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Previous thread: >>34256359

GoogleDoc Pastebin Archive:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gf8UOWR5eIfp8FqpAWt3EUrSCCocOWazrZlMiTJwAYs

Old CrazyRain's Stories' Archives:https://pastebin.com/z3CWqhnG

Prompt Archives:
Based Equestria shooting down chain migration.
We haven't talked about O&O in a while, so let's do that to kick this thread off
Who plays what class?
Who brings what snacks?
Who gets a bit too into roleplay?
Who doesn't get into it enough?
And what is the single most shameful thing a pony has done when they started to become "that girl" during a game?
also first to declare first for best pony
>>34281220 (OP)
Awesome pic. Almost reminds me of Guts and Griffith from the Anime Berserk.

I'm sure Rarity and Twilight would get into the roleplay a bit too much.
Pinkie would be the one to bring the snacks.
And most like Applejack and Fluttershy won't get into it much.
And the shameful of being "that girl" will be Rainbow Dash. Since she's a bit over the top if go in the earlier seasons of her in this RGRE AU.


Also, I wouldn't mind to see an prompt of Anon being like a typical princess in most stories. The most fariest of them all, being kind to the lower class, and being kidnapped like any other typical princess.
Rarity is 100% a rogue. She already has a spell that finds gems outside of the game, and she has an eye for valuables. That sweet exterior is the perfect cover for a thief who hides in the shadows. As for snacks, I can see it going two ways: either she tries to be the responsible adult and brings healthy snacks (oven-baked chips, etc), or she goes whole hog and brings ice cream. Rarity wouldn't get too far into the roleplay that she'd embarrass herself at the session, but it would take a few hours for her to get out of the rogue mentality. If Anon were dating Rarity, he could expect her to try and sneak up on him so that she can pounce and press his face against her tuft. Probably the most embarrassing thing she's ever done was get a little bit hot and heavy with Anon's character during a session. If they weren't already dating, that was what kick-started their relationship.

>"A temporary bout of embarrassment was well worth the opportunity to court a fine stallion such as yourself, my gem of gems."
File: 1913706.png (2.45 MB, 2160x2160)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB PNG
Yeah, I agree with you good sir. More O&O stories.
At least, something from the earlier years of Equestria when a young Celestia and Luna are just common folk adventures. Getting drunk, getting all the stallions & Colts, saving a few villages, collecting treasures and also powerful weapons.

And possiblie tying in of having their own vault of these ancient treasures and weapons that shouldn't ever seen again.

Also, I would like to see more of Anon Artemis story being update too.
>"And that's why Ah bucked him, yer Honor."
File: 1564548930052.png (240 KB, 1160x1103)
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240 KB PNG
Fluttershy always gets too into it and goes off helping animals, forgetting the objectives.
Twilight would put too much detail into the world and forget to add the other stuff, like a loose plot to follow.
AJ wouldn't understand at first.
Some random changeling they'd drag in from the street would be into it for a while, helping them visualize their characters with his magic. Until drunk Twi starts flirting a little too hard.
Rainbow will bring drawings on cardboard instead of miniatures because she actually understands Twilight only uses them to visualize placement, and can just imagine how cool they look.
Anon would play a prince that's super suspicious on all accounts, but without anything to pay off for it. (ie. owns super-huge dungeon with screaming every night, turns out to be the maid finding another harmless spider)
Ponk would jump on every hook except that final one, annoying Twilight.
Rarity would only jump on the ones either with a dude for a prize or without having to get dirty.
I would like to think this what Applejack would like to think if she was draft in the second war with the Crystal Empire.
Or as this thread is going on at the moment with O&O as Applejack as a Dark Knight and Rarity in this pic as Paladin Knight.
I would bet that Applejack would act as a sheath sniffing Stallionizer and a pervert all Colts. While Rarity would be the modern day White Knight. Rich, powerful, beautiful, and a generous pony to all.
File: tg_equality.png (185 KB, 1139x291)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
>tfw starlight goes into full-retard mode for equality
File: 1531510x455.png (60 KB, 725x909)
60 KB
>Moondancer trying to include FATAL in any session she can.
You all must roll for anal circumference!
>Glimmer ruins campaigns by latching on to irrelevant or unimportant bullshit and dragging the rest of the party along
"You're really going to ignore the matter of the King being possessed by evil spirits that have made a base in a nearby dungeon... because orcs are not allowed to own property in this town?"
>"Yes! Every creature is equal, and I am disgusted at the racism in this region."
"...alright, if you insist."
>5 sessions and over a month later
"Congratulations, orcs are now allowed to own property. The locals are wary, but the orc population is grateful. This one small town may be the seed that grows into a tree of racial equality."
"And also, the King has ordered your execution. You are all round up to be hanged while his troops slaughter all the orcs in town."
"The King was possessed, Glimmer. I thought I made that clear. The King goes on to forbid all orcs from entering the city, and the growing resentment and hostility triggers a bloody and destructive war between orcs and humans after 5 years time."
"But for one brief shining moment, the orcs knew true equality in the remote town of Bumfuck-Nowhere. Congratulations."
>"I figured out how to turn Corruption of Champions into a tabletop game, Anon! Wanna try it out?"
>"What's a furfag?"
File: large.png (806 KB, 1000x1000)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
>Doesn't just fuck goblins all day
>Doesn't go on a cleansing crusade to eliminate all corruption
>Doesn't kill all enemies with a dick so that female encounters become far more prevalant and you don't have to deal with futa or fag shit
>Doesn't avoid all consumables/ stock hummus to keep from becoming a mutated homunculus and maintain his humanity
Oh dear, anon. I didn't know you had such a limited scope.
>>Doesn't kill all enemies with a dick so that female encounters become far more prevalant and you don't have to deal with futa or fag shit
Wait, you can do that?
File: 1495665377474.png (1.27 MB, 1024x909)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
Because of her deep connection to animals she knows best how to deal with furfaggotry, and that sometimes the greatest kindness is a mercy killing.
>He fucks goblins.
>He doesnt beat the game as a pure virgin paladin.
Damn it why does Rarity have to be so damn smooth? It's just not fair be it in normal or reverse roles
Charisma is learned. I'm betting she had to put herself out there many, many times and learning from bad experiences and rejection over and over. She wasn't a success overnight. Add to the fact that she makes an effort to take care of herself adds to the charisma.
File: 725850.jpg (809 KB, 1200x1600)
809 KB
809 KB JPG
You didn't know?
I have no imp encounters anymore because during every encounter I kill them. Combine that with me making sure to bone every goblin the Forest and Mountain almost exclusively has goblin encounters. With the odd chest or trap (actual ensnaring trap, not delusional gay in a dress)
>pure virgin paladin
>falling for the paladin meme
Eat shit choir boy, I'm a barbarian. I crush my enemies, see them driven before me and hear the grateful moans of their women.
File: Pussy slaying.jpg (49 KB, 700x451)
49 KB
>Twilight introducing you to her friends.
>"And this is Rarity, she has a real eye for fashion."
>By the end of the next day you're in a fantastic custom tailored suit at a fancy restaurant laughing over one of her jokes.
>By the weekend you're foalsitting Sweetie belle and teaching her how to cook.
>This time next week bringing Rarity some homecooked lunch has become routine.
>By the end of the month you've moved from the Sparkle Playset™ guest rooms to the Boutique.
None of us would stand a chance.

>Bringing more goblins into the world.
>Boning his own goblin daughters.
Degenerate filth.
I dunno man, that corrupted 9-tails terror move is pretty OP.
File: 2043984.png (783 KB, 1100x876)
783 KB
783 KB PNG
>>Bringing more goblins into the world.
>>Boning his own goblin daughters.
>Degenerate filth.
>He will let his line die with him
>He wont rule over a society of his own family like the first horsefucker Genghis
>He won't bring the the demons to heel
>He won't bring the futas and traps ruin
If your god allows the world to suffer the traps, the futas, and the anthros then they aren't a god worth worshipping
>Twilight gets drunk off of fanta
>After many "failed" campaigns, Glimmer finally fucking learns
>Unfortunately now the only way she can learn now is by shoving her shit back into her face via the medium of table-yop RPG
Do I even want to go find out what that is?
>the one game that Glimmer runs turns into pic related
Textbased porn game.
Surprising amount of customization in how you look, act, solve problems, and win fights.
You can be a completely corrupt cock-hungry futa monstrosity that lives to breed and be bred, a zero corruption virgin paladin who goes around purging the world of demonic taint like >>34281964 or just a guy who wants to kill every male and fuck every female like>>34281930.
Sounds interesting.
Sause that image?
See the numbers on that pic name? That's the pic's id number on derpibooru. You can figure the rest out from there.
It's if someone made a porn game with all the juicy descriptions necessary to get you off, but also obsessively put in enough effort to make it a full and developed game. I'll start playing it for the porn, but then I get legitimately interested in the gameplay and stick around for a bit.
such weak minded play style.
you dominate EVERYTHING
EVERY hole is meant to be filled with a gigantic cock

"I roll to pin..."
>She looks at you
"...From behind"
>She rolls the numbers
>"The minotaur is face down, on the ground, unable to break your hold"
>You roll some dice
"Roll to penetrate"
>The numbers come up
>"You failed"
>A look of disappointment from those around
"Is it still pinned?"
>Confusion can be seen on her face
>She rolls it
"Roll to penetrate"
>"Anon, your dick is 2 feet long and 6 inch in diameter, that's not happening"
"Not with that attitude it wont, roll it"
>she critically failed the roll
>"You... you slide in"
"Roll for domination"

>Be moondancer
>Never thought you would rollplay a string of 'I never thought it could happen to me's'
>Maybe you can get to write your own
File: file.png (381 KB, 450x746)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
At first she was like
File: file.png (386 KB, 491x744)
386 KB
386 KB PNG
Then she was like
Jocks are all the same
>tfw Dash is a one-pump chump
Look at that smooth toned body. I want to worship it until Dash is beet red with embarrassment.

That's fine. It's an excuse to go slow and be intimate. If she's edging right from the start, then the finish will be so good that she'll black out for a minute or two.
Holy fucking Shit man, the roller coaster that was that text.
File: 1421379707656.png (1017 KB, 2000x1200)
1017 KB
1017 KB PNG
>Apple Bloom and her friends are growing older
>Now they're a bunch of horny teens
>Apple Bloom doesn't appreciate the way Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are starting to act interested in Big Mac
>She especially doesn't appreciate the way Sweetie straight up ogled her big brother's balls
>"What happened to the Sis Code, Sweetie?! You don't just perv on another mare's brother!"
>Applejack is busy with the farm and has bigger things to worry about a couple of fillies hoopin' and hollerin' at her brother
>Apple Bloom has to take this into her own hooves
>Finds Anon
>"Listen, can you do me a huge favour? Applejack made it clear that it's not right to ask a stallion to do this, but I'm at the end of my rope! Can you try and, you know... grab Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo's attention for a while? I don't mean that you have to DO anything with them! I'd never ask you to do that! Just maybe hang out with them until they lose interest in my brother."
>Apple Bloom is incredibly uncomfortable at the idea of her friends hitting on her own brother and is desperate to get some help from you
>"Do you want free apples for a year? I can get you free apples for a year. I can even get you free cider for as long as you're do this."
>Rainbow Dash is sitting on the edge of the bed, burying her face in a pillow while you rest your hand on her shoulder
>You're doing your best to comfort her
"C'mon, Rainbow, this happens from time to time, it's nothing to be ashamed of. You just got a little over excited. You still made me feel really good, alright? I enjoyed myself a lot."
>Rainbow wonders if this is her punishment for bragging about how great she was a sex
>"A dildo is pretty close to an actual penis, right? It does the same thing as a dick, so I have metaphorically had sex plenty of times. And /I/ thought it was pretty good..."
"Look, littlest appul, I appreciate the offer. I do. But no amount of fruit and fruit-based product is worth potentially going to jail for statutory for, so you're going to need to come up with a different plan."
>use the savings from not buying anything from the Apples to overpay them to do simple, tedious, time consuming tasks
>they leave big mac alone, and you don't have to do anything around the house or yard unless you need to unfuck something
>Apple Bloom is confused
>"Why would you go to jail? I just said to get their attention, not be their special somepony."
File: 1445632247794.jpg (99 KB, 1280x800)
99 KB
Why are you applying draconian Earth laws to Equestria?
>Edge low sex-stamina Rainbow for almost an hour.
>She's writhing, coated in sweat, and so frustrated. You've had to bat her hand away from her cunt so she didn't finish herself off early several times now.
>And you've finally built yourself up to almost bursting too, so you decide it's time for the finale.
>You dig your fingers into those toned thighs and rapidly speed up until you're pistoning her like a wild animal.
>Rainbow gasps and claws at the sheets.
>Then you hilt so hard that the head of your penis is pressed to her cervix just a little.
>You blow the biggest nut of your life, and that throws Rainbow over the edge.
>She arches her back and opens her mouth to scream, but no sound comes out. Her eyes roll, going blank for a moment as she probably blacks out for a few seconds
>The athlete cums so hard that she clenches like a vicegrip. The petite girl is already so tight that you could barely get in until she relaxed, but this is unreal.
>The hot, velvety tunnel of muscle locks you in place and squeezes every drop out of you. The squeezing and contracting combined with the seal your dick makes with her cervix actually sucks your seed right out of you, straight into her womb.
>You vaguely remember the earth shattering sensation and the primal satisfaction of inseminating a beautiful female, then you come back to the waking world 30 seconds later, your body arched and head resting in Rainbow's sweaty, heaving breasts.
"That was amazing. I love you Rainy."
>"That was awesome. I love you Anon."
>You both say at the same time.
>You blinks at her and she blinks at you, then she breaks out into a smile.
>No more words were needed. You and her just cuddled in the sweat-soaked bed together for some time.
>Later you would learn she pulled a muscle in her groin and had to limp for a week.
>She only complained about the "no sex" part of her recovery.
File: 1493204031336.jpg (250 KB, 886x962)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
That's pretty hot
I did have a nice dinner, yes.
File: 1322257242664.png (103 KB, 359x343)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
Very ecks dee maymay.
Was it something you'd serve your Waifu after she got home from a long day at work?
I just finished reading the bin but it feels as if something is missing between the end of the bin and the beginning of this update.
Does this take place the morning directly after the Bowling part?
Oh! Wait! Nevermind. I was reading part 1, and forgot there was a part 2.
Yup. Nice bowl of chili with a sammich on the side.
>Your girlfriend wants to go to Canterlot
>Something about "seeing a whole new world" and "having something that we can carry for the rest of our lives"
>You didn't want to go, but you dick wasn't going to suck itself
>You know, you had tried making it
>So you had gotten tickets to Equestria
>Surprisingly, your tickets were stupidly cheap
>Your girlfriend's was outrageous though, like four times the price of yours
>It was fine however, your girl had gotten a raise along with a nice bonus at her job, and wanted to burn through the money immediately
>So, after a month or two of planning, you two found yourselves in the "Jewel of Equestria" as the travel firm that you went through called it
>As much as you really didn't want to go, you had to admit that the place was the beautiful
>A giant city sitting on a mountain near a waterfall was pretty rad, no matter where you were
>The place was clean, and the locals were really nice and welcoming
>One day, the two of you were walking around the market district, buying shit you couldn't fit in your apartment
>You turned to admire a fountain
>When you looked around you saw that your girlfriend was gone
>You weren't all that worried though
>The market wasn't that big, and there weren't too many humans running around
>You'd find her pretty easily
>In fact, you decided to take a load off and rest for a few minutes, since you had been running around since basically sun up
>As you were resting, two unicorns came up to you
>One was a tall unicorn, white and slender, with a pinkish mane and purple eyes
>If not for the lack of wings, you might have mistaken her for Princess Celestia herself
>The other one was much smaller, though a unicorn as well, with a cream colored coat and golden blond hair, along with deep green eyes
>Both mares introduced themselves
>The big one was Countess Fleur De Lis
>The other one was Duchess Orange Pear
>Despite being royalty, both mares seemed really nice and friendly
Well they seem nice, wonder why they had come to visit little old Anon. Might have been their first time meeting one of the new inhabitants of the far off kingdoms of Earth.
In no time at all they had you joking and smiling and laughing like a fool
>Fleur in particular had some really raunchy jokes
>Before you knew it, the sun was about to go down
>You wanted to get up and go looking for your girlfriend, but the two mares insisted that it was dangerous for "a fine stallion like yourself to be walking alone in the darkness"
>They instead invited you to Orange Pear's estate
>You insisted on looking for her
>The mares would not to denied however, though you only budget when Fleur promised to send some "help" to find her did you agree to go with them
>They even offered for you to spend the night at their place
>You kinda wanted to, even if your girl didn't
>You've ever been in a manson before, and these two seemed really, really nice


"Hey there, internet. This is Orange Pear. Today we got a cute human stud that's ready to be PONE'd. He came here with his "girlfriend", but he's spending the night here with myself and my sis Fleur."
>"C'est moi."
"We're about to blow his mind with our thirteen inch HOT MARE DEPTHS and make him squirt so many times he'll want nothing more than to raise our foals and cook us dinner. Are you ready, Fleur?"
>"Tout à fait!"
"Alright, lets show this colt what a mare can do~"
>tfw all unicorns have a fetish where they fuck the males of other races and turn them into race traitors
>tfw as soon as they got ahold of the internet they start flooding every porn site with videos of them taking unsuspecting humans and fucking them long, hard, and with many, many spells
>tfw it's gotten so bad that anyone going to unicorn-heavy cities are warning about this in advance
>tfw many of Earth's governments have complained about it
>tfw the princesses don't do anything
>tfw the Equestrian parliament doesn't do anything
>tfw anyone that wants to do anything is negated by powerful nobles that want to PONE more of "those cute lil studs"
>tfw if a unicorn is looking at you you know she's trying her hardest to figure out how to let you alone so she can fuck you stupid and begin a long, fulfilling relationship where you take care of your six foals together
>And oral
>Lots of oral
>Like too much oral
File: 1540295145327.png (837 KB, 925x1024)
837 KB
837 KB PNG
Good thing I much, much prefer pegasi.
>tfw they're even worse, and they all have a hand fetish
File: 1560644086501.jpg (370 KB, 2160x2160)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
>all have a hand fetish
They know that dextrous digits makes for a much more pleasant preening experience. They'll do whatever they can in order to get one.
File: 1414380497092.png (985 KB, 1000x756)
985 KB
985 KB PNG
File: nowayfagABORT.gif (1.91 MB, 320x320)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
personally i fucking love the lore he thought up in his spess game despite it being furfag shit
>anon convinces pones to play FATAL
>They know that dextrous digits makes for a much more pleasant preening experience

