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File: Wherever.png (240 KB, 400x300)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
>What is Flutterrape?

Flutterrape is a collection of stories about ponies trying to have sex with Anonymous, the only human in Equestria. While the title implies that it is Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, others may follow in her stead and attempt their own versions of rape. There are different versions of Flutterrape, but most are lighthearted stories about the ponies failing in their comical attempts to get into Anon’s pants. Just because your story has Anon in it, doesn't mean it fits in this thread. Check other threads (AiE, RGRE etc) about story content before posting.

>It's been seven years, how is this thread still alive?

A perverse mixture of Necromancy and spite.

>How do I start writing?

Use your imagination, you, wonderful human being, you. Also, try to have good grammar, competent writing skills, poor standards and questionable life choices.

Writing Guides:

Clever Dick's Tips For Short Stories -- https://pastebin.com/GGBkxi7e (embed)
Driverbang's Writing Guide -- http://pastebin.com/uXvpYYzS (embed)
Navarone's Writing Rules -- http://pastebin.com/bnMmZ2T3 (embed)

For additional information, visit the /Writefags' Guild/ for help and feedback on your works.


Author List: http://pastebin.com/eG8iY7Wy (embed)
FIMfiction Group: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/211640/flutterrape
Request Bin: http://pastebin.com/rZU1Hbqy (embed)

Thread Archive: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/search/text/Flutterrape/

Previous: >>34736004
File: 1415508493999.jpg (45 KB, 314x294)
45 KB
Yeeeah, work that grill baby.
You're really on top of your game today.
One can hardly tell that's Fluttershy.
Board's going kinda fast today, hope the thread stays up.
File: Fluttershy Dancing.webm (1.49 MB, 490x400)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB WEBM
She's not bad at dancing.
Hey, flutterrape. Still surprised yall are still alive since 2012.

>What ever happened to Nebulus?
>Is this thread going to stay alive until /mlp/ eventually gets cuck'd?
>Has everyone moved on to other projects, fandoms, etc?
>Is the discord still a thing?
>What ever happened to Nebulus?
Not sure, he's kinda off the grid right now.
>Is this thread going to stay alive until /mlp/ eventually gets cuck'd?
Naturally. Through sheer spite, will power, and degeneracy.
>Has everyone moved on to other projects, fandoms, etc?
Can't speak for everyone on this one.
>Is the discord still a thing?
Neb retired or is at least going to be on an indefinite vacation, I think Flutterrape will stick around until the board dies, whether or not it gets content is a different story though.

What haunts me is the fact that neb could've actually died.

I miss him.
That’s something I try not to think about too much, since even if he had been posting more regularly the last two years it could happen regardless and you’d have no way of knowing.
Didn't one writer die a year or so ago, with his friend finding out and letting everyone in the general know? Or was that in AiE? Either way, that was an incredibly sad day.
I think that was AiE, I don’t recall anything of the sort happening here.
The only writer I actually worry about is Fifty, he’s the only one who never seemed to show up here if you start talking shit.
>What ever happened to Nebulus?
He came back a few months ago and wrote a new story just after the show finale.
Neb is through with pony, he's not coming back.

The thread will hang on until the bitter end of pony.

Most everyone from the old days is gone and not coming back.

There is a Flutterrape Discord. It sucks.

Fillydelphian died. He was an AiE oldfag and a good writer.
What the fuck even happens in the discord?
Is it as slow as the thread?
A whole lot of nothing. If anything the thread is better, at least I think so.

I have some fun sometimes with Yorkshire, Greggums and DCH; but they're not always around.
Yeah, I feel like they’d show up just as often here anyhow.
This scene ruined an idea I had for a story where Anon teaches Flutters to dance. I could just ignore canon, but I feel dirty when I do. Probably autism on my part.

Anything like this ever happen to anyone else?
You could just have her fake being bad at dancing as an excuse to be around Anon.
That's a good idea, but it still wouldn't have worked for me. The story idea revolved entirely around her being bad at dancing and, for what I had in mind, her faking it would have ruined the story.

Again, though, it could just be my autism.
Well the only other thing is does the kind of dance matter, because I could see her needing help learning dances from Earth.
Regardless though I think that in that kind of situation workarounds are your best friend if you really can’t ignore what happened in an episode.
File: Maximum tuft.jpg (770 KB, 2325x1349)
770 KB
770 KB JPG
Here we see Fluttershy asserting her dominance over Rainbow Dash.
Here’s a topic from a previous thread:

Would Cadence try to help Fluttershy win Anon over, seeing as it’s an affair of true love?
I think she would, I'm just curious how much she would try to help.
I don’t see why she wouldn’t, it’s like her whole job, and I doubt she has much else going on.
Who says anon did not teach her to dance?
File: F.png (120 KB, 726x600)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
Like I said in the previous thread she is worst case scenario. If she gets involve its all over. I get the feeling that she as discord level magic when it comes to love.
>You are resilient or immune to magic yet her love powers still affect you somehow.
>If she gets involve its all over

As in Anon would need to leave the country in order to avoid confrontations with Fluttershy or Cadence would help Anon find a girlfriend in order to prevent Fluttershy from interfering with an already-established relationship?
It's more likely to be the former.
Then he had better not book a flight that goes over Crystal airspace or leaves from the Crystal Empire, as Cadence could possibly get her hooves on the passenger manifest and know where he is going.

Or would she know anyway because of alicorn magic?
I feel like Twilight would spill the beans on accident or something.
On accident or on “accident”?
>Implying sperglight could keep a secret like that for long.
As in she would spill the beans on purpose.
Well yeah, she ships Anon and Fluttershy.
File: Very lewd mare.jpg (1.26 MB, 4000x4000)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
Honestly this mare needs all the help she can get.
i'd do more writing but im dealing with some personal matters at the moment
I feel like Cadence would be into it until she realized Anon isn't at which point she would try to keep them apart
Would she go as far as saying that the human species in Equestria is endangered and needs to copulate?
Hey man life happens, so don't worry about it.
It's not like we're going anywhere.
I think she would, and once Twilight has convinced herself of that Anon would have to worry about almost any horse that gets nearby.
What if Cadence tries to help Fluttershy, while Shining Armor tries helping Anon stay away from her? Neither of them knows that one is helping the other.
My only real question would be what’s the driving force for Shining helping Anon?
well to be fair ive been trying to hammer out this octavia story, but without the time and creativity i need in full swing i just lurk and read other stories and try to get a sentence here and there out
That sounds great, Octy doesn’t get enough love.
File: Tavi.jpg (66 KB, 706x800)
66 KB
What a nice neighbor.
File: NO.jpg (335 KB, 640x900)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
What if he owes Anon a huge favor for something Anon helped him with in the past that Shiny wants to keep a secret? So Anon calls in that favor by asking him for help with avoiding Fluttershy without making her too sad.
Anon may not love Fluttershy, but that doesn't mean he wants to destroy her feelings and make her and her friends think he's a horrible person.
That could work honestly.
File: offscreen anon.png (259 KB, 800x800)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
That makes sense, I do always enjoy stories where Anon can tolerate Fluttershy enough to think of her as just a really annoying friend.
File: not a stalker colored.png (126 KB, 736x740)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
>I think she would

Why do you say so?

>Anon would have to worry about almost any horse that gets nearby

But would every single one find him attractive enough?

And is there any way out of this for him other than to try to flee somehow?
It's moreso that if Twilight's involved he'd have no clue if whatever horse is coming up to him is trying to hook up or not, considering she's likely just interested in studying the end result than setting up an actual romance.
File: Scrapped Straya Day 3.png (36 KB, 994x923)
36 KB
Well I'm sure nobody was on the edge of their seat for whatever Brownee was cookin', but figure I may as well be informative for that one vague shape of a person in the back.
Said at some point in the last two or three months I'd try to get a third Straya Day story out there. Yeeeaaah, not happening.
Spent those months obsessing and desperately trying to find work and couldn't really focus on anything while trying to do that. Can't even really enjoy just sitting around playin' a game or watching something, I'm feelin' pretty thoroughly screwed at how much effort I've put into trying to find work over the last year and have nothing to show for it.
Topping that off, in the last couple weeks I thought "I'll take a break from searching and focus on doing a story, make fun of the state of the country for a bit.". In typical me fashion, nope. Seems when I go too long without physically breaking something of my body, I end up randomly bleeding internally for no reason and then go through a mad fuss of having my Liver looked at to finally shine a spotlight on a potential heart condition I've been expecting for years, so NOW I gotta turn attention back to being a /fit/izen. Let myself go a bit after I broke my knee two years ago, everything just sorta quickly caught up with me.

So maybe I'll eventually get around to getting Straya Day 3 out there, I don't really see a lot of reason to keep it strictly to January 26, could make it a topical thing of how people are still trying to get the date changed.
Probably just gonna scrap whatever few hundred lines of a story I had from previous attempts anyway, was getting too long, full of nothing and still had no idea of how to transition it to how I wanted it to go.
Gonna start fresh (at some point) with another thought I had that our definitely-not-a-fuck-up Prime Minister demonstrated.

Not sure if I ever shared this, but here's a section of what I currently had. Doubt it'll eventually make it out there, so might as well share.
Her eye shape and eyelashes give it away
absolutely witnessed
So how long have you lads gone without wankin to Flutterhush?
Don't fall for it guys, it's a trap. Flutterhush is trying to collect on her coom taxes.
Nice try but you're not getting in my lewd folder.
>Fluttershy hears you complain about your job 1 time
File: posessive Dash.png (52 KB, 700x520)
52 KB
Dash is far too needy.
File: 1579606270434.png (538 KB, 800x800)
538 KB
538 KB PNG
She wants to have the maximun amount of attention and focus while she tries to woo you, unlike a few other mares you know
File: dash.png (135 KB, 735x446)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Yeah that sounds about right.
Unfortunately for her, all she does to "woo" you is show off her flying tricks which, while impressive, don't arouse Anon in the least.
How is Fluttershy gonna rape anyone?
By innocently, endearingly, and even annoyingly attempting to guess fetishes to the point where she becomes a major inconvenience to your daily life. Its all about outlasting her, really.
She fails in comical ways, anon.
What would a Flutterrape fetish look like? As in, Flutterrape is your fetish? How would that work?
Guess your just gonna not fuck the horse pussy until Fluttershy loses it and finally >rapes you.
>What would a Flutterrape fetish look like?
That's us, you're lookin at it.
No I mean how would Fluttershy even act it out.
visit your door every day and constantly try to get in your pants. you'd play your role and remain stalwart until fluttershy finally bested you, and you'd probably be like "oooh nooooo shes finally did it oh noooo"
>It’s just about 6:00 PM and you are home from work after a long and stressful meeting.
>Just as you settle in to relax, you hear the familiar knock at your door three times.
>Ah, great. Fluttershy is back for another fetish guess.
“What do you want?”
>”Is me coming to your house every day asking what your fetish is your fetish?”
“Fluttershy, that has got to be the worst possible guess you have ever come up with. You’re lucky I’m not calling the police right now to have you put away for trespassing on my private property.”
>”But I’m still going to come back!”
>You are disappointed at the knowledge that she is coming back tomorrow.
That checks out.
File: derp.png (359 KB, 1119x925)
359 KB
359 KB PNG
>That entire fucking section
Holy fuck, you almost killed me with that, Brownee!

