke that sort of worry
>But you know it would be completely tactless to tell her to stop worrying
>What's weird is that you aren't even worried about it all
>You might have concerns, sure, but you feel like it'll turn out alright
>A bit of a shave before a shower may help you look a little less mangy too
>Maybe she'll want a haircut later too
Today's gonna have a lot of posting
File: Patch.png (520 KB, 788x1080)
520 KB
520 KB PNG
am working on an update I promise, but its not dun yet
its cool no rush, still curious about the newbie. with so many brand new charismatic OCs and worldbuilding I almost think youd be fit for doing CYOAs
Are you talking about the ranch "concerned pony" came from?
I said there'd be a lot of posting and there will still be. But God damn I had to finish Arkham Knight.
that games pretty old aint it?
concerned pony came from a ranch?
>another pyropony bootleg
heh think she'd get along with the others?
you havent been using your name the whole time youve posted the updates this week
weird to have anon thinking about them as pets, when hes already neck deep in a relationship with one of them.
It is. Been replaying the first two of the series and decided to hit the last two to get them finished. Slowly going through the backlog.
I have plans for her.
Iiiiiiiiiii keep forgetting to.
He doesn't think of her as a pet, but when it comes to where he's living, it might cause an upset to have two ponies in one apartment. Some places are real sticklers about that.
>You hear Jacky call out to you, finally
>It feels like she spent hours in the bathroom
>Almost nineteen hours to be exact
>Or maybe it's your own nerves
>You aren't worried about anything, but her apprehension has become yours, to an extent
>You shake it off as you get up
>You've been through far worse, for people far less important
>A shave, shower, and dressing later, you're ready to go
>Leaving the apartment, both of you are quiet
>There's not much to do in the way of quips or jokes at this point
>You got the address down, it'll take a bit away
>Certainly won't be a day trip at least
>Jacky settles into the passenger seat
>She tries to tilt her head forward to stop her hat from hitting the car door, the seat belt, or the back of the seat
>"Darn... thing..."
>You watch her try to maintain some serious facade until she settles into some brooding, forward leaning position
>Before you start the car you pop her hat off of her and toss it to the back
>She leans her head back until she reaches a more genuine position
>"It's hard to wear that thing indoors..."
>You stifle a chuckle and nod
"We can save the badass looking hat wearing and glaring for cowtippers and bank robbers."
>The two of you head out to the gas station for drinks, breakfast, and to fill up your tank
>Both chomping on some steaming hot breadsticks, you journey forth
>Your goal?
>To learn everything you can
>To learn about this Sparks friend
>To hopefully hit lunch somewhere nice after
>You're already looking forward getting rid of this dark cloud of anxiety
>You enjoy having a real goal with her, and you can only hope that she's going to be glad that she did this
>But you also miss just goofing around too
>Especially given how work is
>Maybe you could take some vacation time soon, to keep an eye on her and to celebrate and unpack everything that'll happen
>"You alright? You haven't been talking much, and you look kinda serious right now."
"...I do?"
>"Yeah... you look like Blondie at the three-way standoff."
>You chortle
"As if. I'm just wondering how long it'll be before you're bored of sitting in the car for so long."
>"Well I've never been driven so far. But it'll be pretty cool to see all what's out here!"
"True. Lot of dead and hibernating trees, so not a lot of greenery. But we may see a lot of snowy landscapes."
.>"Yeah... so..."
"What's up?"
>"...what is there to do while driving?"
>That's a good question
"I think I know what we can do."
>A half hour of driving later
>"Praise to my father, bless by the water, black night, dark sky, the devils cry!"
"Life of vengeance, a passive test! Until the grave I will rest! Engage the pressure until it crumbles! The existence of the lifeless black souls!"
>Having left city limits and surrounded by snowy farmland, you scream down the road with the stereos absolutely blasting
>The only real option is music
>Hooking your phone up to the car via auxiliary port saves you battery life too
>Your practiced vocal chords sync up with the singing
>Years of driving and being alone has paid off since you're given extra incentive to sound good to impress
>Jacky's singing is still awkward, going between her natural tone and trying to sound more in tune though some of it sounds forced
>More miles go by as you two liven up the road with your killer tunes
>"I am Omeeeeega!"
>"I am Subhuuumaaaan!"
>"I cannot erupt!"
>"I must control!"
>"I cannot erupt!"
>The longer the drive goes on, the more brutal the music becomes
>Her headbanging and thrashing has made a mess of her mane
>She looks angry, snarling like you've never seen before
>You're more surprised at how well she can keep up
>When that ends, she leans back into her seat, huffing
>You take a swipe at your water bottle and take a quick chug
>Both of you are smiling
>You continue to point out songs to sing to, going from positive, happy ska made by a five man band of superheroes, to songs meant to be played while fighting demons, to even a few tunes that only a cyborg ninja would hear while fighting against the power of magnets
>It's a good way to make the drive seem that much shorter
>It's also a good way to de-stress and get all of that excess energy out
>After changing to a more lax tune befitting a glamorous cityscape at night with a definite early 90s vibe, you couldn't help but notice that Jack dozed off
>Still sitting in her seat as usual, but her head lolled to the side
>This was a good idea
>Not just to go out and really do this, but to go the music route instead of any discussions or talking or worrying
>Sometimes you gotta just go for it from a different angle
>You check your phone
>Technically illegal to do but you're alone on the road
>Another half hour
>You remember when driving in the city was enough to make you panic
>It still worries you but you've become so used to it all that it's more relaxing than anything else
>Still would've preferred to show Jacky a more colorful, appealing world than a frozen wasteland but spring isn't so far away
>You swap to a new song
>A really neat, unique song that's really just another remix of an old 80s song to the point that it sounds unique and innovative
>It's not someone slowing down some music and calling themselves an artist at least
>You finally reach your destination
>A rather unassuming building that looks to be as big as a warehouse
>It isn't rundown or anything
>But it looks almost abandoned
>But there is a sign on the front office
>"Hasbró" with each letter being a different color
>Hard to ignore that brand name when it seems the same but that goofy accent mark
>You park outside of the front office
>Outside of one other car it's all empty
>It seems spooky, you can't lie
>You wordlessly shake Jacky's shoulder
>She snorts and her head bolts upright
>"I'm up, I'm uuuu....uuup. Where are we?"
>She yawned in the middle
"We're here."
>Your eyes are stuck on that brand and the door
>It's a glass door with windows all over the place so it's not like it's some concrete prison
>It looks... as normal as you'd expect it to look
>You both get out of the car, stretching after the time spent just sitting in one place
>Only then do you realize
"Ah shit, did I bring the collar or did you have it?"
>"The what? Oh! No, I forgot about it."
>Well, what's the worst that could happen? It's not like it's completely required or something
>"We're finally here, huh..."
"Yup... let's go."
>You lead while she's a few steps behind you
>You go through the front door and it has a bell tone like something out of Animal Crossing
>"Ja, just a minute!"
>A male's voice
"Yeah, uh... alright, no problem. You've been getting my emails, right?"
>You couldn't exactly tell the voice that it was your pony authoring them
>Jacky keeps quiet, subtly hiding behind you
>Until you both hear something resembling clopping
>"Ja, guten tag!"
>A bulky looking blonde pony steps into the room
>Not really bigger than Jacky but certainly heavier with more visible muscle
>A really hard looking chin too
>"I am Hanzel, I am glad to help wi--ach mein gott."
>His eyes focus keenly on Jacky
>She... doesn't know what to do
>She doesn't even move
>You've never seen that expression on her face before
>"You've already got a friend! Wunderbar! We thought those questions were a little too detailed for you to know nothing! Sneaky sneaky..."
>He seems completely affable
>Finally Jacky speaks up
>"...do you like having that accent?"
>She sounds normal
>Hanzel looks visibly caught off guard
>He gives a bit of an awkward laugh, his accent slipping
>"Ja, well... I am on the clock..."
>A woman's voice rings out
>"Hanzel, is that our customer?"
>Hanzel gives you and Jacky a glance before licking his lips and refocusing
>"J-ja, I think you should answer his questions!"
>"Well alright, give me a second!"
>Hanzel gives you an awkward smile
>You're still really not sure how to respond to any of this
>"I am sorry, I'm still... er, in training."
>Jacky seems to mirror your mindset
>Neither of you are sure of what the hell
>A sleepy looking woman walks in from the direction Hanzel came out of
>She's in mid-yawn when she sees you
>"Oh, it's you! Mr. Jack, right?"
>You can tell she looks you over, and notices Jacky
>This surprises her as well
>"Oh... you told me you didn't have one yet."
>You remember the contents of the emails
>This probably did seem a bit suspicious
"Yeah... about that, I gotta ask some things. Or rather--"
>"Where is she?!"
>Still hiding behind you, Jacky lets out a scream aimed at the woman
>She and her muscled pony are surprised at the outburst
>"I'm sorry... what?"
>The woman doesn't look all that malicious either
>Just a little slow on the uptake
>It is still technically early in the day you suppose
"Listen... you got a place we can start over on? I think we should start from scratch."
>"Ja, of course sir. Zat is fine, yes?"
>He looks up at the woman
>She nods
>"Yeah, sure, of course."
>You lean down and pat Jacky's head
"It's alright, let's just start from the top"
>You follow the duo into a conference room
>You notice the Hanz guy doesn't have a cutie mark on him either
>Jacky had a sticker that came off, was probably the same for him or something
>The four of you settle in at a table
>You help lift Jacky into a chair near you while Hanzel nearly falls over from launching himself into a chair
>"So... what can we help you with?"
>The woman extends a hand to you to start everything off
"Alright... so, I'm Anon. This is Jacky. A few months ago I got her and... I suppose at this point we just have questions about her, and her friends."
>Jacky looks like she's a mix of angry and on the verge of tears
>It makes sense, given this is her first real confrontation with anyone
>No amount of goofing around or psyching up can ever prepare you for a situation that's in your face
>You know this all too well
>Probably why you're able to stay so calm about it
"To begin with... we would like to know where she's from. Who her parents are. Secondly, you said that you had a pony named Sparks or something like that."
>"She's MY friend!"
>Jacky barks
>Her voice quivers, like she's trying to stop herself from crying
"Yes... sorry the emails were a little off but I guess... neither of us knew what to expect. All of this really is kinda out there, you know?"
>The woman, while a little shocked looking, nods
>"Yeah, I totally get you. I was looking around and yeah. Reddish unicorn, right? Hanz, would you mind if...?"
>Hanzel, in all of his magnificent bulk, looks like he's a complete empath
>He's teary-eyed, but maintains a straight face
>"Ja... do not worry, Jacky. It will be fine. You too, Anon."
>He looks down at the floor and... tries to move off
>The wheels under the chair are far too eager to glide and he almost falls flat on his face to get off
>He glares at the chair before stomping off
>You can hear him muttering under his breath without that German accent about 'bucking wheels' and 'chairs'
>Now there are only three
"So, miss..."
"Miss Nona. What's the deal with these ponies? Where are they from?"
>You tug Jacky's chair over and wrap your arm around her to give her a slight hug
>She looks at you with surprise for a bit but them calms down