>Anon in Equestria
>Nothing too special
>Works a job that pays the bills but isn't exciting
>Has a decent number of friends and a couple of close ones
>Is trying to find his place in this new world
>One day, he's hanging with his pegasus friend
>He notices that she has a few feathers out of place
>He knows that ponies are pretty touchy-feely (he's lost count of the number of times he's taken naps in public places and woken up to one or two ponies curled up against his side, snoring away), so without any prompt or warning, he reaches out and starts to fuss with her wings
>Her reaction goes from "what are you doing" to "no, you're doing it wrong" to "woah wait how are you moving my feathers like that HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS"
>Anon gets a proper invitation to preen his pegasus friend's wings, and he picks things up pretty quickly
>How not to tug healthy feathers out
>How to twist healthy (but stuck/out of place) feathers back into position
>How to gently tug broken or otherwise damaged feathers out
>Anon's mare friend is very pleased
>What would normally take her a decent chunk of her afternoon was finished in half an hour
>It's not that Anon is enormously skilled; it's that she has just her mouth to adjust feathers, and she can't always get the right angle to do what she wants to do, and she has difficulty getting into the base of her wings
>Anon, on the other hand, has 10 fingers and the dexterity necessary to use each of them and make them work together without thinking about each individual movement
>Anon is pleased to help and offers to preen her wings again if she wants him to
>"Your feathers are SO soft, so I'm not exactly suffering back here."
>And when the compliments about her evenly-preened feathers reach her, she's quick to share her secret: the local human and his fingers
>Anon begins to notice a higher concentration of pegasi around his house
The one on the right is Tara Strong's ponysona. I'm just saying.
>You roll some dice
>"Roll to penetrate"
>The numbers come up
>"You failed"

>tfw this is every game of Traveller involving ground combat with precision guided munitions ever
File: Glory_to_Stalliongrad_1.png (393 KB, 1000x1000)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
>"Before we get started, I'm just going to cast a truth spell. For safety's sake."
>You take a seat across from the interview mare
>That spell...
>It's already fucking with your head
>You can't breathe normally
>"Why exactly are you wanting to travel to Equestria?"
>You draw a blank
>Grip the armrests with all your strength
>"Are you okay?"
"No, yes. No. Maybe. No."
>"Your application says you were looking for permanent residency. Do you already have an employer ready?"
"I was l- look- No."
>"Why do you want to come to Equestria?"
"I-It's complicated."
>"Please explain."
"I-I, my family hates me. I ran away but I can't get far enough."
>"Is there anything you'd like to declare? Anything you think might help your case?"
"No, I don't have anything."
>"Well this case isn't the best, you should hear back from EIS in a few weeks on your status." the mare says, slapping a "PENDING" on your file
>Go back to your sad little apartment
>>"Is there anything you'd like to declare?
That I'd like to bend your over this desk right now and rail you from behind until you can't walk.
Also you have the prettiest color of eyes I've ever seen.
> Word is, Equestria has the best welfare and road to financial independence of any of the nations of Equus
> So it's not a surprise that they are very careful about how many and who they let in
> Other nations?
> Not so much
> Manage diamond dog mining crews for dragons
> Preen wings in a salon for griffins, offering a "happy ending" to customers
> Milk-slave to the minotaur cows
> The work is hard at first, but love magic finds a way of making matches that make all involved genuinely happy
The very first line was about how they're older though.
File: unknown feels.png (191 KB, 300x411)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
Yeah this doesn't land. Anon was a dumbfuck who didn't prepare in the least for moving across dimensions.
That dumb shit wouldn't even let him get into Canada. Hell, I prepared more when I moved from Alabama to Georgia.
Get Anon an extra brain cell, and this might elicit something other than laughter.
File: r9k_30th_birthday.png (637 KB, 1440x2560)
637 KB
637 KB PNG
Wouldn't happen to be this anon, would it?
Almost felt for the guy till the line about bringing his own fucking paprika to alter food he isn't going to eat himself.

His parents probably did fail him
>Go to Equestria
>Desperate to run away, but don't prepare anything
>Presumably took hours to reach the portal, wait in line, and speak to the mare at the desk
>Hours spent not doing anything
>Can't even muster up an explanation such as looking for work or some other valid reason to go through the portal
>Just stammer uselessly and choke when the mare at the desk even throws you a bone and gives you a hint
>Best explanation is "I ran away, everyone hates me", giving them less than no reason at all to let you in
I think there's a good reason this Anon's family hates him.
It was explicit that the truth spell was tripping him up
We don't know if it fucks with prepared statements
Some humans might also have allergic reactions to magic, or mind manipulation, for example only 1/3 of humans can be hypnotized irl
Holy shit. That was so awful that it actually set of a wave of self-loathing in me. Poor bastard.
>Anon actually has something prepared
>Is educated and has a bit of job experience
>Wants to see what opportunities lie in Equestria and how he can contribute
>Gets a truth spell cast on him
>Anon babbles bullshit
>Why did he say he ran away from home? He's lived by himself for years and he's hoping to move again - to Equestria!
>Yes, he has plenty to declare! Why can't he make his mouth work?!
>Anon, feeling woozy from the magic flowing around his brain, stumbles back home and wonders what the fuck just happened
10/10, would get tricked again.
Boomers are notorious for not having left home til thier thirties, but making thier kids feel like shit for the same.

They absolutly fucked up his social development, I mean I'm not a fan of him staying that long, but God damn, that's some psychopathic shit to pull on someones birthday

What does O&O stands for? D&D?
Man, look at her tiny torso on that picture. There is barely any room between her legs.
>hey this thing is foolproof for stopping undesirables from entering.
>lets introduce a reason it wont work as intended despite that making zero sense.
>> Word is, Equestria has the best welfare and road to financial independence of any of the nations of Equus
>> So it's not a surprise that they are very careful about how many and who they let in
I can only imagine how loud the various societal leeches on earth are screeching
>Give your pegasus marefriend a full-body grooming.
>Deeply washed, shampooed, and conditioned coat, mane, and tail.
>Gentle wing preening.
>Hooves trimmed and filed.
>Frogs massaged and moisturized.
>Hand-fluffed tuft.
>Flight muscles specially massaged.
>Full body massage, teats included.
>And topped of with a happy ending.
>All done by a pair of loving hands.
>She walks out practically sparkling in the light. She wears a megawatt grin and feels like a million bits. She then runs out to get a late breakfast for you and her.
>Everyone notices too. It's hard NOT to notice her strutting through town. She feels amazing, and the faint magic aura that all ponies have projects her pleasure to everyone around. Her radiant form and the persistent male scent that clings to her under the shampoo smell makes it obvious to even those who ignore the aura.
>She gets more than a few inquires, both curious and jealous, as shes out in town.
>She just grins and poofs up her tuft.
>Mares barge in, get hoovesy, refuse to take no for an answer, and get promptly punched out by a human stallion.
>Video shows up, unedited, on the horseternet.
>Fleur and Orange get stripped of peerage, sued for a sizeable sum, and locked in the Crystal Empire dungeon for crimes against love and attempted rape.
>Anon goes on to marry his girlfriend, move into a nice house with the lawsuit money, and have a half-dozen foals.
His girlfriend is an actual human woman, Anon.
... you do realize Anon has (well, had) a human girlfriend in this story, right ?
File: Trixie Mithrandir.jpg (149 KB, 835x849)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Ogres and Oubliettes, which is just ponified Dungeons and Dragons.
I think this would fit especially in a story in where the offspring of a human and anything else becomes another human. Maybe this child might have very bright eyes and a knack for the special talent that his horse parent does, but it's still human. That would make humans the forbidden fruit for racial purists and they'd filter them very carefully, lest Equestria because a more magical version of Terra in a few short generations. Mares who have no hope for a herd might hop at the opportunity, or take a trip to Earth for easy males to lay, but for a human male to get into Equestria, it's hard even with the gender ratio. Those who got in the first 12 months were downright lucky.
Well. My only excuse is it's 3am, so my reading comprehension is shit right now and I'm not wearing my glasses, so I kinda skimmed and missed the small clues she's human. My points on crimes against love et al. still stand. Peetzer Princess would be LIVID after meeting a cuckold fetishist.
>Non-humans giving birth to humans.
Unless you want horrific birth complications it'd be the other way around so the species is always the same as the mother but with minor human characteristics.
Would provide a bit more of a stigma on earth and more encouragement on the equestria side to entice men over.
File: pika please.jpg (30 KB, 640x480)
30 KB
>horrific birth complications
It's like all you 'muh realism' fucks forgot that there's magic at play here.
There are so many different ways it could go.
Elder Scrolls rules, as you say, where the Child matches the Mother, with small influences fromt eh father.
It could be up to probability (either 50/50, or skewed anyway you want, possibly due to the same presumably magical effect that is causing the gender ratio to be out of balance in the first place).
You could have daughters be ponies and sons human. Or if you wanted to extend this out more genrally to the other races, and even human females joining herds or whatever, daughters would be whatever their mother is, while sons would be whatever their father is.
File: 1461793150843.png (642 KB, 1976x2000)
642 KB
642 KB PNG
>As a sort of holdover form simpler times, where ponies had to breed quick and be ready to move away from danger at a moments notice, many have a lax attitude towards sex in RGRE.
>To ponies, it's both a need and a beautiful thing, so there's no reason to hide it.
>That being said, trying to tempt a taken stallion or a little colt is still a good way to get your teeth bucked in. Loyalty and basic decency aren't absent.
>And foals MUST NOT be born from casual relations. Only real mates should be trying for foals.
>It's an everyday thing, so thats why your friends found it so strange that you were shocked by a stallion eating out his alpha mare right on the side of the road.
>The rest of their little herd waited patently, unbothered. A few ponies would stop to watch for a moment before moving on. One mare and stallion stopped just long enough for the mare to complain to her stallion about never wanting to eat her out like that. Said stallion just rolled his eyes and kept walking, beckoning his mare to follow.
>A pair of young mares in their teens nearby watched, obviously aroused, and no one said a thing when one hiked a leg to let her friend dive face-first into her sex.
>You feel a bump as your side and peel your eyes away from the show.
>Your first friend and guide Twilight looks up at you with a searching look.
>At first you wondered why she never explained this, this it hits you.
>This is perfectly normal to her, to ponies. She never explained it during your few weeks spent in the library getting up to speed simply because it's not noteworthy to her.
File: 1454566690374.jpg (64 KB, 540x508)
64 KB
>A few books had footnotes, but never went into detail so you dismissed it.
>Cute, magic sexist ponies were easy enough to take in, but this really drives the "alien world" point home.
>Again, Twilight bumps you and you feel a very light magic tug on your belt, her look still there.
>She and a few of her friends have been dropping hints that they're interested in you for some reason you can't fathom.
>You gulp.
"Twi? Can we head home and talk? There are a few things I'd like cleared up."
>Her wanting look fades for concern. "Of course Anon. What about?"
>You look back to the stallion and mare who are now having actual sex and quickly look away.
"I just need to ask somethings is all, things I'd like to keep private."
>Her concern deepens, but she doesn't pry further and takes your hand in a gentle magic grip, leading you back home.
>Twilight is the designated eternal DM and she is sick of it.
>With her magic, she always seeks ways to make the game more interesting.
>In the current game, she set up some magically infused runes to summon tiny version of the characters and monsters.
>Something went wrong because of course and the runes exploded in a shower of magic energies and smoke. Tons of smoke.
>Once the smoke cleared she saw a tall and proud creature in a elegant robe made from exquisite cloth of grey and adorned with silvery runes.
>The creature was stroking it's beard with an expression of bother that Twilight was all too familiar.
>An expression that said "My highly delicate experiment has been disturbed by some meddlesome tiny horse. What do you say in your defense before I zap your flank with some chain lightning?"

You dun it nao you silly pony and now you have an honest to Celestia level 20 Wizard in a neat little runic circle burnt in the once pristine wood floor of your library looking sternly at you. Wat do?
Man, writing those crummy few lines of words is way harder than I expected.
File: Explain that shit.jpg (120 KB, 362x600)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>It's like all you 'muh realism' fucks forgot that there's magic at play here.
Well no, i just try to keep "Magic bullshit" to a minimum because it's poor story telling.
Specialist spells for birthing other species could exist, but 'natural' crossbreeding would probably follow the path of least resistance and produce the same species as the mother.

>Anon doesnt dive instantly into sex.
>Twilight shows concern for her friend.
>Actual culture clash.
This is probably better in the casual sex thread but i would very much like to read a continuation of this.
I was mostly exploring the whole ponies are strict as fuck when having men come over thing plus the broo thing from a few threads back, in where highly verile humans take mates with them into the unknown and only more men come out. If they just had pony-like offspring then they would throw all that screening out the window and let the men bend them over the table on their way into Equestria, no questions asked, which has already been done to death.
>Casual sex
>But RGRE and without the implied disloyalty
I need more of this.
Eh, I'd prefer they were kept separate.
there's already enough that can be done with just RGR; throwing more in just starts to muddle things.
It's like when you're reading a really good story of one genre, but the author keeps throwing in more (usually romance) which distracts from the story's actual strong point.
>anon is a complete angst ridden retard who hates himself
>b-b-but what if the magic made him act dumb
Why are you white knighting a retard anon?
It's probably the edge fuck looking for a way to make the ponies bad or something.
the truth spell bullshit kinda already does that
>Kid!Anon is a normal kid.
>At least, the ponies hope he is.
>They don't exactly have a standard to measure human children by, and assume they'll all quiet, shy, and kind of jumpy.
>For his part, Anon tries his best to fit in and make friends.
>It's hard though, when you're in a situation like his.
>Not just being the only human in Equestria, but the other thing...
>Eventually, though, after an outburst in a quiet classroom when he and his fellow students were taking a test, his secret is discovered, and it's up to Counselor Glimmer to get to the bottom of things.
>"It's alright, Anon, you can tell me anything. I'm your friend."
>"No, you'll think I'm crazy."
>"I promise I won't. Now, who was it you told to... shut the hell up for once?"
>"... Them."
>"And who is them?"
>They're... they're everywhere, constantly talking, arguing, complaining. They call each other faggots and talk about how much they love their waifus."
>"Um, excuse me?"
>"They all want to come to Equestria, but they don't know how. Part of them is always here though, even though they don't know it."
>"Anon, I don't understand."
>"I don't either, but I see people. People like me, but grown up... I see Anons."
>"When do you see these Anons?"
>"All the time."
>As he answers, he stares at the several green men standing around Starlight.
>"Wow! Glimmer!" they repeat over and over, some even booping the mare, even though she doesn't feel or see it.
>The boy starts to cry, wishing they'd go away.
>All day everyday, he sees them lewding his friends and teachers, ponies he doesn't want to see in that way.
>Fluttershy's class is the worst as a bunch of phantom Anons surround the yellow mare while more still call them cucks.
> A woman sits down across from the pony
> "Why do you want to come to Equestria?
"I-I- I'm a pedophile, and I want to have sex with colts."
> "Right. Follow the guards to the next room."

> The interrogation is recorded and provided to law enforcement
> Feminists protest that being forced to tell the truth is sexist
Why would they arrest her? She just says it's what she wants not what she'll do.

I want a million dollars yet I'm not robbing a bank.
Oh wow everypony check out the smart guy over here
I bet you went to college too
File: Are you being illegal.png (149 KB, 781x1024)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
>Forced to tell the truth if you want to immigrate somewhere.
>Somehow bad.
It's not mind reading, you just cant give a false answer, saying 'I do not wish to answer that." would be valid, but good luck getting through after saying that.
"I dont know" would be also be valid and a concern, but not as bad.
>Submit immigration forms.
>They fact check those.
>Ask you various questions about your intentions in equestria.
>If you're deemed a potential risk they ask more detailed questions with less wiggle room.

>"Would you rob a bank if you thought you could get away with it?"
>>Follow the guards to the next room."
>> The interrogation is recorded and provided to law enforcement
> Why would they arrest her?
I wonder what happened in the next room. Perhaps an interrogation where they found out about the woman's previous crimes?
It's a woman.
Pretty sure Cadance insisted to have "Can you actually love anyone outside of yourself" as a mandatory & eliminatory question to filter the majority of them anyway.
>Twilight clears everything up after she realizes there has been a misunderstanding.
>Public sex and casually pairing off aren't just acceptable, it's the norm.
>Some do it simply because it's convenient, others do it to show off their mate, but most believe it's a need that a friendly community should help individuals fulfil.
>She bashfully admits to liking you enough to stop seeking other males for sex, saying you're so easy to get along with that she wants a deeper relationship.
>She says she won't force you to do anything you find uncomfortable, but encourages you to try new things, and even maybe try a few mares before giving her an answer if you want. It's as easy as asking If not, that's okay too. Some might judge you for withholding yourself, but ultimately they can force nothing from you.
>You're honestly baffled by Equestria.
And now you just fucked it up
It wasn't about casual sex, it was about not hiding sex
you guys encompass all the same shit AiE does just with reversed blah blah blah; you were going to get to casual sex sooner or later here
Why the fuck do all failed generals think it's OK to squat /rgre/ ?
If your fetish is so garbage it can't maintain it's own general, maybe it's time to admit you have shit taste and neck yourself.
We already have the normiefag and their barbies, plus the furfags regularly trying to sneak in their shit in under pretense of Minotaur and Diamond Dog, and now casual sex & marital problem ?
Go shit in /nmp/, /aie/, /mlpg/ or whatever, for once.
Tbh I'd just let Twilight have me if she was interested. I might have some trouble getting it up with other watching, but I only want to be intimate with actual romantic partners.
>Boomers are notorious for not having left home til thier thirties
>citation needed
perhaps, but the prompt you were replying to was specifically about being open about sex WITHOUT descending into the disloyalty and other shittery associated with casual sex
it didn't fit, you know what I mean?
Would they take "I have no attachment to or prospects in my home and wish to make a mare somewhere happy as her househusband" as a valid reason for immigration?
you wouldn't believe proof if it bit into your pension, gramps
So, no proof then. Got it.
Humans not having magic naturally is a good reason
Boomers are still stuck in highschooler entry level positions because they have no money, and you want proof some didn't leave home till 30?
Eh, not really. Unless you go the route of ponies have magic in their neurons instead of electrical signals.
>The mare at the desk smiles to herself and looks at her "pass" list.
>She was allowed a number of passes per month for various reasons.
>Anything other than what was on that list got stamped "pending"
>Which means no.
>The only one with unlimited passes was any variation of "want to enter to breed/build family"
>Which isn't synonymous with "wants sex" as Princess Cadence beat into the immigration interviewers heads.
>The mare behind the desk smiles a little more as the rest of the questions raise no red flags. "Mr Anonymous, based on your answers, I am pleased to say you've passed," she says, sliding a paper with a big green PASS stamped on it.
>The man takes the paper gingerly, like it was a sheet of gold leaf that would crumble with no warning. He looks at the PASS with disbelief, but that doesn't stop his growing smile. "I'm in? Just like that?"
>The mare behind the desk smiles herself. "Congrats Mr Anonymous. Please head home and gather your things. We'll have an escort for you in three days to lead you to Equestria."
>The mare squeaks in surprise when the man leans over the desk and hugs her tightly. A few tears drip into her withers.
>"T-Thank you."
>She just smiles gently and pats his back before he lets go, exiting with his approval paper hugged to his chest.
>The mare looks to the picture frame on her desk.
>One of her and a man, both with silly grins. In the man's arms is a little filly that could be her clone if not for having the same eyes as the man.
>Slowly but surely, they'll rescue the ones worth saving.
Yes, if you're going to make a claim then I'd like to see proof.
The bigger question is if the Truth Spell is just truth as far as the person knows, or absolute truth. Because it'd be easy to send some letters and stuff to make a person think they have a job+partner/guaranteur waiting for them on the other side.
This could be easily used to sneak in insurgents, government agents and corrupters to weaken equestria as a whole so X country/company/whatever can come in and sweep up.
That's a fate worse than death.
>minotaur cows