When you do finish your rewrite, put that in!
And don't die either, you beautiful aussie cunt
Dash knows she's your fetish, she just needs you to realize it.
>Be anon
>Hear a knock at the door
>It's Apple Bloom, Jezebelle, and Cumlord, the Cum Master Corps
>Cumlord is holding a clipboard somehow
>"Hey Anon, can we have a moment of your time? We're doing a survey for school."
"Sure why not"
>You grant them entry into your house
>Apple Bloom and Cumlord sit down while jezebelle very not stealthy goes into your room
>You pretend not to notice
>Cumlord pulls a pencil from...somewhere
>"Okay, question one...what made you want to become a human?"
"I didn't really have a choice in the matter, I think.
>Cumlord nods as she writes your answer down
>She's holding the pencil upside down
>You hear a loud crash come from your room as Jezebelle yells a pony curse word
>You continue to ignore it
>Apple Bloom pulls out her own clipboard
>"Question 2, why won't you marry mah sister?"
"She broke 3 of my ribs.
>Jezebelle comes out of your room
>"Okay girls, I got all of his underwear, you can stop distracting him. "
>She's holding a comically large sack that says, "Anon's Underwear" on it.
>Apple Bloom and Cumlord and start walking towards the door.
>"Thank you for your time, Anon. We have to be going."
>They leave
>This is the 4th time this week they've stolen clothes from you
>You're running out of barrels to wear
>Anon beats the hell out of them under the justification that traumatizing him about Applejack was enough to put him in fear for his own life.
That seems like a little much.
That's a pretty good reason for not hanging out with AJ.
Too bad shes too naive and adorably innocent, like all ponies, to realize she can easily get the HMD just by laying naked in Anon's bed after hes had a hard day's work.
All her stunts get her super wet though.
I wonder what he did to make her so upset?
He hit on her mum after he ignores her daily.
He really only ignores her sexually, though I don’t think she’d take it well if he acted like she was invisible for a day

He booped an animal without permission. Was it her? Was it the bear? Did he boop a butterfly and crush it? Nobody knows except her.
I have a question: are women naturally attracted to men refusing them like Anon does? Think about it: such strength and fearsomeness would make said individual seen as a sort of guardian or perhaps predator, therefore as a means of protection against other predators.
Only if the dude is attractive.
If he booped her she wouldn’t be upset.
File: medium (1).png (35 KB, 640x563)
35 KB
How did the tiny pone break 3 ribs?
She kicked him off a ledge.
But Anon probably weighs 200+ pounds and AJ may only weigh 150 pounds tops, perhaps even less. How could she impart that much force?
Have you seen her buck apples?
Also get /fit/, nerd, a 175 pound man can move more than 300 pounds of weight.
I guess you’re right, especially if I’ve lifted 100+ pounds on the leg press.
>After trying to work one whole day at the apple farm, Anon passed out
>AJ was the one who found him lying next to a tree
>And proceeded to kick him three times because she thought he was simply sleeping on the job
>And pretending to be asleep to get away from work
>Sadly, that wasn't the case
>Turns out Anon suffers from Osteogenesis imperfecta
>Aka brittle bone disease
>Why he decided to work for the Apple family despite his sickness remains a mystery to the ponies
File: IMG_3095.png (2.93 MB, 2721x3110)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB PNG
Gimme a kiss, Anon!
Why is that so hot?
It shouldn't be this way.
No, NO! I won't be dissuaded from my life of abstinence by your hot tongue action!
But how cute would Fluttershy need to be in order for her to be irresistible?
Wake me when you can leg press 500#.
All the writefags have been fucking off and deleting their stuff since the series ended. Sucks, man.
As far as this thread goes I think only Wino has done that so far.
Slasher too, I guess, but his came back just heavily neutered.
She’d probably raid his trash for jizz rags, then attempt to reconstruct Anon’s sperm.
Well if thats the case she just needs to stop being selfish and think of what makes Anon's dick hard instead. Maybe Rarity could help her out with that.
Man that really makes me wish the guy who wrote that story where Rarity was coaching Fluttershy in courting would write another story.
That one was incredible.
If you made a personalized JOI video for Fluttershy do you think it would get her to leave you alone?
The implication seems to be that Twilight would reconstruct his DNA and be the mother to his biological child. How would:

1) Anon react to being a father and not expecting it?

2) The Equestrian public react to their princess choosing to mate with a peasant from the street rather than someone else of royalty?
Technically he’s the ambassador of an alien race, since he’s the only one.
I doubt Anon would take that well at all.
That´s Roseluck
The thread I got it from had posted it in relation to Dash, so there was no reason not to assume it was Dash.
she bucked anon because she thought that was his fetish
File: 776347.png (938 KB, 1467x2000)
938 KB
938 KB PNG
Twilight sure as gotten fat these pass few weeks, weird.
I'm like 90% certain that's a food baby, at least if we take into account how many hayburgers she eats daily.
File: Nothingtoworryabout.png (398 KB, 800x468)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
Haha yea your probably right...........
We could probably consider this to be the official Wall of Shame.


Alex the Narrator has a lot of unlisted pastes too, but I don' t think he's ever deleted anything that he posted here.
No offense, but as a princess, wouldn’t she be more likely to eat in a five-star, snobby country club in Canterlot?
File: flutterbryant.gif (453 KB, 692x388)
453 KB
453 KB GIF
Flutters is sad because Kobe died

She knows what it's like to be called a rapist
From what we've seen in the show she either goes out to cheap places or just eats whatever Spike makes for her

She's got the same eating habits as a NEET
She's going to have the most unhealthy baby ever, unless Spike's the one taking care of it.
But she said she ate there because she wanted to make it easier on the CMC’s, not because it was a regular hangout.
The way she was eatting says otherwise.
File: Itsgoingupyourass.png (329 KB, 800x562)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
You think fluttershy will be piss if she finds out twilight is pregnant with anons baby? They are friends i'm sure she will understand the need to keep a species from going extinct......right?
File: 1574061861167.png (222 KB, 1280x1280)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
File: fluttermad.gif (246 KB, 576x308)
246 KB
246 KB GIF
>"I want that baby inside me, Twilight!"
>"We're going to the hospital right now and you're getting a baby transplant."
"But that's impossi--"
File: medium (1).png (212 KB, 621x600)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
I cant help but imagine anon just being oblivious to all of this. Wide smile on his face,with a pep in his step because he was finally able to get a full rest today, and butternut was no where to be found.
>getting a baby transplant."
is that actually a thing?
File: sneakypone.png (18 KB, 340x340)
18 KB
>For the last twenty minutes Lyra Heartstrings, without being seen, had followed the human through the busy crowds of the afternoon marketplace, never falling behind for more than fifteen feet.
>This was an impressive feat for her as she considered herself to be clumsy, awkward, and certainly not as sneaky as her secret agent friend Bon Bon.
>She didn't have any talent for sneaking like Bon Bon did, though she had spent weeks begging her friend to teach her all the inside tricks that secret agents regularly used.
>No, Lyra had had to rely on her wits to get her this far, and the cardboard box she was hiding herself in was a working marvel of sneakiness.
>With modesty, she could say that the cardboard box idea she'd come up with was genius.
>Hidden in the box, she could follow anybody she wanted to without being seen.
>If anyone started getting suspicious that someone was following them, all she had to was stop moving and sit flat on the ground and it'd look like she was just a regular box that was lying there.
>It was the perfect cover.
>Now she just wished that summer would end already and take the heat away.
>She was panting like a dog inside her box.
>She was drenched in sweat from head to hoof, so much that the walls of the box were starting to damp and darken just from her sticky body rubbing up against them.
>She'd sat outside his work for him for over an hour out in the heat.
>Now, as she felt her front bangs drooping down into her eyes, she was thinking that maybe she should have waited to get in her box until after she had seen him come out.
>But if she had done that then he would have seen her.
>Then he would have screwed his eyes at her in concern before turning away.
>He always did that when he saw her.
>But Lyra vowed that this time would be different: he wouldn't see her this time.
>She certainly had a hard time keeping her eyes on him in the crowd, despite the three heads he had on every pony else.
File: lyra4.png (443 KB, 3300x3700)
443 KB
443 KB PNG
>Her drooping bangs had wilted so much that they were now sticking onto her eyes, blinding her.
>When one only has a small slit in one's cardboard box to see out of, one needs to keep their eyes as clear as can be.
>Especially when you keep bumping into the ponies around you.
>Like Rarity, who was straightening up after having been blindsided by the back-end of Lyra's box.
>"Oh, um, pardon me, Lyra. . . ." she said as she grabbed Sweetie Belle and started to quickly walk away.
>On hearing her name spoken, Lyra stopped just short of calling out an apology.
>How had Rarity known that it was her under the box?
>It must have been luck.
>She heard a brief exchange between the two ponies.
>"Rarity, why is Lyra doing that again?"
>"Quiet, dear. Just leave her alone and let her do her stalking in peace."
>"What's stalking?"
>"Never mind, dear. It's private."
>"Okay," Sweetie Belle said, slowly enunciating each syllable. "She's still banned from the roller rink, isn't she?"
>Lyra grimaced as she remembered last week's failure.
>She was still getting used to the box then.
>But the managers of the roller rink had overreacted by banning her for life like they did.
>They acted like they'd never seen a pony rollerskating from inside a box before.
>And that word Rarity had used: stalking.
>That was not the right word for what she was doing.
>After all, what stalker takes notes on their subject?
>That's what Bon Bon had said, that it wasn't stalking as long as you took detailed notes.
>Lyra looked down at the notes she had taken thus far.
>Though she had dripped sweat down onto the page, and the ink had ran a bit, she could make out some of what she had written.

>'Good grief it's ~ot out lik~ him!'
>'cute butt!'

>It was a fair amount of writing, considering she'd only been able to see his backside.
>Still, had she not been so expertly hidden within her box, the other ponies around her would have easily seen the disappointment on her face.
>Here she finally had some good cover, she hadn't been seen yet, and things were going well so far.
>It hadn't been at all like the earlier disaster at the roller rink Sweetie Belle had mentioned.
>She was already a poor skater, and the cardboard box didn't help any.
>He'd already gone out on the rink to skate though, and she couldn't just watch from the sidelines.
>She had to know just how it was he was able to fit those big old hogs of his inside those little pony skates.
>She needed to get closer, to observe, and that had been how she ended up rear-ending him.
>Ponies crash into each other all the time in the rink, but trying to take the other's shoes off once they're on the floor probably was going too far.
>She could see the manager's point with that one.
>But that day in the marketplace, Lyra finally felt that things were going her way.
>And yet her notes were lacking.
>She should have had more written down by now.
>Just looking at him, she could certainly say that he had been given enough material for her to work with.
>She should have written something about those firm hands of his.
>So easily they could grab her by her sides and lift her up!
>And what about those tall strong legs of his?
>They were like two big bushy tails.
>She just wanted to bury her face in them!
>She trembled and exhaled huskily.
>Heat radiated all around the walls inside her box.
>She had to have more.
>She looked up and saw he was gone again.
>As she took a step forward, the cardboard wall before her lifted up.
>She fell on her face. Behind her, looking over her lifted rump and at her, was her subject.
>He was backlit by sunlight and holding her box damp box in both of his hands.
>He hummed calmly.
"You again."
>Lyra's eyes shot wide open.
>Caught again!
>But how?
>She had the box and everything!
>He was beginning to screw his eyes at her.
>Lyra swallowed a lump in her throat.
>This was not time for her regular awkwardness to emerge again.
>She needed to be smooth.
File: lyra3.png (152 KB, 1024x786)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
>"Oh, don't mind me!" she said, laughing smoothly.
>"Why?" she repeated, stammering. "Why, why, why . . . ?"
>She was thinking why.
>She lifted herself up and wiped her cheek, which only smeared the dirt so that it touched her eye.
>"Why?" she said. "Well, why not?"
"You were following me again."
>"I wasn't! I couldn't even see you, I swear."
"But you were--"
>"Looking! I was just looking . . . for my glasses."
>She didn't wear glasses.
>He watched her as she dropped down to the dirt again and pawed at the ground.
>"I dropped my glasses somewhere around here, and I've been looking for them for over an hour now."
"An hour?"
>"Yeah. I can't see a thing without my glasses."
"So you were watching me for over an hour."
>"No way! Not without my glasses I wasn't."
"But you don't wear glasses."
>Lyra stopped.
>She touched her face with disbelief.
>It was true: she didn't wear glasses.
>"You're right," she said. She clicked her tongue in approval. "It was my contacts. I meant my contacts."
"You don't wear contacts either--"
>"Is that my box?" she said suddenly, pointing at the box he held. "I think I left my contacts in there. Let me just. . . ."
>She pulled on the box with her magic.
>The wet cardboard tore and the box easily ripped in half.
>After a moment she forced it back into his hands.
>"You know what, you keep it. I know my box is in good hands with you, and I got to go and get new glasses anyway."
>He hummed again.
"You mean contacts."
>She agreed with him behind a forced cough before saying:
>"I'll see ya later, pal!"
>She could see he was beginning to screw his eyes in concern, and she wanted anything else in the world to happen besides that.
>Thinking fast, she ran headfirst into his crotch, savoring the contact her muzzle made with his bulge.
>"Whoops! Sorry, can't see a thing, you know?" she said, backing up.
>He wheezed and grabbed his crotch, then doubled over onto the ground in pain.
File: lyra5.png (189 KB, 814x981)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
>She kept up an awkward smile until a crowd had started to gather around them.
>Then she trotted past him.
>Soon she had left the marketplace and was on her way to the park.
>She thought over her encounter and marveled at what she had learned.
>Humans were apparently just as sensitive down there as stallions were.
>How fascinating!
>She vowed to add this to her notes--until she realized that she had left them behind in her rush.
>She couldn't go back and get them, not after the rousing success she'd just had.
>He hadn't even looked at her disapprovingly this time.
>And the scent of his crotch still permeated her muzzle, lingered in her nostrils.
>She could smell him with every breath she took.
>Every breath was like an affirmation of her success.
>Her notes would just have to be left behind this time.
>She sighed, recognizing that such things were common dangers to had in the world of field research.
>At least that's what Bon Bon had told her before.
>Maybe she would not need her friend's instruction to be sneaky after all.
>She was finally making some progress on her own.
>Now she just needed another box, preferably one with a hole behind her this time, in order to prevent any more sneak attacks.

a short thing, as i try to get back in the swing of things
Not bad so far. Been idk how long since we've had some Lyra green.
That was a fun little short thanks anon.
>the official Wall of Shame.
And here's their theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eS5VulPNKig
I assume they probably have medical unicorns that can use teleportation spells in place of a c section, but I don’t think a transplant would be possible even with magic:
>Flutterbutt gets angry and forces twilight to do the same thing on her.The rest of her friend hear and want in, it escalates. A few weeks later anon realizes that a lot of mare in ponyville and a little rounder than normal.
It’s called surrogacy.