"It's been a few months and she's... kinda the best friend I could have. She eats and drinks and sleeps like normal but, obviously, this isn't your normal pony right?"
>Nona nods
>"That's right! To be honest, I'm not really sure, myself... but I love it all the same! Hanzel and I have been together for over a year now and I've... just not figured out anything. They're just like you and me. I started working for the company partially because I wanted to learn more."
>She gives you a smile
>A bit of a sad smile
>"Partially because he told me what it was like too..."
>She focuses her eyes on Jacky
>You can feel her flinch, her muscles retracting and flexing
>"I know you really weren't happy with how things were... it broke my heart when Hanzel told me about how it was. I had to find out about him, like your Anon does for you. I'm afraid I don't have any answers for you that you two might not have already found out."
"Well... what can you tell us? You have to know something since you're working for them, right?"
>'Them' being whoever could be behind all of this
>"Well, I do know that something in the box can put them into a sort of stasis. Kinda like those sleeping pods in Alien? You don't need to eat or drink nearly as much in those. I don't know how it happens but it does. I keep a close eye on the ponies here and they're just... there. You could never guess that they'd be real and like anyone else."
>She folds her arms and puts her head on the desk
>Not the most professional but it's not like you were anyone of particular importance
>"But... you force Hanzel to pretend to be someone he ain't!"
>Jacky calls out, scrunching her face in an attempt to control her words
>Nona laughs a slow, casual laugh
>"Hanzel pretending, or being forced? You couldn't force that buck into anything! Did you know that he kicked in my refrigerator door? He got so frustrated when I was out that he couldn't get his lunch out that he just-bam-kicked it in."
>You glare at Jacky out of the corner of your eye with a side smirk
"Imagine that..."
>Nona shrugs
>"Hanzel is a bit of a showman. He found out that a lot of his memories were faked and that he'd slip out into Russian or Polish accents, on top of the German and... I guess it's just his way of having an identity. Nothing has really changed for him or I for him to stick with that. But he enjoys defining himself. And I think it's cute too. That's kinda all you can do, right?"
>You nod
>Jacky seems to get it too
>But you can tell that she still isn't in the best mindset
"Jacky was the same. Even after that first day, I was glad that she was who she was. I saw the masks slip off and... well, Jacky's Jacky. There's no one else out there like her, and I wouldn't want it any other way."
>Jacky hangs her head, averting your gaze
>You laugh and tighten your hug on her for a second before releasing
>"Aw, she's embarrassed!"
>Jacky mumbles something as her only response
"So... about Sparks. I guess... do you guys take credit card or..."
>It sounds awkward as hell to ask something like that, but you know it has to come up sooner or later
>Jacky looks up at you, then at Nona, surprised
>Nona gives you a wink and a smile
>"Whaaaaat, why would you do that? You aren't buying anything, it's just customer support. Besides, you're just here so you can take your friend home."
>She nods to Jacky
>Jacky tries to speak but can't
>She settles on a nod
>"Well then alrighty! We're not going to play that sort of game here. You have friends so that's what matters. I'd never forgive myself if I didn't let old friends reunite."
>She tries to make herself chuckle
>It's very much forced
>"Hanzel doesn't know anybody or recognize anything... almost like he was supposed to be some one-note background pony. He isn't the type to be jealous but I know that he really would have liked it if he saw anypony he knew. It's not just his muscles that are strong, right?"
>The room falls silent
>This is so unlike anything you thought would happen
>Jacky looks... as she did before
>As much as you discussed it being some sort of risky venture, it seemed like such an anti-climax
>There were no answers to her origin
>There were no answers to her heritage
>There were no answers to her
>Except the one you built up together with her
>That bitter taste of reality must have hit in full force
>You hear a male practicing certain phrases and words
>Hanzel enters the room again, giving a wide smile
>"We have found the right pony! She is in her box out front. Now will that be cash or cred--"
>Nona gives him a loud shush that went clear across the room
>Hanzel looks at the woman with a furrowed brow and a complex expression
>Like he's trying to figure out how magnets work
>"Anon and Jacky are taking their friend home. That has nothing to do with our company.... right?"
>Hanzel takes a few seconds to get it through his head
>When he does he nods and tries his best to smile
>"Oh, ja! Of course, it is important to be with friends!"
>He looks at Jacky, then at you
>"I hope we can be good friends! I am excited to see someone like Nona, and extremely pleased to see that Jacky is doing well! A little scared but all hawks begin as chicks!"
>He lets out a boisterous laugh at his own joke, walking back to Nona's side of the desk
>He looks like he's going to jump back onto the chair... but mumbles some curse and decides to get onto his hind legs, his front hooves resting on the edge of the table
>"So, what did I miss?"
>He seems happy to be included
>You shrug
"Nothing, Nona was just telling me how you needed a cuddle toy to sleep."
>A joke
>But Hanzel looks absolutely stunned
>He looks at Nona
>Then at Jacky
>Then at you
>"T-that's silly! I would never require a miniature panda doll to sleep... ha ha ha!"
>Nona averts her eyes, blushing
>Jacky snickers from the stuff going on
>Hanzel picks up on that
>"Oh come on, you know how important a panda doll would be! If you needed one to sleep!"
>Jacky shakes her head, picking up on the tone of the room
>"Nope... can't say that I have..."
>The powerful stallion slumps his face down
>"This is a witch hunt..."
>You pat the table, surprised
"Wait... you have a panda doll?"
>Hanzel tries to give an excuse but every attempt dies in his throat
>He shrugs, putting on his toughest face
>"I merely admire the Kung Fu Panda and the combat prowess he holds..."
getting some similarities to twillght sparkie emphasis on the 'spark' heh
I imagine Spark has some important traits that Twilight has... but may also be lacking other important traits. Only question is who Dashie is.
who would dashie be if not dashie?
File: 09-roll-safe.png (423 KB, 700x700)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
surely nothing will go wrong by stealing an enigmatic magic pony from a mystery store of living toys and magic suspension.
what if dashie is really dashie, and not the bootleg kind
Do bootleg ponies like to play fetch, or do they find it demeaning?
>After finishing off the pie, you and the three amigos sat back and sighed, rubbing your full bellies.
>Patches smiles up at you.
>You quirk an eyebrow.
>”I’d say the pizza served here is worth an arm and a leg.”
>You grunt.
“That’s… not funny.”
>She shrugs. “Okay, maybe just a leg then.”
>Patches lets out a chuckle that relieves all tension that built up earlier, talking about tragic backstories.
>Party and Racer both join her and relax even more.
>You roll your eyes with your own short laugh and look over at the yellow one.
“So what’s your deal?”
>She snaps out of her own chuckles.
>”Huh? What do you mean?”
>You wave your hand vaguely upwards.
“Well, why’d you come falling out of the sky and bowl me over?”
>”Oh! That, again, sorry big guy.”
>She flexes her wings out behind her back.
>”I’m a part time delivery pony, and part time stunt pony.”
>She sticks her chin up and strikes a pose while still sitting.
“So why did you crash?”
>She waves a hoof in the air dismissively.
>”I crash all the time, it’s just a part of trying new flight maneuvers.”
>Party perks up. “Ooh, what new thingy were you trying? And how did you crash into Nonny so bad you oweded him a pizza?”
>Racer chuckles.
>She looks away and coughs into her hoof.
>”I ah… wasn’t trying any stunts...”
>Everyone quirks an eyebrow.
>She glances back at everyone.
>She sighed and deflated in her seat.
>”I just finished my delivery run for today, took like, two flaps into the air… and clipped a powerline when I was trying to thread a small gap… I guess the gap was smaller than I thought...”
>Party breaks down into a giggle fit.
>Racer tries to hide under the table in embarrassment.
>You and Patches just smile.
“Well, that sucks, but hey, since me and my little pony here put you back together, how about a free show?”
>Racer perks up and sits up straight.
>”Heck yeah! How about next saturday morning? I don’t do deliveries on the weekends, so I will have plenty of time to show off my moves!”
>Party claps her hooves. “I bet Mister and Missuseses Mozzarella will totally give me the day off too! I love watching Racy do all those cool flying! Oh, in fact, I should get Sapphire to come to because she’s the bestest at putting you back together, specially when you break something! And Bunny Hop loves the ducks at the park, and I bed Orange Juice could use a day off from working at the store! Ruby probably isn’t busy, and I bet OJ and RB’s sisters would love to come out to play ,and mffmmffffmmmnn...”
>Racer reaches across the table and stuffs her hoof in Party’s mouth.
>”Yeah, yeah, sure, whatever, just stop shouting… and I won’t crash once. But you’re welcome to invite all our friends out, if you want.”
>You and Patches scoot away from Party as best as you could when she started vibrating in place, and her eyes lit up, you being trapped on the inside of the booth made you all the more worried about potential shrapnel.
>”I get to plan a party!”
>She leaps out of the booth and heads for the kitchen.
>You, Patches, and Racer sit there, watching the kitchen doors flap back and forth.
>You stand up from your seat and stretch, pops and cracks run up your spine.
“Well, its getting late, and we should probably head home now, see you saturday, I guess.”
>Patches gets up and rears up to hug the yellow racing horse.
>”Thanks for lunch, its been fun talking with you.”
>Racer blushes and pushes Patches off of her.
>”Ehk, no mushy stuff, I’ll see you guys around.”
>You and Patches wave as you head out the door.
“See you later.”
>She smiles and waves from her seat in the booth, she’s still nursing her soda.
>And with that, you head back to the bus stop.
>”This was fun, I’m kinda glad you got run over again.”
>You chuckle and tostle her mane.
“It was nice meeting her, she seems fun.”
>Patches nods.
>The bus pulls up and you find your seats.
>”Although, I bet you didn’t even notice.”
>You raise an eyebrow at her.
“Notice what.”
>Patches leans up and whispers in your ear.
>”She had adult parts… I saw them on her butt when we put her back together. ”
>Your eyes go wide and you gulp.
“Uh huh… is that so… Why do you feel the need to bring it up?”
>Patches innocently leans her head on your lap, a hoof tracing a bulge in your pants.
>”Can I have one? Please?”
>You look around to make sure no one else is paying attention.
>You stiffly shake your head.
”No, absolutely not.”
>She pouts and puts on the puppy dog eyes.
>”Please? I promise to take good care of it, and give it baths, and name it George.”
>You blink and look at her.
“You watch too many cartoons.”
>She wiggles her eyebrows.
>”That wasn’t a ‘no’...”
>You roll your eyes at her voice.
“No, that wasn’t a no...”
>She silently cheers to herself the rest of the bus ride home.
File: file.png (1.19 MB, 1074x825)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
thatd totally depend on the bootleg poner,
>playing a dangerous game of fetch with a living firepony.
>Have a really irate Rarity bootleg explain to you in great detail why she absolutely refuses to chase a ball.
>Have an even more irate Rarity return your ball to you because she simply can't not chase the ball.
Would the Raritwins alternate their roles? how could you tell them apart
is only one rarity, you threw the ball
dubdubs, so shes bipolar about ball fetching
You're the ball.
It's not theft, it's... finding a friend of a friend for a friend.
>Everything seems to be a whole lot better than you or Jacky could've ever imagined
>Nona and Hanz seem pretty cool, all things considered
>The conversation is a little awkward about the ponies' backgrounds, but it doesn't seem to matter a whole lot either
>Hanz seems like a cool guy to you
>You can't put a finger on their dynamic but it does seem like a sneaky way to get double the money for one job