I was hoping we'd see some qt cowgirls in the show, but apparently not. Maybe Iron Will is just a solitary freak of nature and there are no others like him.
>Maybe Iron Will is just a solitary freak of nature
I always thought this. Other races at least got token appearances while the only minotaur seen was Iron Will. He might be a one-off like Discord or Tirek, though obviously nowhere as powerful.
>The Truth Spell is much more comprehensive than anyone could have expected, as expected of a spell invented by Twilight Sparkle at Princess Cadence's request
>It bypasses brainwashing, hypnosis, general lying, and believed falsehoods by checking the answer against History itself.
The spell will search both your personal History as well as the History for earth to determine your answer.
>You can either choose to answer or decline to answer, but if you answer then the words that come out WILL be the truth, even if you don't know it.
>The first time an interviewer heard "I want to come to Equestria because my MK Ultra handler with the CIA programmed me to destabilize the Equestrian government on the orders of the Clinton Foundation," she understandably hit the confused man with a stun spell and quickly turned her recorder over to a Princess. Several other sleepers were caught the same day.
>The United States government had to quickly cut a number of dubious ties and purge the CIA to avoid the tapes going public.
>They still catch terrorists often. One was even bold enough to try and enter an immigration center with a suicide vest. A hastily cast bubble shield made his efforts for naught, and also heralded the implementation of a site-wide Tranquility field, making violence near impossible.
>Normally heavily mind altering magic is forbidden like the Truth and Tranquility, with activists citing them as rights violations, but since all the immigration centers are on earth and the spells are only banned in Equestria, Cadence was able to side-step the rules.
>And with all the incriminating info given to her by failed applicants, the UN has no choice but to look the other way least Cadence release anything to the public.
>Most people see the silly, colty, love obsessed peetzer princess, when really she's probably the most underhanded and cut-throat princess of them all.
>Most people see the silly, colty, love obsessed peetzer princess, when really she's probably the most underhanded and cut-throat princess of them all.
All's fair in love and war.
>>believed falsehoods by checking the answer against History itself.
>Jew step in
>Nuclear-like explosion from the spell overloading
I want to embarace Berrytwist by threating her like stalion!
That was nice
>Jews aren't allowed in
>Like a switch is being flipped, every news outlet in the world begins to rage against Equestria, and they all use coincidentally similar wording and share many keywords
>"New stories" about Celestia and the other princesses pop up, "revealing" heinous crimes they've committed
>There's a picture of Celestia eating cake (a photo originally taken on request by a tourist who wanted a silly picture with the princess) and a headline calling into question her ability to rule Equestria due to her eating habits
>Another one of Twilight reading a book in a crowd, and the title accusing her of being out of touch with the people and ponies she's in charge of
>A photo of Cadence and Shining precedes an article about herding and mono relationships in Equestria and accusing Cadence of being a degenerate
>Luna is never referred to by name in any article ("The princess's younger sister" etc), and each one written about her refers her time as Nightmare Moon, with unsubtle comparisons between her brief rule and the holocaust
>After months of throwing shit at Equestria, the princesses declare that they will be refusing all applicants for the foreseeable future for "security reasons"
>Once again, the jews ruin everything
File: IMG_2796.png (708 KB, 1253x1248)
708 KB
708 KB PNG
Out of curiosity, how come it isn't very uncommon in MLP fanfics to have more than two spouses in a romantic relationship, especially with the princesses? Are horses naturally polygamous? Are these just self-insert fics by people with certain fantasies? In the case of the princesses, are they OK with being part of a harem rather than being on the receiving end of one?
>my thread sucked so I'll ask here
Lurk and you'll find out, genius.
That's sadly pretty much what would realistically happen if a portal to Equestria appeared and the princesses don't bend over immediately.
Propaganda against Equestria's gov, then declaring they gonna intervene to "restore the peace / democracy / human rights".
... but that lead to sad shit, so let's say whatever bubble is on the check point Earth-side is absolutely impenetrable and ponies are just laughing and taunting from the other side.
>Cadence out-jews the entirety of Israel by holding her knowledge of the Holohoax over them.
>They can't put a single hook in the Equestrian banking system without the secret being blown.
>And no matter how much media disinformation, cries of racism and antisemitism, or outright falseflags they could try to throw out about Equestria, they can't.
>The Truth is already widely known to be reliable, so if Cadence releases the tape, then it's game over.
>China tried their luck with the Love Princess, calling her a jealous, manipulative fake that only wanted to steal the talent from earth. They then forbade their citizens from making any sort of contact with Equestria.
>Cadence released a recording from a Chinese spy they pumped for info the next day, and out came a number of state secrets.
>On /pol/ no less. So it spread like wildefire.
>China fell into civil conflict within the week despite censors working overtime and their leadership was dragged out into the streets, the anger of the people greater than their fear of the soldiers.
>Cadence could literally spit in the face of any UN member and they'd thank her for it.
I liked it and wouldn't mind reading more of it.
Stupid ponies won't realize their original culture has been completely subverted and destroyed by the dirty human immigrants and their corrupted spawn until it's too late.
This is why they have to screen for humans that are willing to assimilate and to not let in everyone with a dick. They need to have a firm hoof to guide these men.
>Equestria's rudimentary, magic internet equivalent is eventually connected to Earth's internet.
>A lot of mares are surprised by how much money there is to be made in porn.
>Then one mare gets an amazing idea and talks it over with her human.
>"Poor little man gets PONEd by tight mare candyvag."
>They don't even need to ham anything up and the video jumps to Pornhub's top trending for a solid 2, almost 3 weeks.
>Number two and three trending were "man fucks big goth mareteats and makes a mess" and "The internet's first MagicJob"
>Jews aren't allowed in
I didn't think it was possible to make Equestria any better
I was wrong
When you cross the dimensional boundary you get transformed
Most people get transformed into ponies
Some lucky bastards get transformed into dragons, etc
Every Jew gets turned into a griffin, including crypto-jews
GriffinStone publicly releases a statement saying "fuck off, we're full"
>this post triggers the anti-tf fag
why are those mares in uniforms? shouldn't they know soldiering is a stallions job?
TF is shit.
But at least that would be a consolation.
Also, shouldn't jew be changelings ?
The whole "infiltrating shit by pretending to be what you are not" and "brainwashing people once you get a foot in" is a lot more 'core' than just being greedy.
Griffons are more lowt-tier slav than jew.
>forced TF
File: 1567794801810.jpg (60 KB, 894x894)
60 KB
>Finally get internet, the one thing you missed on earth
>But you've got a mare now, so you don't have much time to shit post anymore.
See >>34285197

"Magic allergy", or "mind magic not working as intended" is not edgy. That word does not mean what you think it means.

Thinking that the one way of doing things works just fine, and then being put in a situation where it doesn't, and needing to convince people of this and change it is literally one of the basic plots used for most stories.
File: 1548533642996.png (167 KB, 350x293)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
Would you kindly fuck off!
You did this on purpose, didn't you.
>Well no, i just try to keep "Magic bullshit" to a minimum because it's poor story telling.
Not so. As long as the magic system is internally consistent, and things follow each other in a logical fashion, there's no issue at all.

Here, read these. There are 2-3 "laws" this guys describes. https://brandonsanderson.com/sandersons-first-law/
File: did you just fart.png (396 KB, 1280x700)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
Why hold the truth back? I can think of some reasons, but they don't relate to her being a good person. Actually knowing and understanding the scale of the dishonesty and crimes seems like it would inflame the urge to purge in just about anyone.
Mind magic being used on a systemic scale without verifying its health effects and if it even works correctly on aliens...
That is edgy and out of character for ponies.
They probably wouldn't let humans in until they'd confirmed any side effects or long term effects on humans. During which time the magic would probably have been perfected.
We find new allergies and issues with medications and dosage levels all the time here, and that's with stuff that goes through millions of dollars and multiple years of extensive testing.

Mind magic is something that messes with a very complicated machine, so the chances of something going less-than-perfectly are higher.

This is why the idea of the story's Anon being a bit of an outlier is being proposed, rather than "all humans tell self-depreciating lies when exposed to this magic". We know that some rare people have their organs flipped around, so that their heart is on the right side of their chest rather than their left side. Maybe a similar other-wise harmless mutation causes the "tell the truth" spell to become a "tell a lie" spell.

It's an entirely reasonable supposition, and a good prompt for a story. Remember, we know for a fact that the Anon in the story is telling lies as a result of the spell. Lies that make him look bad.

I expect that an easy follow-up would be for the Equestrian immigration office to report on their fact-checking, and for the fact-checkers and interviewer to realize that their information doesn't match up. Or, the Anon would appeal on the basis of their fact checking, or would try to call his friends and family as witnesses, since it's more likely that the truth spell will work normally on them. The friends, at least.
But if it's perfect, then why is Anon telling lies while in a confused trance?
The solution is easy. Have control questions. This should be a contingency left over from when the spell was being refined.
> "Are you a human?"
> "How many hooves am I holding up?"
"Three, no, five!"

Because someone wanted angst
"How many hooves am I holding up?"
> The you hold both forehooves above your head
> "Touchdown!"
> You sigh, too weary to even scrunch
> Damn Princess Twilight and her stupid procedure
hearty kek
File: preen2.png (873 KB, 1280x1136)
873 KB
873 KB PNG
>Preening is very intimate to pegasi
>In a slightly more technologically advanced Equestria, the internet is overflowing with videos of stallions preening their wings in front of a camera
>Anon has only been in Equestria for a few months, though, and has yet to learn what behaviour is considered intimate depending on the race of ponies
>So when he walks in on Rainbow Dash watching a video of a stallion preening, there's a good deal of confusion over why she freaked out
"Why was she panicking when I saw her? I preen Rainbow's wings all the time!
Oh, god, have I been molesting her this entire time?"
File: arryan.gif (79 KB, 292x292)
79 KB
How did u no?
Because I'm extra clever. I figure out big smart things all the tiem.
It could be funny to see a breezie giving birth to a
interactions with ponies/other breezies would be priceless.
I want to clean a dirty poner with love and enjoy how my work makes her look and feel great.
File: 1532117997725.jpg (384 KB, 1920x958)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
>tfw get told by the magical friend and love obsessed aliens that you aren't worth saving
That'd probably be the final push for a large swath of men, who'd just stop giving a shit and burn our side of the portal to the ground.
CS and RGRE are already two aspects of wishfullfilment, one of horny virgins wanting unlimted, easy sex, and the other of the loveless who can't have a real loving relationship unless playing on easy mode where they're desirable partner material for no other reason than that they have a dick.
Combining the two is just sad.
Honestly, not too much of a loss to be honest. I think there'd be a massive rescue attempt by ponies though, dig through and find the good humans. Hell personally I wouldn't even mind if I got taken, so long as humanity survives and gets better. Take my cat though, he's a good boy.
By 'magic bullshit' i was referring to vague magic systems rather than a hard magic type.
Good taste.
File: 1556338890507.png (937 KB, 1024x1194)
937 KB
937 KB PNG
Well the only thing I'll say is I liked the idea of them still having it not being just "Fuck who you want lol" and just because it has to be a serious relationship but they just do it wherever. But understand if no one else is interested.
File: 1439519810874.png (435 KB, 658x764)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
>not too much of a loss
>desperate men with nothing to lose trying to escape to the last place where peace and contentment may be possible, only to get rejected and thrown back into the shit
Surely nothing would go wrong.
>The mare stamps denied on your form and gives an apologetic look.
>It's not like you're awful, but they have so many volunteers that they can afford to be picky.
>Why scrape the bottom of the barrel when there are more men applying now than mares in Equestria?
>You blink some tears back, sigh, and stand, not realizing the truth spell is still going as you pick up the paper.
"Welp, you just signed my death warrant. I'm going to go kill myself now."
>"E-excuse me?"
"I have nothing left to live for. No hope for things to get better from here. I'm just going to go hang myself and donate my organs. At least my life will have benefited someone then."
>You wave over your shoulder as you go.
"Wish I could say it was a pleasure meeting you, but... Thanks for at least hearing me out."
>The door closes, leaving the stunned mare behind to process your words.
>She resigns that same day, not being able to handle the job anymore.
>Equestria is antisemitic

But wouldn't their value of acceptance of each other's differences mean that all are welcome?
If their first instinct is to resort to violence they weren't worth it. Just because you didn't get in that time doesn't mean you're completely locked out. Look at yourself, and make improvements, make yourself more happy, then try again, and again, and again.
>Just because you didn't get in that time doesn't mean you're completely locked out
Says who? The whole point of the prompt was they can tell at a glance and just a handful of questions with fucking mind magic, weeding out those they don't want. Nothing in the prompt implied second chances.
They reject their own if they don't exhibit certain values. Why hold outsiders to a lower standard?
> I'm just going to go hang myself and donate my organs. At least my life will have benefited someone then.
I'd actually reccomend doing so near a hospital, and ensure they know you're a donor, have DNR so they don't waste time, your organs die quickly and will lose their use if they're not properly preserved quickly. That is why they don't waste too much time on the revival attempt for donors. I'd also recommend shooting yourself, lack of oxygen destroys the heart and lungs, two very important organs.
There was that zebra episode...
File: 1553617490214.jpg (78 KB, 1024x990)
78 KB
Good, he should kill himself. It's bad enough that he's shitting on someone for doing job, but now he's going to hoist the guilt of his worthless death onto her because he's too pathetic to function as an adult without magical ponies rescuing him from the hardships of having a job and a roof over his head. What, did he think he'd magically get all better just because his neighbors were ponies instead of humans? Did he think that all the problems that lead to legitimate suicidal thoughts didn't come from his own head? Motherfucker deserves to die on earth. Suicide is for cowards, and cowards don't get into Equestria. Good fucking riddance, he would have been even more of a burden in Equestria than he was on earth.
Nah, the whole pretending and 'brainwashing' shit is only in relatively recent times so it doesnt really count.
Changelings do what they do because of a biological need, even if they didnt want conflict they HAVE to eat love (Discounting the retarded premise of the nu-lings)
Jews and Griffons are plain greedy, there is nothing but there is no biological imperative encouraging them to do what they do.
Even fucking gabby showed signs of that in S9 when she got pissed at spike.
If the writers wanted to make griffons into jewish caricatures, they honestly couldn't have done a better job and still get it past the censors.

In uprooted Gallus literally makes a hall of cost museam and promoted the fake history of a thing he was barely even involved in.
File: 1560290974547.png (363 KB, 836x654)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
>it has to be a serious relationship but they just do it wherever.
Maybe close friends too. I can see where fucking strangers is straight weird.

>The stamina meme is real. Ponies only last 2-5 minutes before hitting orgasm.
>When you came at 10, you felt ashamed for not being able to drag it out more, but your sweaty, panting waifu was blown away.
>When you say you were pent up and will do better next time, she just gapes.
>Thats when she was determined to ease you past your sexual shyness so she could show off how amazing you are in public.
Yes the original prompt also started with the questions being way of living. Things you can change, and literally every immigration process allows multiple attempts, why wouldn't the ponies, you know the ones who are all for second chances? Yes I've seen the final but jim is a fucking moron.
Suicide is skyrocketing across the western world btw, there's like a good reason this is happening.
>Maybe close friends too
Ehhh, kinda on the line there.
If my waifu's best friend just absolutely could not get laid and was tired of having another mare eat her or fucking her with a strap-on, I'd at least consider it.
File: 1363076058021.png (674 KB, 1771x1825)
674 KB
674 KB PNG
>Kills himself without even asking why he was rejected.
>Just throws that guilt onto the poor mare.
Every time you post you get even edgier, just give it a rest already.
Their first instinct wasn't to resort to violence though, it was to escape to Equestria for a better life. That failed and they're back to their shit lives, therefore inevitable violence.
>putting all that shit on someone else
You really are a piece of shit, aren't you?
>Are horses naturally polygamous?
RL horses are, to an even more extreme degree than we usually go for here (or even in the /herd/ thread when it is rarely not ded.)
Like 20 or 30 mares to a single stallion.
Though the Stallion is not at the top of the social hierarchy, one of the mares is actually in charge of the group socially and decides where the herd goes (hence the Maretriarchy concept).
Look at how smug Rainbow Dash is. We all know where that hand is and what those fingers are doing.
Yeah but that's called a herd, which were in the original prompt so why not just start dating her?
To be fair, he was under the 'truth spell' condition.
Dunno. Maybe she's grating most of the time or we don't mesh well? Maybe waifu likes being mono? Maybe BFF wants a stallion but will make exceptions during a dry spell? There are pleanty of reasons. If we do get along and she hints she's interested, I'd talk to waifu about it.
The truth spell doesn't turn you into an asshole, anon. Admitting you're going to go off yourself is one thing, blaming someone else is something else entirely. Anon is shitty and the anon that wrote that is likely a cunt.
>Fuck your whole herd into puddles one after another in front of the whole town as a huge flex.
>Accidentally start an orgy in the town square.
>Inevitable violence because you didn't get into somewhere at the time.
Okay mexico chill out.
Yeah I get it, but then it leads to the issue the original prompt tried to avoid going too deep into casual sex. Honestly I'd wingman for her if she's interested in a stallion. Also doesn't fucking another mare kinda defeat a part of the mono thing? Then again she isn't living with you so it doesn't at the same time?
Do you enjoy oversimplifying things like a nigger? Anybody willing to leave an entire planet behind and everybody they've ever known likely doesn't have much of anything to lose.
File: Wow.gif (452 KB, 320x180)
452 KB
452 KB GIF
Remember that suicide because life is shit is a lose/lose for everyone.
Grab a knife/gun and go remove a politician, banker, judge, journalist or whatever else is both responsible for the shitty world you live in AND doesn't have 6 millions bodyguards.
You will still die at a point or another BUT you will have made the world a better place. It's both rightful vengeance and caring about future generations. Win/Win.