But we should keep in mind, if they don’t come to a peaceful agreement that Twilight keeps the baby, which would win in a fight.
I can only imagine how that would've gone over if he'd been out of town for awhile.
File: medium.png (201 KB, 664x600)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
>Twilight keeps the baby, which would win in a fight.
Damn thats a strong baby, not even born yet and it can already beat up a rapist.
It should be obvious if you pick a fight with an alicorn, no?
it wouldn't be anon's kid if he wasn't fighting off rapists from the womb
That was great, haven't had anything with Lyra in awhile.
I meant “which one” out of Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle.
>Chair creaks
>Open bottle
>The tin bottle cap clatters on the floor
>A familiar burn in your throat
>You are Anon
>For the last year, you gave up on resisting Fluttershy's advances
>Started dating her, buying chocolates, getting dinner, consensual rape
>All the good sappy shit couples do
>She was pretty unlucky with stallions before you
>Not like you were a hit with the ladies yourself
>A mutually beneficial relationship
>You haven't seen her for about a month now though
>Really, this should be a good thing
>Not like you enjoyed her company much before you started going out
>Really, you couldn't have cared less if she lived or died
>You only started dating her in the hopes she would mellow out
>Strictly just to keep her bizarre displays of affection from startling the neighbors
>Just to keep the both of you from being alone all the time
>And she drained your savings down to nothing
>So why does it hurt?
>Bottle's empty
She’ll be back, probably just called out to save the world or something.
So how would a fight between Fluttershy, Lyra, and Twilight work out? (I personally think the one alicorn would win.)
You're not wrong, Fluttershy's almost entirely dependant on setting shit up beforehand or asking Discord for helpassuming the stare doesn't work, and I have no clue what Lyra would actually do.
File: 1579245549884.png (442 KB, 1140x1533)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
>Anon at long last gives in to the Yellow.
>They start having such kinky crazy sex that the dildos they regularly use end up breaking after only a few uses.
I really feel like we need a lot more rapey as fuck Pinkie.
>Little does Fluttershy know that Anon is only using a sextoy to break her choker
>That's why he demands she uses a blindfold every time
>Hey, pretending to give her a little taste of her heaven once a day sure beats having her bothering you at least six times a day
>Any possible consequences is future Anon's problems
Fluttershys' gonna be pissed when she finds out Anon is just doing this to keep her at bay when in reality hes fucking Twiggy daily.
File: 858011.png (43 KB, 1031x1116)
43 KB
I don't know why this is so fucking funny.
I find it a little hard to believe that she’s not extremely familiar with the texture of every sex toy crafted
She’d never find out, it’s not like she’d be able to muster up the courage to remove the blindfold.
Mrs. Cake looks adorable
She’s very cute.
Why not just give in?
Don't you want to know what you're missing?
File: not rape for real though.png (651 KB, 2586x1918)
651 KB
651 KB PNG
Amazing how these sex-starved ponies will justify >rape.
Well it's not like they have much else to do.
True. Not to mention the whole ratio of mares to stallions being HEAVILY skewed in favor of mares, kinda makes them go a little rapey during times of great boredom. Begs the question, do you think Fluttershy would be willing to share Anon if she successfully raped him?
I think that if Fluttershy’s friends asked very nicely she might share, or she’d just give them a photo of his dick.
Anon you know that wouldn't be enough. They'd want in.
Well you aren't wrong, but there's also a really good chance Shy would've just locked him in her basement.
The question would really become whether Anon would be willing to be shared. First, it may violate “Thou shalt not commit adultery”. Second, a harem of women means that there is a power dynamic within it by default, so it would mean that said women are objectified rather than loved. Perhaps Equestria could incentivize couples to have children and aim at attracting immigrant labor to rebalance the genders in the population.
I don't think there's any adultery when Flutters is raping him in the first place.
File: phone call.png (270 KB, 1366x725)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
Rarity at least has enough restraint to do all her stalking vicariously through Fluttershy's stalking.
But Anon would only be able to release his payload on his own accord, so would it still be adultery if he falls for his rapist’s seductive efforts?
It’s pretty hard to stop yourself from cumming.
File: Ponk snoot.png (125 KB, 750x750)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
File: lewd thoughts.png (583 KB, 1200x1350)
583 KB
583 KB PNG
File: Outhouse.png (1.6 MB, 1920x1080)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
Who would've thought that it would be an occupied restroom that clam dammed her this time.
File: Anon and Fluttershy.png (3.87 MB, 1808x2547)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB PNG
File: scratching.png (40 KB, 485x460)
40 KB
File: The movie.jpg (88 KB, 640x800)
88 KB
One of these days she's accidentally going to say the quiet part loud and the loud part quiet. Comedy points if it were to happen in front of her friends while she talks with Anon.
But would falling for Fluttershy’s temptations when you have a girlfriend already still count as adultery if she tried hard enough?
I’m pretty sure the quiet part was the first thing she ever said to him.
I'm pretty sure that'd just be cheating, but I guess those are the same thing at the end of the day.
File: Honk.png (115 KB, 729x732)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
Back when things were simple.
Board's pretty quick today.
Knowing her she's just pretending someone is in there. She probably caught wind of a weird fetish where a girl is just struggling to hold it and then eventually pisses her pants when they can't hold it anymore.
So naturally auto assumptions toward Anon...
She orgasms as she urinates which causes an infection. Upon visiting the doctor she tells them it was for guessing Anon's fetish. The doctor then orders that Anon must give Shy the dick at least once daily to ensure she does nothing more to cause herself bodily harm. Anon, of course, protests this and brings it to mayor Mare. Where a meeting of... shall we say, unpolitical-like activities take place. Needless to say, Anon doesn't get a repeal on those orders.
That's not a bad prompt, you should write that down somewhere.
File: ponk.png (205 KB, 799x1000)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
She sure is forward.
File: flutterrape.jpg (623 KB, 1440x1080)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
I’ll probably see if I can do something for it this weekend. I like writing for this thread because it lets me go all out on my autistic fantasy of having adorasexy ponies lusting after me even though in reality they’d be neutral to me at best...
Sounds good, glad you enjoy it here.
Fluttershy and Anon being forced to interact by some outside authority is always one of my favorite things.
Neb wrote a thing about this a long time ago, if I can find it I’ll either link it or repost it.
Found it https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/30547732/#30625159
Do you think Fluttershy would try to sell your bathwater?
Fuck no, she'd save it for herself. Probably horde it until she could bathe in it herself.
Yeah I don’t know what I was thinking.
I wonder how many ponies would take advantage of her addiction and just try selling her tap water?
Oh my god... She'd go bankrupt. Her friends would have to intervene and try to admit her to
rehab clinic or something.
Are there any rapey pinkie stories? I've not seen one.
There are a few but you really have to dig for them.
ZigZag has a pretty good one in his Haloween shorts.
No, especially if my city has a lead contamination issue. Wouldn’t it be better to just provide water filters to the ponies?
Even if Fluttershy were the aggressor?
Getting raped is not cheating, but the wording used implied she seduced him, not just outright sexually assaulted him.
pink stories

This needs to be a story for the AA style intervention scene alone.
File: It's cold out.gif (1.32 MB, 808x606)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB GIF
>Come on Anon, let me in.
I want an O&O campaign with Fluttershy as DM
It's like the perfect set up for her friends slowly becoming aware of what a degenerate she is as well.
File: ok anon.png (42 KB, 215x171)
42 KB
>Fluttershy captures Anon, and says she'll only release him if he can best her dungeon she drafted up, otherwise he'll be locked in her basement forever
>However she as no idea how DnD works, and Anon has to guide her through everything
I'd write it if I knew anything about DnD beyond "cast magic missile
In all fairness I don't think you need to know too much about the actual mechanics to make a story about it.
t. Hollywood writer responsible for laughably bad depictions of D&D
Yeah but he's specifically going for Fluttershy's magical realm, do you really think she bothered to look through anything other than the book of sex magic?
>Be Butterhush. Better known as Fluttershy.
>However, you vastly prefer calling yourself the nickname that Anon, the human, gave you shortly after his arrival to Equestria.
>"Annoying bitch"...
>It was a day you'll never forget!
>When you first saw him. Those tall, elegant legs of his... Supported by his undoubtedly strong alien muscle structure that were made perfectly for pounding your flanks!
>You knew he had to be the one and you promised yourself you'll find out what gets him turned on sexually to win his heart.
"Ohhh... Oh dear, I really have to go!" You say, doing the pee pee dance in front of an outhouse, "Whoever is in there, Please hurry!"
>There was no response.
>Because there was actually nopony in there at all.
>You had heard by eavesdropping on another couple of mare's conversation one day in the market, of an odd fetish some stallions may have
where a mare will actually hold their urine in for so long that they will wet themselves.
>Odd of course but, you'll try anything to win his heart.
>You bite your lip as you struggle. A growing, burning pain in your loins as the pressure builds up.
>You had chugged over a gallon of water for this.
>This training, until you were confident you could hold it in long enough for Anon to find it sexy and attractive.
>To have so much urine vacating your body that he'd HAVE to acknowledge his love for you!
>Enough for him to want to plow your delicate flanks with his big honking monkey cock...
>The one you've caught glimpse of as you spy on him in the bathroom sometimes everyday.
>That girthy, veiny, boner rocket filled to the brim with hot, white Anon fluid; just waiting to be releases into your mouth,
or whatever hole he wants.
>All of them, hopefully.
"O-oh... oh my..."
>All this thinking of Anon meat was getting you excited.
>You would usually already had touched yourself to the picture of his flank you managed to snap one day while he was in the gym.
>That picture.
>The one of him. Running.
>His flanks, so firm and soft...
>You could just rest your head on them and go to sleep!
"Ah~! O-oh dear!!"
>All these lewd thoughts were pushing you over.
>If you couldn't stop thinking of Anon plowing your virgin pussy with his meat missile then you'd lose all your progress!
>No, cancel out those thoughts, Fluttershy!
>Don't think of Anon sweating from fucking you so hard that his sweat drops drip form his head onto you tongue as he fucks your mind into
a mushy puddle of sex!
>You cum, hard. Making your body shake and shudder at the thought of Anon's cock pummeling your virgin pussy until you can't feel anymore.
>So hard in fact, that you also start urinating.
>Oh no, its starting to burn.
>Is it because you held it for too long?
>Would four hours be too long?
"AHH! Owie! Owie owie! Ohhh it burns!"