>You'd actually enjoy working in some sort of semi-abandoned building, yourself
>Imagine all of the games you could play
"So, do you have any... advice? Where can we find out more? You have a direct line to people, surely."
>Nona shrugged
>"I come in and handle calls and... visitors like yourself. And I get paid. I don't want to push things too much for myself, you know?"
>Visitors like yourself?
>Has anyone else been here?
"Visitors like myself?"
>Jacky glances at you when you ask that
>Hanz nods, pushing himself up to help remind everyone that he's a part of the conversation
>"Ja! You're out first one! This is a very... uncommon thing that we have. Jacky and I are very rare, very valuable."
>He nods to himself
>Jacky sees this and nods as well, nudging your arm with her hoof
>As if you didn't already value her to such an extent
"I suppose I can see that, sure... so do you really not mind us leaving with Sparks?"
>You still don't particularly believe it
>Hanz defers to Nona
>She nods, giving you an animated thumbs up
>"Of course! Think about it this way... Jacky is an amazing girl, and she looks really happy when she looks at you. On top of that, she's from a different type of series. It's only fair that she has her friends with her, you know?"
>Hanz clears his throat
>Nona turns in her chair and wraps her arms around him
>"And Hanzilla here is one of a kind!"
>You get the feeling that you and Nona are more alike than you initially thought
"Well, I gotta...say thanks for that. We both appreciate it. It's a lot for me to be able to help Jacky out like this."
>"Yeah... yeah. I don't know how to thank you for this. I really don't have a clue how I could make it up to you. I don't remember hardly anything concrete... but Sparks... Dashie. They're all I remember and all that I know have to be real."
>Nona's eyebrow went up
>"Yeah. Me, Sparks, Dashie... triple threat trio."
>Jacky chuckles to herself
>"We really weren't the Mane Six at all."
>Hanz clops a hoof down on the table
>"You were like ze Cutie Mark Crusaders, ja!? I love Scootaloo!"
>You instinctively laugh at his outburst
>Jacky's a bit taken aback by well
>Trying to maintain a straight face, she nods
>"Now that you think about it... kinda?"
>The musclehead pushes his hoof into Nona's shoulder, pushing her a fair few inches
>"We have to find out where this Dashie is! We do not have her already, do we?"
>Nona grabs the edge of the table, dragging herself back into place
>"No, not that I know of... but then again, we didn't really check that much either. When you mentioned Sparks and went into such detail, it was easy to settle. Otherwise... I really don't know."
>Jacky deflates a little
>"Oh... yeah, that makes sense. But, you know, she is out there. I'm sure of it."
>Hanz nods
>You didn't really notice before but his mane is cut almost to be like a mullet, where it's cut short on top
>"Everyone we are meant to meet is out there. It is only a matter of time before this Dashie can crashie into your life."
>All three of you watch him
>He seems proud of himself
>"That's right, I write my own material too. You may praise my creativity."
>Nona pats his head
"Well... mind if we go see her then? I mean, she won't be awake I take it?"
>Nona gets up, clapping her hands together
>"Of course! We can help her into your car too if you wish?"
>"Ja, let us impress you further!"
>You look at Jacky and shrug
"Ready to go?"
>She nods
>"Yeah, let's go home!"
>You stand up while she awkwardly jumps out of the office chair
>Following Hanz and Nona, you end up at the front of the building again
>Your car is still in sight
>Nothing seems out of the ordinary
>Except the large box that's tilted against the wall
>"Sparks! Sparky! It really is you!"
>Jacky dashes up to the box
>Sure enough, a thin plastic layer is all that separates the two friends
>She looks pretty familiar too
>Twilight Sparkle, except she's all one single color
>That bright pink, almost red color that's from the streak in her hair
>Her eyes are closed but you can tell that she's smiling
>You don't recall Jacky smiling when you got her
>Hanz nudges your leg with his head
>"Between you and me... I would invest in shatter proof kitchenware, ja?
>It isn't exactly a whisper but it is something that no one else notices
>"Look, she twitched! She can hear me! Sparky, it's me! It's going to be ok, there's so much cool stuff! You gotta meet Anon, he's the greatest, and Blondie! And Tuco too! And, and movies! And 47! You gotta..."
>Jacky finally calms down, looking around
>Embarrassed, she stammers over an attempt to explain herself
>"W-what are you looking at? You'd do the same if you hadn't seen a friend in forever!"
>You shrug and clear your throat
"Hanzelman, wanna get the door and I'll grab Sparks?"
>"Jawohl, Herr Anon! Let us show these ladies how to do it!"
>With gusto, he... pushes the door open with the side of his face
>It really isn't the heaviest door in the world
>But you can't help but feel invigorated by his moxie
>You squat down and lift up the pony containing box
>It isn't all that heavy either
>You don't really see any accessories around her
>After a step, you see a loose booklet sliding around that has her cutie mark
>What you presume is her cutie mark, anyway
>A set of fireworks that looks pretty similar to Twilight's nebulous star mark
"Hey there, firefly. Jacky's gonna be happy to hang out with you again. Let's be careful about that horn of yours, huh?"
>The horn itself is purple, which is odd since everything else is that pink-red color
>With a clear way, you step out into the chilly, fresh air
>You set Sparks on the top of your trunk and unlock your doors
>You fit her into the back, sitting up
>Just for good measure you wrap the seatbelt around the box
"There we go... better safe than sorry, right? You'll be pretty impressed with how things are. We'll fix you up something good to eat as well."
>You hear Jacky running up to you
>She looks as happy as can be
>"Can we go? I wanna head back so we can get her out of there!"
>Hanz and Nona are outside as well, but they aren't more than an arm's length away from the door
>Hanz gives you a bold salute while Nona waves
>"Come back later, alright! We'll email you if we ever find out about that Dashie friend of yours!"
>You give one last wave before settling into the car
>You tap at your phone, figuring out a route back home
>Jacky's visibly antsy, looking behind her to the unicorn
>"Anon, we gotta watch movies with her? Do you think she'd like them?"
"Psh, yeah, of course. How else will she get how derpy you've become?"
>Jacky sputters
>"As if! I've become far more well-rounded since then. Remember when Angel Eyes scared me?"
"Yeah, like it was yesterday."
>"Y-yeah, well, that was old Jackie! New Jackie would buck him off a water tower without blinking!"
"Yeah huh... that's if his glare didn't cause you to drop horse apples on the spot."
>"Now listen here, I'll have you know that...!"
>The drive back home is far, far quicker than the drive away
>You keep talking back and forth without pause, occasionally asking Sparks rhetorical questions
>When you look back to her, you see that the smile is still there
>Hopefully she's able to hear everything going on
>Things are gonna get a lot more lively moving forward
riiiiiiight. im sure Hasbruh will understand when they get no shekels, no officialy approved paperwork and a magic pony vessel just goes missing from the inventory. how did anon even find out how to order jacky in the first place?
from an order form on the back of a cereal box
File: internet.jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB
He found out through... the internet? Yeah. Yeah, let's go with that. And where did all of this magic talk come from, anyway? No one's casting magic missile. That would be silly. No one casts magic missile anymore.
Also, around sixteen posts during a weekend. Not sure if this is more good than bad but well after two months and I haven't even begun to get tired of this.
File: file.png (552 KB, 496x667)
552 KB
552 KB PNG
>Order form on the back of a cereal box
just becareful which one you do or you might end up with a case of the dreaded krave.
>Glazed and amused
Don't glaze your pony.
File: file.png (292 KB, 828x826)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
*DO glaze your pony
Why does the horn look strangely ergonomic?
i mostly skim over the filler stuff now, watching movies and playing games but really like this new mystery store with unknown staff. if you trimmed a lot down, maybe even made anon younger then its almost got a disney/miyazaki like feel to it and while sparks was easy to find, reuniting with dashie might take an adventure
>You order a pony from the back of a cereal box.
>Was only a couple bucks, what's the worst that could happen?
>You get a package in the mail within 7 business days.
>You cut the tape holding the box closed and out jumps what looks like the off spring between ponk and a ragdoll, if ponk was doing the hardest drugs while the ragdoll was hate fucking ponk.
>And it won't stop telling puns.
>Its been here for two months.
>Literally any time you say something, or it sees writing on the edge of a book or something, it always has a perfectly headache inducing pun for it.
>Your forehead was starting to grow a welt from the face palms.
>You zip tie the thing's legs together and drag it out back.
>"My family is like a treasure! You need a map and shovel to find them! What did the guy exclaim after inventing the shovel? It is ground breaking!"
>You start chucking dirt onto the abomination, it keeps telling jokes.
>"I appreciate the sediment, but this dirt's on me! Never throw dirt at your opponent! All you do is lose ground!"
>Eventually you completely bury the pink menace, but you can still hear the muffled puns coming up through the ground.
>You go back into the house and close the door.
>Awe... peace at last.
oh god, its like you're living with carlos the pony.
File: file.png (344 KB, 707x804)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
easier to help her out of the box
See, that's why I felt like I had to take a break and let things soak in for a few weeks. I don't want to have it be some... dull slog to go through. Of course it has it's peaks and valleys but I worry that it may be more valleys. Especially once the novelty wears off and it really just is about a guy and his pony wasting their lives doing goofy shit together. It isn't the most forward moving story idea to start, which is why I've enjoyed doing the yan story since it has far more of a guideline A to Z outline. If only because there are so many actors going around at once rather than it being a comfy, familiar setting.
>its been years, sometimes when you go out you think you can still hear the puns
>surely shes dead, but you cant help but still fear one day shes going to dig herself up and start laying down some zombie puns for the occasion
>You shudder at the thought, those horrible days torment you in some nights. Waiting for a mare to show up in window with a silhouette of the krazy kurved horn
if you want my opinion it was good in the beginning, especially for breaking Jackys shell but i think its been over saturated with it and that stuff kind of served its purpose a long time ago. thats why i skim it. really doesnt add anything important, just popculture reference all over the place and we already know anon and jacky share a lot of the same tastes, since shes 'grown up' with that.
Not just Jacky's shell but Anon's too. I agree, it has dipped down because... should that situation really play out, it really would be relatively dull. I think I focus too much on the day to day and the more minor details. With Jacky reconnecting with what were once(?) her friends, that's definitely more things to go into. A wider world has been explored, both physically and thematically, which I like, but it is still weighed down by Anon still being some random schmuck that has to work for a living.
I'm kinda almost wanting to find a better place to end it for a while. I would rather have it end on a bit of a high note than have it drag on long past it's prime.
Besides, there's always more stuff to write, right?
theres too much stuff to write, but with the way youve gone on its hard to really see an ending anytime soon but thats your call. This deal with taking Sparks home could easily turn things up and get away from gaming/movies. Just being a normal schmuck is one of the most popular protagonists in media until thrown into wild circumstances that they have to shelve being a normal schmuck, grow beyond that or get yanked away from that period with their old life in the dust.