Be a hero.
Don't die with your K/D at zero.
>Do you enjoy oversimplifying things like a nigger
>willing to leave an entire planet behind and everybody they've ever known likely doesn't have much of anything to lose.
Ironic. No where any of the prompts does it say it's a one way portal. But defending violence when it's unnecessary and all you have to do is make the attempt at improving yourself. If you KNOW there's a hope at going to the promise land and instead of working to get there you say "Nah I failed once so I guess I'll just give up and chimp the fuck out." You're probably not worth even going. That's like saying "Well I failed my test once so instead of studying for it and learning better imma give up and blame society for my failure." Is this world great? Hell no, but if I had the chance at going to Equestria and all I had to do was work to get better, put the effort forward to actually get there, I'd be ecstatic to put forward, and even if I don't get a absolutely wonderful job the attempt will show in the truth spell would probably show it.
>But defending violence when it's unnecessary
Is it unnecessary when the place you're fleeing is so awful people would rather kill themselves than live there?

But anyway, this can't continue on without going full /pol/.
File: Spoiler Image (274 KB, 750x878)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
>Is it unnecessary when the place you're fleeing is so awful people would rather kill themselves than live there?
It's like that because of violence. But yeah you're right, let's not go pol here. Instead, I offer you this for peace.
File: Spoiler Image (142 KB, 1080x938)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
>It's like that because of violence
I'd argue government oppression and over regulation of everyday life.
But I accept.
File: Spoiler Image (327 KB, 1828x660)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
I agree with you and your argument.
She's lewd be careful.
File: Spoiler Image (629 KB, 2400x2000)
629 KB
629 KB JPG
Aren't all mares?
What if Zebras hearing all these human males migrating to Equestria. It'll be prime time for the raiding of stealing males to begin once again.
The old saying that mares like granny smith would say that, 'them damn ziggers stealing our stallions,' may ring true.
File: Spoiler Image (43 KB, 450x634)
43 KB
Some are a bit bashful about their lewdness
File: 1565219939463.png (805 KB, 911x1290)
805 KB
805 KB PNG
Some at least have decency, these do not. They want some human babies and they'll get some.
File: Royal chest floof.png (612 KB, 1117x1024)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
>That tuft
What can men possibly do against such majesty.
File: cheerilee stern.png (162 KB, 1465x1753)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
I'm not sure which is more likely. That you are among the people actively pushing for this, that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about here, or that you're actually pretty deep in the valley of suicidal thoughts right now and are just lashing out with ridiculous hostility as a defence mechanism.

I honestly don't know how else someone could miss the point THIS badly.
File: file.png (417 KB, 762x789)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
>Date a mare. She's more than a few years older than you, but it's fine.
>She's a bit of a flake though, one who blew in from out of town. Committing makes her nervous like a guy on Earth would.
>You understand and let her ease into it.
>After some time, she grows comfortable with you and after much thinking and sleepless nights, hesitantly asks you to marry her.
>You accept and the ceremony is kept small at her request.
>Her nervousness is at max for a month or two, but eventually that calms into the fulfilling contentment of married life.
>And after she took great pains to avoid you during her estrus, she finally let's you take her while she's in season, surely leaving her pregnant.
>She grows more and more comfortable and content. Like she's just now letting her guard down.
>Really, what could go wrong?
>...A lot, actually.
>Going through the mail one day, you find a sloppily slapped together envelope addressed to your wife.
>You know she has a few rivals and enemies so the letter sets off red flags.
>Suspecting potential foul play and not willing to risk your pregnant mare's health, you carefully open it yourself, wary for some sort of trap.
>And it's... A mother's day card?
>Inside is a crude drawing of your wife, an unknown filly, and another adult pony.
>'dear mom. happy mothers day please come visit me and dad again. I miss you and dad promises no fights.'
>You reread it, not really understanding what's going on.
>Then your wife walks is, zeros in on the card, and goes so pale you can see it under her fur.
>That's when you learn you're her second husband, father of her second foal, and learn of how her first marriage crashed and burned. It was such an ugly split she did the only thing she could and removed herself. Even visiting her filly was out of the question at this point. If the card had never somehow shown up, she would have probably never told you.
>Shit man...
>Marrying used goods.
File: 2122190.png (3.98 MB, 2420x1165)
3.98 MB
3.98 MB PNG
Nothing, no human could ever resist just majesty as they, it's lucky then that they chose to love and cherish you, till death take them.
That pic is cute as fuck
>>"They all want to come to Equestria
>Ponies believe The Anons are some kind of demonic/eldritch entity attempting to possess or use young-anon in some kind of ritual that will grant them access to their world
File: 1540358642966.jpg (581 KB, 1800x1200)
581 KB
581 KB JPG
File: Sister hug.jpg (210 KB, 840x1024)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Abandon hope all ye who enter.
For their love is a certainty, hope would be redundant.

Of course it is, the princesses are in it.
File: 1567328505058.jpg (75 KB, 1200x855)
75 KB
>Twenty pounds of chuck roast, fifteen pounds of potatoes, half a ham, ears and ears of corn, half a dozen apples, two full loaves of bread, gallons of water; this was what Sunset watched Anon consume in the den’s dining room. Many of her packmates, curious about their visitor had dropped in to get a good look at him as he was eating. Not a single one had left that room, watching giant inhale an impossible amount of food, many looking on in morbid fascination. Sunset could hear a few of the behind her making bets on when he would finally stop.
>Granny Smith, the second oldest lycan in the pack, an old seasoned warrior turned cook, was delighted with the young man’s appetite. For as long as Sunset had known her, the aging woman had laminated about the small stomachs of the younger generation, among other things. When Anon had finished the last of the roast she had insisted on making the “Sweet dearie” a few chickens and an apple pie or three to help fill him up.
>To tide him over, Big Mac--who also seemed pleased that someone was enjoying Apple cooking this much-- had brought out three freshly baked loaves of bread and set it in front of him, along with more potatoes. Anon was currently tearing apart the loaves in between popping whole potatoes into his mouth, looking as pleased as punch while he did so.
>Sunset looked to her left at her packmaster, who was watching the scene unfold with an amused twinkle in her eye. She was helping herself to some food that Anon hadn’t managed to devour, slowly chewing as she stared at the giant. Sunset could see that her missing fang was already starting to regrow. She stared at the slowly growing tooth, her stomach tightening.
>“Staring is very rude, Sunset,” Luna said in between bites.
“My apologizes, packmaster,” Sunset said, quickly bowing her head. “It’s just… your tooth.”
> More spookquestria and Giant Anon
>“I am well aware,” Luna replied, helping herself to a slice of bread.
Sunset dryly swallowed. “Is… did I bring a daemon to the den?”
>The packmaster chuckled. “Nay, were it a daemon my fangs would have torn through it’s flesh as easy as you’d please.”
“Then what is he?”
>An apple pie was sat in front of Anon. He proceeded to pick the whole thing up and bite into it, noisily chewing.
>“At this moment? He’s nothing more than our guest,” Luna said, dabbing her mouth with a napkin. “What he becomes later… well, for his sake as well as ours I hope he becomes a dear ally.”
>The packmaster looked over at her. She smiled, reaching up to place a hand on Sunset’s shoulder.
>“Don’t let your worries overwhelm you, Sunset. You did well to bring him here. Better us than someone more… unsavory.”
>She made a hissing sound, covering her face with her arm as if it were holding a cape. All around you, your packmates rolled their eyes. The deadly war between werewolves and vampires had ended almost two years ago with Luna's return, but the Queen of the Werewolves still enjoyed fanning the rivalry between the two in a way that only a little sister could.
>Chuckling, the packmaster pushed her chair away and stood up. Sunset tried to rise with her, only for Luna to stop her with a raised hand.
>“I must go. There is much to do. My sister no doubt has an idea of what’s going on, but I suppose it would be polite to go to her and inform her of the situation. Applejack?”
>“Ma’am?” Applejack said, poking her head into the room.
>“I need you to call all of the surrounding pack leaders. Any within a thousand miles. Tell them that they’re needed here asap. I don’t care how they get here, but they’re needed within two days time. That should give myself and the others enough time to prepare to speak with Anonymous over there. Speaking of, Anon?”
>Just throws that guilt onto the poor mare.
Two words, Anon. Truth Spell.

Even if you're incapable of understanding the psychology behind why he was saying that, you should at least remember that part of the story. Have you had your moral fibre replaced recently How about your gender fluid? I looked for that screencap, but couldn't find it, so take the extra "changing gender fluid" clue instead.
>Anon paused mid-bite, looking over at Luna. He swallowed his mouthful of food, licking the crumbs from his lips. “Yes?”
>“I pray that the food somewhat forgives my earlier rudeness,” the packmaster said, placing a hand over her heart and bowing her head.
>“Oh yeah,” Anon said, nodding. “Absolutely. It’s been so long since I’ve had any meat that bite was worth it.”
>One of Sunset’s packmates, Roseluck, snorted. Luna looked over at her, eyebrow raised, causing the girl to quickly look away.
>“Yes, well, again, I apologise for that. I will be out for a decent length of time; how long I honestly don’t know. As of now, are a guest here under my protection. If you have any questions or needs don’t hesitate to ask anyone here for assistance. They will be happy to help.”
>Luna looked at the group of lycans surrounding the large table. They all quickly voiced their agreement, nodding their heads and welcoming the giant into their home. Anon looked around, a smile on his face.
>“Thanks, ma’am.
>“The only thing I ask you is that you stay within the boundaries of this estate. If you truly wish to wander and explore however, I am in no position to stop you; I only ask that you allow Sunset to be your guide if that urge were to become too much for you.”
Sunset’s eyes widened. “Packmaster?”
>“He was your catch, Sunset,” Luna said, a twinkle in her eye. “Keep an eye on him until I return. That is an order.”
Sunset nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”
>Luna nudged her ribs. “You may hug him more if you wish,” she teased, giving her cheek a nuzzle before making her way toward the door.
>Applejack chuckled as a blush came to her face, giving Sunset a wink before following their packmaster. Sunset glared at her, trying to burn a pair of holes into the back of her head, before turning her attention back toward Anon. The giant was staring back at her, head cocked to the side.
>all you have to do is make the attempt at improving yourself.
You are pulling this idea out of thin air. There was absolutely zero hint of this in the story. In fact, the story's prompt was about a fast interview plus mind magic putting someone either in the "accepted" bin, or the "pending (which actually just means rejected)" bin. Instant, permanent categorization.

There was a prompt I remember from a year or so ago where someone failed the entrance interview, and was then told that if he just worked on himself a bit, he could reapply in 6 months. As long as that person made any notable progress, he'd be a shoe-in.

That prompt is NOT the one that is being discussed in this thread. NOT all stories about an "immigrate to equestria" plan take place in the same canon. Stop mixing this up, please.
>Sunset took a step back. Taking a deep breath, she steeled herself. Though her prey seemed to be far more than she had originally expected, when had been given her orders. She was going to keep an eye on this giant of a man and [i]try[/i] not to think about why in the Great Moon the packmaster needed to call what must have been over a hundred pack leaders. She was going to keep those sort of terrifying, heart-stopping thoughts out of her mind.
>This was going to be an easy task. Other than being able to take a bite from the Queen of the Werewolves with seemingly no effect, Anon seemed perfectly harmless. More of a big teddy bear than a man if she really thought about it.
>Puffing her chest out, Sunset pushed in her packmaster’s chair, walking around the table toward Anon. Another one of her packmates, Bonbon, was sitting next to him, but after making some aggressive hand gestures at the girl she got up, allowing Sunset to sit down. Just as she did, Big Mac came out with two, beautiful, wonderfully cooked chickens, sitting them in front of the big man.
>Anon, who watched Sunset as made her way toward him, pushed a chicken over to her. Sunset looked at him, then at the chicken, stomach growling. She looked up again to see the giant offering her a napkin.
“I… thank you,” she said, taking it from him and placing it onto her lap.
>Anon grabbed the other chicken, huge hands ripping it in half. He placed it into the plate of the lycan sitting to his right, Thunderlane. The boy smiled, thanking him before digging in.
>“Soooo… Can I ask what you guys are?” he asked.
File: 1566121064499.png (440 KB, 1366x768)
440 KB
440 KB PNG
>Sunset was about to say that they were human, or make up something vague and nonsensical, when she remembered Luna’s orders. The packmaster had told the whole pack to answer any of Anon’s questions. As much as she was loath to do so--it was never a good idea to just shout out to any of busy body that you were a werewolf--she honestly didn’t see the point of lying even if Luna hadn’t given her orders.
“We are called many things, Anon. The Children of the Night, Were-People, People of the Moon, Lycans. You might know us as werewolves.”
>Sunset waited for shock, or laughter, or maybe fear or denial. She wouldn’t have been surprised if he jumped out of his chair and tried to run to the door, screaming and shouting. He could have even tried attacking everyone in the room, thinking himself in danger. Instead, Anon just looked around the room, nodded, and helped himself to one of her chicken legs.
>“Oh, Neat. I figured you guys were something like that,” he said. “So, do you guys turn into wolves during a full moon or something?”
>Everyone exchanged glances as he finished the chicken leg in two bites. Granny, smiling from ear to ear, brought out the last chicken. Placing it in front of him, she pinched his cheek before disappearing back into the kitchen.
“We can undergo a change,” Sunset said. “Though we can do it whenever we wish, so long as it’s at night.”
>“Cool,” Anon replied, helping himself to a wing.
“Are you… You seem awfully casual about this.”
>Anon chuckled. “Oh trust me, I’ve seen a lot weirder stuff than werewolves over the last couple of months. Gotten a bit numb to that kind of stuff. It’s still really cool though. You should show me what you look like when you change sometime. If you’re comfortable with doing that of course.”
>Redheart, one of the more senior members of the pack, narrowed her eyes at the giant. “What are you?” she asked.
>He turned toward her. “I’m a people,” he said. “What I mean to say is, I’m a person. Like a normal guy. Anyone want some of this chicken? I could probably eat all of it, but I don't want getting sick."
>Sunset couldn’t help but smile as she helped herself to a piece of chicken. The others of the pack moved closer toward Anon. She could see a fiery determination in their eyes, as well as a wolf’s curiosity. She could see many sniffing the air. Lyra pulled out a small notepad from her back pocket, grinning.
>Anon took a bite out of his chicken, looking up at them as they all slowly leaned over. “Hey, um, if you guys had any questions--”
>Before he could finish his sentence, the questioning began. Everyone in the pack had questions, almost all of them wishing to ask at the same time, doing so very loudly so as to be heard over the others. Anon almost fell out of his chair at the loud, sudden burst of noise, eyes widening at their insistence and volume. Sunset just quietly ate, laughing to herself as he did his best to answer the barrage of questions that quickly turned into a noisy, nonsensical mess.
>One of her packmates tried crawling onto the table so that she could sit in front of him. She managed to get partway on top of it before being yanked off. The questioning quickly turned into shouting, then arguing, then barking and snarling and pushing as everyone tried jockeying for a better position. Some tableware was thrown, and someone picked up Bonbon and threw her across the table, causing the girl to let out a bark. Teeth were bared, and a few fistfights might have broken out if Big Mac hadn’t stepped out of the kitchen, eyes narrowed and with a big iron skillet in his hand.
>Due to the risk of sky accidents, pegasi consider physical affection to be rare, special, and l-lewd as fuck
>Anon cuddling with Rainbow Dash is about the same as him ravishing her
>Hoof-holding is like he just reached down and started fondling her pussy from behind
>Rainbow Dash is feeling woozy with her hoof in Anon's hand
>Meanwhile, Anon is looking around for a good place to set up his and Rainbow's picnic
I'd feel upset that this was hidden from me, but I'd save any freaking out for after we sat down and talked.
File: Hug the moon.png (1.82 MB, 3000x2000)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
Moral fibre was enough thank you.
Based on the interpretation everyone else was going with it doesnt force the truth out, it just makes whatever you do say be truthful.
So no, he didnt have to say all that even if he felt like shit over being rejected, it's a huge dick move that is never justified.
Truth spell could have also been turned off after he got denied.
Truth spell could also have just been an indicator light.

>In fact, the story's prompt was about a fast interview plus mind magic putting someone either in the "accepted" bin, or the "pending (which actually just means rejected)" bin. Instant, permanent categorization.
>Taking one post out of the dozens as fact for the whole thing.
>Ignoring the point that a guy with zero prospects except wanting to be a mares househusband got accepted.
Anon stop being fucking retarded, the problem was literally created in the edge-post
>It's not like you're awful, but they have so many volunteers that they can afford to be picky.
This is pure bullshit.
The combination of general xenophobia on the human side, propoganda blitz after a majority if not all women are rejected and the prospect of leaving your entire world and entire family behind for simply a 'chance' at a good life would cut the number of potential applicants severely.
Couple that with the truth spell weeding out the undesirables looking for an easy meal ticket and you're left with the relatively few good folks that would assimilate into equestrian life.
>A few angry shouts, and an iron skillet being applied very liberally to everyone in attendance--much to Redheart’s annoyance, as she would be the one to bandage them-- most of the pack fled out of the dining room, leaving Sunset and her ward to eat in peace.
>After finishing her meal, Sunset decided to show their “guest” around the manson, managing to ask a few of her own questions. While Anon seemed eager to answer most of them, he was vague on where he had lived before, simply stating, “You wouldn’t believe me”. Despite that, she did get quite a lot out of him, mentally everything away so that she could fill the packmaster in later.
>“Hey, Sunset?” Anon asked as she was taking him through the third floor.
>“What were you gonna do with me before your leader tried to bite me or whatever?" he asked, a brow furrowing. "You weren’t just gonna eat me, were you?”
“What? No!” Sunset said, shaking her head. “No one in the pack would ever eat a human! I was… well, I was bringing you back to maybe turn you into one of us.”
>“One of you?”
Sunset nodded. “If Luna thought you were fitting, yes. It’s very hard to find any suitable males that can be turned. All the ones in the den right now were born into the pack, and their numbers really aren't enough to sustain us for the long term. So, I figured you’d be a good candidate.”
>For a good long while, Anon said nothing. Sunset looked back at him, chewing up her bottom lip.
“It’s not that bad,” she continued. “Anything but. Before I was turned I didn’t have anything. No friends, no family; even the clothes I was wearing were stolen. Now I have a family, a place to call my own, and I’m stronger, faster, just… [i]better[/i] than a mortal. I’ll even live a lot longer too.”
>“I don’t know how I feel about all of your barking though,”Anon said. “Your teeth look uncomfortable too; I’d be scared about putting a fang through my lip.”
Oh, fuck yeah. It's Spookygirl LaP time again.
>he didnt have to say all that
He was not being hostile when he said that, he was being distracted. Don't tell me you've never experienced that sense of unreality and despair when you get some really, REALLY bad news. You're in a fundamentally different frame of mind. The Anon in the story was legitimately not responsible for the words coming out of his mouth due to a combination of the mind magic fucking with him, and the extreme emotional effect it was having on him.
File: 1557348650690.png (905 KB, 1080x1171)
905 KB
905 KB PNG
“We Lycan heal very fast, and you get used to the teeth within a week. And, um, sorry about--” Sunset made a vague gesture with a hand. “--You know. Wanting to turn you.”
>“You can make it up to me by showing me around town tomorrow,” Anon said, grin coming to his face as he slapped a hand down onto Sunset’s shoulder, nearly driving her to her knees. “I wanna see what else this freaky place has.”
“But Luna said--” Sunset argued, only to be cut off.
>“She said you could chaperone me, and I wanna be chaperoned,” Anon said, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and pulling her close. >“We can get up bright and early and be back before lunchtime, then I’ll call us square.”
Sunset opened her mouth then closed it. Looking up at the giant, she couldn’t help but snort. “Alright. [i]Fine[/i]. I’ll take you out around town.”
>“I want ice cream too.”
>“A lot of ice cream. I couldn’t get any where I was living.”
>“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”
“Fine,” Sunset said, face scrunching. “I’ll show you around and get you some ice cream, but you need to promise not to leave my sight. Luna herself told me to keep an eye on you and I can’t let her down.”
>“Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye,” Anon replied.