>Be Yellow quiet again.
>At the medical center, awaiting in the doctor's office for him to come back with your diagnoses.
>"Good morning, Ms. Shy!" The doctor says, entering, "I have your results here." He sets a folder down on his desk as he hops up in his rotating chair, "Yes indeed Ms. Shy you had quite the irritant in you urinary tract. Luckily you have had no history of this happening, so there is no permanent damage. In fact," He says, cheerfully, "You'll be feeling back to normal in a day or so."
>You breathe a sigh of relief.
>If something had happened down there, how would you be able to give Anon the hot mare-pussy he so desires?
>Of course he wants it, he just doesn't know it yet.
"Oh thank you, Dr.! I'm so relieved to hear that!"
>"Yes. Although..." The doctor taps his chin, "I feel as though I should ask, what exactly caused this? You've never had anything happen
like this, as I said."
>You freeze.
>Oh dear.
>You'll have to be honest with him.
>He IS a doctor.
"W-well, I was... p-practicing."
>"Practicing?" He says, tilting his head, "For what?"
"Uhhh... U-uhm... A-a fetish guess." You mutter.
>"A what?"
"A fetish guess!" You blurt out, quickly covering your mouth with both hooves as your face heats up.
>"A... 'fetish guess'?" He says, shaking his head, "For what? Who, Ms. Shy?"
>You sit there, eyes darting around the floor.
>"Ms. Shy, please, I-"
"Its for Anonymous! The human!"
>He is frozen in shock.
>"The human...?"
>You meekly nod.
>"Why, exactly?"
"I-its my job to take care of animals!" You say, frantically searching for excuses, "He isn't a pony... and he says his species evolved from monkeys. So I just think its my duty, as element of kindness, to make sure hes happy!"
>"Ms. Shy I don't understand-"
"And if making him happy means guessing his fetish and having sex with him, even at my own peril; I'll do it!"
>"Sweet Celestia!" The doctor turns in his chair, looking at the ground and rubbing his chin, "This is far more serious then I thought. I can't allow an element of harmony to be injured, or hindered in her work giving care to the citizens of Equestria! No matter how primitive or un-evolved!!"
>He pushes his chair back and opens a desk drawer.
>From there he pulls out a doctor's notepad, complete with all the proper symbols and medical jargon, and begins writing.
>After a few frantic scribbles and a signature, he hooves it over to you.
>"Take this! Its a prescription for Anonymous, the human, to have relations with you on a daily basis to keep you from any further self harm!"
"Oh my goodness! doctor this is amazing!"
>"Save your thanks, Ms. Shy, its my pleasure to help an element of harmony."
>You grab the note in your mouth and gleefully prance out of his office.
>This is going to be the best day ever!

>Be Anon.
>Enjoying this Saturday off form work, until the inevitable encounter with that damn yellow menace comes-a-knockin'.
>*knock knock knock*
>Like fucking clockwork...
"Ugh..." You groan as you get up from the recliner, "Time to see what the fuck guess shes got today."
>You open the door and sure enough, there she is.
>Standing there. All Pink'n shit with her blue eyes.
>"Hi Nonny!!"
>"What?" She tilts her head, "Are you not happy to see your bestest friend Pinkie Pie?"
"Well I was kinda expec- y'know it doesn't matter. Whats up?"
>"Oh nothing, I just..."
>Pinkie extends her neck like bubble gum and brings her snoot to your ear.
>Her hot breath makes you blush.
"Uhhh, Pinkie?"
>She goes back to normal and hops away.
>Well fuck.
>What the fuck did she mean by that? And why did she say it all -sexy-?
>Fuck it.
>These damned horses are getting more and more insane with each passing day.
>You close the door and make for the couch.
>*knock knock*
"Fucking hell!"
>You open the door.
"What- oh god dammit!"
>Its Fluttershy. In all her yellow-ness.
"Okay, okay. Lets get this shit over with."
>You cross your arms and lean on the door frame.
>"Oh, uhm, I'm not here for a guess."
"Then why are you here? Y'know what, I don't actually give a fuck. go away please."
>She doesn't, instead opting to reach into her mane and pull out a doctor's note.
>"Here ya go baby!"
"Don't fucking call me that." You say, snagging it from her.
>It reads: "I, Dr. HoofInYourAnoos, hereby prescribe that Anonymous, the human, give Fluttershy sexual intercourse at least once daily to ensure her safety and his happiness."
"Doctor what?" Wait, WHAT!?"
>You re-read the note.
>It says what you think it does.
>"C'mon, Anon! Lets go upstairs! Doctors orders~..."
>She strolls into your home before being stopped by you grabbing her tail and holding her to your face.
"I know you just forged this shit, you little shitter."
>Flutterhsy takes the opportunity and kisses you.
"Ahck! Fuck!"
>You throw her across the street.
>"Oh baby! You're as strong as ever!"
"Take your fake note and fuck yourself with it!!"
>"It isn't fake." She says, shaking her head with the same stupid happy expression on her face.
>You look at the note again.
>It -does- look legit.
>And that signature doesn't look the same as Fluttershy's writing.
>You could tell that by how she wrote you a note of all the sexual fantasies she has of you.
>Alongside a crude picture of you fucking her...
>No. This is real.
>How? Why?
>"We have to, Anon! We can't go against what the doctor prescribed!"
"Fuck yourself with your quack doctor!!"
>You crumble the note, fling it at her, and slam the door.
"Give Shy the dick for her health." You say in an idiotic voice, "Fucking bullshit."
>An hour goes by, and you hear nothing more of Butterhush or her bullshit.
>Thank go-
>*knock knock knock knockknockknock*
>There is an aggressive and annoying knocking at your door.
"Fuck sake..." You say, begrudgingly getting up, "I swear of that bitch is back..."
>You open the door to find Fluttershy standing next to two police officers.
>Well, little mare police officers.
>"Sir, we need to ask you some questions, can we come in?"
"Nah fuck that."
>"Oh..." The officer looks all sad.
>Damn ponies, even when they piss you off they're cute.
>"Sir," the other officer interjects, "I'm officer Hoovsies, and this is officer Clippity Clop."
>"Sir, please," She continues, "Fluttershy brought to our attention this note."
>She pulls out the note you had crumbled up and tossed away.
>Should've fucking burned it...
>"You're name is Anonymous, is it not?"
"Nah, I'm Steve."
>"Anon, please!" Fluttershy says, pleading.
>"Hes rabid!" One of the officers say, ready to pounce.
"Hey, HEY! Chill! I'm not a fucking dog!"
>"Oh Anon, please just cooperate and lets have hot kinky sex!"
"Go fuck yourself you little cunt!"
>"Don't talk like that to an element, human!"
>Officer Hoovsies smacks your leg with her baton, making you hop in place.
"Owe! You bitch!"
>"Hes being combative! Restrain him!!"
>Officer Clippity Clop easily takes you to the ground.
>Fucking earth ponies. All your gainz in the gym are for not.
>"Oh Anon!" Fluttershy sobs, "You're making it so hard for me! Why can't you just admit your acting out and you want to stick you hot co-"
>Officer Hoovsies reaches for her belt.
>"Pepper spray!"
>It burned as though Satan pissed in your eyes.
>Officer Clippity Clop restrains your arms while officer Hoovsies begins undoing your pants.
"Hey, HEY! What the fuck??"
>"Quickly! Undress him so we can secure his cock for Fluttershy!"
>"O-oh my..."
>They are successful in stripping you down.
>At your own doorstep.
>In public.
>You've garnered quite the audience considering all the noise.
>Now every mare in town knows what your cock looks like.
>Fluttershy immediately goes to work on playing with your dick, while the officers keep you tied down.
>She pets and massages your shaft, getting you hard as a rock.
>She shows no hesitation in taking your full girth in her mouth.
"God dammit! LEMME GO!! NOOO!!!"

