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File: 1509558497729.png (236 KB, 585x499)
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Rainbow Dash should use deodorant more often, she doesn't shower much, as is.
I wish Equestria Girls didn't spark so much conflict.
File: the smell of ass.png (537 KB, 1103x841)
537 KB
537 KB PNG
Ah, what I've been waiting for. Time to go down the rabbit hole of deep dark desires again.
Inconspicuous as fuck, brapfag.
her head big
why her head big?
>talking about deodorant
What's up with this sudden surge of low effort shitty equestian girl threads?
>He wasn't around for the glorious Sniffening
>literally only 2 on the first page
Please stop
for a 4 posts per minute board
ok? That means nothing. Just chill out or get out, yo.
Take your own advice brah
File: 1553867614676.png (733 KB, 1400x1400)
733 KB
733 KB PNG
Rainbow Dash is a filthy, sweaty girl
Today is fast.
Hairiest pits in CHS
Hairiest pits in Crystal Prep Academy
Why do these threads always have to be no hooves shit, I want to write sweaty unwashed pony rainbow dash green dammit
You can, I very much want to see this!
Ponies aren't exclusive and if we somehow have a third hopefully if the OP isn't me, they'll put a pony OP, and if it is me, I'll put a pony OP that's the little caesar's promise.
Fuck, I meant non-ponies, sorry, I hanker for a unwashed Dashy marepussy.
For me it's primarily the >no hooves that's of interest to me, but I very much don't mind at all pony stuff as well. I welcome both, as most here will.

Just go for it. Nobody will mind (well, mostly nobody).
I for one welcome our musky pony overlords!
Sure, I’ll write some musky dash green tomorrow
Cool. Just remember, the more vivid the details and descriptions, the better. after all, that's what this thread is about. Strong imaginings.
Found a bit of a surge of motivation so I ended up already starting it. I’ll post in a moment and finish it off tomorrow.
File: Sweat.png (71 KB, 473x472)
71 KB
>”Whew! I swear Spitfire’s making those courses harder.”
>Dash begins to peel off her Wonderbolts attire as she bursts into the bedroom, swabbing her head with a flannel.
>”..and on the hottest day of the summer. You should have seen me go, though, anon! I was on fire out there!”
>She pauses to release a pent up sigh of exhaustion.
>”...in more ways than one.”
>She lets out a raspy snicker and flashes her teeth, tossing the sweat-drenched flannel at your face and watching you blush.
>”Don’t think I forgot you get off on this stuff, anon. Sicko.” She’s in a teasing mood again.
>The Pegasus finally liberates herself from her tight lycra suit and tosses it to the floor; now she’s out of that sticky prison her body is practically radiating with sweat. She’s been trapped in there like a sauna for the better part of the afternoon.
>She throws herself back against her pillows, forehooves resting behind her head.
>”Well? This has gotta be like your fantasy, right? Me all hot and sweaty and..”
>She pauses; you see her nostrils flare and she covers her muzzle.
>”Blech! Guess I forgot to put deodorant on this morning. No wonder I felt so itchy.”
>She’s right; this is the kind of situation you would usually have only dreamt about, but being with a mare like Rainbow Dash makes it a reality on a semi-regular basis. She’s not a pony who cares all that much about being hygienic, and with all the exerting flying she does every day it would be hard for her to be too concerned about a little sweat.
>You slither up beside her and find yourself compelled to just hug her, wrapping your arms around her and holding her close.
>She reciprocates the gesture, though she’s clearly a little too hot and stuffy to want to hold it for long.
>Now you’re close to her, her own natural musk hits you pretty hard. High and swampy.
>Geez. Even though you’re into this stuff, it’s pretty offensively bad. A sharp, stinging stench of body odor and sweat that commingle into an earthy, acrid cocktail of smells.
>”Well? You gonna just lie there or you gonna sniff me?”
>The Pegasus shifts her exposed pit towards you with a wry grin.
>You lean over her and bury your nose in the matted, swampy fur that’s mangled in a little unkempt sweat-drenched patch.
>The smell makes you feel almost drunk it’s so strong, but god do you love it.
>”Jeez, anon. You’re already hard? Guess it doesn’t take a lot to get you going, huh?”
>She giggles. You hadn’t even realized you’re sporting a half-chub in your pants.
>It would be hard not to, really; you take a look at the panting, perspiring mare laid out beneath you. Her eyes telling you to sniff her as much as you damn well please.
>It’s as if Rainbow Dash gets off on getting you off, as she seems to give you little words of encouragement while you inhale every inch of her damp, musky body.
>”You wanna give those pits a lick, Anon? I bet you ten bits it makes you gag.”
>Of course she finds a way to be competitive.
>In the intoxication of arousal you agree, though, and lap, slightly overconfidently, at the soggy under-arm fur that’s imbued with her own personal scent and taste.
>You feel yourself retch. It’s purely a mechanical response to the profusely tart flavor now staining your tongue.
>”Ha! That’s ten bits! Sure you don’t wanna give up? You haven’t even gone lower than my chest yet and I know you’re gonna struggle with that today.”
>Maybe she’s right, but you love it. You love how disgusting it is, and decide, spontaneously, to show her this by pressing your lips into hers for a quick kiss.
>She snickers again.
>”All those laps. Four hours trapped in that suit. Hot, sweating like a pig... I don’t even want to imagine how bad the pits down there stink.”
>She wiggles her hips to demonstrate.
>”Tell you what, Anon. If you can go without gagging even one more time, I’ll let you sniff my wonderbolt suit. How’s that sound? I can’t even imagine how much sweat’s collected in that thing.”
>You eye it up; scrunched up on the floor at the foot of the bed. It’s certainly a tempting offer.
“What if I lose?”
>She thinks for a second, but that signature smirk flashes across her face within seconds.
>”I’ll take regular showers and wear extra deodorant for the next month... AND I’ll borrow one of Rarity’s super fruity perfumes.”
>So, no more of these musky sessions for a while if you lose. It’s an outcome you’re willing to risk, and with a spit-soaked hoof-hand shake the bet is on.