>As much as he had tried to hide it, the night finally caught up with Anon. The poor boy looked ready to fall asleep on his feet, and as much as he argued otherwise, Sunset had put her foot down. He needed a bath and some sleep and that was that.
File: 22463.gif (195 KB, 342x301)
195 KB
195 KB GIF
>hurrr mares are in charge
Imagine being this retarded. mares do not control herds. Creating draw is not the same as creating pressure.
This is a fun story.
It really is.
>This was when Thunderlane and Caramel and the other gaggle of men seemingly appeared. They ushered Anon toward the communal showers, with a stern warning to Sunset “not to peek or we’ll tell Granny” before they disappeared. Sunset, holding Anon’s backpack--which was almost bigger than her and would have been impossible to carry if she had been a mortal-- could only make her way toward the bedroom, hoping that they’d lead Anon there. Just like the giant, she was exhausted, and wanted nothing more than to lay down and fall asleep after this crazy night.
>As with most traditional dens, there no single bedrooms in the mason. Instead, there was a single room, large enough for the whole pack to sleep in, deep within the bowels of the estate. Hidden and secure, with thick walls and no windows, it might have been the safest place in the mansion, allowing anyone within the pack to rest peacefully. To make it even more comfortable, the floor was made out of a soft, springy material. Luna--who had been used to sleeping on the hard floor before her banishment--had first argued against this when she had first returned, but after a few nights of sleeping on it she had withdrawn her demand to tear it all out, to the relief of everyone.
>When she had been first turned, Sunset had [i]hated[/i] this sleeping arrangement. Having bodies sleeping all around her, the sounds of snoring and whispering and movement had kept her up for many a night. The pawing, hugging, and kicking that she had sometimes jolted her to consciousness had also resulted in many fights. Now, after all of this time, she was positive that she wouldn’t be able to sleep without all of this chaos.
>Upon entering the bedroom, Sunset could already see that some of her fellow packmates were already fast asleep. She took comfort in the sounds of their breathing and snores, as well as their scents mingling in the air. The red-haired girl found herself yawning. Placing Anon’s bag in one of the lockers lining the walls--remembering to tell him where she had put it in the morning; not that she’d really need to, since the thing was so big she couldn’t close the locker door--she found a pillow and blanket, as well as some free space on the floor.
>Yawning again, she laid down, curling into a ball as she closed her eyes. Tomorrow looked like it was going to be a very eventful day. Not that she was worried. She was Sunset Shimmer, Luna’s future second. No matter what happened she was ready for it.
>Recent prompt everyone is using had one addition where a mare said "pending" means no.
>Mare in the suicide prompt stamped 'denied'
Suicide anon already changed things by having her stamp 'denied' and nowhere is it said that he was unable to re-apply.
You're trying to make it dark just for the sake of making it dark or just trying to make the ponies in the wrong for some weird reason.
>A youtube video of a youtube video
What kind of autism is this
neat though
some videos are just normal videos.
File: campfire-1.png (749 KB, 2577x2100)
749 KB
749 KB PNG
What mare wants a lame doomer?
File: 1537823174798.jpg (131 KB, 900x900)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>pretends that mares are in charge in fantasy non existant RGRE.
>still too pussy to even put stallions in their place in the sanctity of their own mind
Stallions believe what their mares tell them to. If you care about what your colt thinks you are unironically a dyke
>Applejack thinks that raising a colt is the biggest form of cuckoldry there is
>"You raise a little colt for years and years and he just ends up getting fucked by some mare. Is there no bigger form of being cucked?"
Huh. Either Anon is super huge, or those chickens and things are super small. Though I imagine having meat the first time in a while would contribute too.
>spooky werewolf and vampire humie-questria
>but everyone's the size of a fucking hobbit too
>and they don't even have the appetite
To the fella with the tempest story, i did skip over it but came back to read from the first part. Wasn't aware of what was going on at first, but read from the start and i love this. I did wanna throw things at you, mostly about Tempest and her whole character, i worry that be basically butterflying Tempest and her driving motivator for being a badass, what would you think her proper drive is? I mostly have made it where she wants to proove she is worth the effort and material's that were used on her by Sunset and Anon. Beyond that i dont really have much of an idea, what do you think?
>Either Anon is super huge, or those chickens and things are super small.
he's a big guy
Am I good enough to be a househusbando? I think I'd fuck it up somehow...
>Despite that, she did get quite a lot out of him, mentally everything away so that she could fill the packmaster in later.
>mentally everything away

>mentally storing everything away?

Out of curiosity, did you start the story, or did you only pick up the prompt later?
>Men are broke, impoverished, and are much less able to support a family than in earlier generations.
>Women most affected.
File: 4u.gif (1.49 MB, 468x311)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB GIF
How can I make this about me?
File: Spoiler Image (137 KB, 600x700)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
You say that but your method of coping isnt regaining competence but imagining cutsey versions of their sexism in the form of lovable poners. why not a regular gender roles equestria
>not a logo with a sultry unicorn and "Hornhub"

one job
File: 1554311403817.jpg (101 KB, 891x960)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Wait, are you talking to me?
Okay, uh, I haven't been reading your story, so I'm going to have to jump through it to get a better sense of how you've built her. Sorry for the non-answer.
In a general sense, I think Tempest's main drive is proving that she's strong as an individual and worth something. She was betrayed and hurt as a child, so it's going to stick in her mind pretty hard. If she can't move on from losing her horn, she could focus on proving her self-worth. If she got her horn back, I imagine she'd have to take a step back and take some time to close that chapter of her life. After that, I think she'd just be driven to make the most of her magic, in whatever way she could.
So which woman is the one most likely to sit around in just her panties and play video games? Because joining in on that sounds like a really fun weekend to me.
Dash but she'll never admit it
File: 1512067860415.png (247 KB, 728x1024)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
Views: 477M
File: 1502698601713.png (751 KB, 1400x1700)
751 KB
751 KB PNG
Twilight probs.
>Rainbow Dash
I don't know which one appeals to me more. Maybe Fluttershy, because she'd be the most likely to let Anon join her. Not that she'd go out of her way to ask him, but she'd be too shy to say no if he approached her first.
>Whew! She's not living a secret double life.
>Crisis averted. Let's get milkshakes.
>Not Celestia

>Contrary to popular belief among the students of Canterlot High, Celestia is not just some old fuddy-duddy
>At 32, a lot of her students must think she's ancient, so maybe that's where that opinion comes from
>But after a long week of wearing tight, conservative bras (it only takes one complaint from a male student that the principal is "ogling" him to get her put on observation) and a suit that leaves only her head and hands bare, Celestia is eager to wind down
>Video games help her deal with the frustration of dealing with a bunch of dumb kids
>A nice air-conditioned house combined as little clothes as she can get away with wearing without ruining the couch makes for a very relaxed Celestia
>So here she is, sitting on the couch wearing just her panties
>Breasts completely bare, jiggling with each twitch
>Nipples hard in the cool air
>Controller in her hands and a headset on her head
>"Principal Celestia?"
>If only she hadn't forgotten that she had asked that new student, Anonymous, to visit her that weekend to clear up a few things she didn't have time to talk to him about during the week...
File: 1555346484516.jpg (1.69 MB, 1240x1417)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
> Moondancer goes from disgruntled retail worker to Twatch streamer
> Cares deeply about weird games, has a few notable freakouts that go viral
> Lives with her boyfriend, Anon
> At first people wonder how a 5' nothing womanlet landed such a hot guy
> Then they start seeing Anon's rampant whimsy
> He can't eat a banana unless he slices it into bite sized chunks, muttering about no homo
> He drinks ketchup straight from the bottle
> He loves to bicker with Moondancer
> He has carpal tunnel syndrome frequently
> Eventually the viewers decide they were simply made for each other
File: 2140225.jpg (264 KB, 1150x2048)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
>Be Anon.
>Chilling in the Canterlot garden, enjoying the wonderful weather.
>Looking over you see a determined looking Celestia, but once your eyes meet her determination is quickly gone.
>"H-Hey, have you- would you- I like-" She starts to panic and lifts up a hoof and looks at it. "Have, you, ever, had, your, dick, sucked, by, a, horse?"
>She says as if reading before looking back up at you.
"Um, no I can't say I have."
>She looks back at her hoof bringing it closer and squinting and mumbling 'Buck!' Only to rub it with her wing and begin to panic.
>She turns around and presents her rear to you and begins to read again.
>"Are, you, a, knight? Because, I, want, you, to, ride, me, for, hours." She says looking back at you with a worried but hopeful look.
>You just look on confused at what's happening.
>She notices and reads again from her hoof.
>"Rut me."
>She's now looking at you again with a worried blush.
"I... wha- excuse me?"
>You say confused.
>This sets her off.
>She torpedos into the air while yelling "LUNAAAAA!"
>You hate how scared she looks, that's what gets you.
"Wanna get dri- wait no baby can't, better idea, wanna get ice cream and talk about it?"
>"Tha-bwha, that's it?"
"Only if you wanna, I mean I could go for some rocky road or something, but I know you're a bit worried bout that mom fat."
>"No not the ice cream you moron! The card! The-the other stuff!"
>"Yes oh, honestly Anon are you-"
"I still love you."
>"Aah, I-I need to go."
>Watching her take flight to your room you click your tongue as the door slams.
>Sounds like a mint and chocolate kind of day to you.
"I'm going to get ice cream!"
>You think you heard something in return but you've already grabbed bits and are on the way out.
>You know how she is, she'll panic, think about leaving town, pack everything in one little container till it's fit to burst, feel bad about it, unpack, then repack and then unpack again.
>By the time you've returned you can peek into your room to see she's made a nest of your clothes and the scant few she owned fussing over one of your ties, the polka dotted one for casual Friday.
>With tubs in hand, spoons included of course, you sit down offering one to the stressed out pegasus.
>The frantic motions stop and you smile at the wide eyes.
"Wanna talk about it?"
>Tears are held back with marely pride as your wife sniffed and grabbed the tub with a wing, "Y-yeah."

Be kind to your waifu Anons, she can make mistakes too just like you.
>she can make mistakes too just like you.
Most real thing I've heard all day. Maybe you could give us a little more..?
But remember, this is RGREqg world. She'd probably scramble into her room to put on some pants or something then pretend she was about to go paint the fence or go jogging or something.
Yisssss You!

That's fair, I sorta didn't do yours the favor either when it popped up cuz of the whole in the middle of the story bit, but rereading is fun during breaks!

TLDR of it is Tempest gets picked up by Anon and Sunset as a ward/orphan due to their actions leading to Tempest losing her horn via a fight a filly should have no reason of being in. However, the duo adopt the filly and bring her to canterlot as it's their collective fuck up and they are owning up to it. Sunset even promising to make it up to Tempest with a prosthetic which Anon also agrees to assist in.

There are other bits, slice of life and the like that I use to flesh her out in, but that's the really big events aside from the prosthetic being made and stuff.
>tfw his package is bigger than your head
need more green like this
File: 1439070506691.jpg (124 KB, 894x894)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>Be kind to your waifu Anons, she can make mistakes too just like you.
Good shit, Anon. Become a full fledged writefag, need more who realize that nobody is perfect, and just because you aren't perfect doesn't mean you aren't deserving of love and forgiveness.
>Awkward sun horse taking advice from her chad sister
I'd read this.
>Pegasi make nests when they're stressed as a self-soothing technique, similar to a human hugging themself when they are uncomfortable or upset
I like it.

>Be kind to your waifu Anons, she can make mistakes too just like you.
I REALLY like it. Waifus aren't perfect, and neither are we. What makes us good matches is our ability to accept and support each other.
>make yourself more happy

You've been depressed before.
File: 1230688.png (507 KB, 800x800)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
>I bow to no one Sunset Shimmer
>You get it all, the tears, the smiles, even the dumb stupid things as well, the tubs of ice cream are emptied spoons long licked clean as your wife leans against you.
>"...I had to leave, if I didn't, I'd bring nothing but hurt to my baby girl. I didn't want that for her."
"Not even visitation?"
>"No, I'd be bitter about it, plus...I'm scared."
>You wrap an arm round her wither, her wing around your shoulder.
"I can't promise that I'll be better."
>You can feel the wing tighten at your words.
"But I can promise I will try, so long as your wanting to besides..."
>You rub your wife's belly softly feeling the short fur caress your hand like velvet.
"We gotta try for our little one, right?"
>A wing comes up rubbing at the dirt in her eye, "Right, yeah...but what if."
>You kiss her, not rough and full of lust, but gentle and simple.
"I trust you, you've trusted in me after all."
>"Only because you're too damn stubborn to know when to quit."
"I like to think of it as determination, now!"
>You clap your hands together your wife's fur standing on end at the sudden noise.
"It's time for somepony to be in bed for her afternoon nap!"
>"Oh not this again, Anon I'm a full grown mare an- Whoa!"
>You scoop your wife, nest and all up in your arms and make for the bed.
>With a flop you lay in bed with her atop you as a warm heater as she lays there in your arms.
>"You are incorrigible."
>You simply close your eyes and fake a soft snore.
>A few feeble attempts of breaking free of your arms later and your wife mumbled under her breath before she too was dozing lightly.
>A family torn in two by ambitious aspirations and one drunken night out together leading to a broken family with a sweet as can be filly as her mother described her.
>You know what your next home project has become now, but first a well earned nap.
File: ph.png (167 KB, 800x585)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
Preenhub stuff is great
>Preenhub is full of stallions preening themselves
>He still finds the rare gem
These are so cute, Comfy. I'd love to see this become a full thing.
File: 1541705152570.gif (1.11 MB, 250x250)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB GIF
File: ahnold trying to smile.gif (1.95 MB, 300x227)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB GIF
Having a kid, breaking up a marriage, skipping town, marrying a new person and having a pregnancy partway through, all done WITHOUT informing the new spouse of the prior life and family isn't a small mistake. It isn't one mistake. It's a whole series of huge mistakes.

Shit, that was meant for >>34289378 as well.
enjoy your derigible to the dungeon of friendship.
>Getting your waifu pregnant
Careful, some species have little quirks.
If there is anything I can understand, it's wanting a do-over. I would not wish for Equestria so hard if I didn't
And that's fair. All I'm saying is that there needs to be a core of sanity and decent decision-making skills in a good family unit. Two people who are each as screwed up as that first example are not likely to be a functioning family unit. The problems would just compound on each other.
Success is simple. Step 1: Be attractive. Step 2: Don't be unattractive.
and now she has someone who will help her face those past decisions and do her best to make right by them, even if she can't take them back or make them go away. At the very least, now she has a reason to care about her own life.
Anon. The phrase "Girl next door" doesn't refer to literal girls. It refers to women who feel approachable, who you're comfortable with, who you can see yourself happily interacting with.
Be patient with him, Anon. It's hard being retarded.
File: 1542394384391.png (294 KB, 800x800)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
>Some ponies say that stallions are equal to mares
If stallions are just as smart as mares, then how come almost every government position is held by a mare?
The fuck is happening to the thread right now? Is this another 3+1 with ketchup?
Celestia and luna put ponies with less skull circumference and nueral density (mares) into office beause they are easier to manipulate, conversely, they recruit stallions to arms because they will be more useful loyal.
>Celestia freezes
>She can hear Anon walking through the front door and towards the den, which is just one room away
>She has no time to even cover herself, let alone make a run for it
>"Just play it cool," she thinks to herself, "Act like nothing is wrong and maybe he won't notice."
>Celestia gives Anon a cheery wave, making her breasts sway just a half-step out of time with her movement
"Hello, Anonymous! Welcome to my home!"
>Her eye twitches and she does her best to maintain her patented "keep these dumb kids from freaking out" smile that she perfect from years of working at a school
>Anon is just staring at her
>Celestia is blushing so hard it's reaching down her chest, and she's beginning t sweat
>She swears she saw Anon's eyes track of bead of sweat dripping down one of her tits, but she must have been imagining it
>Slowly, he walks into the room
>"Is that..."
>He lists off the title of the game you've been playing since 8 this morning.
"Y-Yeah, it sure is. Us teachers like to unwind, you know."
>Celestia flinches at that, now desperately aware that she's practically nude in front of a male student
>Is this the end of her career?
>Is she going to go to jail now?
>"Do you have a second controller?"
>"Wanna play co-op?"
>Anon grabs a controller from off the floor (it's dark blue and has moon motifs on it; clearly it's Luna's controller) and sits down on the couch next to her
>Celestia's plan of "ignore my problems and maybe they'll go away" is working wonderfully
>Anon and Celestia spend the next couple hours playing vidya together
>Anon's doing his best to hide his erection, playing it cool in the hopes that she'll be down to clown with doing this again
>Celestia damn near forgets she's just about naked around a minor right up until her sister walks in to see how her meeting with a student is going.
>"...is he using my fucking controller?"
You bet. This thread's more than half over, so we may as well let them tire themselves out by the time we reach 500.
>>"...is he using my fucking controller?"
top kek
File: 1551455271474.jpg (402 KB, 1237x816)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
>When all you want to do is learn how to play O&O
>At least there are a bunch of white knights who will catch up to you on your way out the store and offer to teach you for free
>...or at least if you play in their group a couple times
>come to thread for green about ponies being silly with overblown reverse gender roles
>see this
I'm not sure if r9k or pol would be better suited for you. Whatever you're on about sure isn't about ponies so this certainly isn't the place for it.
File: 1546442357181.png (399 KB, 800x508)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
>Society that has isolated itself from the rest of the world for however-many years
>Even more sexist than normal Equestria

>"Hey, sugardick."
"Do I know you?"
>"The name's Autumn Blaze. Remember it, because you'll be screaming it into my tuft tonight."
>"I know. It's pretty impressive, right?"
"That's not what I-"
>"Your mane smells nice."
"Th-Thank you?"
Well, that discussion sure was fun. Are we ready to talk about ponies and girls who think they are ponies again?
>A stallion in the kitchen, right where he belongs
>Doing his duty to teach his little brother how to be a good house-husbando some day
File: 1495346431530.jpg (307 KB, 629x760)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
will they stop being triggered by their own opinions?
nice projection shill. All I'm doing is refusing to sugar coat
>its this guy
This guys mare is absolutely a shrieking violet of a mare. I wonder what their relationship is like if he's still the stay at home father.

do you think he tops her?
Pending and denied are different.
The first is that a definitive conclusion has yet to be reached and the application is being reviewed further, most likely by ponies are than the interviewer. This would most likely be because the mare in on the fence and decides to defer to colleagues for an answer.
Denied is a definitive no. But yes, he probably could reapply, though more than likely would have to make major personal changes to have a chance of being accepted.
Also, people keep referring to the "Original Prompt" as the one where the interview is taking place, and not the one that started this where the princesses want males for their single mares in exchange for trade with Earth because ponies are flush with natural resources, but scarce on dick.
You think they have cast iron pans in equestria? I mean, they must. It's just that the handles are going to be solid iron. Not a material I'd imagine is easy to bite in to. Wooden handles would stop the pan from being oven-safe, so that's not a perfect replacement.