But if you did end it id hope you can find another bootleg to write about, and youv gotten past your mental block of only being able to do AJ/Jacky related stuff.
File: deathlight origin.png (2.57 MB, 2219x3152)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB PNG
for our shitposting memories and so that wont forget the purest waifu
she needs a green, are there any writers looking for a prompt?
any prompts are good, since we have a prompt bin we can save em for later.
True enough. I suppose it's just been a mix of indulgence and trying to imagine new ground. I wouldn't write what I wouldn't enjoy reading, and I never intended for it to be overly interesting or fancy. But I did always intend for Sparks and Dashie to be a thing.
As for mental blocks go, it was more AJ was the only one I thought would be interesting. Vastly new territory too to write in, nevermind format, so it's not like I can go wherever at the start. Same thing with my recollection only going to maybe the third season.
I do recall the fire I had at the start. I need to stoke it.
if sparks is going to be living with anon and jacky its still got potential to mix things up, i could see it going into tenchi muyo like territory with all sorts of different personalities under one house having their own friendship chaos conflicts. of course for it really to be Tenchi-like they'd have to all want a piece of anon's pie and thats probably not going to happen since anon and jacky already are in a relationship. but the underlying similarities are still there, normal schmuck meets abnormal girls/mares and lives with them causing the push and pull of not so normal-schmuck life.
Awh! Thank you very much anon, this is gettin saved
Yeah, I don't have any thoughts whatsoever about it being some Love Hina situation where everyone wants to provide a pony ride. The personalities of the terrible trio will be different enough that there won't be infighting on that. That said we'll be learning more about them as they hang out and relearn what they used to do together.
Wait, so Racer is modular, and has a detachable pussy? Can... can she still feel it when it's detached?
didnt see it going in that direction anytime soon, just that the possibility was there with the framework. monogamous waifus is still the patrician choice, but new roomies can still shake things up and make things more interesting
shes an all wifi waifu, i think you know the answer to this
Imagine her trying to concentrate on flying her deliveries while you're at home smashing her foal hole.
>ywn get an incoming call from your waifu, flustered about something important going missing.
>You and your horse wife run through town, trying to back track where she lost it.
>She falls over and starts squirming on the ground.
"What? What's the matter? Are you okay?"
>"Some... gyahhaa... Some one's licking... my... it..."
whats it? what does it look like? comon racy work with me here
>She gasps, writhing on the ground.
>"Clit! Someone is licking my clit!"
>She lets out a long strained moan.
>She starts convulsing, and you realize she's cumming.
>tfw got it in the pocket the whole time
It's not NTR if it was some random animal that found it
i had that thought as a possibility too
I can't remember which thread, but there was a green or a prompt or something, where apparently the "Concerned Ponies" box came with a ranch-themed play set, and someone wrote a one-shot green about there being some sort of abuse in said ranch, and one of them escaped their abusers.
Eighteen naked ponies in the showers at Ram Ranch
FrankenPatches green will continue soon, still want to see this one through
the ranch set was much different than the concerned pony from what I remember, it wasnt just abuse but rape too. that came from these threads, but maybe you're talking about something before the general existed
>You clumsily moved through the dark, Barbore following closely behind like your own shadow, snickering and giggling to herself.
>You aren't sure if she was just giddy over your imminent triumph or if she was simply lucid.
>The dragoness seemed less sane these days...
>Poor lass, you suspect that perhaps one day she had gone mad.
>The culprit?
>Your advanced studies and masterfully woven theories had broken her mind.
>Much like if one had stumbled upon some scrawling of an eldritch god beyond human understanding, and certainly beyond the innocent fragile psyche of ponies.
>You had hoped for better but it seemed even a dragoness had succumbed to the same fate.
>Every Equestrian was still the same at their core, you had no other fellow man to partake in your quest.
>The only human in this land, a curse and a blessing.
>Barbore you believe had been pushed too hard, one too many heavy tomes and research material.
>All those books giving her a nasty case of a curved spine, contorting her face into freakish maniacal grin.
>Some see her merely on the outside, a freakish monster.
>But underneath all of the rough was still your number one, and the only one in your life you could depend on.
>You still like to believe that she shares your passion too.
"Quickly to the wheel!" you pointed before breaking off.
"I need power Barbore."
>The small lighter green fins fanned out from her cheeks as she smiled at your command.
>But she didn't move, only standing staring up at you with her toothy grin.
>You bent to kneeling down meeting her eyes at a more level height.
"I need you."
>She held her claws over her mouth covering that smile.
>"You want to be turned on?"
>You suspect she misspoke and skipped over a word.
>That word in between, 'it'.
>But it did give you a moment of pause, she couldn't mean that.
>You simply nod giving her the go ahead.
"Yes, turn on..."
>Satisfied with your response she hobbled over into the void, disappearing in a corner of darkness.
>Before long the tell tale vibrations traveled to your ears, slow at first but the heavy stone being moved and ground against stone was undeniable.
>Picking up into a whine of metallic spinning gears, and what followed soon after.
>Everything was in order then.
>It shall be a night to remember.
>One for the history books, indeed.
>But you are not interested in the small dreams of small brained men, seeking such as thing as fame.
>Thick and heavy glass tubing, some held large coils encased inside while others empty waiting for their purpose to be fulfilled.
im sickened but curious, where are these lost bootleg greens?
I havent gotten much time to read these greens, but I hope Jacky and Patches are doin okay
>que chasing a doggo down thats got your waifu's vagoo it's mouth
Jacky's got some interesting things going, finally. I may take a few days to unwind from things before I write more, and that'll most likely be the yan thing. I gotta make sure writing quality doesn't decay.
File: friendly reminder.gif (64 KB, 500x500)
64 KB