Hope it’s to your liking, anons.
Like I say I will finish it tomorrow.
I love the writing, but I don't like Rainbow Dash. Personally I just can't really get it going for her, in either form truthfully. Just not my exact cup of tea.

But anyways, keep it up. It's good.
The sniff thread returned?
I'm looking forward for more Pube-Buddies Adventures!
Pube-buddies is cancelled and moved to another network.
File: 1536095692884.png (7 KB, 867x892)
7 KB
applejack absolutely has a fart fetish
Wow, OP. You reek.
Doesn't Pinkie say she smells like vanilla?
I would shove my face between her legs.
>Your avid sniffing continues down the mare's torso.
>You're approaching the danger zone, and she knows it.
>"Just try not to pass out down there, ok?"
>She snickers again in that smug way she does.
>but you're not so easily deterred.
>Grabbing her firm butt cheeks for support, you bury your head right into her groin, sucking in a deep lungful of the steamy musk stewing between her thighs.
>It's a move you instantly regret.
>It takes every ounce of restraint to not pull yourself away in a violent coughing fit.
>It seems the option to do that disappears, though, as Dash's hoof reaches down to press into the back of your head; forcing your nose between her warm, clammy thighs.
>"What's wrong? You can handle it, right, anon?"
>She wiggles her hips from side to side, lifting one of her legs to reveal the fleshy, furry pit beneath.
>The smell of her unwashed groin is somehow even stronger than her armpits; your head spins but you continue to huff her pungent fragrance like it's the last pocket of oxygen in Equestria.
>"Man, it really doesn't phase you, does it? Not only do you get off on this but you actually like it? Bet it smells like roses to you."
>All you can do is affirm with a nod.
>Your face is covered in her sweat now, and at this stage the half-chub in your pants is at full mast. It feels like it's going to burst if you don't relieve it.
>You unplug your face from her groin.
"Can I...?
>She knows you well enough to know exactly what you mean, and rolls her eyes with a simper.
>"Fine, I guess, but just don't get any on my bedsheets, okay?"
>It's not like they're not already filthy as is.
>Feeling your self-discipline fall away, you pull your dick from your pants and start jerking it with animalistic vigor.
>Dash simply watches the display with another little snicker.
File: sweatydash.gif (1.13 MB, 747x720)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB GIF
>She holds her hoof up to your nose for you to sniff, but you're only addicted to the fusty fumes steaming in her groin pit, and find your face buried between her legs again; one side of your face met with the hot, sticky slobber of her marehood.
>"Looks like you're getting an hour alone with that suit of mine after all. Guess nothing grosses out someone as sick as you."
>Oh, it's definitely gross. No doubt about that - but that's exactly what makes you so aroused. Her taunting only arouses you further; so much it almost hurts.
>With a desperate gasp you bring your head out of her feverishly humid crotch and, now taken over by carnal bliss, you stuff your cock into the warm, fleshy pit your head had just occupied.
>"H-Hey! What do you think you're doing!?"
>...but you're already trusting backwards and forwards, fucking the tight space between her thigh and her pussy and holding onto her leg for support.
>Dash shuts up, cheeks now crimson, and begins to gasp to herself softly.
>You continue with your thrusting; her sweat lubricates you and the slightly loose, fatty flesh of her upper thigh hugs around your cock in a warm embrace.
>"L-Lewd!" She protests, pouting but not making any effort to stop you.
>After less than a minute your back arcs and you pump a healthy dose of thick ejaculate up over her torso.
>With a pop you pull your dick out from her crotch and feel yourself collapse backwards.
>"You think you can just leave a lady half-finished like that?" She jeers, breathless and grinning at you.