>The following day...
>You're at home, once again.
>Be Anon still.
>Seething at your circumstances.
>This is fucking bullshit...
>You won't stand for it.
>Hell, you wouldn't even sit on the shitter for it!
>You'd shit yourself!
"No, I'm taking this to the mayor's office! She'll sort this out."
>You're confident mayor mare can help you.
>Shes reasonable and has been very accommodating with you in your process of getting adjusted here.
>Always so helpful and eager to assist with any legal troubles you may have had.
>Princess Twilight would always just say some stupid bullshit like, "make some friends!" or whatever faggotty shit she says.
>Even her brainwashed, carbon copy, giga-pet unicorn says the same thing.
>They can't help...
>Mayor Mare!
>She will be your savior!
>"Theres nothing I can do, Anonymous."
"What the fuck!?"
>Now be at the Mayor's office.
>You had informed her of your situation and what tribulations you'd gone through yesterday.
>Your seed had been robbed by Fluttershy's mouth and tongue...
>No doubt she was reviling in the fact your seed now resides in her stomach.
>She apologized for the rookie officers and the mishap, however she couldn't repeal the note.
"Why? Why why why whywhwywhy??"
>"Anonymous, please, calm down." She says, sitting in her mayor's chair.
>Her chair was one of exquisite design.
>Leather fabric, actually metal buttons at the seems to seal the stitching.
>And a frame of mahogany.
>"Now listen, I've helped you in every way I can to make life here as easy as possible for you."
"Yes, and I have nothing but thanks to give for that."
>She smiles, and then sighs.
>"However, I can't just undo this." She says, reading the note, "If Fluttershy's health is at risk because of her obsession over you, and
a physician believes the best course of action is to have sexual intercourse with Fluttershy, then thats what you must do."
>Her words were like a very fucked up shitstorm on your parade.
>God had the runs, and he was letting it loose on you...
>He looked at you from up above and said "fuck you in particular!".
>A shit-pocolypse.
"Mayor, please, I can't do this with her!"
>"Well, why not? Shes very attractive for a mare. She was a model once, y'know."
"I know that! But thats not why, I know shes hot! But what turns me off from her is the fact that shes absolutely insane!"
>Mayor mare narrows her eyes and tilts her head.
"Alright, alright, I'll give an example."
>You clear your throat.
"The other day, I was at the market buying bananas. I reach into the bucket to find -not- a banana, but her ass sticking up in the air out of the bucket with the words; 'stick your monkey banana here for a good time'."
>Mayor mare purses her lips and rubs her chin.
"Not enough for ya? Alright, check THIS out. Last week, I was minding my own business walking down the street. This -crazy- bitch, pushes me over and then tries to act like she didn't do it, saying shit like 'oh dear," You say in your Fluttershy voice, "'that looked painful! Let me blow you to relieve some of the pain!'"
>She seems to be pondering your situation, albeit not very seriously.
"Mayor, I was RAPED yesterday, okay?? And those COPS made it happen! Hell, they got off on it!"
>"Oh, oh my goodness."
>Mayor mare can't help but blush.
"Yeah, no shit."
>"I... I had no idea..."
"Yeah. Its bad."
>She breathes deep, contemplating what she can do.
>"Well, I can see about getting a second opinion on Fluttershy's condition. Assigning another doctor to examine her, perhaps?"
"You can do that?"
>"Well..." she taps her hooves on her mahogany desk, "No."
>"But I can override the doctor's orders with orders of my own!"
>Thank Christ.
>You knew she could help! Shes always been so nice to you.
>"A restraining order, more like."
"Really? I didn't even know those existed here! Thats great news, Mayor!"
>Oh god no.
"But what?"
>"There may be a price to this."
"A price?"
>The mayor leans back in her chair, looking at you. Eyeing your features.
>"Anonymous, how much have I helped you since you came to us?"
"A lot. Like, A lot lot."
>"Yes, and what have you given me in return?"
>Fuck. Shes probably gonna have you do some community service shit or something.
>The legal system here is all kinds of fucked up.
>Oh well, so long as you can get the yellow away from you, it doesn't really matter.
"I... haven't done anything. And, for that, I apologize. I'll do what you ask! whatever it may be, giving a speech on friendship, tolerance, or whatever bullshit tasks you need me to do around town, I'll do it."
>She seems unconvinced.
"I'm serious! I'll do anything! Just give me the damn restraining order!" You cry.
"Excuse you?"
>The mayor adopts a sultry look about her face. One of both sexual lust and devious intent.
>"Beg for it. Beg me like a child begs his mother."
>What? Like, what the fuck?
>Just... just do it.
>Its behind closed doors.
>Whatever stupid, petty, bullshit thing she needs from you here is of little consequence.
>You begin pleading, placing your hands together like if you were praying.
"Please, please do this for me, Mayor. Please, I'm begging..."
>"On your knees."
>"Do it, it will be good for your chances."
>You gulp, eyes darting side to side.
>Slowly, you get up from the chair, and get on your knees.
>"Ah, ahhh~. Over here, where I can see you." She says, pointing to a spot on the floor next to her chair.
>Its for the best. Its for the best...
>Again, you comply. Walking over to the side of the desk and getting down on your knees.
"Please, Mayor Mare... do this for me?"
>"Anon, its kind of hard for me to think you're being serious without making eye contact."
>You look up and lock eyes with hers, a heated wave of embarrassment washes over you.
>She had a smug grin on her face, leaning back in her chair, spreading her hind legs to reveal her marehood, doused in arousal, and licking her lips.
"P-please, Mayor Mare, give me the restraining order I need."
>She sighs heavily.
>"I just don't know, Anonymous. I need more convincing~..."
>She motions for you to get closer.
>Hesitantly, you comply.
>Inching closer to her now soaked chair cushion.
>"Now, con-vince- me!!"
>She grabs the back of your head and shoves it into her pussy.
>You're overwhelmed by her musk.
>"Oh Anonymous, yes! This is what I've wanted for so long! Ahhh~! Oh sweet Celestia! Its been so long!!"
>Mayor mare grinds herself against your face, showing no restraint as she quickly bring herself to edge.
>"Oh you dirty human! I... I'm going to cum!!"
>Mayor Mare releases a torrent of built up mare-cum all over your face.
>So much in fact that it actually flows down from your face, to your neck and soaking your shirt.
>She pushes you away playfully.
>"Good boy..." She says, sitting in content in her chair.
"So..." You barely muster a word, head spinning and trying to contemplate what just happened.
>"Hmmmm... Okay! But only because you asked so nicely." She pats your head.
>From this day forward, you were required to have weekly meetings with the mayor in her office for "private screenings".
>The restraining order doesn't even work, as the police do nothing to enforce it.
>Fluttershy still comes to your door every morning.
>With those cops.
>Fuck your life.
There it is. Hope you all enjoy it! I apologize for any and all mistakes, I suck ass at editing. I'll think of something for Ponko for my next green. Just need an idea.
Paste: https://pastebin.com/4wq6fVUX
Perhaps Anon could call the state troopers to get the local police off his back...
I’ve been hoping you’d be back after Horsiery, and you did not disappoint, that was great.
File: Tounge boop.png (85 KB, 476x423)
85 KB
One boop at the wrong time gets you a stalker for life, and with an entire post office at her disposal you'll never be able to hide.
I'm glad you're going to write Pinkie, she needs more love here, but she definitely seems difficult to come up with a premise for.
That was great, poor Anonymous. Twilight was not wrong when she said everypony in that town was crazy.
I can only imagine what Twilight would've done if he'd gone to her instead.
What kind of porn do you think Fluttershy commisions from artists?
I think it's the kind of stuff they'd have to do under a pseudonym.
That poor anon.
File: big penka.png (228 KB, 1060x600)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
This anon is in for a rough day.
>Page 8.
>and with an entire post office at her disposal you'll never be able to hide.
What's she gonna do, send me love letters daily? I say good luck with that after I throw away my mailbox.
I guess she'd really only have your address.
File: birthday.png (508 KB, 1280x873)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
You think there'd be more ponies at her party, but even Dash just shows up out of obligation.
File: Very needy Dash.png (346 KB, 1661x791)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
I guess this isn't the worst thing to wake up to.
Dashie is the neediest of the M6. Her constant adoration and attention make her obsess over anyone who doesn't praise her and her accomplishments. With Anon not really giving a fuck, its only a matter of time before she loses it and forces him to like her via >rape.
All she wants is for you to be as loyal to her as she is to you.
Even if by force. Shes going to make you loyal...
I’m very curious what her list of mares you’re allowed to talk to looks like, I’d assume there isn’t a single Wonderbolt on it.
Of course not. Dash knows that the wonderbolts mares have athletic and toned bodies like she does. They're a threat. Whenever Dash surprise forces you to attend her shows, she just tells her teammates your a mute.
So it’s basically just a list of mares she thinks are nerds.
Maybe. She constantly hangs out or more accurately, openly stalks Anon, to make sure another mare doesn't make a move. Because he totally loves her. He just doesn't know it yet.
Dash’s stalking is probably the best kind, she’s so good he just thinks they’re best friends.
Yup. Her stalking consists of picnics, throwing the ball around at the park, sneaking into his house at night and pressing her muzzle against his crotch while hes asleep and then inhaling... the usual.
File: Rainbro.png (241 KB, 800x600)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
File: the essence of pie.jpg (30 KB, 640x642)
30 KB
I can see why coming up with a plot for her can be hard.
File: Seven Ps.png (39 KB, 879x877)
39 KB
Pinkie's invites are fantastic.
I'm clicking next, but nothing happens!
File: Rainbow Dash.png (264 KB, 1280x996)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
Clearly her favorite way to pass the time.
File: proposal.png (129 KB, 1336x1000)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
Love that picture.
>We’re marrying that dude

So how come many fans say that ponies are polygamous, rather than citing the monogamous relationships between Cadence and Shining Armor as well as Big Mac and Sugar Belle?
Its just headcanon. Born from the fact that the mare to stallion ratio is so skewed in favor of mares. It SORTA makes sense, but there is no actual evidence of it.
Horses herd, and you have that one trio of mares that wanted to fuck that guy that was after Sugar Belle, so clearly they don't all mind sharing, but that's really the only example.
Ahh didn't think of that episode. That is true. Obviously they would never actually have it on the show that a single stallion is in a polygamous relationship with a group of mares, little kid target audience and what not. So its not too far out to think it would work that way.
Fluttershy just want's to make sure you wake up like this every morning.
Well considering its impossible to get a good security deposit in ponyville because of how close and trusting the community is, Fluttershy can just waltz in your house every morning before you wake up and start blowing you. Should start buying bricks and set them up against your doors each night.
As much as I want to say you could just get a good lock, we all know she'd just have some small animal squeeze under the door and unlock it from the other side, or a large animal just knock it down.

But does that concept inherently imply polygamy?

>They don’t mind sharing

But would any civilized pony want to do that? Keep in mind that a power dynamic is an inherent property of a harem, so it would be very corrupting to have one. However, I do remember a commercial from between five and ten years ago where Princess Cadence was going to be a party to “the first ever pony wedding”, although there are still Mr. and Mrs. Cake to imply that pony weddings have occurred before then.
>the mare to stallion ratio is so skewed in favor of mares
Only because Celestia has all the stallions up at the palace, in the Royal Guard.
So could Equestria perhaps have conscription for males?
What about calling the police or their equivalent of the FBI?
>"What? Mares can't rape a stallion, that's ridiculous! Are you gay or something?"
>"Hey, wasn't she a famous model a few years back? Damn, she is gorgeous. I wish I had your problems, buddy! 'Course I know what to do when a beautiful mare wants me in the sack, ho ho!"
File: Right Here.png (336 KB, 1000x1000)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
When this is how their princess behaves can you really expect professionalism?
Anybody else’s file viewer get really low res when you’re trying to select an image to post?
It’s weird, this wasn’t happening yesterday.
File: more jealous purple.jpg (2.95 MB, 3756x8053)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB JPG
Why would you expect that’s how their princess would behave? Also, such behavior would likely result in international sanctions against Equestria if Twilight isn’t jailed herself.
File: Loony Luna.png (170 KB, 800x800)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
They know what they're doing.
>for not
It's "for naught".
File: Flood.jpg (678 KB, 4000x4000)
678 KB
678 KB JPG
Would you let her stay with you?
File: pillowshy.jpg (355 KB, 1206x1024)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
File: scratching.jpg (214 KB, 2000x1589)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
She sure is flexible.
I really need a derpy-rape story
Pic doesn’t make it look like that.
There really aren’t enough.
Is there anyone who could help Limestone get laid?
Yeah, we really need more, off the top of my head Neb did one, and Wino also did one.
File: Limestone.jpg (74 KB, 709x473)
74 KB
File: curio.jpg (8 KB, 247x204)
8 KB
Can pegasi fly when they have a wingboner?
I'd say yes, but I think it's a cock push-up situation where it would take a lot of training to pull off,
Expect it from Dash, not Twi or Fluttershy.
File: Napping.png (20 KB, 1152x720)
20 KB
Evolution (or Celestial planning) would select against such uncontrollable hindrances. Wingboners should be involuntary mating displays, but it should be easy to get them under control as soon as you realize you're doing it.
I suppose something like that isn't impossible.
File: battle.png (11 KB, 531x499)
11 KB
This might be the worst moment of Dash's life.
Got any links?
Here’s Neb’s, Wino’s you’d have to dig for.
>"He's sleeping."
>Fluttershy says while a bottle of chloroform is in plain sight next to the bed
Well she’s not lying, just leaving out some unnecessary details.
File: Rapity.png (46 KB, 521x628)
46 KB
We need more Rararape.
File: horse larp.jpg (341 KB, 1536x1024)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
Just make it a Larp.
Robo Twi’s getting better.
The Flutterbot is also top notch.
And the whole thing.
File: 1409279618847.jpg (7 KB, 212x208)
7 KB
my goodness, i haven't tugged it to ponies in a long ass time.
It won’t be the last time either.
File: employee evaluation.png (324 KB, 641x703)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
File: flutterrape.png (933 KB, 1245x3000)
933 KB
933 KB PNG
What a way to start the day.
File: mmmmmm.png (344 KB, 974x1001)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
>You turns towards Fluttershy, your eye twitching madly
You lick me, bitch? I LICK YOU!!!
>Start to lick her face voraciously
>Now you're both licking each other
>Applejack appears
>Sees her best friend and you tongue-fucking each others faces
>She breaks out in a sweat and quickly trots back the way she came
>Down the road, she stops to catch her breath
>She grimaces and stomps her hoof on the ground
>"Consarnit, those two . . . !"
>She takes her hat off and fans her face with it
>"Didn't think they'd ever find out my fetish."
>"Fucking Fluttershy and Anon."
That's really good, Fluttershy and Anon's bullshit awakening fetsihes in others needs to be a thing.
Well this Anon doesn't seem to mind it much. neither would I.
What would the mane 6's fetishes be?
>Rarity's is feet
>girl with a foot fetish
Pinkie's would definitely be foodplay.
Wrong Anon. But thanks for the (You).
I don’t know how the fuck I did that.
File: 1580359841033.png (644 KB, 4000x3308)
644 KB
644 KB PNG
They are horses.
File: Spoiler Image (185 KB, 871x918)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
Its okay, Anon. I'll still rape you.
That only makes it even less likely.
File: 1580484451122.jpg (917 KB, 900x3068)
917 KB
917 KB JPG
Do you think they'd fight over which limb is superior
im dying lmao
Don't look so fucking proud of yourself for that you horse.
I wonder what degenerate shit Dash would turn out to be into?
File: 1576105722416.png (101 KB, 450x636)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
The possibilities are endless, but i propose that it'd most likely be some form of humiliation
Now I'm just curious about what Anon and Fluttershy would have to do in front of her to make her realise she's into that.
Special delivery.
File: numbers.png (165 KB, 700x394)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
Hey fags - any of y'all remember a specific fic wherein Twi falls madly in love with anon and attempts to use her political power and his status as an "ambassador" (due to being the only human around) to force a political marriage? I remember reading it several years ago and it was fucking amazing, but I can't remember much about it nor its name. Any of y'all able to provide source?
I like the plot, I remember discussing something like that not too long ago, but this story never came up.
Sorry I couldn't help, but I do hope you're able to find it
File: 1576466599174.jpg (670 KB, 1200x1029)
670 KB
670 KB JPG
Dash would probably see fluttershy get btfo and think to herself "God i wish that were me"
File: horse maury.png (513 KB, 1280x775)
513 KB
513 KB PNG
File: shy dream.png (178 KB, 628x563)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
Look at how happy you could make her.
Isn't this the end you want?
She cums like a canon every morning just watching Fluttershy get rejected.
File: Maybe.png (334 KB, 1034x576)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
What a lewd mare she is.
File: 1578010013152.png (55 KB, 215x287)
55 KB
>"Anon really put the hurt on flutters this time! She didnt even get to finish her sentence this time!"
>"G-getting denied even a chance... in less than- less than ten seconds flat!"
>"Ohmygosh i think i'm gonna-"
That was outstanding.
So if Dash is into humiliation what's AJ's kink?
File: 1580176355282.jpg (174 KB, 1855x2048)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
>Body worship
>She'll constantly assume poses that show off her muscles or lift heavy objects in hopes of getting 'mired
>>She'll constantly assume poses that show off her muscles
AJ confirmed has a wannabe JoJo character
That's prety good.
>Applejack keeps trying to show off her strength and fertility
>Every single time, often for inexplicable reasons, Anon gets badly hurt
>At which point either Applejack or Fluttershy tries to nurse him back to health
The vicious cycle of 2horse.
It rained all day in Ponyville that day.
>"We're serious, Anon."
"HOW? How. I have never so much as had an erection in your presence-wait. Oh, no no no no."
"YOU'RE the ones who stole my wank laundry!"
>"I-It's not like that Anon, we got drunk at a party, you just don't rememb-"
"Your weakass cider couldn't get a toddler drunk!"
File: rainbowlaugh.jpg (68 KB, 1280x720)
68 KB
>that fucking Mayor scene
holy fuck that made me laugh, i shouldn't have put off reading this one for so long
Jizzrag theft should be outlawed, that Ponyville princess needs to get out of the Hayburger and fix this shit.
That's a good prompt anon.
File: Don't open the window.png (991 KB, 1600x1300)
991 KB
991 KB PNG
This just got posted in the Yandere thread but dear lord it's perfect.
He's a good writer and I'm glad he still hangs around this thread.
So what are the polygamy laws like in Equestria? Would any municipality be willing to allow for a three-way shotgun wedding?
I go by RGRE's herding rules when polygamy comes up.
So what are they like?
>Day Why Are We Still Here in Equestria
>Just to suffer?
>Every day since your arrival, one Fluttershy has been constantly guessing your fetish
>You admit, it was charming at first
>But that was before she wore diapers around town
>And "used" them
>"Twilight said you'd like it" she told you
>The memories of those few days still haunt you in your dreams
>But thankfully, the door knocks
>You already know who it is
>You open the door to reveal Fluttershy
>Who else?
>She has a drill in one hand and floss in the other
>"Anon, are den-" the rapist starts
>But you just shut the door in her face
>Fuck that was brutal
>Even for you
>But as they say in the old country: "Stop trying to fucking rape me"
>You look outside your house's many windows. Feeling as vulnerable as ever.
>You should really block these up
>You spot fluttershy walking away
>She's crying
>Maybe she'll finallt stop coming
>You hope she'll-
>A huge fucking splash hits your window
>HOLY FUCK what was that
>Is Celestia herself punishing you for being rude?
>It could be rain
>But rain doesnt normally look so... mucus-y
>Nor does it have usually a tint of...