Thank you for your efforts Blondie, but if you would, could you continue to use your name? It does get confusing
Damned if I use it, damned if I don't.
If you haven't kept track of things I made a very hefty series of posts over the weekend. I'm concerned about continued quality so I'm gonna let there be another small pause. I know Jacky is my first go at a serious green so I don't expect it to be the best but I should expect it to be better.
I'll still be doing the yan one, it wouldn't be bad of me to put more focus into that since there's a lot of things that can be put down but isn't yet.
Can an artist draw Racer chasing a dog with her detached robot pussy in its mouth? That's just too funny to not visualize.
it was only a little confusing when we had multiple big chunks of greens goin on with patches and jacky, and all Anonymous imo.
Ive been wanting to do some Racer stuff, so if not that itl be something
>"Aw but I like Racy"
>"It's better than Rainy or Bowy"
>Racer never mentioned any 'rain' or 'bow' in her name
Racer is secretly a bootleg RainbowDash, Surprise Party Rock knows too much
Did you make that to be a bootleg RD? the rainbow mane could be just an unusual color
File: file.png (536 KB, 1171x892)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
no dog yet, but heres a sketch of racer
You can check the Desuarchives.
just link it dude
I can't remember exactly where it was.
Does Patches count as flutterrape since she's trying to get in anon's pants?
you... got more of this, right?
yeah, but felt off today so its just sitting open in the background like RainbowRacer's legs
File: file.png (486 KB, 838x740)
486 KB
486 KB PNG
slowly working on it, have to look up wing boner ref
i really like her mane
She has beautiful eyes.
think were way past that point, hard to tell if she'll start >rape again though
File: file.png (505 KB, 974x1024)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
might have given myself a concussion so probably wont be active on the board for a bit. youl have to wait to cum inside rainbowracer.
What did you do?
Posted more yan. I think between that and Jacky I'm able to show that I can write more types of things. I enjoy more horror-centric things.
horror eh? what kind of horror are we talking about. spoop literal horror or pyschological?
something stupid, smashed the back of my head by standing up under something thats secured and not guna move. i dont think it will be a big deal but for now the monitor screen gives me a migraine, and stiff back of the neck
File: big ol eyes.png (40 KB, 209x181)
40 KB
Oh poor thing! Take a rest and get well soon!
Yes. It depends, really.
Guys.... I ordered a cute waifu pone but instead I got some sort of assassin droid in a mishap form of a pony. How do I get refund ?
Train it to murder your depression in the form of hugs. ezpz
Statement: do not mistake it for a toy. It is equipped to make you believe in the magic of friendship. With the worms.
post pics
I want to know more about Racey, did she drop the Rainbow part of her name to breakaway from being associated with being a knockoff?
am writing more, but is slo goings with job and stuff