think I'll finish it there. Hope you anons enjoyed.
File: 1330907390222.gif (1008 KB, 334x253)
1008 KB
1008 KB GIF
Spitballing some ideas and situations

>Sunset likes to sleep bottomless
>Rarity clean and sweaty at the sauna
>Sci-Twi has been madly occupied with her new research. There are implications to this.
>Rainbow Dash thinks it's funny to prank other's like pic related This one has actually happened to me, lol
>Wallflower decides to experiment in her garden using anthroponics (people pee)
>The CMC go on an odor collecting adventure as kids their age are wont to do
>Pinkie Pie gets arrested for secretively farting in her customers' deserts (she got caught, obviously)
>Applejack falls into manure by accident, has to scrub it out deeply
>Fluttershy sets aside a whole day in her room to masturbate to her Chinegihse hentai's and doujinshi's. Her erotic love smells saturate and permeate the room

That's about all I got for now. Might think of some more. Maybe.
now I have bonere
>Fluttershy masturbating to neighponese hentai
>not Sci-Twi
>Fluttershy not embracing the animal within and not bathing to get some pheromones going
I like all these except the braps but whatever you're into man, go for it.
File: 1506817390485.png (302 KB, 489x804)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
Sci-Twi smells like lavender and musk.
Musk isn't a smell. It's a descriptive of a type of smell, but not a smell unto itself. Go into detail. What kind of musk? How strong? How 'flavorful'?
>Hint of armpit and unwashed hair
>overtones of shampoo
>not too ripe as she only skips two days at most, but she barely uses deodorant
i don't know what you mean by flavorful
File: showsucks.jpg (14 KB, 259x194)
14 KB

EqG is complete horse shit.
The tinge on your tongue of a scent so potent that you can almost taste it.
Imagine the musky smell
>"Tell ya what, anon. You do all my homework for the next month and I'll let you have these shorts to do whatever you want with. I'll even go work out again just so they're extra ruined."
>Extra ruined
Holy fuck what does that even fucking mean?
>It will never be 2005 and the humane 6 will never trade you their sweaty panties with stray pubes for favors/video games
I wish it didn't exist at all. Creators knew very well what they were doing, it's a punishment.
This needs a green, I can smell it already.
Forgot pic.

Wouldn't mind having some extra ruined shoes or athletic wear.
Maybe I’ll write one later seeing as I wrote that
Thanks guy, don't kill yourself, I can wait.
I didn't know I need this. Anybody got some smelly fics?
well it's not eqg but I wrote a green further up in the thread.
ITT: Closet brapfags.
Nothing closet about it but that’s not allowed on this board anymore so this is the best I’m gonna get
I ain't here for the braps, that's pretty gross. I am here for the residual stuff afterwards, however. Straight from the source? Not very good. Given time to settle and ripen? Oh yes please.