This is my first shot at flutterrape after lurking a while. Any tips and criticisms are greatly appreciated
Not bad Anon. Interested to see where it goes.
>Be Rainbow Dash
>Lying on a cloud near Anon's house
>This was a very important day
>Fluttershy would often visit you and talk about Anon
>Specifically, how he wouldn't fall in love with her
>She told you that she goes to his house at around the same time each morning and tries to convince him that he loves her
>Out of curioisity, and duty as the loyalest pony of all ponies, you went to watch one of these attempts
>Without Fluttershy knowing, of course
>You watch as Fluttershy floats towards Anon's door
>Drill and... Floss? In hoof
>That's weird
>She knocks on his door
>Rehearsing her lines
>You put your head down on the cloud to get a better listen
>"Are d-dentists your fetish, Anon?" She repeats softly to herself
>You blush from the somewhat relaxed delivery of the question
>Ohmygosh this is so messed up!
>But... oddly arousing
>You guide your hoof slowly to the Dash n Go situated in between your legs
"Fluttershy...? W-why would you ever say that..."
>Your hoof moving in between your legs
>Anon opens the door
>Fluttershy says her line with her full confidence
>"Anon, are den-" the door slams in her face
>Her voice slowly deflates as she finishes her sentence
>Ohmygosh that was hot as hay!
>You fall onto your back, still fiddling with your book
>It's only when you hear Fluttershy crying that the floodgates open
>You can already tell that you're gonna write stories about this one
>You unleash the world's 2nd fastest and largest torrent of marecum
>The first of course, was during that competiton with the whole "Sonic Rainboom"
>Many booms were had that day, heh.
>Nice one Dash
>Your afterglow is cut short when you hear a loud splash
>You look down at anon's house
>A window and some of the surrounding parts were just made 20% cooler
>Heh. Nice one again Dash
>Maybe if he found out he'd scold you
>Ohmygosh that'd be hot
>You definitely need anon to berate you one of these days
>God you wish you were Fluttershy
>Speaking of which
>You should check up on her
The Sonic Raincoom.

Holy shit this is so good I'm vaguely tempted to do a "danny do you know" PMV between Princess Twilight and S1 twilight.

Well, to be fair, the main reason ponies are monogamous in the series are because its a childfriendly show and so they don't wanna get inundated by christian fundamentals yelling "THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY"
But do ponies IRL practice polygamy?
File: rape gang.png (709 KB, 1280x700)
709 KB
709 KB PNG
There were these 3, but they're the only ones we see.
>Be Fluttershy
>Absolutely devastated
>Anon didnt even hear your fetish guess today
>And you had to rent this drill
>And you even made sure to use the floss before hand
>To make sure it was a quality brand!
>Your tears are practically 2 water jets coming from your eyes
>It's only once a hazy Rainbow Dash approaches you, that you stop crying
>"Yo Fluttershy!" Dash said, her face red hot
>Where has /she/ been?
"H-hi Rainbow..." you sulk.
>"H-how'd things go with Anon..." she says, twiddling her hooves while looking shifting her eyes left to right
>She smells odd
>That was very rude Fluttershy
"I'm sorry Rainbow Dash" you sulk again
>"W-what? Why are you apologizing? Haha. There's nothing to apologize for, and I definitely dont have anything that I certainly have to feel guilty about no ma'm haha. In fact, i'm so not guilty i'm gonna go uhh... fly away... now... okseeyalaterFluttershyhaveagoodone!"
>She jets off
>At least you're still friends.
>That makes you smile
>You still cry all the way home
>But by the time you arrive, you feel ready to take on the challenges today may hold
>Like reminding anon of the rules behind your guesses
>Just in case that silly goose didn't mean to shut the door in your face
>And you know just the pony to help you do this
I'm really glad this turned out to be more than a one off, you're doing good.

Yes, actually. Although generally its an alpha male, a bunch of mares and a few satellite stallions. So any polygamous relationship would probably include a few gay / submissive romance options, like Spike or Caramel or something.

Big mac seems like he'd be the alpha of his own herd, so he's out.
Hope you keep going with this, it’s pretty good.
Jovani, get the fuck up outta here with your lurkin' ass.
So is this perhaps why Luna wants to form an alicorn harem in my dreams?
I'm liking this so far. The beginning gave me a good laugh and I really like Dash's pov here.
>Be anon (again)
>Chillin out, maxing, relaxing all cool
>That was, until there was a knock on your door
>You dont normally get visitors
>You prayed to both God and Celestia that it wasnt Fluttershy again
>You open the door to reveal...
>A mare
>An orange mare
>With an Apple butt tat
>You've never met her before
>Even after being here for so long
>She takes off her little hat and holds it to her chest
>You didnt think an orange pony would have such a scarlett face though
>"H-howwwdyy Pardner! N-nice to finally meetcha. I-i'm Applejack!"
>"Anonuhmous. Nice to meet y'all!"
>You can't help but think she's a farm girl
>"I'm sorry for keepin ya waitin so long. The farm's had a big harvest this year!" Her face scrunches and she shifts her eyes
>Called it
>"Ya mind if i come in a sec?" She asks, rather flustered
"Sure. Why not?"
>She cant possibly be as bad as Fluttershy
>Applejack steps in, and immediately asks:
>"Y'all need help movin furniture? I can help yuh as fast as a tornader spins!"
"Uh. No thanks, I think it's fine where it is."
>"Y'all sure? I'm really strong!" She assumes a pose showing off her muscles
"Nice. I imagine working on a farm would do that to you. Want something to drink?"
>she smiles "Why yes i would! Could y'all whip me up a glass of water? A workin mare's gotta stay hydrated!" She flexes her pony biceps
"Two waters coming right up."
I wasn't expecting AJ so soon.
File: appul.png (242 KB, 600x762)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
The Apple is cute!
If what you say is true, that would certainly explain why Pinkie Pie looks differently from the rest of the Pie family.
File: cover.png (44 KB, 394x596)
44 KB
File: content.png (139 KB, 800x600)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
So what kind of diabolical shit do think Flutters has planned for Hearts and Hooves day.
File: Oh shit.png (1010 KB, 1600x1300)
1010 KB
1010 KB PNG
File: lyra1.png (158 KB, 784x1018)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
>Day the next level of Hell in Equestria.
>You were standing in your open doorway, watching a particular sort of presentation take place.
>"And that's the thirty-seventh unique way in which a pony and a human can have sex."
>On her giant notepad was a crude illustration of you thrusting into her from behind, with you pulling on her mane hard enough to have her body bent into a ninety-degree angle.
>She saw you staring at her drawing.
>"Doesn't that look fun?"
I'm pretty sure your spine would snap in half if you bent up that far.
>"I want you to bend me up," she said, biting her lip
Right. . . .
>Her shining eyes looked you up and down, lingering on your figure.
>"You know what I mean?"
For God's sake Lyra, just get on with it.
>"Fine," she said, grimacing. "It's not like you don't have the time."
>You rolled your eyes.
>This presentation had gone on for almost an hour now.
>All morning, actually.
>And she's the one who woke you up to begin with.
>You had to be ready for work in a few minutes.
>How were you going to explain to your boss that you were late because your crazy rapist kept you busy all morning again?
>Oh, wait, you can't explain that.
>Because it's crazy.
>In fact you were fired a few weeks ago because this sort of thing kept happening to you every day.
>So Lyra was right, you did have time.
I miss my job.
>She lifted up the paper on her giant notepad to show you the next page.
>"Now onto number thirty-eight of the eighty-three unique ways in which a pony and a human can have sex. . . ."
>You sighed and sipped at your now-lukewarm coffee.
Yeah, how about no?
>You kicked the entire presentation over--notepad and easel and all--and sent it tumbling down the front steps of your porch.
>The front legs of the easel snapped in half and the notepad smashed into the ground, coming to rest in the dirt.
>You smiled.
Well, that was fun.
>"What did you do?!" she screamed.
>Lyra ran over and picked up her destroyed presentation, cradling it in her arms.
File: lyra2.png (120 KB, 1310x874)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
>"Do you know how long it took me to draw all those different positions?"
No, why? Do you want me to pity you? Because if you do tell me, I will feel sick.
>She grit her teeth and growled.
>"It's fine. I'll just finish these up--again--and be back tomorrow. And I'll keep coming back every day until you finally love me."
Yeah, well, you'll be fucking Rembrandt by the time that happens.
I don't know--Hoofbrandt or whatver his fucking horse pun name is in this godforsaken universe.
>"What about Hoofbrandt?"
Look, just don't come back. You're never going to win my heart or whatever it is that you want.
>"Oh, but I will, even if I have to come back tomorrow. And the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day . . ."
>She got up slowly and began walking backwards, staring at you the entire time.
>"And the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day . . ."
>Eventually she walked out of sight and her voice faded away.
>You shut the door.
>There was the sound of magic and a giant piece of paper from the notepad landed on your head.
>You read what was written on it.
>'And the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day--"
>You ripped up the paper and left it by the door.
Fucking idiot.
>You took a sip of your cold coffee.
Well, that wasn't so bad, considering it's Hearts and Hooves day.
>In a flash of gold magic, Lyra had appeared and jumped up in your face.
>"I forgot it was Hearts and Hooves day!"
>Oh God no.
>She had a manic look in her eye.
>You felt a cold drop of sweat drip down your temple.
>"In that case, I'll have to be back in the next hour. And the next hour, and the next hour, and the next hour, and the next--"
>Your coffee cup slipped out from your fingers and shattered on the ground.
>She looked down at it.
>"Oh, careful not to step on that broken glass."
File: fluttershy1.png (159 KB, 992x805)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
>A moment passed.
>Then she fixed you back in her stare.
>"And the next hour!"
>You screamed like a girl.