update should be this weekend
are you planning to do anything with these qts or are they just kind of one and done side stuff like with rarity?
I plan to make them all semi regulars, but I'm also a slow, partially dyslexic writer

also, what I've posted of this green now is the most I've written in years
nice. maybe if you find writing for patches hard to keep coming up with new SoL stuff, you could do some small side stories of racer and surprise party rock.
>Rainbow Horse
>Isnt even rainbow
>that apple pie pony in the bottom right
whose she? and what does she do?
File: file.png (194 KB, 309x484)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
nice eye for applepie. i think you already gave her a name
can anyone find this vector they stole? Lets see if we can't get a clear image of her.
that looks like THE applejack pic that gets pasted around in all bootlegs. only recolored, doubt youd find 'the original' of the americana pony with all the colors in tact but then again it's happened before

check the bottom right box, same apul pose
its the stock vector for the original 2010 mlp promotions, most pony things you find will have them
makes sense, same with the other apul pic right. where shes holding an apple and derped. but i think hes asking about finding the recolor, like how dimsum was a recolor of crystal the dragon which was a recolor of spike.
File: file.png (160 KB, 570x402)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
heres the original vector, bunch of recolors but didnt find one without the hat though
AppleAmericana, AppleSpice, ApplePie?
nopony in the apple family knows her but shes convinced that shes part of it and will try to prove herself to be accepted as one them.
Pie de Manzana

She has a thicc mexican accent, yet insists she's directly related to the apples, when we all know the apples are from texas.
wrong flag colors for the mane
she's a knock off, usually made in china or mexico, and a mexican pony could be cute
>mexican pony could be cute
*was cute, read apuljiyak.
File: apuljyakV2.png (3.66 MB, 1603x1988)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB PNG
as the author of that green, i call this post based
File: pls.jpg (30 KB, 560x340)
30 KB
>as the author of that green
miss your stuff, did you get too busy to write again?
File: walmartayan.png (203 KB, 791x600)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
Bootleg aryanne?
what makes her bootleg, is it her floofy cheeks? or that extra fluffy tail?
File: 1535084711651.png (444 KB, 640x410)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
>Some obscure nazi party tries to gain relevance by ordering a custom Aryanne pony-robot
>Unfortunately, the post confused the letter with one from some poorfag's sexbot order, meaning that the request went from Honorary Aryan Japan to communist china
>Luckily, the chinese had the parts for something kind of like what the fascists needed, so they got their product anyways
>They swiftly realized the error when the result was a mix between Heinrich Himmler and Gavrilo Princip
>They had to kick her out of the building for being too fucking weird, especially since they got a refund and then then the pony they actually wanted
>Now she wanders town, trying to buy occult books, practicing human-style witchcraft and occultism, and preaching about Yugoslavia
>Insists that she has a great relationship with the "real" Aryanne - the former sends weekly letters to the party HQ addressed to her, but she always throws them out as soon as she gets them for being illegible nonsense
>Firm believer in Balkan occultism, despite knowing nothing factual about it
>Pale green coat (cheap fabric that aged within days) with blue eyes and an extremely short dark-grey mane and tail
File: Spoiler Image (1.13 MB, 768x1024)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
>did you get too busy to write again?
sadly, i did, yeah
lost almost all my savings making paperwork for my car and now my bank account is down to two digits (3 in my coin but 2 in dollars) so i can't really do a lot right now, but i´ve been thinking of something while i get back on my feet
but for now im just here lurking and occationally bumping when the thread gets low, so dont worry, i'll make more eventually
shit, what happened? you seemed to be doing okay a couple months ago
File: sheck-i mean, bits.png (140 KB, 504x566)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
i dont really wanna turn this into a blog, so i´ll keep it short, licence plate expired at the same time as my drivers license, and here where i live that's really fucking expensive, so having both expire at the same time crippled the fuck out of me, also gotta take the car to the mechanic

so TL;DR: cars are expensive and i gotta keep moving, nothing really mayor, just annoying
>gotta keep moving
damn are you living in the car now?
nah, but my job demands me to keep moving to be able to do shit (a bad thing since i hate going out) but the only good thing about it its that i can see stuff that inspires me from time to time to do some >greens
That's not too shabby. Gotta stay on top of your registration and all that to keep your income flowing in. New year so if you've done your taxes you should be getting some surplus flowing back in right? I got my own car paid off, myself. Feels good to have some spare coin coming back in.
well alright take care of yourself
>inspires me from time to time to do some greens
anything besides the rara demane 6?
File: Spoiler Image (98 KB, 1024x608)
98 KB
>if you've done your taxes
>pic related

>anything besides the rara demane 6?
currently thinking of a defective octavia toy that its supposed to sing to you but her music box is broken and a something involving either trixie or zecora (still gotta figure out what to do with them)
>i first read that as detective octavia. and the idea for trixie i had made her great and powerful, but apathetic and not showboaty.
Or we could go opposite/negative color aryan.
>grey/dark coat with brown mane with green or red eyes.
>double dubs
b-but negaryanne is just commie nyx
>Implying negaryanne did not kill commie nyx and isn't wearing her skin.
this is some 888degree chess playing
File: file.png (261 KB, 791x600)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
Would you shop at her store?
does she have wings on her face?
maaaaybe? the alternative is shes part cat
Welp, looks like I have no choice
Its face floof
>Saturday arrives, you and Patches are on the bus again, headed to the park.
>Patches is bouncing in her seat, watching the city go by.
>”What kind of stunts do you think she can do? I bet she can do all kinds of loop the loops and back flips and flying backwards, and all sorts of crazy things.”
>You’re delighted by her delight, she’s been excited for today since you left the pizza shop.
“I dunno, I bet it’ll be cool either way.”
>The bus reaches your stop and you both get off.
>Patches was off the bus and trotting in circles before you even stepped off.
“Geeze pony girl, calm down a little, you didn’t chug another gallon of chocolate milk, did you?”
>She pauses and wipes her hoof across her muzzle.
>”What? No! I’m just super excited to go out and see our friends!”
>You pat her on the head and she nuzzles into your side.
“Alright, well, lets go find a good place to sit and watch.”
>You follow Patches as she skips along through the park, you find the large open field they have for sporting events.
>You see quite a few ponies playing with their humans.
>You also see a few pegasi floating around, or lounging on tree branches.
>You duck as a fast yellow blur wooshes just over your head.
>You smile, recognizing the yellow and rainbow blur.
>Patches calls out to the blur and trots after it.
>”Racer! We made it!”
>You follow Racer with your eyes as she lands on the ground and trots up to Patches.
>”Awesome! Everyone else is over there!”
>You and Patches follow her hoof as she points over to a picnic under a large shade tree.
>You recognize some of the ponies, but also see a couple you don’t know.
>You see Surprize Party, and the blue unicorn mare from the pony parts shop.
>The rest you don’t think you’ve seen before.
>As you walk closer you can more clearly make each individual out from the others.
>Sitting on a picnic blanket with Surprize and the shop mare are five new ponies.
>When you finally get close enough, Racer smiles and starts introducing you