It's like booze. Straight from the source gives you undrinkable ABV. Dilute it down with some water and time and you got something far more palettable.
>not wanting to suck a freshly-brewed fart through Dash’s sweaty gym shorts
Look at this joker
I bet you're the type of fag who drinks Bud Light and swears it tastes good.
I just wanna smell Sci-Twi's sweaty musky cooch and pubes or hairy butthole.
Can Rainbow Dash's farts kill plants?
If the ammonium is separated, saturated and distilled enough, yes. It will burn the roots. It will require a LOT of farts, however. Better off just pissing on them.
>he doesn't know about rainbow dash's killer protein SBDs
I envy you.
but she hates when they’re silent. She likes them to be as loud and ripping as possible just so she can see the disgusted look on everyone’s face when she lets them go
File: dasho.png (217 KB, 372x600)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
Got a bit of free time today and feel like writing some smelly Dash green later.
Anyone got any suggestions? Things you'd like to see? I'm down to include whatever, really.
either pony or no hooves
Smelly rainbow dash corrupting a pristene smelling rarity
Spandex shorts girl or any clothing fetish will do, she has hot outfits.
Look at this girl's fucking outfits.
It only sparks conflict on autistic image boards.
A.K.A All image boards.
I'd like to request the addition of a sockjob with one of her long rainbow socks to this anon's request
This, anything to give us the full EQG Dash sensory experience.
Hm. I'm liking the Rarity idea a lot but also this Anon x Dash sockjob idea too. Should I combine them somehow or maybe make the Rarity one pony and the other one EQG?
sweaty ponut
i don't like fart tho
Whatever's easy for you to write Anon, we're greatful to be getting EQG Dash anything because her own general get's upset when you post her butt.
Sure. Guess I'll go with what I said and do the Rarity idea separately and with hooves.
I'll try and start the anon one later. If you guys have anything else specifically you'd like to see in it throw ideas at me.
Also I am going to assume the majority of people in this thread don't want any braps. Don't worry. I wasn't necessarily going to include them anyway although if enough people like them I would be happy to.
No braps is totally fine.
I feel like braps + sockjob would be a bit of an odd combo anyways, so avoiding it is totally fine
Ok. I’ll see what others say and start writing this shortly
File: dtwt.png (127 KB, 344x479)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
>not shoving deodorant up your ass
File: smugdash.jpg (37 KB, 600x768)
37 KB
>”Oh Hey, Anon. Just the guy I was looking for.”
>You jolt back slightly as Rainbow Dash slams your locker door.
“Wh- This is the male changing room, you know?”
>She sighs through pursed lips.
>”Don’t worry. I locked the door. Nobody’s interrupting us.”
>She advances towards you, forcing you to step back and eventually fall down onto one of the benches.
>There’s a look on her face. A smug simper, but that’s not it; that’s always there. It’s like she knows something.
“Did you... want something?”
>She leans on her soccer ball against the wall, arm outstretched and blocking your exit route.
>Judging by the grass stains on her shirt and her unkempt hair, it seems like she’s come straight from practice.
>”Well...” She deliberates, tapping a finger against her chin and hitting you with that same knowing smile.
>”I came across some pretty interesting information earlier today, Anon. I think you’ll find it even more interesting than I did.”
>You roll your eyes. Looks like getting to your next class on time is out of the question.
>She tosses the soccer ball between her hands.
>”You know, Anon, always check you’re logged out of a library computer before you let someone else use it.”
>There it is. Fuck. Now probably comes the part where she tries to extort money from you. You try to remember what you even have saved on your computer, and suddenly it hits you. You freeze.
>”I found some pretty interesting stuff on there. I’m sure you can imagine how surprised I was to find it was your account.”
>She chuckles; a short, but wholly condescending chuckle that only makes you feel more humiliated.
“What do you want?”
>”Hey! Why do think I want anything? I just came to make you a little... offer. That’s all!”
>You eye her up but her proud, smirking face remains unchanged.
“What kind of offer?”
File: IMG_9931.png (289 KB, 550x740)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
>”Well I found myself reading some of those stories you typed out, Anon. Who knew you were into such weird shit?”
“Ok. I get it. What offer?”
>She wants to dance around the point a little longer, though; it’s like she’s relishing in making you embarrassed.
>”Kinda behind on a couple of essays for English class. I figure you’re such a prolific writer maybe you could help me out?”
“What, or you’ll go show Celestia? Get me suspended?”
>She shakes her head.
>”C’mon, Anon! What do you take me for? You’re my friend, and friends help each other out.”
>She goes back to leaning one outstretched arm against the wall. You can’t help but notice a few stray black hairs poking out from the short sleeve of her shirt.
>You just stare up at her again. You’re clearly not following.
>”Maybe I could help you out with some of these fantasies. If you wrote that much out about them you must be pretty sexually repressed!”
>She laughs, but you don’t find it funny.
>”Besides, who else would be willing to do that stuff? Rarity? Come on. It works out perfectly. I even practiced for an extra hour for you. Just so I could really work up a sweat.”
>It’s hard not to notice the damp patches under her arms and along her torso.
“What’s the catch?”
>”No catch. You finish my essays for me, and I give you an hour alone with me right now. I’ll do everything you wrote about in those dirty little stories. Everything.”
>Her mouth sounds out every syllable of that last word, just to show you she’s serious.
>To be honest, it doesn’t surprise you much. Dash has never had hygiene at the top of her list of priorities.
“Fine. I agree.”
>You expect her to point and laugh; to reveal this was all some big set up, but she doesn’t.
>Instead, she spits into her hand and holds it out to you.
>You hesitate.
>”Come on. If you can’t handle a little spit there’s no way you’re handling the other stuff I’ve got in store for you.”
>So, you spit on your own hand and shake. A gross, wet handshake to mark the start of what will surely be a gross sixty minutes.
>”So now...”
>She raises her foot up onto the bench beside you, her groin inches away from your face.
>”..I’m all yours.”