How would they work with a cast iron pan? Especially one that would be taken out of the oven after cooking or finishing something in it.
There could be some serious feels there. I'd certainly read it.

The ear fluff is strong with these mares.

Alright a little more look at the world.

A Moondancer gamer & Anon version? I like it.

Awww, come on Celly. You can do it. Please continue Anon.

I like it. More please.

Ok, I need Gamer Celestia. FUND IT!
Fireproof wood
File: twilight reading.gif (947 KB, 500x281)
947 KB
947 KB GIF
>Pending and denied are different.
The literal words are, but the statement in the story is that "pending" is just a way to say "You've been rejected, but we still want to leave you with a little bit of hope. If you come to ask about the progress of the application, we'll just throw out some BS about it still being processed to keep you busy and make you go away.". In otherwords, pending is used as a euphemism.
oven mitts? Or I suppose a cloth to use, on another note can I point something out for All Anons to enjoy?

A pony's mouth is essentially treated as their hand to an extent right? Even some splat books of DnD even has that, so my offer for consideration is this; Blowjobs=Handjobs for ponies.

Their tongues are probably one of the most versatile and strongest muscle group aside from their jaw that they have I bet. I know we shouldn't use Pinkie as an example but that mare's tongue does things that are crazy.
File: Spoiler Image (177 KB, 500x276)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
Right. Magic is a thing that exists in this setting.
>ywn be isekai'd into rgre
>ywn coincidentally be in the monster colt timeline
>ywn be the rare human monster colt
>ywn engage in shenanigans
File: misc the whole carrot.png (515 KB, 1280x720)
515 KB
515 KB PNG
>A pony's mouth is essentially treated as their hand to an extent right? Even some splat books of DnD even has that
Yep. Ditto for the various ways they've turned MLP into a tabletop RPG.

>Blowjobs=Handjobs for ponies.
The idea hadn't occurred to me quite like that. My angle was that they had a lot of oral dexterity.

So we've established some precedents to justify pony BJs being both more common AND more fun than RL BJs. Nice.
Do they also look like they could be brother and sister?
That just means if you get straight up denied, you really fucked up and they don't even feel the need to pity you.
Yes, but the hero (heroine) always gets fucked by a bunch of monsters in those. Would you be okay with your brave knight being railed by a bunch of other monster colts?
I'd become a yandere monster companion and just kill the others if they try to mount my armored mare.
>That just means if you get straight up denied, you really fucked up and they don't even feel the need to pity you.
No. The story also stated that they had a strict limit on how many they could accept in a month, unless they used the secret magical phrase. They had tons of applicants, so they could afford to be picky. That means that most people, even if they weren't awful, were denied. They even said that the Anon wasn't a bad candidate, just not among the best.
How quickly would you 'go native' in RGRE?
As in start acting like your gender in this world is supposed to act.
Would it be when a mare starts flirting with you?
Maybe after a few dates?
Maybe your stallion friends are influencing you over time?
Or maybe as you hold your first foal in the palms of your hands, heart melting as they squirm a little and try to suck your thumb.
>ywn intertwine your fingers with her cleft hoof.
It hurts.
File: DBKek.gif (903 KB, 250x326)
903 KB
903 KB GIF
Daybreaker has her eyes on you and she's not about to take no for an answer.
Wat do?
I can think of two reasons why that would happen.

1) I am marked for death. I'd get the f*ck out and call the police.

2) She wants to have sex with me. I'd say that her sister has already claimed me in my dreams and that I have an obligation to her after she's saved me from nightmares multiple times and I made her pregnant with many children. Twilight is seeking to be made pregnant as well and she just saved me from a nightmare a week ago and she just got her new powers, but I still feel as though I have an obligation to Luna. I would call Luna over (and Twilight if need be) for her to assert her claim and defend me.
Fucking rip her vag. But I guess it would take some elasticity for a human to use her as a flesh light in the first place.
File: C1sATgRVIAAuHt1[1].jpg (106 KB, 900x887)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Mares keep joking about running a train on you
File: Kirin Conductors.jpg (239 KB, 1280x720)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
All aboard for Fluffville
>Apple Bloom has a crush on Anon, and wants to take him on a date.
>The problem is that she's seen Tiara ask the human out, and get turned down because she was a filly.
>He didn't care that she had her cutie mark, and told her he just didn't date those so young, no matter how pretty and rich they were.
>He was kind and gentle, but Apple Bloom still saw the hurt on her former enemy's face, and she feared receiving the same sort of rejection.
>It's why she instead went through Twilight's collection of magic books while her friend's played interference, found a recipe for an aging potion, then slpped into Zecora's hut to brew it.
>By the time she went to Anon, she was tall, mature, and had her cutie mark disguised so she wouldn't be recognized.
>She was Big Apple, a cousin from out of town, and she wanted to take him on a date.
>She flubbed up her introduction and request, but Anon simply looked her up and down with a strange look, then nodded.
>Apple Bloom had to resist jumping for joy, and tried hard to act grownup while they had lunch and a walk through the park.
>It was going so well, Apple Bloom started to think she'd even get to do the sex with Anon, especially when he invited her inside.
>She thought it was over when she blurted this out while sweating profusely on his couch, but he still didn't laugh or tell her to leave.
>Instead, he said that sounded like a great idea, and left the room to get things ready.
>"Oh ma gosh, oh ma gosh, this is really happenin'! I'm gonna have the sex!"
>Then Anon returns with an arm full of boxes and bags of snacks.
>"Ah, what's all that?"
"The sex stuff, of course. Sex is when you play a bunch of board games and have snacks for hours."
>"... Really?"
"Yep. What, you never had sex before?"
>"N-no! Of course ah have!"
>Apparently she's been having sex with her best friends for years.
>She was skeptical, but sex turned out to be just as much fun as foals on the playground said they heard it was supposed to be.
Anon knew
Yep. Sucks dick and still does. The prospect that I'll be working this dead end job that requires I go into people's homes and get yelled at because I can't magically make parts to repair something appear, threatened by a politician I thought was chilled out and respected because I couldn't fix it before their party, told I'm a useless scumbag as I sweat my ass off in 90° summer heat or freezing to death in 50° winter all because it's not a cheap thing to repair, only to come home and have only three things to look forward to, this place, my video games, and my cat, and the cat is 13 now and slowing down, I'll be retiring from this shitty job when I'm 62 if I'm lucky. Life sucks, but at least I have those three small things, and I've used them for my escapism.
File: Spoiler Image (408 KB, 399x500)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
Does Anon also have a weird obsession with skellinore and that one griffon owned fast food chain?
File: Rainbow Squee.gif (598 KB, 638x647)
598 KB
598 KB GIF
I do not understand what's going on in this picture, but that Luna is ADORABLE
File: 1496260309298.png (305 KB, 1024x554)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
Address things that you hate about yourself, bit by bit.
If you hate your weight try and get some more exercise, if you hate your looks try some skin treatments or hair styles, if you hate your home try and clean up or save for some nick knacks to personalize your space, if you hate that you don't have any skills select one and set aside an hour a day to practice it.
The post isn't about "just b happy lol", but improving yourself little by little so when you want to go into your self-loathing funk you can either distract yourself with something or just have fewer avenues to attack yourself.
I've lost a few pounds, not enough to notice anywhere but on the scale but progress is good to see.
Set small goals, earn small victories, and watch them pile up. It's possible to escape the cycle of sadness.
You can do it.
I can recognize Sunset as Ice King and Luna as Gunther.
But I can't understand why.
File: 1530072030527.jpg (926 KB, 2000x1259)
926 KB
926 KB JPG
Why not?
File: 1552845196310.jpg (16 KB, 428x424)
16 KB
>tfw autism too strong to be normal even in a society where I'm considered the fairer
reply hazy ask again later
>Waifu hero is mare Luka
>Story is (You) doing the opposite of Alice and keeping your little dumbass waifu from taking every single pleasure attack
Wear extra sunscreen. mybodyisready.jpg
why is twiggle such a cunt that ruins people's favorite snacks?
>Local Anon makes waifu wear a chastity belt
Wake up, and then ponder my loneliness.
>This whole mess of a thread
>LaP at the center of it all casually dropping off a nice bit of story
This is the type of RGREEE thread that I've been missing
File: 1925230.png (234 KB, 845x579)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
what silly poners
>twenty minutes into zigg-zigg and chill and your mares give you this look
>Or maybe as you hold your first foal in the palms of your hands, heart melting as they squirm a little and try to suck your thumb.
If I haven't acclimated to the RGR by then, I would immediately after that.
As soon as possible
File: 1567645067015.png (651 KB, 2586x1918)
651 KB
651 KB PNG
>"Yeah, so I asked Anon if he wanted to come over yesterday evening"
>>"No kidding? Well I'll be! I didn't think you had it in you, Twilight!"
>"Hey, I'm popular with the colts!"
>>"Uh-huh. Is that why Mac tells me that Caramel and Time Turner go out of their way to avoid you?"
>"It's not my fault they're over-sensitive. All I did was tell them they were looking good!"
>>"Pfft, that's pretty much rape by today's standards. I'm just glad none of that nonsense is reaching Apple Bloom's ears out on the farm"
>"Tell me about it. Anyway, I told Anon that he should put on that nice testicle bra I got him for his birthday before he came over."
>>"Did you actually do that? Celestia's Sun, Twilight, I doubt he even went to your place without you forcing him to! Time Turner would call that rape, you know. You forced him into doing something he wasn't comfortable doing."
>"What?! No, Anon came all on his own! I didn't force him to go to my place, so I didn't 'rape' him. It's... it's making love."
>Applejack guffaws.
>>"Making love?! Anon going to your place is 'making love'?!"
>"Well, if forcing him to go to my place while wearing something nice counts as rape, then yes! It was making love!"
>>"Well, did he look uncomfortable when you suggested the testicle bra?"
>"...maybe a little bit."
>>"But he wore it anyway?"
>"Sure did."
>>"So, you forced him to come to your place wearing that thing?"
>"What?! No, I-"
>Applejack giggles into her hoof, not noticing Caramel walking past them, now in ear-shot.
>>"But Twilight! ...that's rape!"
>Twilight crosses.
>"No! He came, so it was making love."
>Caramel stares at them, shocked, before nervously galloping away.
>Meanwhile, Applejack laughs and shoves Twilight.
>Twilight (after stumbling under the earth pony's strength) shoves Applejack back.
>To her shame, Applejack doesn't so much as stumble.
>"But seriously, Applejack, we just sat down and played some games."
And that's how rumours spread that Twilight was a rapist.
Thanks, APA
File: 1537561426818.gif (3.89 MB, 200x200)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB GIF
I have no idea what you mean. On a completely unrelated note, "APA" sounds like the sort of name that only very handsome people have.
>>"But seriously, Applejack, we just sat down and played some games."

>Twilight said, her face not betraying how she lost her nerve mid conversation and stopped herself from bragging about getting laid.
>Anonymous lost his usual bravado when exposed to much. His blushing, nervous face with the lacy red ballbra and eager arousal drove Twilight wild.
>Then he quietly admitted to being a virgin, making her ultimate janefilly fantasy come true.
>Twilight thanked the heavens for her alicorn body giving her the stamina to actually wear him out.
>She knew the human's comparatively large frame would translate to... other parts of his anatomy, but Holy Faust. He stretched her folds to almost straining and reached so deep his tip lewdly kissed her cervix. A lesser mare might have blown on insertion alone.
>The expression of rapture on his face when he came and screamed Twilight's name will forever be remembered by her. She got to burn it into her memory before the eruption splattering against the back of her womb made her blank out for a few seconds. She came to with him cuddled into her tuft and timidly asking if this was a one time thing.
>Absolutely not, she answered. One doesn't just have sex with their best friend like it's nothing. She'd never let a treasure like him go.
>He cuddled back into her with a smile.
>Twilight worked up the nerve to take the alpha jane-filly, but can't brag about it without almost spilling her spaghetti.
>The irony hurts the purple alicorn.
File: 1567885625036.jpg (11 KB, 250x250)
11 KB
>Get a slut tattoo of Twilight's cutie mark right on your pelvis.
>Tease mares by stretching just enough that your shirt lifts and exposes it going down into your pants.
>Be Twilight Sparkle.
>You're currently investigating some strange ongoing event.
>Ponies reported hearing a sonic rainboom, but not from Rainbow, it was some strange dragon or something.
>Probably just ponies being ponies, scared over nothing, but you still sent Rainbow out to see if she could find anything.
>You meanwhile are checking out this strange cloud line you found, it's unlike anything you've seen, no pegasus can touch it and it doesn't act like a normal cloud.
>Suddenly you hear a slight hum and look to see Rainbow speed by you.
>"RACINGMOVE!" She yells skimming by you, the pressure her momentum puts off making you spin in air away.
>Racing wha-
>A massive beast comes roaring by you, louder than any dragon's roar and smaller than a medium sized one, yet bigger than a small sized dragon.
>You have to work harder to recover from the flatspin the thing put you in than you did Rainbow's.
"What the buck!?"
>Is Rainbow racing that thing?
>Was your friend's first instinct on seeing a unknown creature going speeding through the sky to race it?
>Did it do the same!?

>Be Pilot Anon.
>This is totally against what the air force told you to do if you encountered a unknown creature, but you'll be god damned if this sassy little pony shit out speeds your Phantom II!