>You learn the mare from the shop’s name is Sapphire Twinkle. You try not to laugh at how girly that sounds.
>A grass green pegasus with light, really long, almost sun faded pink main and tail and a picture of a rabbit on her rump. Bunny Hop.
>A bright red unicorn with beautifully styled shiny golden mane, who really reminds you of Rarity. Ruby Belle.
>An orange normal pony with green and yellow mane and tail braided into long pony tails, her legs are different from any you’ve seen before, her skin stops just above the elbows and knees, the rest of her legs going down are massive and industrial looking, and painted orange to match her coat with black and yellow warning stripes around the large square plates of steel that make up her hooves. Orange Juice, or OJ as her friends call her.
>There are also three ponies that are half the size of a normal pony, with large eyes and squished proportions, it’s like they’re younger versions of pony robots.
>The first one is a red and gold unicorn, looking almost identical to the full sized one. Garnet Belle
>The second is a white pegasuse with pink ish red mane and tail in a rat’s nest style, similar to Racer. Booster Rooster
>And last but not least is a yellow normal pony with bright green mane and tail. Lemon Blossom.
>Once every hoof is shaken, and you get over the surprize of how gentle OJ is with her super legs, it was now time for the air show to begin.
>You and Patches sit on the blanket with the other ponies.
>Patches decides to use your lap as a chair, so you shrug and hold her in a cuddle.
>Then Racer takes off.
>She lifted off lazily at first, but once she was above building hight, she accelerated, creating a thunder clap in her wake that rattled you to your bones.
”Wow… she’s fast.”
>”Darn tootin’.”
>You watch as she climbs so high you can barely see her, then an airliner flies by, and she’s above it.
>Then she rolls over, tucks in all her limbs, and begins a free fall.
>She’s angled her body like a bullet, minimizing her drag.
>She has a mad grin on her face as she builds up what most would consider to be way too much speed.
>Then at the last moment, she flares out her wings, swoops low almost touching the grass, then zooms back up into the sky.
>The ponies around you clap and cheer, even those not in your picnic.
>You can’t resist joining them, the yellow racing horse has you in a trance as she zips back and forth and loop the loop.
>She’s moving so fast you swear her tail has gotten longer as it leaves a rainbow trail.
>She starts to climb again, this time in a lazy spiral up.
>She pauses for a moment, frozen in the sky, almost like she’s standing on thin air.
>Then she dives again.
>This time, she’s gaining much more speed than her first dive.
>The manic grin on her face is unmistakable.
>Just like last time, just when it looks like she’s going to plow into the ground, she snaps open her wings and pulls up.
>Accept, this time both of her wings snap clean off and flutter away behind her.
>You can see her eyes suddenly get very big.
>Then she hits the ground.

>A cloud of dirt and debris is kicked up as an impressive crater is dug into the earth.
>Everyone gasps and goes silent.
>Your group is the first to rush to the scene.
>You look down in the hole and see bits of pony and bent scrap metal littering the bottom and rim of the crater.
>The ponies around you all start to tear up and look away from the recently dug grave.
>OJ changes the angle of her hat to cover her eyes.
>Everything is dead silent.
tried to update the pastbin, but it changed the url from the one in the op?

I am using an account now... not sure why it's changed

this dead board is faster than half the boards on all the forchins.
facefloof without being full tumbltard like flufflepuff? sign me up.
were you just uploading with a guest account before? thats probably why
I was and still am logged in. Might have something to do with pastebin being fucky last week.
I clicked the edit button. Added in the new words, clicked save, and when the page refreshed, the url changed.
duno then
True that. I went and looked at the other boards and they dont even a fraction of the amount of interaction as here. The only boards that can compare are /b/ and /pol/. Though I didnt go to allll of them so might not be completely correct but yea, we are far from ded
Still no Jacky update but I've been writing more of the yan story >>34964919
I think I still need to cool my heels on the Jacky stuff until I know I'll write quality. I don't want to fall into a trap of having stuff that's more boring or too mundane than anything else.
File: SCREMING.jpg (111 KB, 960x960)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
I am so far BEHIND FUCK
It's true. A lot of the boards I go to are pretty slow overall, outside of peak hours.
You got time to catch up. Even if it's only a dozen actual people in total, the hits that story is getting on the pastebin is staggering.
if your putting jacky on ice you could always flex some creativity with one of your other bootleg ideas. I know the SOULS succubat honestly sounds more hilarious than horrific but it /is/ a demon afterall so theres probably some wiggle room to work with
>Anon your soul is so sweet!
No, it's just cotton candy, I...
>[frantic devouring noises]
I might have to think a bit on that to make more than a few jokes out of it. Especially if it were to ever descend into something worse. I know there was that idea, the bootleg female Spike (possibly sold as the perfect male companion... because she doubles as a fleshlight), and... I forget. Evidently I'm getting more raunchy/mature with the yan story, so I may as well do a bootleg that goes all the way. With Jacky, I've always imagined it as almost sitcom-level intimacy. Definitely a lot of it, but nothing that "changes everything".
And the video link would be like the soulspone. Except for souls. Unless Anon tells her that apples are souls.
i kind of see the succubat bootleg being something thats like playing with fire. anon has to keep her from knowing the truth while finding a way to make it work, its all fun and games until your pet succubat might be related to an increase of ponies in hospitals and rumors of zombies start popping up. oh corona
Anon living in Equestria and summoning a succ(ubat) demon would be interesting for sure. Especially if she was very obviously a caricature based off of another actual pony. Like a doppelganger that the original can't stand to look at. I've been thinking of demon pony stuff lately because some twisted part of me wants to see SMT/MLP happen.
>Especially if she was very obviously a caricature based off of another actual pony
That's basically meanlight and the sticks but they never actually met the mane6 because it was a huge waste of potential. Would have been a kick through, lots of psychological stuff one could do with that. If one wanted to go for horror it could be told from the original's perspective, I could see something darker with the demon doppleganger slowly learning, copying and taking over their life as the better fit.

>Been thinking of demon pony stuff lately because some twisted part of me wants to see
Oh really? never played SMT but ive seen Persona x MLP on the board. demon pones can be fun, not all are edgy. theres one that nips made whos more of a pitiful succubus than a dangerous one.
I do like me some Meanlight. That's an option, though according to some backgrounds, it's extemely bad news if someone sees their doppelganger. To what extent that happens... well, who knows. What's Meanlight's origin anyway? I still need to rewatch the first three seasons and then go from there. So much of what I write on is mostly based off of old memories and... winging in some of the bigger details.
As for Persona/MLP... that doesn't require a lot outside of cosplaying. When I think SMLP, I think of unicorns summoning demons through magic while earth ponies and pegasi use COMPs (STOMPs?) to summon creatures. I think there are ways to play with it for sure. Hell, Fallout Equestria exploded into something and that doesn't seem like too natural a fit.
fan of meanlight without even watching the episode? but shouldnt you already know what she is then? its common knowledge everytime shes posted
File: rock.png (686 KB, 1258x720)
686 KB
686 KB PNG
I've been living under a very comfortable rock ok. I've gone the last... I think three or four years heavily isolated from a lot of things I used to be into. It's only when I started writing here that I made an effort to try to reconnect with what I used to be like.
File: file.png (745 KB, 904x883)
745 KB
745 KB PNG
Well the episode is worth a watch it's in season8 i think, but shes very much a fake twilight in the vein of what you're talking about. not the first fake ponies FiM ever dabbled in, but her origin is why she ended up vastly different than the mirror clones of ponk.

I havent read any, but im sure there's dark shit with mirror dopplegangers too. Just thinking about it outside of FiM's saccharine bubble reads like one of those European or Japanese folklore things to warn kids about, like if you get too close your reflection will take you in and drown you and assume your life so no one will ever know you went missing.
Wiggy. Not entirely thread related but how does FiM turn out after the first two seasons? I barely remember the third and everything after that is completely unknown. It still feels weird writing so much for something I have only fringe memories of but I never get a lot of chances to just plop myself down and watch everything again. Maybe next weekend I can marathon it for a while and (re)learn some insights. As of now it seems fitting that I write about bootlegs since I'm just barely more well-read than most bootleggers looking for a cheap cash grab.
3 or 4 years is longer than season2, you sure you havent been gone for longer? The mirror ponks show up in season 3, just for one episode lot of zany stuff goes on because it's pinkie + pinkie and the world can only handle 1 ponk.

Well you're only writing for the mane6 so far so it's perfectly fine since they had their archetypes solidified. The only thing you're probably missing out on for writing is less the lore and more the available characters you could pull from.