will continue later. As I said before let me know if you guys want me to include anything specific, and I will.
File: IMG_9933.png (715 KB, 1079x1019)
715 KB
715 KB PNG
>Immediately you’re hit by the sharp, stagnant stench that’s emanating from her sweat-drenched shorts. If anything, lifting her leg up like this is just unleashing the pent-up sweaty odors.
>”Well? You gonna just sit there?”
>Before you can respond she reaches down and shoves your head right into her crotch; the dampened Lycra is soggy against your cheek, and the smell is even more overpowering this close up.
>Still, you intake sharp, desperate snorts. Your head spins as you fill your lungs with the acrid, swampy aroma.
>”Whew! That does NOT smell good. Guess that’s what you like, though, huh?”
>You lick and sniff, rubbing along to where her pert pussy sits beneath the thin fabric veneer; it’s letting off its own certain smell.
>It’s a musk that’s unique to Rainbow Dash and nobody else; the kind of smell you feel like you shouldn’t even be smelling. A completely and totally private scent.
>She releases the pressure from the back of your head and you pull yourself away, out of breath and still staring at the perfectly moistened pair of shorts.
>God, how much you wish you could be those shorts; experience every smell and sensation they do when they ride up her sweaty crack during a soccer match; that sweat pooling between those rounded fat cheeks of hers and fermenting over the course of the hot, sticky afternoon.
>”Hey! Up here. Got something else for you to sniff, you little perv.”
>You bring your head up and see she’s got one arm over her head; her pit is exposed and ripe for the sniffing.
>With an uncontrollable moan you bury your nose into the thick, jungle-like bristles.
>Your nose is assaulted by a bitter, penetrating odor. It stings the back of your nose like burning rubber.
>You decide to try giving the sweaty bush a lick, too; just as tart as it smells.
File: IMG_9934.png (68 KB, 800x450)
68 KB
>It’s pretty clear Dash doesn’t bother shaving her armpits. Probably not a good idea when she’s constantly building up such a sweat, but for the sake of this session, it’s perfect. She’s perfect.
>Your nose still deep in her armpit hair, one of your hands reaches up to massage her small, tender breast.
>”Heh. You really do love this stuff, huh?”
>She’s noticed the bulge in your pants. Your dick is rock hard, and it would be impossible to even try and disguise that fact.
>”Hey. Don’t worry. Guess it means I’m doing something right, huh?”
>She chuckles to herself. It’s quite amazing just how willing she is to do this for you - something that few girls would ever indulge in, not for any amount of money.
>Dash doesn’t need money, though. She’s naturally sweaty, so if she can make a friend happy with that, she’s going to.
>She gives you the other armpit to explore, and it’s just as overpowering. The kind of smell that feels like it’s burning your throat.
>”Don’t think I don’t know exactly what you want.”
>You pull yourself away again, dizzy and aroused.
>Dash looks down at you with a sultry grin, and removing her foot from the bench, turns around for you.
>She bends over slightly, and you’re presented with her ass.
>The tight soccer pants hug the curvaceous shape of her cheeks perfectly; rounded and slightly creased along the cleft. With one hand she gives her ass a smack and you watch it jiggle.
>”It’s a perfect ass, right? It’s okay. You don’t have to lie.”
>As egotistical as Dash can be, she’s not wrong. It’s one of the most perfectly-shaped, perfectly plump butts you’ve ever seen.
>A steamy sweat radiates from it; a big dark patch lined right down the middle.
>She spreads her cheeks apart, moulding them like dough in her hands, and in parting them reveals that coveted crevice that sits between.
File: 16541651234.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720)
91 KB
>The kind of smell that feels like it’s burning your throat.
The smelly smell that smells...smelly.
File: IMG_9936.png (91 KB, 520x600)
91 KB
>Your face falls forward with a gentle thud into her ass and the heavy, earthy aroma of collected, congealed sweat and ass juice hits you like a brick wall.
>You feel a little precum leak out as your nose trails up and down the drenched seat of the pants; her two toned orbs pressing either side of your face. It’s heaven.
>The stench of her unwashed ass is so strong you become lightheaded, but nothing short of passing out is going to stop you from sniffing like crazy.
>”God, my crack feels like a sauna.”
>She reaches back and pulls her trapped panties from the crevice, snapping her cheeks back into place and then pressing the soft, warm ass against your face again.
>She pulls it away again, giving it another little slap for your sake.
>At this point your dick feels like it’s about to burst.

(Just a quick note. There’s a small section with some braps but it’s gonna be spoilered so just read around it if you don’t like that kinda stuff)
Pretty sure every sniffchad in here is fine with braps.
File: IMG_9935.png (189 KB, 800x450)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
>As you sit and stew in the sweaty aromas singed into your senses, a quiet, rasping bassy sound comes from just in front of you.
>”Ah - Whoops! That was an accident. Taco Tuesday always does that to me!”
>Rainbow Dash laughs to herself, not seemingly that embarrassed, and fans the fart away from her ass.
>Her efforts aren’t enough to stop the smell hitting you, though.
>A pungent, sour, eggy wind that only makes you more dizzy and more aroused.
>”Or... do you like that, too?”
>She looks down over her shoulder, and seeing your dick is still rock hard, gets her answer.
>Dash picks up her soccer ball again and holds it firmly against her ass.
>With a gentle push, she manages to produce a deep muffled ringing sound that reverberates around the inside of the ball.
>She holds it up to her face and gives it a sniff. She retches loudly and throws the ball across the room.
>”Nasty! Still, I think I’ve got one more in there, so better not let it go to waste!”
>She bends herself forward, shoulders rising up as she forces out a wet, congested-sounding ripper into her damp shorts and then, with no precaution, stuffs your face right into the sulfur-tinged swamp-like crevice of her ass.
>The concentrated smell of her fart is admittedly a little too strong for even you, but you grin and bear it. Feeling that same burning sensation all the way down your throat.