I know the picture doesn't have a Phantom but there's none with ponies and the phantom I can find.
>A cutie mark is the external representation of what that pony is
>Their talents, their disposition, and what they're going to devote their lives to
>A cutie mark represents a pony so deeply that if it's taken away, a pony may suffer from an identity crisis and be psychologically unable to perform their special talent
>It's not much of an exaggeration to say that to speak of a cutie mark is to speak of a pony
>So when Anon got Twilight's cutie mark tattooed onto him, it was a very significant gesture
>Somewhere between a declaration of eternal love and devotion, but one that's so meaningful that even Cadence would advise taking a step back and think about it for a little bit longer
>Anon just read a bunch of hentais and mangos back in his old world and wanted to tease Twilight and her friends
>Anon is a bit confused (but pleased) when Twilight breaks down crying happy tears and promises to buy him a ring as soon as she can afford one
>She came to with him cuddled into her tuft and timidly asking if this was a one time thing.
Why do we never have bigger stories with anons like this, i'd read the fuck out of this.
>You are Trixie.
>And you are currently enjoying a cider with your herd at The Prancing Pony.
>Starlight was sitting across from you in the booth and had a touch of red to her cheeks, something that you were sure you mirrored.
>Twilight had a sheet of parchment out and was doing math, a visual representation of her liver floating next to her as her cider got warm.
>And Anonymous, sitting on the floor since he couldn't fit in the booth, had his usual root beer.
>Both you and Starlight had offered to get him a proper drink, as usual, but he insisted that he would be the one to walk you all home once you were done.
>You continued to push a bit more, since you knew it would be more fun, but that only encouraged your wet towel of a new herdsister to reprimand you.
>Part of you felt bad that Anon wouldn't drink with you because of you.
>But the other part was already drunk, so what do you know?
"Twilight, why are you working? This isn't work time, this is fun time."
>Starlight nods in agreement.
>"Yeah! Shtop bein' a dork for once in your life and have some fun."
>Is she acting more drunk than she actually is?
>She wouldn't do that unless-
>She teeters on the bench for a moment before crawling off of the bench and onto Anons lap.
>"H-hey. I'm kinda dizzy. You mind if I sit here for a second?"
>That conniving bastard.
>She's pretending to be drunk to get more attention.
>Well you can do one better.
"Anonymous, Trixie demands that you toss that whorse onto the floor. She is trying to take advantage of you."
>A pair of pink hooves flail at you.
>"Shut up, you dyke. I'm trying to get some action while I'm still kind of sober."
"Like you don't get enough already."
>"Honestly, I'd say I don't."
>You scrunch up, wobbling to your hooves as you try to give her a piece of your mind.
>The particular piece being offered was a hoof.
"C'mere you-hey!"
>You struggle as Anon picks you up and sets you on the opposite bench.
>He places Starlight on top of you a second later before pushing both of your drinks over.
>"Be nice you two."
>"I don't wanna."
>Anon shakes his head and looks over to Twilight.
>"Do you not like your drink? We can get you something else if you like."
>She stares at her drink for a moment before looking over her notes, both you and Starlight shifting to an upright positions as she does so.
>"I'm trying to figure out the right amount of alcohol to drink so that I can become optimally..."
>She waves a hoof in a circular motion.
>"Buzzed? It it better to be tipsy or buzzed? And what's the distinction between the two?"
>Anon chuckles.
>"Part of the fun is finding out the hard way."
>"Well I don't want to get blackout drunk. What if I end up doing something inappropriate to you?"
>Starlight snickers.
>"Then we'll be teasing you about it for the rest of your life."
"We may even get a pony to paint out the scene where you molest poor Anonymous."
>She glowers at you as she shuffles her papers around.
>"I just think there's a time and a place for everything, and it is never appropriate to be drunk near a stallion."
>"You're a dork."
>You make a grand, sweeping gesture at Starlight.
"Behold, the smartest thing Starlight has ever said."
>You dodge the attempted smack, if only barely, as Anon turns back to Twilight.
>"Do you want me to get you something different?"
>She frowns and picks up her drink, putting down her notes as the image of her liver disappears.
>"Well...a cider isn't a bad start, I guess. And Applejack would be upset if I didn't drink it."
>"I could ask Red for a couple of shot glasses. That way it'll be quick, like taking off a band-aid."
>You scrunch up.
"Can you get some actual shots too? Trixie needs to show Starlight who the alpha is."
>"You got bits?"
>You scrunch up a bit more and pull out your bit bag.
>You pull out four bits and offer them to Anon.
"There. that should be enough for a couple of rounds for Starlight and Trixie."
>Anon looks at the bits and nods.
>"That'll get some shots, but what about snacks?"
"What snacks?"
>He points over his shoulder at the two sister barkeeps, Red and Rum.
>"Red was telling me about how she wants to try and serve food now. She says it's nothing too fancy, but she's got some cheese fries if we wanted to try them."
>You pull out another pile of bits and offer them to Anon.
"Get some cheese fries too."
>Anon nods and gets up, leaving the three of you behind.
>Starlight lifts up a hoof and drops it on the table to get Twilights attention.
>"So you have anything interesting to talk about?"
>"Well...I've been playing around with turning a potato into a-"
>"Anything /interesting/."
>Twilight scrunches up as you take a sip of your cider through a grin.
>"I got a new copy of-"
>"It's an interesting book!"
>"It's a book. It's boring by definition."
>Twilight snorts and picks up Starlights drink, shoving it over her muzzle to silence her before turning to you.
>"Alright, do you have anything interesting to talk about?"
"Trixie can talk about herself."
>Starlight pulls the mug off of her muzzle with a pop and grins at you.
>"But she said something interesting, Trix."
>You turn back to Twilight as you put a hoof in Starlights face, gently pushing her away from you.
"Would you be interested in replacing Starlight?"
>Before she can respond, a tray holding a weird bottle, shot glasses, and food is set between the two of you.
>"I don't think I'd like that. I kind of like her."
>Starlight squawks at Anon as he sits back down at the end of the table.
>"Hey! What do you mean you 'kind of' like me?"
>"I mean that you're a cutie with some issues."
>"...I can't even argue with that, but buck you anyways."
>Anon chuckles as he fills four glasses from the oddly shaped, almost jagged bottle.
>You scrunch up as you see what he got.
"Why did you get two baskets of fries? Trixie isn't made of bits."
>He rolls his eyes as he pushes the shots and a basket of the fries towards you.
>"Twilight doesn't like cheese-"
"That isn't Trixies problem."
>"So I grabbed a plain one that she and I could share."
"But those were Trixies bits you spent."
>"Think of it this way-"
>Anon pushes the plain fries and empty shot glasses towards Twilight.
>"With me and Twi eating from this one, you effectively have more cheese fries."
"That sounds like it makes sense."
>"That's probably because it does."
>You grab a pile of fries and start to munch on them.
"Mmm, Trixie will bother with thinking later, right now she has booze and some half decent fries."
>Twilight shuffles her wings as she picks up some of her fries.
>"You didn't have to get me something special."
>"It's fine. Besides, this way the two of us will actually get some fries before Trixie eats them all."
>You would have shared!
>A bit.
>At the very least, you would have given Anon some.
>Anon drags Twilights mug over to the two empty shot glasses and fills both with cider, doing his best to keep from spilling.
>He pushes one of the glasses back and lifts the other up in his hand.
>"Alright, I'mma drink a bit with you to help you get into it, okay?"
>Twilight pins her ears back and nods.
>She lifts her glass up and grimaces as she sniffs.
>"You don't actually like this, do you? It smells terrible."
>Starlight giggles.
>"That's the wonderful part of alcohol. It makes you forget all your problems for awhile. Heck, if I drink enough I can't hear Trixies voice."
>You scrunch up again.
"Excuse you! The melodious and-"
>"I doubt there's anything powerful enough to drown out her voice."
>You scrunch even harder at Twilight, who was giving you an obnoxious grin.
"Fine! How about you two put your bits where your mouth is and we see who can really handle their liquor? Twilight can stick with the little glasses since she'll lose anyways."
>That gets a rise out of the princess, her wings flaring out as Anon slowly sips from his shot glass.
>"I can handle some cider!"
"Trixie doubts that."
>Starlight nods apologetically.
>"Yeah, sorry Twi, but I doubt you could take it."
>Anon refills his shot glass with Twilights mug and smiles at her.
>"Whether you do or don't, I'll be there to support you...and also to keep you from getting alcohol poisoning."
"That was only one time!"
>"And what happened 'that one time'?".
"...Trixie showed her incredible skill?"
>Anon shakes his head and turns to Twilight.
>"Were you there for that mess? She downed a whole barrel of cider and we had to take her to the hospital."
>You hold up a hoof.
"More accurately, Trixie chugged the entirety of the barrels contents without taking a breath. A feat that nopony has yet reproduced."
>Twilight places a wing over her muzzle.
>"That explains some of Rainbows recent behavior...you three will stop me if I start to get inappropriate, right? I don't want to be-"
>You reach across the table and silence her by placing a hoof in her tuft.
"You're thinking too much."
>"But I-"
"Less talking, more drinking."
"Here, watch the master do it."
>You pick up one of your shot glasses, instantly downing it and-
"Aaauugh! What is this?!"
>Anon begins patting your back as you start to cough, leaving Starlight to scoff as she picks up a shot for herself.
>"Stop being such a massive cock. You just took one, how bad can it be?"
>She slams the drink back and begins to have the exact same reaction that you did.
>You pat her on the back as she coughs and sputters, slowly getting closer as you get your breathing under control so that you can whisper in her ear.
"What were you saying, Starlight? Trixie couldn't hear you over the sound of you coughing up your lungs."
>Anon pulls his hand back and picks up the bottle to look it over.
>"Is it really that bad? It's just something Rum offered up when I asked Red for some shots. She said it was some dragon thing that nobody ever bought and sold me the rest of the bottle for two bits."
>Dragon ale?!
>You look at the bottle and then over at Rum.
"Is she drinking some of her own stock? Trixie could buy a house with this."
>Twilight perks up, her ears swiveling forward as she takes a look also.
>"Really? What's so special about it?"
"Well for starter, dragons aren't exactly known for brewing, so this is rare to begin with. There's also the fact that they usually don't make glass, so dragon glass is almost as rare as one of their drinks. For these, they'll usually scorch sand into multiple panels of glass and then fuse them together. The 'cork' is usually a rock that the glass was heated and cooled to seal against. And if you look here-"
>You wave a hoof at Starlight in an attempt to either hit her or silence her.
"You can see how this side has a speckling of red flakes mixed into it, which make it almost shimmer in the light. Those are ground up scales from the dragon that made it."
>Twilight nods at you as Starlight takes another shot, immediately doing her best impression of a dying ostrich.
>"I didn't think you'd have such in depth knowledge on...any subject really. Sorry, I just-"
>You shake your head, which shakes a bit more than it should have.
"Give Trixie some credit, Twilight. She has traveled the world a good deal and has been in quite possibly every bar in Equestria."
>She rolls her eyes as you pick up the final shot.
>"There are better ways to learn than to-"
>She looks down as you gently place the last shot in front of her.
"Take it."
>"I-I'm not sure if I'm ready for something like this."
"You probably aren't, but this is a once in a lifetime experience."
>She looks over to Starlight who had her face mashed against the table as she mumbled to herself.
>"Just a small town colt dundudu LONELY WORLD! Hehehe, I forgot the singy words."
"See? She took two and she's still okay."
>"That doesn't look okay."
"That's okay for-hic-her."
>This stuff sure does act fast.
>You hope Twilight tries some soon.
>"D-does it at least taste good?"
"It is-hic-the worst tasting drink you will ever-hic-have. Now drink."
>She frowns and picks up the glass and looks at the murky liquid inside.
>"You're not going to give up on me trying this, are you?"
>She huffs and begins slowly working up her nerve.
>"I-it can't be that bad. And even if it is, I'm an alicorn. I'm sturdy. I'm resilient. I can do this."
>Starlight begins giggling.
>"Hehehe, y-you gonna do a presu-a pemsu-you gonna get some charts out for yourself?"
>Twilight glares at her.
>"Alright, you want to see me drink this thing?"
>"Y-yeah. I wanna see ya be fun for once in your life."
>"I'm fun!"
>"No ya aren't."
>"Ugh, fine I'll do it!"
>"Do it, ya dork."
>Without any further provocation, Twilight slams back the shot, which sends her into a coughing fit.
>Anon pats her on the back, trying to clear her airways as she looks at you.
>"W-why would yo-"
>Starlight falls into a fit of giggling as Anon leans over to look at the passed out princess.
>"Maybe starting her on the hardest stuff there is wasn't a good idea."
>You shake your head.
"Nope. Was best-hic-idea."
>You lift up the bottle of dragon ale and offer it towards Anon.
"Do you-hic-want some? I kind of want to save this for special occasions, but there's no reason you can't-hic-have some with us now."
>Anon puts a hand up, slowly flexing his fingers as he looked at the bottle.
>He seems...something?
>You don't really know.
>It's getting harder to think.
>He puts his hand down and shakes his head.
>"Maybe another time, Trix. I need to carry at least one of you home-"
>Starlight puts her hooves up.
>"Twoo of us. And gimme some sexy time too."
>"And I need to make sure neither of these two puke anywhere."
>You nod and secure the bottle before looking back at Anon, who already had Twilight on his shoulder.
"I love you."
>He turns to you, surprise showing on his face before a soft smile comes through.
>"That stuff is getting to you, isn't it?"
"Maybe, but that doesn't-hic-make it any less true."
>Starlight giggles again and pokes your cheek.
>"You sound like a massive dick."


Waifu has cutie mark and glows when pregnant.
I'm so glad this is still going on. Love these oddballs and the bantering back and forth.
It's all fun and games until Apple Bloom reverts to normal and starts telling all the foals at school that she had sex with Anon for several hours straight.
That's how Anon finds himself in a jail cell with a court date.
>You're kind of upset over how comfy ballbras are.
>The cottony pad of soft fabric supports your balls so much better than underwear and has a space for sheathed horsecocks that your flaccid dick fits perfect in.
>Granted, the sheath cover is fairly loose and designed to be pushed out of the way by an erection, so if you pop a stiffy without pants on, then everyone is going to see.
>The cooling charm on the ball cup is a godsend you didn't know you needed until you had it. Perfectly cool nuts all the time is incredible. The EZ clean and anti-wedge charms come standard too.
>The only issue you take with them is the lack of ass on them. The cup and penis cover only obscure what they need and are held up by lacy bands circling your thighs and hips. The closes you've found is a pair with straps running all over the rear, but that's still a lot of bare ass exposed. It kind of makes sense considering these are for stallions who have tails, but it annoys you some.
>When you're out shopping one day trying to find a pair that match Twilight's coat, you realize you've gone native.
As if they'd arrest a male for fucking a minor in RGRE.
so it's a jockstrap
File: file.png (400 KB, 527x511)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
A magic, sexy jockstrap with more lace.
>"I'd be more upset that I'm wearing this, but it's honestly supporting my testicles really well."
File: 1363123610192.png (138 KB, 1333x1000)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
>Anon struggling to maintain his earth-gender-roles mannerisms against the fact it feels better to do things the equestrian way.
>He's even getting a taste for those goddamn fruity drinks with the little umbrellas because regular pony alcohol does practically nothing on top of tasting like ass.
probably partial assimilation for me. no objections to being a house husband, but there are some masculine things that are hardwired into me that I will never let go (extremely protective of offspring/waifu, pride in the fruits of my labor, undying loyalty to those that earn it, etc)
Hey, Anon being responsible for once. I hope it's only a one time thing.
>"And sure, there’s the whole 'love' factor in a marriage. But, in the end, 'it also is fundamentally an economic transaction' "
jesus christ.
File: cadance angry.png (1.23 MB, 1280x905)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
>marriage is not for love
>marriage is not for emotional stability
>marriage is not a way to reliably pass the torch from one generation to the next
>marriage is not even a way to ensure one as a genetic legacy
>it "is fundamentally an economic transaction"
>everypony's fw
File: Angery Peetzer.png (175 KB, 1024x1024)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
>"Can we PLEASE dump the unreformed changelings on them now?"
"Honey no we've talked about this, the poor things would starve."
>"Nuh uh! Narcissm totally counts, Thorax told me Chrysalis only became queen because every other ling could sustain themselves off her and she barely even noticed!"
>that pic
It looks like someone drew a pouncing cat and then just tossed some hyper detailed wings on it. Not to mention her wings are coming out of her neck.
>So maybe you've changed a bit. Being here so long that you fell for a mare and got engaged does that.
>That's alright. You're still you at your core.
>It's not bad changes either. All your weight fell off, you've learned new skills, and you're more social.
>Your shitposting skills are still intact. You made jalapeno poppers for dinner one night and kept pronouncing a hard J in jalapeno just to make your wife-to-be have a fit.
>And God help anyone who thinks you wont fight them. Timeturner talked a lot of hot shit, but one raised fist and bared teeth made him roll over. Literally.
>You look over yourself in the mirror with a little distaste. You still think skinny jeans are faggy, but damn if they don't look good on your new svelte form.
>Your frame is too large to cross into twink territory thank god, but you've definitely got a touch of pretty boy to you now.
>With a tug, you pull your shirt down and find it covers your slut mar...er, the Twilight cutie mark tattoo on your pelvis that dips into your belt line. The shirt hugs your chest and abdomen tightly, so unless you bend backwards, your tattoo won't show.
>Good thing too, since you're having Twilight's family over and none of them know about the tattoo yet. Her dad would probably faint.
>How were you supposed to know putting your mare's cutie mark on you was so binding?
>Hmm. The shirt also draws attention to your middle though. Your minute abs are raised against the fabric and will probably catch the eyes of any waist-height equines.
>Bah. It should be fine.
File: 1514853392631.jpg (147 KB, 1024x1024)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Cadance gonna torch some thots lads.
>marriage is an economic transaction
If their goal is more marriage, they should probably not point out how bad of an investment it is.
Just get married incel. If you dont then you're raping everyone woman you reject.
>Timeturner talked a lot of hot shit, but one raised fist and bared teeth made him roll over. Literally.
That's kinda cute.
its nice to see Trixie drop the third person. feels more intimate.
also cute.
>Make a show of aggression
>Ponies roll over like newly adopted kittens being introduced to a full-grown housecat
If you could bring only one video game (and the means to play it) with you to RGREquestria, what would it be?
Hard mode: no dwarf fortress or minecraft I would say no "infinite" games, but that would rule out a lot of rogue likes and other things that use random generation
>If you could bring only one video game (and the means to play it)
Original doom.
You didnt specify only 'one' means to play it, so i bring them all.
I'm not entirely sure how many devices that actually is at this point.
All of them. Your refrigerator can play doom. Calculators have been able to do it for a long time. Any intel machine can too, if you want to add spectres to the enemy roster.
Kerbal Space Program, I guess. It would be fun to see ponies try to learn orbital mechanics.
I was about to say this. My first successful orbit happened because I was trying to crash a rocket that I thought had failed its launch. It'd be fun to see purple smart try and figure out how to launch a rocket.
>tfw Bonbon acts all tough and marely until you bring out the brush
>Two hours later, a thorough brushing, and a massage, the mare is a big ol' cuddle bug
>If you try to get off the couch or bed she starts neighing and getting fussy
>Lyra always teases her about it when she inevitably finds the two of you
>Afterwards, she swears it all off, giving you a glare when she yells at you
>The same time next week, you come with the brush, and the cycle happens all over again
>You do this will most of the mares, and some of the stallions, around town
>Only the stallions talk about it openly
>The mares are too embarrassed
>You just like snuggling and petting horses
Oh dear God no.

>"Cutie Mark Crusaders astronauts, let's go!"
>you watch them try to convert the town water tower into a rocket with a certain sense of detached foreboding
>you have only yourself to blame
File: 1546014875840.jpg (28 KB, 541x541)
28 KB
>When she gets a look at her mane
I wanna brush and snuggle the ponies.
>You made jalapeno poppers for dinner one night and kept pronouncing a hard J in jalapeno just to make your wife-to-be have a fit.
Something lewd, just so that I can "accidentally" get caught playing it when my waifu walks up behind me.
File: 1406104405945.png (179 KB, 927x563)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Ah, I've been claimed. Immigration services warned me about this.
>You and Bonbon get together despite the odds and are happy.
>She's still a grumpy-pants, but you can tell when she means it and when she doesn't, and most of the time she's just trying to maintain her tough mare act.
>Things would be perfect, if only every pony in town didn't worry that she might end up abusing you.
>Whenever you hang with the guys, they not so subtly ask you if everything is going well between the two of you and if she's treating you right.
>When you're out together, and Bonny is frowning and stomping for whatever little inconvenience got her tail in a twist, ponies stare and whisper.
>One day, while eating out, her order was slightly wrong and she was spitting mad, ready to go up and make a scene before you calmed her down.
>When she got up and went to the bathroom, a mare approached and asked if you needed help.
>You sent her away with a smile and the assurance that everything was okay.
>Bonbon has never laid a hoof on you, and never will.
>Even the night you two got into a big argument about what candies she should make for tomorrow.
>You'd gotten a new recipe from a friend you met at a candy convention and thought she should try it, but she hated changing up her wares, and was adamant about keeping her stock the same as it's always been.
>You try to explain that she was losing business steadily because she won't change with the times, but she just yells louder about her family recipes being perfect and that you have no place to tell her how to run her shop.
>You both storm off, and you make a show of stomping as you go.
>Stupid, considering it leads to you tripping on the stairs and smacking your jaw.
>She's by your side in an instant, all traces of anger gone as she frets over you and your newly forming bruise.
>You tell her it's fine, but she just starts to sniffle and say she's sorry for yelling.
>It's not her fault, which you assure her, and the two of you make amends.
>She even agrees to make the new candy to see how it sells.
>And you do see a lot of ponies in the shop the next day.
>First the next door neighbor who comes in looking strangely worried, who then gasps when she sees you manning the register, a bruise on your chin.
>She doesn't buy anything then, or when she returns with a bunch of ponies in tow as she points through the shop window at you and says something.
>The group leaves without a purchase, and shortly later, the ponice show up.
>They want to speak to Bonbon, and ask that you both come down to the station.
>You notice an officer moving herself between you and your marefriend as they do this, and another's hoof hovering dangerously close to her baton as she glares at Bonbon.
>What the hell is going on?
Why would he be confused? I understand if it's a henna tattoo, but people do research and think it through hard if it's permanent, even people with a lot of tattoos. Not to mention even on Earth this falls into crazy obsessive boyfriend/girlfriend territory. On that note:

>"Anon, what does that cutiemark on your arm mean?"
>You look to Twilight and give her a nervous smile.
"My tattoo? Honestly I let the artist do whatever he wanted as long as it covered up the old one."
>Rolling up the sleeve to show the mare more of the tattoo, you continue.
"Doesn't really mean anything to me but he was very good, don't you think?"
>"Old one? Humans can change their marks?"
>You blush, reflectively grabbing at your elbow to obscure the tattoo.
"Well, it's kind of embarrassing but I tattooed my ex girlfriend's name onto my arm...before breaking up two weeks later. My friends never let me hear the end of how stupid I was."
>You get hugged by a pony going through all 7 stages of grief within the span of 5 minutes.
Maybe go to the Crystal Empire's embassy in Canterlot and they could grant you refugee status.
>Anon in Equestria
>Technology is closer to modern times than Anon expected
>Anon gets a cell phone, shares it with his friends
>That number gets spread around, because who doesn't want the novelty of being able to phone up an honest to god alien once in a while?
>Anon immediately begins getting vag pics texted to him
File: 1489024590103.png (1 MB, 2450x1100)
1 MB
I'm hoping to expand my collection of rgre artwork. Anyone have any that hasn't been posted in a few months? I remember we had some old stuff from a year or two ago that hasn't seen the light of day since then.
Can i code the same way i do on earth?
i mean they have magic, you could probably make perceptron that recognize vag pics and if vag pics is detected send request to the sender devise to conjure telekinetic fist and punch sender in the kisser.
damn auto-correct.
File: Dovahshy Fus Ro Yay.png (322 KB, 880x2410)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
File: Dong Ring.jpg (786 KB, 1400x990)
786 KB
786 KB JPG
Gotta have the classic Dong RIng
File: 1498406549644.png (211 KB, 920x690)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
>Mare sends you a pic of her genitals
>It's RGRE so at least some of them are down to fuck
>Anon responds by wishing he could punch these mares
Give me your address so that I can send you a "sorry you're gay, get better soon" card, because this is aggressive dick lust. Then again, a story where Anon goes completely native and cries every time he sees a pussy might be cool to see
>not a telekinetic dick to punch thier vag
>not a portal so you can toung punch thier fart box personaly
>not a spell that teleports you to thier person, so you can hook a finger around thier dock, and run you fingers through thier tuff
>not mind magic to wisper lewd comments in your voice directly into thier thinker for 12 hrs strait
>not a shadow clone to hold thier hoof
>Twilight and Cadence confront Shining about the picture of him in the newspaper protesting with Blueblood.
>He's surprisingly sad as he mumbles something about how stallions can be alicorn royals too.
>They press further, and he admits that, with his little sister, wife, and now even his daughter being alicorns, he's been forced to face his own mortality and realize that he's only going to be a small part of their immortal lives.
>Beyond the hurt of him leaving them, there's the fear of being forgotten by those most important in his heart.
>How long before his own daughter can barely remember his face?
>They try to argue that they'll never forget him, but he knows better.
>He's had this very talk with Princess Celestia before when he asked what her parents were like.
>"In truth, Shining, I don't recall much, as horrible as it sounds."
>"It's been over two-thousand years, and though I know that they loved me, and that they were kind and gentle, I know little else."
>"My father, who if you would believe it, was actually a human, and is more clear in my memories, considering what he was, but even so, I find myself unable to remember his face."
>"It's blank in my memories.."
>"Sometimes, I feel awful about this, but it is merely the nature of time, and how it erodes at our memories, even the most precious and seemingly unforgettable ones."
>It's why Luna is so important to her. The one pony she won't have to fear forgetting.
>Now with three new alicorns that number has increased, though it brings little comfort to Shining Armor.
>Is it wrong to not want to be forgotten by the ponies he loves?
>To want to be together with them forever?
Vag pics are funny and arousing for only so long. They're fine as long as they're from your mare, or from at least somepony you're somewhat interested in. Dumb stacys and lonely marecels can fuck right off, though. First of all I don't want to see their candyvags, and second how am I going to explain the pics to my marefriend? Or heavens forbid if I'm married?
>sassy gay anon in equestria
at least itll be the amusing kind where he redecorates your house and dispenses quips at a moments notice.
>No dorf
Fuck, Dorf is all I play anymore. Maybe Elona but that probably counts as a no-go too. Maybe divinity 2, or the first dark souls. If mods are allowed, Warcraft 3 or Dawn of War 1 with those custom AIs people make to be near impossible to beat. I'd have a ball trying to figure out strategies for each of those, enough for a lifetime.
File: 1449200844925.gif (510 KB, 700x827)
510 KB
510 KB GIF

>Celestia's dad was a human
>Anon arrives in Equestria at around the time the show happens
>He is found by Twilight and eagerly brought to Celestia by Twilight, who thinks this is a good opportunity for a friendship lesson
>Anon arrives at the castle and comes face to face with Celestia and Luna
>They're stunned at the sight of him
>Celestia is the first to speak
"Excuse me?"
>"N-No, excuse ME. I'm sorry, I... mistook you for someone else."
>Luna doesn't say anything
>Just approaches him, sniffing at his clothes
>Celestia and Luna are hesitant to let Anon go
>He's not a prisoner there in any stretch of the word, but they're eager to accommodate him at the royal castle, which is probably a little bit more nice than trying to find a job and living in a crummy house in lower Canterlot
>They're reasonably sure that he's not actually their father (and they've come to terms with his death years ago), but they know that time travel exists, and they can't 100% rule it out
>Still, Anon still occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night to either Celestia or Luna crawling on top of his bed and asking him to just hold her
>'holy hell that looks infected see a doctor'
>'is it supposed to be all loose like that?'
>'its kinda lumpy...'
>The unwanted texts slow down to a trickle after a few weeks, usually with an insult after his answer.
File: 1932769_0.png (187 KB, 732x1000)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
>Anon doesn't want to become a used-up slut
>The pussycoaster wasn't something he wanted to take a ride on
>All these lewd mares keep sending him vag pics, maybe he can get a little more
"send ponut too" "lets see them teats"
>Some mares don't reply but others show off more until he can guess who it is
"Lyra aren't you gay?"
>"wtf no, me and Bonbon just hang out sometimes"
"bruh i seen how you eat the pussy"
"send more nudes tho"
>ten minutes pass with you on read
>Green crotchtitties
>"you wanna come over and smash?"
"Gotta talk to Roseluck, just joined her herd"
"Bruh Roseluck is so nice and she got the fattest ass I ever seen"
Reminds me of 8th-sin's old story. I wish there was more of it though.

File: 1449244838696.jpg (412 KB, 1280x873)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
Colts shouldn't try to sound smarter than they really are
Holy shit i forgot that name. Had some good shit.
Holy fucking flashback batmare I haven't thought about that name or that story in years.
Mythical human thing.
>Part of the legend about humans has to do with virgins.
>Specifically, that only virgins can see and hear a human.
>Anon comes to Ponyville and quickly figures something like this is happening.
>Well, he thinks it's that only foals can see him, and he quickly becomes the town friend of all the youngsters.
>He doesn't bother trying to correct the adult's assumptions that he's just a part of some game the foals have come up with as being invisible allows him a pretty fun and easy life.
>He pulls pranks whenever he wants and just snags food from the market when he's hungry.
>Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash and Twilight arrive back in town a couple weeks later after a long, arduous friendship mission, and start to hear rumors about the imaginary human.
>Twilight perks up and starts babbling about the myth and how fascinating it is.
>Bringing up the whole virgin thing, she chuckles.
>"I guess if the human was real, we wouldn't be able to see it anyway, right?" she says to Dash. "We did a lot of experimentation at Celestia's School, and not all of it was in the lab, if you catch my drift."
>Rainbow Dash laughs a little to forcefully.
>"Huh, yeah, we non-virgins would be out of luck, haha...ha...ha..."
>Twilight turns to her friend, who's staring at a group of excited fillies forming a circle in the park, running and laughing.
>She looks at the foals, then back to her friend, not seeing the tall human in the middle of the circle, singing a song as the foals play.
>But Dash does.
>She quickly blurts out an excuse and says she needs to go see Tank.
>He probably misses her terribly.
>Off like a shot and back home, she greets her tortoise and tries to come to terms with what she just saw, and the implications.
>If she tells her friends the human is real, she's basically admitting to her deepest shame.
>That Rainbow Dash of the Wonderbolts is a kissless virgin!

Not sure what would come next besides general shenanigans.
What if one foal can't see him?
General shenanigans are good, i'd like reading those.
>What if one foal can't see him?
Bit much.
Maybe a teen foal loses their virginity and then gets sad over not being able to see or hear er friend anon anymore.
And then he covers himself in flour so she can see his sillouette and gives her a hug and headpats.
For me it would either be Spyro Reignited or Kingdom Hearts 2.
>And then he covers himself in flour so she can see his sillouette and gives her a hug and headpats.
If this could happen why wouldn't anons clothes be visible
Also ponies would be able to see him picking things up and eating them
And hear any noise he makes

>Mares can tell anon is real but don't wan't to admit it to avoid looking like a virgin
>Anon turns it into a game to see how much he can get away with before they acknowledge him
>booping them, stacking cups on their head, grabbing their teats, rough anal, facefucking, whispering jokes in their ear, tickling and all sorts of other pranks
>meanwhile, stallions want to hang out with anon to look less like a thot
What if he's only invisible because he is the virgin?
Is there pastebin link for this?

I feel I am missing a HUGE chunk at the start.
File: 2141399.png (76 KB, 770x814)
76 KB
Magic flour i guess?
I dunno anon i just dont like ponies being sad and i imagined one waking up one day to find one of their friends has disappeared but everyone else can see and hear them.
Especially if they didnt know the reason why he suddenly disappeared.
>Also ponies would be able to see him picking things up and eating them
>And hear any noise he makes

I think the fact that he's activly trying not ot get caught is why ponies haven't seen levitating fruits and what not. He's careful.
Also, it might be that once small things come into contact with him, like clothing or when he picks up an apple, they turn invisible also until he puts it down.
I like this prompt.
Kinda surprised to have Twilight not be a turbo-virgin too for once.
Those little safety scissors get me.
>gay anon

>"Mmm... Hey, Anonymous. You want a taste of this sweet pony pussy?"
"Ew, it looks like a sad old man!"
File: large-125.png (264 KB, 454x1024)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
What do rgre mares think of having their ponuts eaten/fugged?
>get mechanicus waifu
>she keeps dropping hints about upgrading you and certain your personal bits of your equipment
He started writing it last thread >>34261360. Also, it's LaP so he's known for not updating his bin or otherwise putting it on his FimFic account.
damnit anon i didn't need to feel this morning
Well i never! I have high class waifu u know, she would have questions if she see candyvag on my phone.

It's almost impossible to find a colt that'll ride you down the dirt road, but if you do? Well, he's a keeper.
>Racist Twilight
>Only instead of being played for laughs, it's a serious issue that is causing political problems
>Anon lives in Canterlot Castle with the Princesses, acting as the Royal Petter
>Having 10 long dexterous fingers (as opposed to a minotaur's 8 thick, stubby, clumsy fingers) makes him adept at delivery pets, massages, scratches, and belly rubs
>Stress level among the Princesses (and a few nobles who are nice to him, and a number of mare guards who come find him, and a small number of maids who are unfortunate enough to be standing still long enough around him) are at an all-time low thanks to Anon
>Celestia is aware that Twilight is damaging her political image with zigger-this and zigger-that, and so she sends Anon to at least rule out the possibility that this isn't stress-related
>Tells Anon to return when Twilight is relaxed
>Mere massaging and scratching does not work, though Anon notices a drastic drop-off in the Z-words coming out of Twilight's mouth
>But it's not enough; she has to stop saying the word entirely
>Anon can think of only one other thing that might relax Twilight
>A few months later, Anon reports back with good news and bad news
>Good news is that Twilight is relaxed and has stopped saying "zigger"
>Bad news is that he is requesting a permanent transfer to Twilight's castle so that he can be with his unborn foal
>Celestia goes to visit them and lo and behold, there is a bump in Twilight's belly
>She is pleased to hear that her language has cleaned up; Twilight had never been afraid of dropping a Z-bomb in Celestia's presence before
>Celestia is sad to see him go (Luna actually breaks down crying, and a couple of maids and guards latch onto him and refuse to let go), but she can't deny that she and Anon make a happy couple
>"And Twilight hasn't said the Z-word once!"
>Twilight wants to be a good mother for her foal, and she doesn't want her filly to get beat up because she picked up some bad language from her mom
File: Zigger Twilight.jpg (288 KB, 1800x1772)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Factorio... the Factory always needs to grow
>she doesn't want her filly to get beat up
I dont think that works that way, filly mama is an alicorn and her papa is extraterrestrial alien super-predator, also who would
>beat up
her? Equestria is not US of A or Earth, they have not exported zebras in the past so the country is relatively zigger-free. There was is no WW2 in their world and no association with horrible crimes that has been done with being racist.
Why do you think they freak-out when they see an outsider? They /all/ racist anon, you could be called monkey if you would be there, they would give you shitty bananas and laugh at you when you would actually eat it.
The only limiting factor for them is vendigos.
I just wanted to write a cute post about anon and Twilight. I didn't actually think very far ahead about actual far reaching political implications.
>Anon and Twilight start fighting over the computer for their designated autism time
>When they finally sort out whose turn it is the other will sit back and criticize the factory
>Twilight is surprisingly bad at the game at first
>The expansion into hostile territory, slaughtering the native inhabitants of the land goes against everything she's learned, and she tries to maximize her factory space as much as she can
>Spaghetti everywhere
>Keeps losing sectors to biters because she feels guilty about shooting them
>She's good with moving raw resources around, and knows how to use trains better than Anon does
>She doesn't improve (much to the autistic disapproval of Anon) until one day, out of frustration, Anon promises her a kiss if she can expand and keep her territory
>Anon comes back the next day to find that Twilight has tripled her former territory and is keeping biters out with two layers of walls and a logistics system to deliver ammunition to her turrets
>Anon keeps his word and gives her a kiss
>Twilight shyly asks him what she'd get if she started using a bus line
>This continues to escalate until each of them start giving the other challenges in exchange for more and more passionate rewards
>Twilight is pleasantly surprised to find that a colt (albeit a human one) lusts after her with the strength of any ol' perverted mare
>Anon is a bit weirded out when Twilight requests the reward of him sitting on her face, but he goes with it because she DID figure out a way to successfully launch a rocket per minute for the very first time
Now I want to read about two nerds being fuck-buddies. I bet they could even bring Moondancer in there too.
>Why Anon foalsits
>It's not because it's easier to catch up with tiny foals on his longer human legs
>It's not because due to differences in biology, foals tend to tire themselves out faster than human children of the same age and size do
>It's not because they're way less picky about eating their vegetables
>It's because he gets to take pictures of moments like this and try not to have a heart attack over how cute they are
File: ctzc.png (1.22 MB, 1280x960)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
File: 1563512770228.png (925 KB, 1040x2400)
925 KB
925 KB PNG
>The real reason Lyra isn't featured in RGRE very often
>Raycasting engine in Factorio
>Anon will put quadruplets in her.
File: 1567316008031.jpg (21 KB, 217x269)
21 KB
File: 1538695780448.jpg (119 KB, 912x1024)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>mfw factorio is one of the games that delayed my greens for so long.
Don't bring up that game if you want to keep me around.
Fucking cracktorio
>string panties and large neck T-shirt on a pony
This is doing things to my dick
>ywn distract a cute mare by eating her ass while she plays Factorio
Shit you know what I want now? Happy fun loving pone mechanicus with grimderp Anon mechanicus in a kind of buddy cop story.
>"Look at these spires Anon! My optics are telling me that the edges are trimmed down to the molecular level."
"This is foul necron technology. We shall study it before casting it into the nearest star."
>"Are your implants feeding you too much testosterone? This thing looks like some kind of gateway. Just imagine where it leads."
"It most likely leads to a xeno homeworld."
>"That'd be great! Then we could ask them about their refining and machining techniques personally."
"...I am leaving. If you get the portal to work, feel free to step through."
File: Ponk Squishy Cheeks.png (92 KB, 600x400)
92 KB
>Magic flour i guess?
He got it from Pinkie's stash.
Soo, we ever getting more of that fae Anon story?
>magic flour
Just call it cocaine.
This is magic pony land, anon.
It's not cocaine, it's fucking sugar.
>There are prompts about sugar being like alcohol for ponies
>Salt too
>But in this particular Equestria, sugar behaves like cocaine for ponies, only with less detrimental effects
>There's a reason why Pinkie, a baker, seems like she's high as a kite all the time
>It's not cocaine, it's fucking sugar.
Combine this with the 'ponies need sugar to live prompt' and maybe have a recovering addict Anon and you've got a fun time.
That reminds of that prompt with Anon being a damn humming bird and stuck on three times speed while every one else is at half speed. Only pony not quite like that is Pinkie because she's born with a simlair weird convergence of genes and physics having her on three speed as well. Was a neat little one shot idea.
I think there was another prompt that this reminds me of. Ponies have a much more expressive faces and body language, making Anon appear expressionless and dull by their standards. Turns out Maud was the same as Anon and just had a normal human's range of expression, and the two of them bonded.
I love the herd's interactions with each other. The more I read of Trixie the more I believe she is the Alpha. Good stuff as always. Are we going to see what the herd ceremony is? Either way, I look forward to reading the next update.

This is sounding pretty good. Continue.

aww, the feels man.

The marefirend/waifu will take pride in knowing she has what the rest can only wish for.

I think I'd like to read more of this.

Could go the path that Anon figures out Dash can see and hear him. Tries to get her to help him be seen by everyone but she tries ignoring him because that would reveal her closet virginity.
When was that posted? I can't seem to remember it.
That said, someone should pick that up again, it sounds like an excellent prompt.
>When was that posted?
Year, maybe two years ago. But yeah, it would be fun to read.
>A ray casting engine in a 2D, Sprite based, top-down view game

How would you even...?
/my little progress/ had a *very* long green that started as a "Factorio SpaceAnon crash into Equestria", iirc.
It wasn't very good tho, powercreep in such greens is worse than in DBZ
That's just about the only tech story I liked from that thread. Anon was this cyborg human from the future and shit, and that actually justified his ability to do everything he did. Other stories are just Anon building a city in the desert from scratch because he's just that smart.
Nice. I don't believe I had read that before. Thanks for the share.
Doesnt factorio have multiplayer?
No need to take turns.
Autism + a dev thats just as if not more autistic than the player base.
Now program it to play Factorio, which will ray-cast Minecraft.
Uh, I haven't played it in years, and I was never very good at it, but Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup sounds like a good game. It's a roguelike.
Hey, where was that supervillain anon story?
>Also, it's LaP so he's known for not updating his bin or otherwise putting it on his FimFic account.
So much green lost, like tears in the rain. Time to die.
>So much green lost, like tears in the rain. Time to die.
Aw man, now I feel sad.
Replicant Anon when?
Snowflame in Equestria when?
It was one of the better stories in the beginning.
It unfortunately went off the rails into edgy crazy town before too long.
>Twilight’s about to get STRIPED like a colt by a group of homosexual zebra mares
File: 2139396.png (1.25 MB, 1150x1100)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
>"Hey colt can a mare get a peak at that HMD?"
File: feels dr who sad man.gif (723 KB, 200x200)
723 KB
723 KB GIF
>So much green lost, like tears in the rain. Time to die.
All of Durnk Anon's stuff...
File: 1522557682822.jpg (197 KB, 1744x721)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
File: 1544683569232.png (745 KB, 660x941)
745 KB
745 KB PNG
File: 1527923557209.gif (346 KB, 500x347)
346 KB
346 KB GIF
Yeah, I miss his drunken posts. Fuckin' newfags and faggots couldn't appreciate a good shitpost thread-bumper if it bit them on the ass.
Is there a Bin for that?

Oh I see a Computer made in the game running a Raycasting Engine, I thought you meant the raycasting the game itself.


My 4chan Vocabulary is somewhat lacking so I assume autism is a good thing then because the game is very well made and the community is relatively amazing.
File: 1967527.png (2.35 MB, 1200x2318)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB PNG
She should be.

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