As for how the show went, the old team eventually got cycled out for a newer team and they werent as good as the original and then that team left to newfags that took it in their own vision direction. There's the problem of scope and raising stakes more and more every season opening and closers but you might not mind it. there's still highlights throughout the all of the seasons though, like meanlight.
File: EndingA.jpg (11 KB, 240x233)
11 KB
Since it says season 3 came out around 2013... well fuck me I guess it's been twice as long. That's a bit staggering.
Alright, I guess it's been around seven at this point. I'm not sure what to say to that.
you did say you were living under a rock, hermitanon. but unless you tried to branch out of ponyville then it's pretty much all the same, besides the big ass crystal castle of twi's and the other big ass school that is. but a lot of people dont like those additions so there's no harm leaving them out. I bet you dont even write twilight as an alicorn since you never saw that episode, amiright?
File: EndingB.jpg (17 KB, 240x233)
17 KB
I remember that episode and some others with it but very little. I kinda don't care for it all that much. To date myself, my three favorite episodes are Lesson Zero, Party of One and the first season finale because you get to see freakouts that help show that no one is perfect and that sometimes, your friends just lose their shit over their issues. I know Applejack has one but on my life I can't remember it.
yeah the episode itself was pretty weak, had a good premise but rushed and lame ending. the ramifications of it was what turns people away and they only progressively stack on s3's closer like the big ass crystal castle in the middle of the town.
I vaguely remember that too. What happened to her hole in a tree home? I would have thought that would've been something natural to go off of. It's crazy to believe it's been that long.
treebary was nuked, literally. big ass castle took its place later, so if you remember the castle showing up then you probably watched the treebary burn.
That's brutal. I remember Twilight gulping down white stuff though. Can't imagine why.
Yeah but I like to think Deathlight's home is the old treebary since it's dead too.

>Gulping down white stuff
that was before the castle but close to related to it. the potion let her see back in time, finding that it was discords shit fucking with the everfree forest and gave us the tree of harmony and they gave up their elements to sustain it
>introduce racer just to kill her in the next scene
don't worry, I'm sure she'll get better.

next update will be in the new thread though, so feel free to worry until then
>A muffled scruffy voice comes from the bottom of the crater.
>”mfm moh’ ‘cay...”
>OJ and Sapphire are the first ones to jump into the hole and start digging through the loose dirt.
>”I found her!”
>Sapphire pulls a shiny chrome skull with a couple of rainbow hairs on its head out of the dirt.
>She still has her jaw, but one of her eyes is nowhere to be seen.
>”Okay… just tell me doc, am I gonna make it?”
>With a whooshing flutter, a pair of yellow wings land near the crater.
>Everyone lets out a sigh of relief as the tension breaks.
>Bunny Hop rushes into the hole and pulls Racer’s head into a hug, then smacks her across the face.
>”Ouch! Hey, what’s the big idea? Ouch! Hey! Quit it!”
>”Don’t scare us like that!” Bunny admonishes with more smacks.
>Bunny wipes tears from her cheeks and carries Racer out of the hole.
>OJ knows better than to get in Bunny’s way.
>”Welp, ah reckon we best git to findin’ the rest of her.”
>Sapphire and OJ start combing the hole, and area around it, slowly gathering a large pile of pony parts.
>You and Patches sit down and start sorting out Racer’s body parts.
>Ruby had pulled a sewing kit out of nowhere and was putting Racer’s skin back together.
>”Honestly, the least she could do is try not to crash into so many dirty things.”
>”I heard that!”
>Ruby glares at the head in Bunny’s hooves.
>”Because I was speaking to you.”
>Meanwhile, Surprize doesn’t look like she’s moved from her spot at the picnic, she’s watching the whole ordeal while munching on a sandwich with a carefree smile.
You order a pony off of Ebay, the pics and discription told you it was a genuine season 2 (main six pony of your choice), but what you find when you open the box is an equestria girl android. What do you do?
>equestria girl android
ship it back to Africa before it starts saying WE WUZ PONIES
Is it anatomically correct?
bumpa nada
Can it dance? Can it sing? Can it do anything?
Also, may be focusing on the yan thread green for a while.
I just read your green from the start.
Seems good, but one huge thing is missing: proper planning. I dont think you have a thought out plot, nor any "facts".
While not having a pre planned plot can be handled well (like a slice of life type of green), the absence of proper world building can cause huge inconsistencies and just overall dumb plot elements to show up, like it does here.
Just to point at a few:
She can eat, while at the same time have an "infinite" power source.
She forgets that she can eat (and get rid of the waste), but later she says she remembers everything from the point of unboxing.
She did not have a voice because a few misaligned mounting points? Then when she gets a new one she needs to install drivers for it. The former one could be really really easily handled, the later means she is compatible with more than one type of voice synthesizer.
Rarity has mechanical problems, acts as a guardian/adult, has her own shop and she has to relay on someone to suddenly offer to repair her? If she is handling a business (to whatever extent) Im sure she could have looked up the nearest repair shop to get herself fixed/checked every now and then.
Patches says she does not know her name, but later says she remembers everything.
Patches is a Chinese knock off, but has a registered serial number? Is that a knock off at that point?
Searching for her serial number, must have triggered some kind of alarm somewhere that a query was made for a reported stolen robot.

And a few more words about the world building part:
Its not clear what the position of these robots are in this world. Are they just pets (bought as a gift)? Are they handled on the same level as a human (abuse, calling the police etc)? Can they own things (Rarity, Sapphire)?

I suggest you continue it, but make notes to lay down a "core" world and stick to it.

Other thing I'm missing is both of them (Anon, Patches) seems to have 0 life beyond watching TV together. Like no interests, Anon having 0 friends, etc. Anon not interested finding out more about Patches, nor Patches about Anon.

So in TLDR version: its readable, better than quite a few greens I read, but nowhere near a proper well thought out one.
Any criticisms over Jacky, if you've read any of it? Been taking a break because I didn't care for it to be something worth only vaguely skimming through.
Not yet read that. Some other thread linked the Patches green a month (or two) ago. And I finally got to read it.
If you want I can put that into my queue too, but do not expect me to read it anytime soon. Especial because Im a fucking slowpoke, and that ~3k lines in the paste will take 6h for me to read.
Maybe, if I have time on this weekend. Hopefully I do not, not because I do not want to read it, but because there some parts for a 3+ year old project are finally coming together and I will be quite busy for a few days/weeks.
No, that's fine. I've been focusing more on a yandere thread story as of late anyway. That's also far more focused and with a direct plot than some sort of slice of life thing with some story thrown in after a time. It's nice to write, especially since I'm getting more used to the greentext format.
File: howdy pardner.png (363 KB, 2400x2400)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
I have a question about Jacky.
So, robot pones existed in her world right? But she wasnt a robot pone we know, yet for some reason there are no others around and people are surprised by her?
This may be cleared up in part two, so let me know, I havent read that yet

the story is written as it comes out of my brain hole. post to post there is no real planning beyond something I find interesting at the moment I'm writing it. thing of the story as dream logic, each part is only vaguely connected to the others
That was just a oneshot IF. Hanz, Jacky, and Sparks are definitely not robots. I want to write more IF stories regarding certain pones since I've had them in my mind a lot.
File: no spoilers.gif (1.1 MB, 500x281)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB GIF
>A oneshot IF.
What exactly do you mean?
Well that one short with Snapplejack was an IF thing. Same Anon, different life circumstance. I've been wanting to write some of those for Jack but they would be quite sad.
I'm a bit confused. Also, thread has reached bump limit
I got the naming convention from visual novels. You have the real, canon route... and then the IF routes. The "what if X happened instead" stuff.
And it's not a spoiler to say they aren't robots. There's been no clues to tip off that they could be.
File: vibrates.gif (397 KB, 500x500)
397 KB
397 KB GIF
You're a spoiler.
>Artist rendition of a man suffering from either arousal or loneliness
The thing for sure that isn't a spoiler is that I think Han is a cool guy. I'm not so sure about Nona.
File: autismo power.png (267 KB, 1387x1617)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
File: 1958355.jpg (173 KB, 1552x969)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Another nonspoiler? Captain Jacky Sparrow.
File: TRIGGEREDTWI.gif (345 KB, 360x360)
345 KB
345 KB GIF
File: aj_spooky.gif (1.31 MB, 400x360)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB GIF
I should be good to start writing again soon. Been working on a few small things and I think it's time to revisit her. And I, for one, want to meet Sparks. I wonder if she can use magic. Magic doesn't really exist right?
File: twilight laughing.gif (915 KB, 494x539)
915 KB
915 KB GIF
Aight, thanks for the laugh, keep up the good writing work!
When will new OP be made? Unable to make an attempt at the moment.

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