>”I got one more thing I wanna try. I have to admit, this was one I thought was kinda hot myself.”
>She pulls herself away with a sigh and then reaches down to her shoe.
>You simply watch silently as she begins untying the laces, eventually freeing her foot from its prison.
>”Whew! It was getting pretty clammy in there.”
>With a girlish giggle she raises the foot up to you, pointing her sock-covered toes right under your nose.
>It’s damp against your skin, and when you take a whiff it almost knocks you back.
File: 9847234197466.jpg (10 KB, 480x360)
10 KB
>shoe fetish
File: moon over parma.jpg (921 KB, 2468x1848)
921 KB
921 KB JPG
that's hot
File: IMG_9941.jpg (46 KB, 653x729)
46 KB
>This shocked reaction seems to get a good laugh out of Rainbow Dash, though.
>”Ha! Pretty bad, isn’t it?”
>You cough into your hand, wiping a tear from your eye. It has the potency of ripened cheese, but strangely enough, it doesn’t quell your arousal one bit.
>She sits down on the bench beside you, still emanating her atrociously putrid body odor, and peels the sock off from her foot.
>She wiggles her toes.
>”Okay. Get your dick out.”
>She stares at you like you’re stupid.
>”What? You thought I was going to leave you like this? What kind of friend would do that, Anon?”
>Deciding you’re taking too long, she reaches down and pulls your pants away, allowing your member to spring up.
>”Hm. I guess that’s not too bad.” She mutters to herself, and then takes the sock she just removed, sheathing your penis inside.
>You gasp. The damp fabric rubs against your cock, exciting it further and sending a wave of pleasure shooting through your lower body.
>With a firm grip she starts to jerk up and down. Her grip is so firm, in fact, that it squeezes some of the sweat collected in the sock onto your dick.
>”I bet a messed up mind like yours prefers this to the real deal.”
>She snickers and continues massaging your dick through the sock, using her thumb to rub over the head as she speeds up.
>You’re swarmed from every side by some kind of odor; an amalgam of every disgusting emanation from every pit, crack and crevice on her unwashed, perspiring body.
>There’s a warm aura of sweaty body heat coming from her, that seems to increase as she gets more vigorous in her masturbation.
>After only a minute or two, you can hold back no longer, and feel every muscle tense up as hard as stone; a stuttered gasp escapes you as you unload a volley of thick, pent-up ejaculate into the soggy sleeve that’s still held around your cock.
>”There we go.” Rainbow encourages, still jerking you a little to make sure you empty your balls completely.
>It’s the kind of orgasm that’s so intense it leaves you dazed for a moment, which gives her a chance to remove the sock, giving it a sniff and then throwing it aside.
>Your session is over, and she gets up to leave you, but not before doing one last thing.
>”Hey, Anon! Bet I make you hard again.”
>You look up at her. She’s removing her other sock.
>Without even a second of hesitation, she holds it up above her open mouth and wrings a rivulet of sweat into it, swishing it around in her mouth and gulping audibly.
>This girl knows no bounds when it comes to atrocious personal hygiene, but that only makes you love her more.
>With that, she leaves you alone to clean up and try to even start to comprehend things.
>”Oh, Anon!”
>She pops her head back around with a grin.
>”Same time next week?”
File: 1568004073726.gif (984 KB, 876x1100)
984 KB
984 KB GIF
Hot as fuck anon, 10/10
God, I really love the writing, but I just cannot get hard or aroused to Dash. It's just...she doesn't turn me on. Whatever it is about her, I don't like her character archetype. Doesn't appeal to me.

But the writing is extremely solid, and I appreciate you doing this for us, writefriendo.
Thanks, glad you liked it
Which ponies/girls do you like? Maybe if I end up writing more green sometime I’ll try someone else
Twilight Sparkle, pone or no-hooves is on you.
But big bush regardless.
The ones that really rise me up, personally, are Sunset, Twilight (Sci-Twi particularly and especially) and Rarity. These three get me going the best because of their common domineering attitudes, though expressed in uniquely different ways. Plus their color palettes are fucking godlike, and color plays a very important part in attraction.

I can also make do with Trixie, Wallflower, Dazzlings I can do too if the conditions are right, perhaps Pinkie (though honestly I see her in a much more platonic fashion for whatever reason). The rest I'm basically ambivalent to unattracted towards.