>Fluttershy looked at you oddly when she opened her door.
>Probably wasn't unjustified considering you were holding a pillow, blanket, and a shovel.
>You took it on yourself to end the awkward silence.
'Sup, Flutterbro. I need a favor.
>"Um . . . okay then."
>She invited you in.
>"So, um, this favor of yours--"
It involves Lyra, yes.
>"Oh, okay. I figured it would."
She's on the warpath today.
>You told Fluttershy about the presentation.
>"I guess that explains why she suddenly became the only pony interested in attending Twilight's 'Building a Better Lecture' classes at the community center."
Fucking Twilight.
>"Do you really think Lyra will spend her entire day chasing after you?"
>There was a flash of magic and a big piece of paper landed on the coffee table before the sofa.
>You and Fluttershy read it.
>'And the next hour, and the next hour, and the next hour, and the next hour . . . !'
>Fluttershy folded her ears.
>"Goodness. You really are in trouble."
I was hoping I could use your basement to hide out in for the rest of the day. I brought a shovel so I can move any piles of animal shit that are down there.
>"Normally I'd let you, but I was keeping Harry and his friends down there during their hibernation, so . . ."
>Literal mountains of shit.
Well my day is fucked then. Thanks anyway, Fluttershy.
>"There has to be some way you can dissuade Lyra from bothering you for the day."
I don't think so, not on Hearts and Hooves day.
>"Well, what if you had a date?"
>You looked at her quizzically.
You want me to go out on a date while that psycho is out there stalking me?
>"I mean it's not like you've ever dated some pony before," she said, shrugging. "Maybe she'd be too embarrassed to bother you if she saw you with some pony else."
File: fluttershy2.png (271 KB, 1600x1154)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
>You're thinking more along the lines of, if she saw you with another mare, she'd go:
>'I'm going to kill this little slut of yours, and make you watch before I cut out your eyes!'
>Then again, if she tried to do that, you'd just kick her in the cunt.
>After thinking it over a bit more, you shrugged and turned towards Fluttershy.
I guess it could work.
>"Alright, then let's get ready."
>Hold up.
You mean you're going to be my date?
>"Well, sure!" Fluttershy said, smiling. "It'll be a lot easier for us to pretend than it would be for you to go out and find some pony willing to go along with our plan."
I guess that makes sense.
>"I just want you to promise me something," she said, growing solemn suddenly. "Promise me that, during all of this, you won't get caught up in the thrill and actually fall in love with me, okay?"
>You looked at Fluttershy, your bro.
>You loved her.
>But she was a horse.
>She was a dirty horse, and she had dirty hooves, and greasy fur, and there was thin white mucus sitting inside her wet nostrils and on the bottom rims of her eyes.
>As if that wasn't enough, she also let animals run freely around her house, and they would eat and shed and shit wherever they pleased.
>Hell, there was a literal mountain of collected rodent and bird shit that was sitting in the corner of the living room as you spoke.
>You looked back at Fluttershy.
>And her thin hair-clumped tail raised slightly to let out a fart.
>"Can you promise that you won't fall in love with me?"
Yes, yes I can. Let's go.

>The date was actually going well.
>The two of you were enjoying ice cream cones and chilling at the park.
>Or at least you were chilling, Fluttershy was keeping an eye out for Lyra.
>Still though, it was nice to have the extra pair of eyes, especially when they belonged to a friend.
>Kind of made you wish you hung out with Flutterbro during times when you weren't worried about being raped.
>Speaking of rape, Lyra had finally appeared.
>And she was heading right for you both, looking all kinds of pissed.
>Fluttershy elbowed you softly.
>"Talk and I'll pretend you said something funny."
What should I say?
>Fluttershy began laughing loudly.
>"Oh, you're so funny!" she said, hanging on your arm.
>You turned your head, wondering just how badly that must've set Lyra off, only to find that she was standing two steps away from you.
>Her grimace was fixed and her eye was twitching involuntarily.
>"Okay, so, um"--she cleared her throat, then screamed--"Just what do you think you're doing with this whorse?!"
>You pretended like you just noticed her.
Hmm? Oh, hello, Lyra. I'm just here enjoying some ice cream, with my date.
>You took a long slow lick of your scoop, never once breaking eye contact with the raging mare.
We're having a great time, aren't we, Fluttershy?
>Fluttershy nodded.
>"Yes, in fact--"
>"You shut up!" Lyra screamed at her.
>Fluttershy scrunched her muzzle.
>A lot of heads in the crowd were turning your way now, towards the screaming, raving lunatic mare that was pointing at you.
>"And you, you're supposed to be with me today--and forever from then on! It was at the end of my presentation!"
I kicked it over before the end, remember?
>Fluttershy gasped good-humoredly and pawed at your arm some more.
>"Oh, you didn't tell me you did that, you bad thing."
I'm sorry, babe. It's just--look, I told you she was a cunt, didn't I?
>"She's just upset, though."
Yeah, I'd be upset too if I was as stupid as her.
>"You're still not being nice."
And she's still not gone. You see that? You see the bullshit I have to put up with?
>You pointed right at the deep, dark scowl Lyra wore.
See, look at that. That's a bullshit face if I ever saw one. Now wouldn't you have left by now if you were that mad?
>"Oh, yes, I'd be so embarrassed and hurt that I wouldn't have done anything else but leave," Fluttershy said.
>"Alright, fine! I'll leave!" Lyra screamed.
>Only she didn't, of course.
>Stupid horse.
>She stayed there and kept sputtering angrily.
>"You know what, if you two like each other so much, if you two get on so well, then why don't you prove it and kiss already?"
>You and Fluttershy shared brief looks with each other.
>You both blinked plainly.
>You turned back towards Lyra.
Yeah, no thanks.
>"We haven't really been together that long," Fluttershy said.
Yeah, we've been on this date for, like, not even an hour.
>Lyra threw her hooves up indignantly.
>"So?! What does that have to do with anything?"
You see, shit like this is the reason I don't like you in the first place.
>"You don't like me? You barely know me!"
>Lyra stepped forward and planted her front hooves on your leg.
>She screamed in your face.
>"How can you say for sure you don't like me if we haven't even had sex yet!"
>The anger in her voice was melting your ice cream, making your fingers sticky.
Okay, time for you to go.
>You picked her up by the scruff of her neck and carried her over to the trash bin.
>She thrashed in your grip.
>"No, you can't just throw me in the garbage like I'm Rainbow Dash!"
>Just then Rainbow Dash's head popped up out from the can.
>"What was--"
>She saw Lyra's ass hanging over her.
>"What the hay?"
>And you dropped Lyra right on top of Dash before turning and leaving her there in the garbage.
>You were wiping the hand that touched Lyra off on your pants when you returned to Fluttershy.
>She was giggling to herself.
>"Oh gosh, that really wasn't nice, was it?"
She'll be fine.
>"I really shouldn't be laughing," she said while covering her mouth with her hoof. "Gosh, I'm so bad!"
>You smiled.
You know Flutters, I couldn't have handled that so well if it wasn't for you.
>"Oh, it was nothing."
No, really, thanks for helping me out today. I mean it.
>"Well, you're welcome," she said shyly. "Anything for a friend."
Yeah, you know, I was thinking we could this again sometime.
>"What do you mean?"
Oh, you know, hang out and stuff, get ice cream.
>"Oh. . . ."
>She frowned.
>"Oh no."
What? Is something wrong?
>"Oh, I thought I made it very clear with you that you weren't supposed to fall in love with me!" she whined.
>You were taken aback.
Huh? No, I don't mean it like that.
>"But how else could you mean it?" she said despairingly, holding her head in her hooves. "I knew this would happen, just like it does in my eastern comic books."
Fluttershy, listen to me.
>"No, I don't need to hear you explain yourself," she said, taking your hand in her hooves. "Because I feel the same way."
>Oh God what.
>She looked up at you through blushing cheeks and hopeful eyes.
>"I know you don't like ponies, but we can make this work, by cucking other mares together like we just did."
>She placed her hoof behind the back of your head and brought you close to her.
>"Because that is your fetish."
Flutters, no.
>"Yes! You mean to say yes, that we will find love through your fetish!"
>She grabbed your sides with her wings and brought you in for a sloppy, dramatic kiss.
>She was more licking your lips than kissing you.
>And she tasted like dog food.
>Your entire face was covered in saliva when she pulled back.
>"Was that good for you?"
>Why was this your life?
>Just then you both felt the breeze as a trashcan arced over your heads.
>Lyra stood tall, menacing, and up on two legs, like a bear.
>And covered in garbage.
>"You stay off of my man, whorse!"
>She tackled Fluttershy, knocking the whole damn bench off from the ground.
>"He's mine now, Lame-ra!"
>"You wish, you animal freak!"
>"Garbage background pony!"
>"One-dimensional waifu bait!"
>They began grappling with each other, and hitting one another in the face with each barb traded.
>"I won't let you have him! I'll love him until the end of time!"
>"I'll love him every hour of every day!"
File: fluttershy3.png (178 KB, 1024x752)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
>"Not if I get to him the next day!"
>"Then I'll just get to him the next day, and the next day!"
>"If you do that then I'll get to him the next day, and the next day!"
>"And the next day . . . !"
>"And the next day . . . !"
>"And the next day . . . !"
>"And the next day . . . !"
>Their voices and blows, in their repetition, faded to the back of your mind.
>You had hit your head on a rock and you could feel it bleeding.
>You slowly got up, wiped the dirt off some of your fallen ice cream, placed it on the welt on the back of your head before leaving.

>"Well, this is a surprise," Twilight said upon seeing you. "What made you want to sign up for one of my classes?"
>She looked at you again and raised one eyebrow.
>"And why do you have a pillow and blanket with you?"
I signed up for all of your classes, actually. And I'm sleeping in the broom closet when we're done.
>No pony else ever came here.
>This would be the only place safe place for you now.
>Fucking Hearts and Hooves day.

something short because i wanted to get something out
put my name on because the other guy is also posting anon
>>"Can you promise that you won't fall in love with me?"
>Yes, yes I can. Let's go.

God, I almost died laughing at this part. You are a very funny man, ZigZag!
I just wanna see how much chaos i can plan out without it turning into garbage
>You hand her a glass and sit down next to her on your little sofa
>Ignoring the haunting image of a floating cup in the horse's hoof, you break the ice
"Sooo... how's farm life?"
>"Hard, but rewardin" she says bluntly
>A deafening silence
>several sips later
>You move to get up and refill your empty glass
>but before you can get up, Applejack jolts
>Suddenly, you hear a defeaning scream "GUUAAHHHHHHHHHHHH" and a splash of water
>You look at Applejack
>She's soaked in water
>I guess i'd scream like a retard if my clothes were my body too
>she shivers "A-n-n-nonn... towel... give towel. P-p-puhleasee"
>you quickly run to your restroom to grab a towel
>when you get back, Applejack's in a pose, exposing her pony abs and her admittedly large thighs
>"L-like what y-y-ya see?" She asks, giving you the bedroom eyes
>"R-r-rub me dry, Uhnon, y-y-y'all gonna wish Rainbow Dash felt like this"
>Moment ruined
>First Fluttershy, now this Applejack?
>Who even is Rainbow Dash?
>You havent even Applejack for 30 minutes
>What's next?
>Is that pink one that helps Fluttershy all the time gonna watch me bang other mares?
>suddenly, a muffled, hyper sounding voice says "I WOULD, if IT WOULD EVER HAPPEN!"
>You look to see said pink pony peering inside your home through a window
>When the hell did she get here?
>Wait did she read your mind?
>You know what? Fuck it
>You bang on the window she's peering through and grab Applejack by her toned thighs and toss her outside
>She lands on her oddly firm butt, and she plays it off by squatting where she landed
>"Good throw y'all," she flexes her muscles again, "yer almost as strong as me"
>The pink one stands next to her, staring at you
>She says in a somber tone "Maybe next time"
>you throw a towel at Applejack's face and tell both of them to fuck off
>This day's looking to be a giant shitshow
>God you fucking hate it here
That was good, I like the way you handled AJ.
I didn't know I needed this today, but I did.
>Be Twilight Sparkle
>Be changing spike's diaper
>You know he doesnt need it, but doesnt he just look adorable in it?
>Hear knock at the door
>Its Fluttershy
>"Um, hi Twilight. Are you doing anything right now?" She asks meekly
"Not at all! Just changin spikes diapey wipey haha. Wanna watch?"
>Fluttershy gives you a concerned look
>"Um... not really. I was hoping you could help me with something"
"Of course! What is it you need? A safety pin? A pull-up? A reuseable? I got it all!"
>Fluttershy looks VERY concerned
>"N-no... um it's about anon, and not his diapers, before you ask."
"Well that's a shame. What about him?"
>"Well you remember how you said that if i could guess his fetish he'd love me right?"
>You nod
>"And you remember how after the restraining order expired, we all agreed on 1 attempt a day?"
"I do. It took a lot of convincing to make him accept the offer"
>And many, many diapers
>"Well... today... um..." she hesitates
"Don't be afraid to tell me what's wrong, Fluttershy. You know i'm always here to help"
>"Anon... didnt let me finish my guess, nor did he answer so..."
"So Anon has broken the '1 Guess and No Less' rule huh? We'll have to go talk to him about this then"
>You grab your things
>A dry erase board
>A marker
>A sack full of very kind of diaper you own
>And a stand to put your dry erase board on
>And a list ensuring you mention every in and out of this '1 Guess and No Less' rule
"Alright Fluttershy, let's do this."
>You both head outside, ready to give anon a piece of your minds