Sweetie Belle and Applebloom also make the cut no pedo
I just wanna lick and sniff Sci-Twi's butthole until she's addicted to me and trusts to me to pork her fragile purple black cherry.
smelly bump
Lots of pubes.
Writefag from yesterday here again.
Tempted to write some more gross green either later today or tomorrow. I might go with that pony Rarity/dash suggestion but I thought I’d ask if anyone has anything else they’d like to see. It can be EQG although it might be nice to have ponies for variety.
Throw me some suggestions
If you're thinking about Rarity, ponidox is an underutilized concept by astronomical units. Try something with that.
*Human ponidox
Isn’t that human and pony counterpart interactions or something like that?
File: ohyu.png (221 KB, 1280x1502)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Imagine Cheerilee having an uncontrollable bout of gas while teaching class.
I once made an animation about that very situation
Too bad its most likely SFM.
Afraid so. I feel like I can get some decent looking results from it as I’ve been using it for so many years now, but I totally understand why a lot of people aren’t a fan of the models.
File: Untitled.png (903 KB, 763x1033)
903 KB
903 KB PNG
fuck that guy, i need something to jerk off to
Sniff some hairy pussy.
File: teacherbutt.png (150 KB, 622x600)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
I will write a green of this if anyone wants one.
I very much do want one.
File: Cheerilee.png (180 KB, 878x923)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
>Cheerilee gulps.
>The pressure in her gut is becoming harder and harder to contain.
>”You okay, Miss Cheerilee?”
>”Y-Yes, thanks, Sweetie. A-as I was saying, there are three fundamental types of matter. I-If you’ll look at the diagram here. Solid... liquid...
>Her teeth clamp together as a warm plume of silent wind brushes against her tail. She crosses her hind legs and lowers her tail to cut off the flow.
>”... and gas.”
>Her eyes scan the classroom; the fart was quiet enough that nopony has heard it, but that doesn’t stop them from...
>Cheerilee lets out a coughing splutter. The smell hits her out of nowhere.
>It’s like expired dairy and hot, disgusting garbage.
>”Miss Cheerilee? Are you sure you’re okay?”
>She swishes her tail to dispel the odor and wipes a tear from her eye.
>”Y-Yes! Now, if you little fillies and colts will turn to page four, and do the exercise there.”
>Her flanks fall softly onto her cushioned chair.
>She watches as the students lower their heads into their books. The room falls into a deathly silence; so quiet even a feather falling would attract some attention.
>A low groan bubbles somewhere inside her, slowly edging further down.
>She bites her lip, distributing her weight from one buttock to the other, and, with less than a push, eases out a long, gentle purring fart.
>The cushion soaks up the warm stream of gas, and half-muffles the sound, but it’s still there.
>Deciding she’s let enough out for now, Cheerilee settles back down, chair protesting under the weight of the mare.
>Now, she waits. Waits and watches.
>After only a few seconds, she’s hit by that same sour stench again; the dense, humid gas enshrouds her and she tries to maintain an unbothered facade; a steely, composed expression that’s on the verge of breaking entirely.
File: 37388.png (119 KB, 664x600)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
>Sniff. The air stings the back of her nose like menthol, and unsettles her stomach, but she has to grin and bear it.
>With unwarranted confidence Cheerilee leans to one side again, using her hoof to peel open her cheek and let a hot, silent, swampy fart pass out in an invisible steamy fog.
>Cheerilee panics.
>”Hey, Miss Cheerilee! Somepony ripped flank!”
>Diamond tiara fans her hoof around, her tongue stuck out in disgust.
>”W-Well...” her voice is trembling, “Please save it for after class, whoever that was. Have some manners.”
>”I don’t even know if I can WORK with that! It’s disgusting! I’ll bet it was little miss farm pony over there!”
>”Hey! It weren’t me!” Apple Bloom protests.
>”Huh. Likely story. Don’t think we haven’t all heard about your sister and her little fart contests with Rainbow Dash!”
>”That’s not true and you know it! Miss! Diamond Tiara’s spreadin’ misinformation!”
>”Not as bad as what you’re spreading, rank flank! Hey! That has a nice ring to it! Rank flank! Rank flan-“
>”Girls, be quiet!”
>Cheerilee stands at her desk, hooves pressed down authoritatively.
>She quickly realizes, though, that this new position is only encouraging another release, and promptly sits back down, hind legs crossed and face filled with shocked embarrassment.
.>”J-Just... get on with your work! All of you!”
>With a few grumbles the students get back to reading, muzzles all covered by hooves.
>”Hey, Miss Cheerilee! Could you help me with this?” Scootaloo waves her arm up above her head.
>”Can’t you try and figure it out by yourself, Scootaloo?”
>Another low stomach noise. It’s begging to release, and this time it feels like a big one.
>”I don’t understand it! Can’t you just show me how to work it out, and I’ll do it myself from there?”
File: cheerileader.jpg (45 KB, 486x600)
45 KB
>Her smile trembles as she stands up. Already the gas is pressing against her colon; fully inflated and sending painful cramps through her body.
>With careful, calculated steps she makes her way across to Scootaloo’s desk. Not too far. If she can just hold it for a few more seconds.
>”What seems to be the problem?”
>She leans forward, Scootaloo starts pointing towards the question in the book, and then, her grip loosens.
>She hears it before she even works out what it is; a loud fanfare of wet, cacophonous flatulence.
>It builds in volume and intensity, rasping and spluttering on and on until, after about eight full seconds, with a squeaky pinch of her sphincter she cuts it off.
>Her heart falls in her chest.
>She peers anxiously over her shoulder, where Diamond Tiara is frozen in place: her face fallen and eyes as wide as saucers.
>”Uhm... heh... class dismissed?”
File: 1561615583318.png (88 KB, 337x271)
88 KB
File: 1500584907527.jpg (134 KB, 826x786)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Fucking disgusting, but I did have a hearty kek from it. Good show.
Derpy just rips constant ass f in public because she's unable to understand that it's considered rude.
File: scrumch.png (66 KB, 600x600)
66 KB
Well hey, I’m glad you got something out of it
If anyone actually wants me to I’ll happily write another green sometime. I used to write a lot of brap green on this board way back in the day so it’s like a (smelly) trip down memory lane
I desperately crave good MLP brap greens.
Well I wouldn’t want to clog up the thread with a fetish a lot of people hate, but fuck it. If people give me some ideas of what they’d like to see I’ll try and write more sometime.
I’ve written an embarrassing number of brap greens and fanfics over the years so I always enjoy writing it. Kinda became what I was known for so I’ve had to live with that fact.
If My Massive Pony, Reversed Gender Roles Equestria and Pony Transformation General are allowed to stay than i think a Stinky general could stay too, it's not too NSFW just like the other fetish threads.
Yeah that’s true, not like it’s scat or anything either, it’s pretty tame for the most part just gross but there seem to be enough anons here who like it
Well, I don't really like it sexually. I mean, it's good for a chuckle and a giggle, but it's starting to deviate from what drew me in the first place.
>it's good for a chuckle and a giggle, but it's starting to deviate from what drew me in the first place.
Nobody gives a shit what you think, nigger.
That’s why I said I didn’t want to clog up the thread with green that half the thread doesn’t like.
Still, there were some other greens further up in the thread that were more geared towards less extreme smells (assuming that’s what you’re into), I’d even be happy to write some stuff like that myself, but at the same time seeing as there are a few anons here who like braps, as long as there’s a warning I see no reason why they can’t fit in the thread occasionally. It’s kinda become a general smell fetish thread at this point anyway.
Don’t wanna derail too much though, sorry if my depraved fetishes are taking away from the original purpose ^:)
Nah, it's all good man. You're not obnoxious about it and forcing your way in. You seem like a man of integrity. You are welcome here.

Also yes, my preferences lie more in the residual smells, the soft stuff. No fart, shit, piss, vomit or any of that shit that emits a putrid odor. Like, cute girl sweaty butthole is basically my standard. I also really like thinking of breath sharing (which ponies do too, iirc).
Well like I say I’ve been writing and making fart related pony stuff for like 7 years now so I’m fully aware how many people dislike it and why, but at the same time I like any opportunity to write some green of the fetish on this board even if I’ve mostly been writing vanilla stuff as of late. It’s been a good long while since I’ve had the chance to.
Brap bump
Poast pastebin / fimfiction
Most of the stuff on here is really old and not that good, you might have come across some of it before, it’s not difficult to find my fimfiction from this.
https://pastebin.com/u/Gassipons also a couple of them are scat so beware of that I’ll add the Cheerilee one later, and like I said if people want to give me some suggestions I’ll try and write more sometime
This is nice. There aren't enough stuff with Cheerilee.
Thanks. I agree, she’s pretty overlooked in general. She is a good horse
smelly ponuts
This writefag again. I have a bit of free time later, anyone want me to write some more green? Any character suggestions?
I would like to see how Rarity would handle the situation in say, like whilst she's over seeing a run way show and all cameras are on her.
This is cute. Maybe I’ll try this at some point tomorrow
sweaty bump
Here's some more details if you choose to incorporate them.

-Rarity finally gets her big break - this show is make or break for her.
-all the big wigs in the fashion world will be there.
-Rarity is under immense pressure for everything to be perfect because she's being filmed live as her debut
-Rarity has never had this kind of pressure and the nervousness and so the day before she saw Zecora / fluttershy / other pony and got a potion / drink to help calm her but it has an unknown side effect on her.

Use / discard as you please.
Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be a great read!
I’ll give this a try. If anyone wants me to write some general musk/sweat green too I’d be happy to
jelly filled

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