I think this is jumping the shark a bit
I don't really understand Twi's diaper obsession, but the 1 guess no less rule intrigues me.
A sperg's gotta have the spergiest fixation
After going over it again, it actually seems like she doesn't have a diaper fetish, or at least not wearing them herself, but some kind of mommy dom thing going on.
>Be Applejack
>Gosh darn it
>Why wont anyone see the beauty in yer strength?
>Yer practically beggin to give birth to some healthy and even stronger foals!
>In your shape, yuh could probably give birth to an entire farm's work of em!
>Gosh Almighty you're desperate
>You shouldve lifted him up!
>Then he could've seen how much y'all mean business!
>Pinkie Pie next you to squeals "Do it! Hold him! Hold him down! Can i watch?"
"Uh... Pinkie? What're y'all talkin about?"
>"Yknow, showin Nonny there a good time! And letting me watch! Dont forget about me! Or do! I dont mind!"
>She's joking right?
>'I'm going to let Pinkie Pie rape anon for me' you think to yourself
>"Nnnope! I'd rather watch"
>Wot in tarnation
>Suddenly, Pinkie's eyes light up
>"Oh boy! More people to watch!"
>She points at Twilight and Fluttershy walkin an' talkin
>Gosh darnit
>Fluttershy's back to steal yer stallion!
>You gots ta do somethin about 'er!
"Uhnon's really mad!"
>That'll do it!
>Fluttershy and Twilight look at eachother, concerned
>Fluttershy says "Oh dear. Did i make him angry again? This time i even made sure to pick a fetish that didnt involve changing his or my body!"
>This gal's got issues
"Well... uh yeah he's real mad!"
>Twilight butts in "Regardless if he is or is not positively pooped, we still need to talk to him for breaking the rules"
>What the...
"Y'all sure? He's reaaaaaally mad!"
>Twilight gives you a skeptical look
>Oh Sweet Apples help me
>"Yes. I think we /are/ sure. Right Fluttershy?"
>Twilight looks at Fluttershy, who is obviously shaken
>"Um... M-maybe another ti-" Twilight cuts her off
>"See? We're about as sure as we could possibly ever be!" They both start walking past you
>Dang Nabbit!
>Y'all can't just go back to his house now...
>But maybe...
>Just maybe...
>You could sneak in after those darn mares leave your stallion alone!
This is really ramping up.
That was fucking brilliant, Anon’s description of why he can’t love Fluttershy, and Shy and Lyra’s entire exchange were fantastic.
File: twimom.png (37 KB, 800x266)
37 KB
>Twilight as a mommy fetish
kek perfect
It works better than I expected.
>Be Fluttershy
>Be scared
>Is Applejack right?
>Did you really make anon angry just from this morning?
>You didnt even get to finish what you were saying
>Maybe talking to Twilight was a bad idea
>What if he just gets angrier?
>Oh dear...
>You look at Twilight
>She's... rapping?
>"Mama always knows! mama's always best! She'll help you with your homework and on your next test!"
>You stop her to ask a few questions
"Um... so what exactly are we going to tell Anon?"
>"Oh Fluttershy you already know! He has to give you one guess, at the very least."
"W-well do you think he'll let me guess?"
>"He has to, otherwise us two get to have a day with him to ourselves, remember?"
"Um... well yes but how will you be able to make him do that exactly?"
>Twilight stops walking
>she puts a hoof to her chin
>Then she smirks
>"I'm good at getting naughty boys to behave"
"Oh ok..."
>"But i'm sure it won't have to come to that... unfortunately"
"I hope so. I like talking to him, and I dont want to make him angry... like I did today"
>"Aw dont worry Fluttershy. I'm sure if we had to keep him for a day, he wouldn't mind too much. I mean, he did agree to the rules after all"
"You're right."
>"Plus there's other ways of 'punishing' him anyway"
"I guess so..."
>You both continue your journey to anon's house
>What would Twilight even do with Anon for a day
>or rather... what would she do TO him?
>You shudder just thinking about it
>You should just focus on walking for now...
The mental image you have given me of Twilight dancing around and rapping to herself has me in stitches, thank you.
>Dont let twilight near anon. Shes going to love him
>Be Rarity
>Be drinking tea with Rainbow Dash
>She walked in earlier muttering things like "Best day ever" and "Heh. Nice one Dash" and "God I wish that were me"
>Such a most peculiar way of her to act
>You suppose she just had some luck with a stunt or something in that vain
>But after you asked her why she's so boastful, she just said "No big deal, I was just chilling with Fluttershy this morning"
>This morning?
>As in
>She went with Fluttershy to help her obtain her beloved?
>That handsome, tall, lean–Oh my!
>You would spoil that precious specimen if you ever had the chance
"How'd it go with Anonymous?" You ask in a sly manner
>"W-well um– so what had happened was," her face turns red "um... F-flutershy asked him a question and well... before she could F-finish it he... unf... closed h-his door on her"
>Ignoring that positively passionate moan, you ask
"What was the question, Darling?"
>"W-well i promised Fluttershy that I wouldnt tell haha"
"I see... well. That's most unfortunate"
>"Yeah. Honestly, i'm thinkin of g-going to his house a-and hah~ giving him a p-piece of my mind!"
>From the way she said it, it seems like she'll definitely give him a piece of something
>"I-in fact, i'm probably gonna head over to his in a bit. W-wanna come with?" her face a dramatic tint of red
>This is your chance Rarity
>Your chance to spoil Anon rotten!
"Why I dont see why not. Let me gather my things first."
>Rainbow scoffs "You and your need to look beautiful before going outside"
"You never know, maybe Anonymous finds a woman that can dress herself up to be most definitely enchanting."
>You've never really talked to him outside of making his signature suit, but if his wardrobe isnt an indicator of a true patrician gentleman, than you're not sure what is!
>Rainbow Dash cocks her head
>She's even redder than before
I can't wait to see what Rarity's gimmick is going to be like.
>"Hah! Y-yeah right! I bet h-he'll think y-you look... ohmygosh~ r-ridiculous... c-can i dress up with you?"
"Oh darling must you be so obvious? Of course i'll help you look splendid for Anonymous! I'll pick out the most wonderful dress for you. Just give me a moment."
>You pick out Rainbow's dress from your very first Grand Galloping Gala
>Such a beautiful creation, you think to yourself
>After ironing out Rainbow's fabulous dress, you tell her to put it on
>While she's getting dressed, you get together a small box and a paper, along with all the bits you have on your pony
>You write a little note before filling the box with both the note and all of your bits
>The box is practically overflowing with bits
>It's glorious
>After you finish preparing thie box, Rainbow Dash announces that she's ready to go
>You both leave and begin your stroll to Anonymous's home
>The box safely secured on your back
>Be Anonymous
>Hear a knock at the door
>Look outside the door's window
>Fluttershy and that Purple Molester from a while back
>Behind them in the bushes are... Applejack and the Pink one?
>They seem to be watching Purple Nurple and Fluttershy from a distance
>Or are they backup?
>What is even going on?
>After you open the door, Purple Porsehussy says "Greetings Anon, my friend Fluttershy here has told me that you have breached the '1 Guess And No Less Rule' and several clauses relating to it"
"Hii... you two... um what exactly are you referencing?" You genuinely have no idea what they're talking about
>She clears her throat and pulls out a script "The '1 Guess And No Less Rule' is a contract you signed in agreement to give Fluttershy permission to:
>A) Guess your Fetish at least once daily at any given time. This includes you answering with a 'Yes' or 'No' or otherwise direct approval or disapproval of this guess
>B) Attempt to guess your Fetish at least 3 times if Fluttershy is unable, for whatever reason, to properly finish her attempt to guess or demonstrate a fetish
>C) Demonstrate a fetish, as long as the fetish doesn't incorporate changes in hers or your body, violent or not
>and D) Love you forever and ever for all of evers as long as you and her are alive I love you Anon signed fluttershy no wait erase that that's emberassing..."
>Purple's face goes red "I dont think i was supposed to read Clause D"
Of course he didn't know about the rule,
I don’t really understand how Rarity gets off to the idea of being a sugar mama, but I can’t wait to see more of it.
I dont know man, she seems to be the type to do that.
>Your jaw drops
"W-when did i agree to this? Did i ever sign this?"
>Perphole cocks her head "Of course you did. Here's a copy of the document in case you lost it." She levitates a paper toward you
>In unmistakably human writing on the bottom right of the paper, you see your name written next to Fluttershy's
"When did i sign this?!"
>Miss Purpsalot looks at Fluttershy with a confounded look, then back at you "Oh come on Anon how could you forget? That day was one for the history books! You're just saying you dont remember because you dont think you look good in a Diapey Wipey, huh?"
>Suddenly the floodgates open
>Repressed memories of Twilight Sparkle holding you down and forcing diapers on you fill your mind
>"Shh shh, no more screaming, Mommy's here to change your Diapey Wipey now" she told you once
>"Well it was the only way i could get you to sign the contract" she blushes and looks away
"Horse-fucking-shit. Give me one reason as to why I shouldn't kick you to the curb and not listen to Fluttershy ever again"
>Fluttershy gives Twilight the most pitiful death stare, then cuts in "W-well because one of the punishments presented in the paper includes 2 days with me and Twilight respectively... u-unless you dont want to, then its fi-" you cut her off
"What. The. Fuck."
>You hold your hands to your face
"Could this day get any fucking worse?"
>Suddenly, you hear two voices
>One with a British accent
>The other a screechy, annoying voice, possibly belonging to a retard
>"Oh hi Darling"s and "What's up?"s fill the air behind the two rapists
>Applejack and the Pink one practically fly out of the bushes they once occupied
"Oh my fucking god"
Well that escalated quickly.
Nitpick: Rarity has a refined New England accent, not a British one.
Not bad.
And nothing of value was lost.
File: Night of Twi.jpg (248 KB, 1280x828)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
This is gonna be good.
No offense, but does she ever enjoy some fresh labstah? Or some clam chowdah? I may not picture “New England” when I hear Rarity’s voice.
That's lower class New England. Rarity wouldn't mix with such people.
File: roleplay.jpg (137 KB, 780x600)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Do you htink Fluttershy practices her pick up lines on her animals?
File: miss mous.jpg (237 KB, 1632x918)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
What a monster.
File: The mighty fence.png (879 KB, 1103x1200)
879 KB
879 KB PNG
This is what terror looks like.
File: hark.png (299 KB, 900x740)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
There's a shitstorm brewing for ol' Anon here
File: Anon - Fluttershy 20.png (311 KB, 941x996)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
Would you grant these lewd mares their wish?
File: princessofpreg.png (178 KB, 600x600)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
Cant let the human race goes extinct anon
File: pancake breakfast.png (495 KB, 1400x900)
495 KB
495 KB PNG

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